A proud member of AD who campaigns for Labour

Published: March 8, 2008 at 12:26pm

David Camilleri, who describes himself as ‘a proud member of AD’, sent me this explanation of why he is campaigning for the Labour Party to be elected to government. Yes, he is a real person, and yes, he is a member of AD – I’ve checked that out. For the past few weeks, he has been circulating aggressive emails about why it is necessary to bring down the government – Nazi government was my choice of words, but Nazi government was, in effect, what Camilleri meant. Read it, and decide for yourself.

Dear Daphne,

Here is the “somebody called David Camilleri”.

Would you mind sticking to the truth? I have never ever written emails to people urging them “to vote Labour to bring down the Nazi government”. While I do tell people to vote Labor because it is high time for a change of the Maltese government, I would never ever compare the Nationalists with the Nazis.

It would be nice, if you could apologize for that slander! But I guess you are so used to slandering people, for example Dr. Sant, that you do not mind badmouthing one more person. Your way of smearing Dr. Sant has reached levels that remind me of somebody who is foaming from his mouth like a rabid dog. Comparing Dr. Sant with Ceaucescu is so polemical, it simply defies description.

In addition I do not have an “AD-Ghawdex Internet address”, but I am a proud member of AD, and I would be elated if Harry Vassallo would be elected, too – especially in regard of the campaign against him orchestrated by the Nationalist media only days before the election.


David Camilleri

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  1. Joseph Galea says:

    This is bizarre! A proud member of AD campaigning for the MLP. Does Harry know? And then AD denies that they have always been plotting to get PN votes. Rossignaud was right!

  2. Vanni says:

    Apart from what DCG wrote, i.e. AD people working for MLP, I found something else unsettling in David Camilleri’s letter, namely:
    “While I do tell people to vote”

    What qualifies you to tell people what to do, DC?
    Or do you assume that people are like sheep, to be told to do what you think is the right thing?
    Are you not assuming that people care, let alone follow obediently, what you are telling them to do?
    The way that was phrased shows that you hold the people you ‘tell’ in very low contempt, DC.

  3. Genome says:

    I just voted, PN of course, for lack of a suitable “alternative” and am still having fun with this :) : http://zone.msn.com/en/chickeninv3/default.htm?OCID=eml_msnnl_6001.10.5.29&REFCD=emmsnnl_6001.10.5.29

  4. K Zammit says:

    What a cheap propoganda are maltastar.com and super one trying to pull!!!!!!

    Talking about saintly reflection day!!!!

    Where are the people who were angry at this blog yesterday to show their disgust at this cheap propoganda attempt.

    Obviously the paravendu is doing his job and questioning people but that does not mean that any corruption has been found!!!

    Article 6-human rights: free trial and innocent until proven otherwise!!!

    As far as I remember it doesn’t say that anyone is guilty because dottor alfred says so!

  5. C Gauci says:

    They’ve ALREADY REMOVED their billboards!!! :) :D :)

  6. maria says:

    Who are they please C Gauci??

  7. C Gauci says:

    The mlp obviously.

  8. C Gauci says:

    I hope I wasn’t dreaming but I haven’t seen a single labour billboard or upside-down container or whatever they’re using…

  9. Maria P says:

    Thank God this site is back online, I immediately thought that it was hacked on purpose and I was right. Freedom of speech does not exist for the Labour Party!!!
    Great job Daphne, I adore reading your articles on the Malta Independent

  10. David Thake says:

    I think that anyone who thinks that the MLP is removing their billboards because they (the MLP) think that they have lost the Election is living in dreamland.

    Voting has a further 4 hours to go….

  11. kevin says:

    any news re exit polls? besides mlp propaganda containers are undrssed and the ballerina girl is no more, whilst pn billboards are unchanged. can anyone explain the signuficance?

  12. maria says:

    Thanks for clarifying. I am hoping against hope that the PN wins, not only because I voted PN, but for the sake of the country.For the sake of our youths, for the sake of our name in the European context.

    Thanks Daphne for such a page, your articles on the Independent, are quite an eye opener. You call a spade a spade, and that is the reason that the MLP are afraid of you. Keep up the good work.

    Happy feast to all women

  13. Mary Borg says:

    Could it simply be that internet is slow due to bad weather and the excess number of people looking for the same thing? I have been trying to surf for various stuff not just politics-related throughout all the morning and the connection has been really slow and tedious. Every site takes more than 5 mins to load and my connection is a fast one.

    Let’s not be paranoid and immediately fall for conspiracy theories. I am sure at the moment both parties are more interested in what is going on in the various districts than what’s going on over here. Nearly all voters have decided now, whatever their preference, and nothing can change that.

    Besides, as Mr. Thake said, I wouldn’t count one’s chickens (excuse the pun) before they hatch. The fact MLP has removed billboards doesn’t mean they have lost.

    Eagerly waiting for tomorrow. :)

    [Moderator – Mary, I can confirm that the server this site was running on was broken into. The site could not even be accessed from the same computer it was running on (bypassing the Internet completely).]

  14. laura v says:

    Hi all,

    I really wouldn’t draw any conclusions from voter turn-out yet.Bad weather will keep people back. Also 10th district now includes Gzira too. No PN stronghold there!

    Keep it going Daphne this is great fun

  15. Mary Borg says:


    That is different news then. Well, hope everything is fine now on your end.

  16. K Zammit says:

    I am sure there is no significance regarding the billboards. Do not try and read too much in between the lines. At the moment it all looks pessimistic but let us wait for now. The only thing that is really bothering is that big smile on maria muscat’s face on superone each time she visits a location. I am sure she knowns more than us all by that smile. I hope I am not reading in between the lines aswell.

  17. C Gauci says:

    David, why do you say so? They have really taken everything down and I think it is the first time in history that this happened. Didn’t we take down our billboards in the MEP election as well, just before the results got official to avoid vandalism? I believe labour are dismantling everything down now, before anything might get ruined. I certainly am not implying that there will be any violence or anything but let’s be realistic, more than half of Malta wants GonziPN and no one can vouch that that particular half+ won’t be including some hot-headed people can we? That’s the precaution labour are taking. They are ensuring that none of their stuff gets damaged tomorrow morning on our victory, so they won’t have to pay for the expenses! :D Taqtghux qalbkom nies, we’re gonna get it!

  18. lorna says:

    Just found out this site is accessible from my mobile phone as well which is absolutely great. have to admit I’m rather pessimistic about a Pn win. It is really a matter of what I’ve perceived in the last few days in spite of my canvassing with people who declared they’re not voting or voting ad. I hasten to add I wasn’t working for any party but on my own steam – what the heck , i,d rather be known for my beliefs rather than have regrets for the next 5 years. In any case it’s great to see your comments here. I don’t feel so wretched knowing there are people who are sharing my family’s doubts and fears.

  19. effie carbonaro says:

    daftne thr chicken will be prime minister next monday.moderator publish these if you have the guts and lets hear poeple opinion about it.by the way a letter about you was send to henry lafarte who is chairman of
    International jouralism Etiquette and was informed by these website and pressed for your press card to be revoked

    [Moderator – To those unacquainted with ‘effie’ – he is an elve (sic) who also posts under the name ‘raphael stafrace’. Daphne does not own a press card and ‘International Journalism Etiquette’ and ‘henry lafarte’ do not exist.]

  20. Corinne Vella says:

    Effie elve Carbonaro:
    I have to hand it to you, you lot really are imaginative. International Journalism Etiquette? That sounds like a sister organisation to Dexter’s Laboratory.
    Does the organisation teach journalists which fork to use and whether a gentleman should precede a lady when going in to dinner, or should drape his cloak across a puddle lest she get her feet wet?

  21. Mario says:


    Just received this sms…”Jekk ghada fl-10.30am tal-Labour jifirhu tallarmawx irwiehkom. Dak il-him ghandhom direttiva biex jibdew jifirhu.”
    Also apparently in Hamrun at 9.30 am they are preparing a ‘banda tar-rebha’.

    Anyone heard stuff like this and any comments

  22. s1 says:

    As long as it’s not the puddle at the pig farm in Gozo!

    Journalism Etiquette huh? Maybe we should report some of the Super 1 journalists too? Let’s report JPO too, for good measure!

  23. C Gauci says:

    Effie’s either got fat fingers and can’t hit one key at a time, or he’s already getting himself drunk to cope with the defeat awaiting him tomorrow morning :D

    Lorna, I’m so sure that the pn is going to win. There should be something really wrong in the people if they decide otherwise? I mean come on, look at the track records? The people can’t just do away with Lawrence on a couple of mud-slings and alleged corruption can they? Remember that we’re having more than 17000 new voters, all of them new minds, I’m 100% sure far more intellingent than those old blinkered labour supporters, who just vote for the party for the sake of the party.

  24. Simon says:

    A drop of 10% in the turnout in the 10th district. Worrying!!

  25. Michael C says:

    Tajba effie! Swimming out of your depth I see. Is there any chance we can see the letter that was senT? You never know, you might get a communal “roar” of approval.

  26. C Gauci says:

    Simon, it’s only till 2:00PM. Take into account the weather which was much better during the later afternoon. And remember that in the 10th district there is Gzira added. What might be lost in the 10th district would be added somewhere else, I’m sure. Keep your hopes up guys. I am sure we’re going to win this election.

  27. S says:

    yes Mario that was the sms i was referring to.it is circulating. MLP are urging their people to go out and celebrate.

  28. Adrian Cardona says:

    Here in B’Kara a group of Lejburisti were already saying they are 23,000 ahead. Guys, these are only wild speculations at this point. first indications will only come out after the polling stations close, when absentiism will be more clear. I’m feeling it’s very tight…very very tight.

  29. C Gauci says:

    S – the bigger you are the heavier you’ll fall. That’s what will happen to labour tomorrow.

  30. maria says:

    I ahve received that message as an email. It said that at 10.30 – 11am, the Super 1 (we are ONE)journalist will hand over a mike to Jason Micallef, and that will be a sign for the labourites to go out and celebrate.

    Am i wrong in assuming that removal of the billboards is something to have happened by yesterday (so that people could reflect without any undue pressure). So could we not assume anything?? Have the PN billboards been removed?? I at times feel that the peoples’ good will and intentions will triumph……..i mean who in his right frame of mind want Sant as PM? I don’t!!!!!!!!Other times i feel that the MLP will win. My district (district 2) is very RED, and one does feel slightly intimidated when one goes to vote, hearing them all whispering ‘she is not one of ours’; ‘she is PN’…..’araw kemm damet ftit, u zgur dawk 4 biss ghandhom….malajr taghmilhom’

    I have already bitten my right finger nails.God help us

  31. C Gauci says:

    Adrian: loool why don’t they just state they’re gonna win with a majority of 100,000? A miss is good as a mile. They’re just getting their hopes up high for their people because otherwise having spent 20+ years in opposition just means that their party is a failure.

  32. V says:

    C. Gauci!! you’re so positive!!! i wish you’re right!

  33. Vanni says:

    Dear effie
    I hope that the letter was not written by you, as nobody would have understood a word of it. We all make spelling mistakes, and myself more than most, but your last contribution was indecipherable.
    Say hi to La Fart :)

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