The Lion of Change raises some disbelieving laughs in Denmark

Published: March 8, 2008 at 5:23pm

We’ve just picked up one of my sons (no, not the famous one) from the airport. He has travelled right through the night and half a day to get to Malta in time to vote, leaving a conference in Denmark before the closing session. He had to pay yet again for connecting flights to replace the ones he had booked and paid for way back before the election date was announced.

His fellow participants couldn’t understand why he was going through this. Why was he so keen to rush to Malta to vote? They were impressed by his sense of civic duty. He explained that he wants to help prevent the election of an anti-EU prime minister, an incompetent man who made a mess of running the country when he was given a chance to do so, a man who will do much damage to the country if he becomes prime minister again.

Then he showed them a few YouTube videos, including the one of the Lion of Change yodelling like a drunken peasant into a microphone at a mass meeting (‘Look, this is the deputy leader of the Labour Party’) and the one of the Chicken of Change screaming at the crowds in his best Hitlerian manner (‘Look, this is the man who might be our prime minister.’). Then they understood why he was ready to travel for 17 hours by train and plane, after paying a small fortune, to come back and vote.

He also had lots of fun explaining how some people in Malta are trying to sell the idea of a coalition government as being a good thing and something to strive for in this election (‘What? Are you serious?’). This went down very well. Denmark has a massive problem with its coalition government right now, because a significant percentage of the vote went to the far-right party, and the far-right party is now controlling the government by default.

But of course, it has to be Malta to want to fix something that works. Just like some people want to fix a government that works by throwing in a spanner called Alfred Sant.

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  1. issimpson says:

    *sigh* … one has to give credit when due … he’s a real genius … i can’t even comprehend how a failure like him can remain leading a party for so long. it quite honestly represents more or less half the island (another life mystery).

    kieku AD, tghid forsi, bless his heart Harry boy just cant see the bloomin writing on the wall.

    *excuse the mixture of languages used, i think it adds spice :)*

  2. Marie says:

    Thank you Daphne. Unfortunately I feel the spanner has been thrown and will stick….. the Maltese people will get the government they deserve

  3. Corinne Vella says:

    A correction, if I may. SOME Maltese people will get the government they deserve if the spanner does the job.

  4. C Gauci says:

    U leee, remember there are some 20,000 NEW voters for these elections. Most of them young people, new voters, with an open mind.

  5. Lorna says:

    Hello Daphne and fellow bloggers,

    I’m afraid the dies have been cast – and the numbers which have come out are pretty nasty, I’m afraid.

    I’ve just heard on TVM that the 10th and 12th Districts are the ones in which the lowest percentages of people have gone to vote.

    If that’s not an omen of what will happen tomorrow, I don’t know what is…

    In any case, Daphne, I thank you publicly for all the effort you put in. It’s a shame, a real shame, your effort had to attract attacks and threats from people who do not share your views. I’m sorry as your fellow citizen that the country has to withstand such undemocratic behaviour.

    All those people who haven’t yet voted and are still dicing with their decision, it’s not too late. Go and vote.

  6. Lorna says:

    Only now I’ve read this site has been hacked. I was so worried with the turnout figures I just logged on and submitted my comment.

    I’m extremely glad to see the site is back online again. Nobody can stop our thinking and nobody can hinder our expression of our thinking, i.e., the comments on this blog.

    Keep up the good work, Daphne, and I’m behind you – as I’ve been for all these years.

  7. KeithP says:

    god forbid the spanner will stick. This feathered spanner has done nothing but harm to Malta: replaced VAT by CET, froze malta’s application with the EU, rediculed students in 1996 by reducing stipends radically and in 2008 by insulting them, and now the latest, threatening to re-open Malta’s accession treaty which demises Malta’s name amonst the EU countries.

    I say it again, god forbid the feathered spanner (well done for the titles Daphne) is elected prime minister cos that would also prove that this country that we all believe in, holds more idiots that we thought….How can you choose him over Gonzi??

    I am hopeful that tomorrow we will have the result most of us are awaiting and we can go back to living the tranquil lives we enjoyed right before the beginning of February.

    Keep it up Daphne.


  8. Anna Tabone says:

    well done daphne… your son knows that it was the right thing to do… just for the record, my brother flew in from Beijing yesterday voted and left already….well done to all those who have made the effort whilst some of our fellow maltese are too complacent use the only tool given to us to control our future.
    do they realise how many women died in the world to fight for the right to vote???
    well the only thing we can do is pray those blinkered egocentric people who won’t vote because they didn’t get a ‘reserved’ parking for themselves or who complain that parking in tigne should not be because they are special people will be enlightened to do their duty…..
    good luck to us all….

  9. Chris says:

    Anna Tabone, Amen to that!

    Ladies and Gents I know that I might sound old fashioned but a prayer at this time might not go amiss.

    We need to continue living in peace and prosperity.

  10. Brandon says:

    Unfortunatley, I will be the odd one out on this page. Believe me, I had always thought that PN supporters are the most democratic, but from what I have just read, it is not the case. I cannot understand the feeling of most PN supporters, who do not seem to accept other person’s opinions. Look at your article and to the comments, it is either you agree with PN or you don’t. Since yourself and people who frequent this site will not accept my comment….I will not be commenting any further.

    PS I used to read your articles until you started attacking the person rather than the opinion.

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