It’s not just Burger King that tries to sell us Giant Whoppers

Published: March 6, 2008 at 4:28pm

The Police Commissioner has explained the train of events, and it looks like another case of MLPAD – now even the AD leader is twisting the truth. Read this report from today.

Police Commissioner explains how Vassallo was informed about the arrest warrants

The Police Commissioner in a statement this afternoon said a sergeant at Sliema police station informed AD leader Harry Vassallo about the arrest warrants issued against him when he went to his office to make inquiries about a burglary. The Commissioner explained that on October 15, 2007 the police received two arrest warrants issued by the Courts on September 27, 2007 against Dr Vassallo over unpaid fines which had been converted into a prison term. On October 18, 2007 the two warrants were sent to the Sliema police for execution. They were handed to the sergeant at Sliema police station on November 12 but were not executed. Since this sergeant was no longer posted at Sliema, on February 7 the warrants were handed to another sergeant. On March 1 this sergeant was involved in investigations into a burglary in Sliema. Since Dr Vassallo’s family had vacant property close to where the burglary took place, the sergeant, as was the norm, felt he needed to speak to Dr Vassallo to establish whether there was access from the Vassallo property to the property where the burglary took place.

After having phoned Dr Vassallo, the sergeant on Wednesday called on Dr Vassallo at his office. Once he was going there, the sergeant felt he should also speak to Dr Vassallo about the arrest warrants. According to the sergeant and the constable who accompanied him, they spoke to Dr Vassallo about their investigations into the burglary as well as the warrants. They asked Dr Vassallo to regularise his position instead of them having to proceed with the arrest as authorised by the court. The meeting had been a very cordial one and matters stopped there, the police said. Both the sergeant and the police constable categorically denied having communicated with a journalist or anybody else about the case. They also volunteered to make a sworn statement about the case. The Commissioner said he was asking the chairman of the Police Board, Judge Franco Depasquale, to hold an inquiry into the case.

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  1. John Schembri says:

    Why did not Harry mention the theft, and why did he use his children to pose for a picture, pity there were no hand cuffs! Now Harry is using Freddie’s tactics. Vote Harry get Freddie!

  2. Simon says:

    I can’t believe that AD have arrived at this, them of all people. I never ever expected them to step into these murky waters. Did they need to become so shallow, out of spite? It’s a pity, they had potential.

    Yes, on Saturday we vote for a change, but for change within MLP and AD.

  3. Mario says:

    And Gonzi gets the blame.


    Vote PN – the only party that cares.

  4. David says:

    Revelations on the 11th hour have become part of the game. Thank Sant and Jason for that! Just look at the supposed Mistra scandal.

    I was actually pleased by this … it shows that Harry is after all no “vergni u martri” and he is tasting the medicine that he likes to deliver to others. The only difference here is that this time it is true (Sant, Jason and Harry prefer lies to truth). Moreover, the case is already advanced in courts (whereas in Sant & Jason case it is a vigilante justice system where the accused is presumed guilty before the trial).

  5. amrio says:

    As Scooby Doo (or whoever) always said: “Hmmmph! I KNEW there was something fishy!”

  6. Colin Vassallo says:

    What a shame Harry. What a shame Vice-Versa evening show on One TV yesterday. I must declare my bias. I am a Nazzjonalist and was always going to vote for the PN, but to all those who beg to differ as they have every right to do so; no one could have spelt it any better for them than Saint Harry himself. VOTE HARRY GET FREDDIE.

    Cheers Daphne and thanks.

  7. Yves Cali says:

    Dr Sant keeps harping about the Whistleblower Act. Whatever for? He wouldn’t even heed a fog horn. Now it seems that Harry Vassallo has sunken to the same depths to win sympathy and subsequently votes. Corruption is not restricted to bribery for financial gain – it is dishonesty and fraud and fraud is deception. Shame on them both!

  8. paul farrugia says:

    I truly respect your political opinion, but could you explain to me how is it that Harry and our party were ok when we stood with you in favour of the eu, and now simply because we are pointing out your mistakes, are saying that we are equal to mlp. Is it maybe because you got so used to power that youre afraid of anything else?

  9. Joseph Grech-Attard says:

    Sorry Mario, but PN does NOT exist any more. It is gonziPN now, Gonzi first, PN after. “The only party that cares” is gonziPN and not PN. U tghidlix “mhux xorta”. I do not know why the name changed but so it has. Wake up man.

  10. DVella says:

    So poor Harry was served a couple of hefty fines for being a bad boy and refusing to comply with a court order and the fines were commuted to a prison sentence after he failed to settle them. What did he expect? Does he think he is above the law? Did he actually believe that the fines would go away if he ignored them for long enough? Certain reports would have us believe that he knew nothing of the commuted fines and the arrest warrants until a heavily armed battalion of police (obviously ordered to do so by the big bad wicked government) kicked in his door, trashed half the furniture, machine-gunned the rest and flashed the arrest warrants in his face whilst his terrified family and great aunt Janie cowered in the scullery. Is it actually possible for someone to be unaware of a conviction handed down against him by the courts? Is it possible that any person, and a lawyer at that, to hold such disrespct for the courts that he does not even bother to inform himself of the result of a court case in which he is being accused of some offense? For someone who studied law, poor Harry is either out of touch with the realities of the legal system or else his memory is catastrophically failing. What is so special about him that he gets to ignore his fines whilst the rest of us have to pay them? To add insult to injury, the way the story was related in some quarters was intentionally distorted in an attempt to lead the public to believe that it was all a ploy by the wicked nationalists to eliminate AD’s leader at the eleventh hour. The intention was obvious, to damage the nationalists as much as possible and garner some sympathy votes for AD. It just goes to show, for all their pontificating tosh and their holier than thou attitude, AD are no different to some others that stoop to the depths to gain political mileage. The masques are off, these people are a bunch of hypocrites and do not deserve anybody’s vote!

  11. Bernard says:

    Nice twist lol. Of course this shows clearly that MLP and AD are both out of their minds. Give me a break, will you? what’s with the journalist. I’m sure it was a very very very obvious coincidence. Wasn’t it Daphne? You seem to know all the answers, but didn’t give one to THAT. If not you, can anyone give more details about the journalist issue?

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