How to make yourself unattractive to women

Published: March 29, 2008 at 1:20pm

By Silvio Parnis

We’ve just checked out Silvio Parnis’ website, after a hot tip, and oh, what treats. When I wrote that MPs represent their constituents, that we can’t presume to tell people who they are allowed to vote for and who not, and that there’s no accounting for taste, this is exactly what I meant. I think that this kind of behaviour is a resignation matter and a capital offence against aesthetics, but then, who am I to judge. Silvio Parnis is a representative of the people.

Look at these ‘lovely’ photos from his website album and spot the difference between them and the all-time greats posted earlier. Silvio doesn’t see any difference, but as we have already seen in an earlier post, that’s because the more incompetent you are the less able you are to recognise your own incompetence.

And here are some comments posted on his website beneath his ‘supermodel’ pics.


Hi Silvio ibqa dejjem kif inti umli qalbek tajba u il vuci ta nies fil-bzonn

anki mudelli jkollna tal labour fil parlament cu king

nice pic sur parnis dejjem smart int prosit ibqa sejjer hekk king

Arah x fih il-mudell tar-raba distrett haha well done Sur parnis ruh

nice pic keep it up



kem ahna zbieh hux tal ahmar, imsomma kollox jixraqlek silvio,
prosit sur parnis nice pic

Hi Silvio wow this is a really cool pic.You look great,take care

Silvio Parnis

Silvio Parnis

I want to be Silvio Parnis

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  1. Vanni says:

    And here he is in all his glory:

    Mixja tad-daqqiet ta harta.

  2. M. Bormann says:

    In one of the few blog posts I agree with, you have shown what an idiot Silvio Parnis really is. I only wish you had been harsher on this unattractive, overweight (at least by a “model”‘s terms), unintelligent man.

  3. kenneth Spiteri says:

    Labour MP Dr Anglu Farrugia called on the Police Commissioner on Friday where he submitted a three page document which he said, backs his claims that hundreds of votes were bribed before the general election.

    hawn u colombo……

  4. Meerkat :) says:

    Daph!!! why are you torturing us? What have we done to deserve this?

  5. David Buttigieg says:

    Daphne please, If I wanted to see those kind of pictures I would have gone to!

    Thanks for spoiling my lunch!

  6. Re: Youtube clip
    If I weren’t a nicely brought up person I would tell him fejn jidhol….

  7. Vanni says:

    Mind you, his personalised number plate says it all:

    SIL 144

  8. europarl says:

    I think it’s a done deal:

    Anthea says: Posted Mar 10, 2008 7:38 AM

    grazzi ta kollox ahna dejjem warajkom jek sant ma jkomplix nifmu il pozitzjoni tijow u lahqu wiehed bhalek

    (From Silvio Parnis’ website’s Photo Gallery)

  9. Meerkat :) says:


    You missed this one…it best describes Silvio Parnis. It also carries a caption of his identity lest you are in shock

  10. Holland says:

    Not just unattractive to women; just in case anyone is doubting, he does not get the gay vote or appreciation either!

  11. If he’s model material, I am a prima ballerina assoluta!
    He wouldn’t even cut any ice with a blind woman wearing shades in a total eclipse!
    No one tells him what an oily mess he is?

  12. Daphne Caruana Galizia says:

    @Holland – well how about if some gay men bothered to tell us what they think, instead of leaving us women to it?

  13. Luke says:

    i’m neither gay nor a woman…but its still painfully obvious to me that this being is sleaze disguised as man! anyone who even considered voting for silvio tad-dranagg(or better still, sivlio ID-dranagg) doesn’t deserve the right to vote!

  14. Holland says:


    Not sure I understand what you mean. Are you talking closets here?

    We did tell you what we think (vide: Friday, 7 March 1530hrs) but you continued insisting you were right.

  15. Daphne Caruana Galizia says:

    @Holland – I meant about Silvio Parnis.

    Incidentally, now that Sant’s surgeon has shot straight into parliament and Patrick Attard tal-AD hasn’t, maybe you should start putting pressure on him to take up gay rights issues. He appears to be the only homosexual in the House, unless I’m missing something. I did say (and I’m going to continue insisting I’m right here) that it pays to work with the big parties when you want something. Persuading the surgeon to be a champion for his cause, on the other hand, might be a bit difficult.

  16. SB says:


    I wouldn’t exclude others! Obviously I’m not going to mention names because I don’t have any proof (If I had I would have rushed to the paraventu :-)) but I think that there are some more.

  17. Gay2 says:

    From one male about another – He IS quite good looking in a couple of those shots – but then I’m not talking about his actions or inactions.

  18. Holland says:

    Daphne, totally agree that working with/lobbying the bigger parties makes more sense, although they have more to lose when it comes to catholic votes so may be more reluctant.

    Where we differ is your assertion that gays in Malta are not legally disadvantaged. In most of your article of 7th March you went on about life in Malta being good for gay people citing as a poor example that we get invited to all the dinner parties, etc.

    There is a human rights deficit in Malta when it comes to gay rights; for me it is more than obvious.

  19. Corinne Vella says:

    Silvio Parnis the gay icon? I’m not too sure that was his intention. Then again, neither was his muffin effect waistline, I’m sure.

  20. Holland says:

    I am very hard pressed in finding a gay icon in the Maltese political scene!

    Jason Micallef can be a bit of “an alright” in a bimbo sort of way.

  21. Gay3 says:

    Ok forget the gay issue… If he’s unattractive for you ladies (especially with those man-boobs, he shouldn’t be for us.

    Secondly, I can assure you that most gay people (at least the ones I know) are just the average voter with who at this stage were more concerned about national issues rather than following a ‘hero’ from AD who tries any way to get votes, which at the end of the day always end up useless.

    The number of votes / percentage of votes that AD got compared to the number of eligible LGBT voters (calculated at around 8% whether you agree or not) falls far behind what AD gained… so please just use your minds a bit.

    As for Silvio Parnis, well… I can assure you that few people fancy him. He has an attitude ta ejja ha nghabbu, which both ladies and men interested in guys, don’t quite appreciate… especially with those manboobs and wide gait


  22. Gay3 says:

    Ah yes forgot the last sentence…

    The sexy MLP male beauty icon with his blue (ironically not red) open-car….

    The first thing that one sees on his website…


  23. paul says:

    anke kif ipoggib bil qeda,jien nahseb li dundjan

  24. Gay3 says:

    just to emphasise my point…

    This girl seems to be soooooo amused at Silvio’s chilren’s party…

  25. Daphne Caruana Galizia says:

    @Holland – when you consider that we married women got our full rights only a few years ago (and I mean very few, because I had been married for a long time already), you shouldn’t be surprised at the situation with gays.

  26. Daphne Caruana Galizia says:

    @no one in particular: actually, I’m curious about Silvio Parnis. He doesn’t seem to be interested in men but he doesn’t seem to be interested in women either. He only seems to be interested in himself. He seems to have some kind of girlfriend appendage, because she’s in some of the pictures (to prove what, exactly?), but he’s more interested in the camera than he is in her, poor kid.

  27. Meerkat :) says:

    Silvio Parnis is the Maltese Parl. equivalent of Cicciolina.

  28. amrio says:

    I used to know Silvio a few years ago, when he was Tal-Muzew and used to teach children. Very nice, unassuming and shy guy. I don’t know what happened to him since then.. must have bumped his head reaally hard sometime.

  29. G.Grima says:

    Catching up on previous entries as was on short hols and saw these Silvio Parnis photos. As grandpa used to say….U le u le u le fiex wasalna!!

  30. Jennifer Cosaitis says:

    For any people who are interested, one may also note Silvio’s mobile and private line numbers on the red scrollbar (bottom left). Seize the opportunity!! :)

  31. Agnes says:

    qatta ghajjurin. ahjar flok titilfu l-hin f’dan nejk kollu, taghmlu l-gid li jaghmel Silvio Parnis, flok tintilfu taghddu kummenti bla bazi u infondati biex tidhru sbieh. Ghinu bhal ma ghin lili dan il-bniedem. Temani meta kont bil-guh, u hallasli ghal spejjez waqt mard…u tghidu li intom Maltin ?…intom qatta bdabad ghajjurin ghal dak li f’hajjtu ghamel biss gid, u li ghal dak li qlajtu fuqu rebhilkom libell !!!…ghax giddibin

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