The Son of Daphne is back

Published: March 11, 2008 at 12:33pm

Son of GodzillaSuper One have put the video of the Son of Daphne back on YouTube (never ones to back down from a challenge, are they?). This time, it has a new name: The Son of the Evil Woman, Acting Nasty.

Ajma, jahasra.

It will be the Son of Godzilla next.

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  1. Mandy says:

    hahaha vera they have nothing better to do ta super one. U ijja insomma whilst we’re celebrating they enjoy looking at the memories of when they actually thought they would win this election.

  2. Rachel L. says:

    seriously i admire both u and ur son for having the balls to say what you really feel. alot of people feel the same way you do and alot of people say the things that you’re feeling but only the few, like you, have the balls to write them and make them public. two thumbs up for you ‘Evil Woman’ (like they’re calling u) looool

  3. Kieli says:

    Dan huwa il-PARTIT TAL-BIDU GDID? – Kieku konna l-koll qeghdin tajjeb dal-ghodhu kieku telghu fil-gvern. Mhux ta b’xejn rega’ ghal-darb’ ohra dahal wahda sewwa go l-hajt l’MLP – ghax hlief ihares lura ma jghamilx.

    Il-manifest tal-MLP ga wera l-faqar tal-mentalita li tezisti fit-tmexxija tal-partit. Billi reghu qalghu din il-video clip li ga wriet kemm huma baxxi l’ewwel darba li wzawa, issa qed juru mhux biss il-kedda tar-raba’ telfa tahhom, izda r-rigressjoni lejn vavati li qed tahkem il-partit. L’ewwel harbu mil-counting hall, issa qed jistahbew wara hajt jitfaw il-gebel.

  4. Kieli says:

    Rachel L.

    Daphne has ‘balls’? Do not know about that. Word was around at one time that such a phenomenon manifested itself in regard to an MLP TV presenter.

  5. M F says:

    Daphne, I lived in Bormla for 18yrs with labour parents and running around on carcades with dead rabbits, but i always voted pn because unlike others i have brains. Now i am realizing that gonzi has this idea that politics is to be used for the country’s best not for votes or for an individual’s inner circle. I admire your writing. Just a small gossip, i heard that Jason was chucked out from Naxxar counting hall and yesterday there was a small argument between Jason and a PN fan infront of Labour Headquarters!! (I dont know if it is true!!just rumours)

  6. Meerkat :) says:

    Now that the election is over I suggest another contest…


    Justyne, Veronica, Miriam, and what the heck, Jaysin are eligible to run for it…

    I have a job for Dr Sant to as a swansong (they are also of the feathered kind)…to Judge the winner…I am sure that Jaysin with his doe eyes, toothy smile and fawndejxin will win by the much promised landslide!!!

  7. Ally says:

    Being so big on misprints how come they never mispelt Alfred Sant’s name on the media? You know how many misprints are possible with his name – really just misprints – all you have to do is misplace the letters that form his name :
    A L F R E D S A N T

    Falters DNA
    Laden Farts
    Flat as Nerd

    and my all time favourite anagram :

    Rant as Fled

  8. Kenneth says:

    Actually the video title is


    Perhaps a quote from Macbeth is in order ?

  9. Cangun says:

    just a hint for the final PR articles


  10. Ela says:

    Dear Daphne

    You have perfected the art of ‘bitchique’.

    ‘Bitchique’ is a cross between ‘bitching’ and ‘critiquing. Your invectives against JM, AS and others cannot, strictly speaking, classify under ‘bitching’ because you provide well-reasoned arguments and it is not the first time that you refer to academic and other sources to back your points. The fact that your invectives are also, to a great extent, justified (seeing the attacks you have suffered), gives your writing an ‘ethical’ dimension which is lacking in plain bitching. So it is a form of ‘critique’. But then, the strong element of bitching laced with a thinly veiled but ever-present layer of snobbism in your writing cannot, strictly speaking, be ‘critique’ in its accepted sense. I often sense the refined level of bitchiness in some of your words aimed at specific persons for specific persons to understand; a kind of ‘code of bitchiness’ understood by a closed circle of acquaintances.

    So, it is neither ‘bitching’ nor ‘critique’. ‘Bitchique’ it is: an art and a science initiated by DCG.

    ‘Bitchique’ is such an apt term to describe your writing style because its pronunciation (bee-cheek) is reminiscent of ‘bic-cheek’ for ‘tongue in cheek’. Beautiful.

    I think I can write a thesis on this, quoting instances from your articles and blog entries – and one day I will. In the meantime, do not let them use ‘bitchy’ to describe your writing.

  11. Norman Briffa says:

    I have been reading your postings and associated comments allweek – very amusing exciting especially since I live in the UK. It’s great to see political blogging take off in Malta. I became hooked on the right of centre blogs in the UK – and amongst others. Hope that you keep up the good work now the election is over.

  12. southwisper says:

    Dear Daphne,

    Totally agree with Rachel L. above – really admire you for the courage in writing what you feel !! he he keep it up.

    Hope that this blog is kept running ;)

    Finally chicken little’s words came true – “Leave the past for the historians to judge” – Fred, you are now history – Yuuuppppieeeee.

    Hope the new leader is not from Sant’s circle.

  13. maws says:

    I would like you to look up the medical meaning of PR – it is a commonly used abbreviation

  14. Carmel Scicluna says:

    Lil Boob-Job Jason li qal lil Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando: ”Ibki, Jeffrey, ibki!” jiena nghidlu: ”Issa ikxifhom snienek! Issa perricha dik it-tbisima nejjieka fuq xufftejk! Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando huwa eroj u ghandu s-support shih taghna! Ghalxejn ippruvajtu tkissruh!”

  15. John says:

    Just Heard Gonzi’s Victory Speach. The whole nation knows we made the right choice.
    Hope Labour Makes a clean sweep of the top people who aproved and backed their Electoral campaign.
    What they need to do before they have a chance of governing is :
    1. Stop saying that they will be a Gvern Ghall Laburisti
    2. Appologise for Not respecting the Referendum.
    3. Admit that it was a mistake.
    4. Elect a leader who embraces Europe and has a positive attitude.
    5. Appeal to the whole of Malta and not just Labour suppoters.

    Now its over , Mohna mistrh ghal hames snin. Back to work tomorrow, and lets enjoy the 850 million all together.


  16. V says:

    hehe daph i met ur son in pv, said congrats to both of you… keep up the good work.. ur amazing!

  17. Chris says:

    I have just heard Gonzi’s speech on the fosos – I think that it was one of the best, statesman victory speeches that I have heard in the last 20 years.

    I hope that he shall have the courage and the required help to continue on this road.

  18. bob says:

    Being so big on misprints how come they never mispelt Alfred Sant’s name on the media?

    They have Ally. they spelt it ‘leader’ when they meant ‘loser’ :)

  19. europarl says:

    Hey all you natters :), have a break from your Chicken Run mega-saga and check out some reality at the cutting edge of our Western civilization.

    This documentary could also be of help to the provincially minded: “Orwell rolls in his grave” –

  20. mf says:

    Check the Toni Abela coloumn on There you can see someone who is really mahruq after such a loss. Hehehe

  21. A.Jones says:

    Hi Daphne, any comments about JPO being excluded from the cabinet..??? i thought it was simply mudslinging on Sant’s part….who is the liar now?

  22. Bendu says:

    Justyne, Jason u zijuh jew missieru Freddie Micallef (ajma hej), Wenzu Mintoff u Toni Abela, Silvio Parnis, Gorg Vella u ghaliex le, Fredu s-Sant u l-laburisti kollha. Did you listen to Gonzi’s sublime speech this evening? Nispera li hadthua l-lezjoni u ibdew tahsbu biex tirriformaw ruhkhom ghax inkella qabel 25 sena ohra tkunu ghadkom fil-limbu!

  23. Ray says:

    Meerkat, I have more suggestions for further contests:)



    MISS De Boat




    Condition to enter contests: the DeoxyriboNucleic Acid must be perfect (by Lejber standards).

  24. Bir-rispett kollhu says:

    Dearest Daphne ..

    In one of your previous posts you said that you will be glad if you don’t have to hear “bir-rispett kollhu” once again.

    While your beloved Sant resigned .. I believe that you will be hearing more and more of “bir-rispett kollhu” because Gonzi seems to have adopted this catchy phrase as he constantly repeated it over and over again today on Dissett on TVM.

    Tough luck!!

  25. Ray says:

    Suggestions for other contests:


  26. Dear Daphne,

    I used to enjoy reading your articles in the Independent quite regularly, particularly for their sound arguments, written mostly with an open mind. Although I didn’t always agree with your reasoning, and despite your occasional failure to cover up what appeared to be in-bred prejudices towards certain sectors of Maltese society, your articles commanded somewhat more than a modicum of respect.

    However, since the beginning of the election campaign it seems that you have done little more than spread venom, all too wittingly contributing to further polarise public opinion. This is most disappointing, and I fear your articles in the Indy will not be able to regain any of the popularity they have so spectacularly lost.

    Worst of all, despite all the noise, this is an election in which nobody -except perhaps the corrupt – has won.

    Here’s a poem in the language you seem so happy to sneer at – it may be four days late, but the message remains valid.


    Għada l-elezzjoni…
    Jiena, Malti ta’ barra
    u barrani ta’ ġewwa,
    wara nofs ħajja
    f’eżilju bl-addoċċ
    nissindika mill-bogħod,
    li għada se nixħet
    għall-ewwel darba l-vot.

    Jum ir-riflessjoni…
    Passiġġata fil-Belt,
    qassata, ir-rassa
    tan-nies, paqqa
    wara paqqa,
    nieqaf ħa nieħu nifs
    fejn it-teatru mwaqqa’
    biex bilqiegħda
    il-kummiedja nosserva.

    Tant tgħallimt u tħawwadt
    mit-tagħjir u l-għajat bla għadd
    li ħsiebi rabba s-sura
    ta’ qrun iċ-ċerva…
    waqt li f’qorrigħat in-nies
    nissemma’ bejn il-partiti
    jissokta t-tpartit
    ta’ semm is-suppervja.

    Mur semma’ leħnek
    f’nofs dil-ħerba,
    frattarija u ċaqċiq!
    Għada nivvota nixtieq…

    Nivvota nixtieq,
    f’pajjiż fejn l-ilsna klubija
    ma jaħlux ta’ kuljum ir-riq
    isewdu t-triq bi mxija
    li minnha ħadd ma jfiq…

    Nivvota nixtieq,
    f’pajjiż fejn il-blu jfisser
    baħar u sema
    u xejn iżjed minn baħar u sema,
    fejn l-aħmar ma jfissirx dmija,
    fejn fil-kamra ta’ l-imtallgħa
    darba, darbtejn u mija
    jintwera u jinstema’
    kull lewn tal-qawsalla…

    Nivvota nixtieq, f’pajjiż
    fejn jesgħu l-forsi, l-aktarx,
    l-għandu mnejn, il-jalla,
    fejn nista’ nagħżel li nagħżel,
    fejn min b’fommu jwiegħed l-għasel
    ma jirfisx l-għada kull warda
    b’siequ mmarrda,
    biex fuqha jkompli jkabbar
    ix-xehda tal-ġebel misruq
    mill-għelieqi bla għeluq
    u jżid id-diqa tad-djuq…

    Nivvota nixtieq,
    f’pajjiż li nista’ nsemmi
    bla geddum u bla ċiera,
    fejn ma nibqgħux niksu l-madum
    b’daqstant simboli fiergħa,
    fejn il-ħaddiem huwa l-imgħallem,
    fejn l-għalliem ma jibżax jgħallem,
    fejn qajla jkollhom
    x’jitħabtu l-infirmiera,
    fejn it-tadam jibqa’ jkollu
    togħma ta’ tadam,
    fejn idejn min jaħrat l-art
    jiswew daqs is-subgħajn ratba
    ta’ min id-destin jiffirma f’salt,
    fejn fil-ħolm ikreh ta’ kull ħames snin
    ma nibqax nara gżiriti
    bejn ħalla u ħalla
    bħal dgħajsa bil-falla
    tbaħħar ma’ xifer belliegħa ġo
    belliegħa ġo
    belliegħa bla
    fond, bla

    Għalhekk għada jiena l-unu nixtieq nagħti
    lil min hu ħati li jbati
    il-moħqrija taċ-ċnagen,
    l-iskieken sfiqa tad-dħaħen,
    l-unu nixtieq nagħti
    lil ħija, lil sieħbi,
    lil nannti, lil qaribi,
    lis-sinjura fuq ir-radju
    itgemgem b’leħen kiebi,
    lill-furnar, lis-sajjied,
    lit-tfal jilagħbu fil-wied,
    lill-bilbla tpassi fis-skiet,
    lil dil-kilba għal niskata arja
    f’nofs il-ħamba ta’ l-ibliet,
    iżda fuq kollox, għada
    l-unu nixtieq nagħti
    lill-pittur li b’kull kulur
    tat-tavlozza jiżbogħ it-tila
    tonda, fonda, b’mitt
    tiżwiqa mogħnija,
    u kburija bħal bandiera
    fuq ras it-tripied.

  27. John Schembri says:

    Ghand tal-haxix “qed jghidu li l-gvern ta’ gonzi dalwaqt jirrizenja” , u fuq is-Super One qed jigbru l-essemessijit biex jipprintjawhom u jibaghatuhom lil Dr Alfred Sant, D’eja’vu ?

  28. Alex says:

    I second Antoine. Daphne, I consider myself a free thinking independent individual with absolutely no party affiliations and with a heartfelt desire to see Malta grow, in mind, body and spirit. I foolishly thought you had similar aspirations. Now, I’m not so sure. Your journalistic credibility has been seriously undermined. I’m sorry, but it’s the truth. You beat the so called “ħamalli” at their own game, in fact you put them to shame. But having read a large number of the comments posted here, it is obvious you have an audience, so good luck to you, but time will judge you to have shot yourself in the foot during this election campaign. Sincerely, I am sorry. You won’t get the message I’m sure, but that’s your funeral not mine, and anyway, it’s too late now. What’s done is done.

    [Moderator – You’ll find the antidepressants in the medicine cabinet.]

  29. annie gauci says:

    Please remember that we are Christians and that we all are Maltese, so please respect one another and don’t do to others what you don’t want to be done unto you. Good day to you all.

  30. Cheryl says:

    Kemm hu veru li taht gvern nazzjonalista jinholoq ix-xoghol. Diga hemm vacancy: Kap ta’ l-Oppozizzjoni!

  31. Kevin Drake says:

    Dear Annie Gauci… Please do not fall into time-honoured trap of assuming that since we are ALL Maltese, it must, perforce, follow that we are all Christians and, more specifically, of the Roman Catholic persuasion. Apart from the ever-increasing numbers of those who, quite frankly, couldn’t give two hoots about who currently stands in Peter’s shoes (and that’s just for starters)… there ARE others amongst us who are NOT, and neither possess the inclination, to convert to Christianity. You’ll be surprised to find out that Malta has a small but thriving Muslim community (made up of MALTESE Citizens), as well as an even smaller, but significant nonetheless, Jewish community. Yes, Maltese citizens too! Not to mention other faiths and denominations that are also present on this rock of ours. It’s a petty point to make, I know, in the greater scheme of things, but assuming that EVERY ONE of your countrymen and women pray to the same god/prophet/messiah etc. (if they pray at all, that is), irks the rest of us no end. It is precisely from these assumptions that all kinds of intolerances are bred, and they are these assumptions that are at the root of all situations wherein minority rights are completely trampled underfoot, in favour of the majority’s beliefs and credos… sometimes making it tantamount to mob rule.

    No hard feelings. As I said… a petty point in the greater scheme of things… but one that should be voiced every once in a while.

    Take care


  32. Bir-Rispett Kollu says:

    Dear Bir-Rispett KollHu,

    Maybe Dottorrrrrrrrr Goooooooooooooooozzzzzzzzzzzzzzzziiiiiiiiiiii got the same nasty flu!!! he he he

    Issa back to work please… Leave your propoganda for 5 years time! Elections are over.

    … and by the way, Kollu is written without the h :)

    Have a nice day.

  33. Anthony says:

    Ok Kevin point taken, perhaps Annie Gauci should not have generalised but it still makes sense in the context of ALL religions.

    And Daphne, you too made your point these last couple of days. There is no need to spread more venom. Where is your contribution to the blog on Sunday around 14.00 where you were conceding defeat and saying that ‘issa m’hemmx x’taghmel, and that we have to make the best of what we have and that it could not be that bad’ I figured out that you were b’denbek bejn saqajk……

    And if you are asking. I am not an MLP supporter.Please let us return to decency and not put more salt in the wound.

    [Moderator – I am adding ‘spreading your venom’ to The Elve (sic) Comment Generator.]

  34. kagemusha says:

    ….and who would be next? The guessing anticipation of the appointment of Ministries is always a nice way for us common mortals…to kill some time…

    I have one important Ministry in mind … that of Justice. I have a feeling (I might be wrong) that if an opinion poll should be held, people will politely tell it could run much better, MUCH.

    Justice I have always been told should be swift and thorough….so much depends on that noble profession: Lawyers. Unfortunately…please forgive me Gentlemen, mine giving a sweeping statement: I have a feeling that Lawyers have become keener to win lawsuits than re-approach contesting parties…justice?
    Even Patriarch (l4th century) abandoned his law-studies as he despised “the untruthfulness of law”

    Skepticism, cynicism, instability and unrest in secular & religious life start when people start to perceive they ‘are alone’.

    That’s a sphere the Prime Minister should reflect upon, above any other ministry …and I think he has all the qualities and energy to do it…Good luck Dr Gonzi the country is proud of you.

  35. Mario says:

    Alfred ‘Chicken Run’ SAnt has been offered a job with Caqnu…as an espert fit-tajn

    sorry i mean he has been offered a job with Maxims…jaghmel il-qassatat

    viva gonzipn!!!

  36. Gozo says:

    Is it true that Giovanna will no longer be Minister for Gozo? Rumours are saying it will be Christopher Said, the new MP. Is it true??

  37. Mario says:


    can you alter your name a bit please so as to prevent having two marios posting in here?


  38. A Jones says:

    Europarl, have you resigned from your Brussels post yet following your comments over the last few days?

  39. carlos bonavia says:

    I hear Joseph Muscat’s name (the PEP) being
    bandied about and pushed by MLP ‘High Ups’ for
    the post of Mexxej

  40. Victor Ross says:

    I have always followed politics in Malta and it seems that in the Labour camp there has always been this negative thinking streak or scaremongering campaign when an election or a special event is to take place. Could be their DNA. Let’s go back to th sixties when Gorg Borg Olivier ALONE was trying to bring Independence to our islands. The labour supporters in those days were spreading rumours around that Malta could not survive without “Iz-zejza tar-Regina” and that we had no resources of our own and they used to tell us that we have only “Blat u gremxul”

    As usual the PN was courageous enough not to take heed of all this scaremongering and after bringing about Independence, it embarked on an economic upheaval of this country and Malta starting witnessing a prosperity never seen before.

    But Labour as usual starting the 1971 election campaign scaring people away. The cost of living “Mara Maltija trid tlahhaq mal-hajja? Ivvota Labour” and also regarding government incompetence “Malta Marida Medicina Mintoff” was the slogan. But haven’t we heard these two slogans again during THIS campaign. What’s new with Labour anyway.

    During the last Mass Meeting held at Saqqajja Rabat in 1971, Gorg Borg Olivier warned the Maltese electorate (Malta was really enjoying an economic boom never seen before) not to change horses whilst crossing the river. They did and I don’t need reminding you what Malta went through between 1971 and 1987. How sour the Medicina Mintoff was !!!!

    But they never learn. Came 1996 and the NEW Labour Leader in the run up for the elections managed to scare the wits out of the Maltese electorate regarding VAT, promising that he would do away with it immediately and that if the Nationalists were returned to power it would go up from 15% to 24%. Well we all know what happened, No need to remind anyone of the new formula, this new MEDICINE which we had to swallow again.

    Now we move to 2003 and the European Community issue. Talking about scaremongering would be an understatement here. Don’t need to remind anyone of you about the Sicilians running all over us and oh! Karmenu’s nice one…..we would be pestered with HIV…do you remember this one eh?

    And Charles Mangion had the cheek to tell us that there is something wrong with the Nats DNA!!!!!!!

    I think i’ve said enough !!!!!

  41. Eddy says:

    Don’t worry Victor Ross, I told you already:

    PN DNA = Dejjem Nirbhu Ahna

    MLP DNA = Dejjem Nitilfu Ahna

    Everyone knows now whose DNA ghandu haga hazina !

  42. Angela De' Conti Manduca says:

    Thank God this is all over and PN are still in power!!! I could have made history repeat itself last Thursday (the day of the last mass meeting) in Naxxar. A wild bunch of MLP supporters threw at me a beer bottle which luckily missed and then a lit ‘suffarel’ aimed straight at my face. Had I not seen the guy actually lighting it, I would have suffered severe burns. This was all as a result of me doing the thumb-down after being provoked and offended with words I don’t even know how to repeat……….

  43. M says:

    hopefully we will get back to normality as soon as possible, hopefully those laborites who chose fit to raise their menacing heads placing political agenda into our normal everyday life will go back into their caves. hopefully they will choose a leader who will teach them that hatred only foments hatred and now they have to dance to the tune for another 5yrs. but most of all hopefully and here my hopes are high we have a prime minister who has emerged as a truly determined,dynamic and respectable leader with a proper sense of direction that will continue to improve our political maturity

  44. M says:

    Miss Guided-the-people-with-a-silly-agenda
    Miss Managed-the-campaign-once-again
    Miss Took-our-concerns-for-pn-dissatisfaction
    Miss Giving-his-party-a-bidu-gdid
    Miss Calculated-the-predictions
    Miss Read-gonzi’s-capability-to-rise-to-the-occasion

  45. M says:

    Gonzi DNA – Dejjem Nahdem Ahjar

  46. Indannata says:

    Hi Daphne,
    It is true then that Dr JPO is not part of the new cabinet. What a shame! All those votes wasted. This is my first vote, and I voted PN but I am already having second doubts….
    If even Dr Gonzi is not willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, then maybe, jut maybe, Sant was right after all, and there is corruption….

  47. A Jones says:

    so MLP supporters who work for the EU should resign from their posts? dream on dear…its people like u who are stuck in the past!

  48. rita says:

    Personal , Personal, Personal! This is to address to all those silly people who can’t come up with sound arguments thus resorting to useless ( trying to be funny sort of) remarks.

    I have heard all sorts of hurting remarks both from nationalists and labourites but whilst rejoicing, I prefer to keep my cool and not go down beloew level. I am happy to have accomplished this. It’s a skill you know you have to learn. Be happy and comfortable. It pays in the end. Die-hards or moderates: We all had a single vote each. Remember that!

  49. The only way is up at PN celebration meeting on fosos!!

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