The Lion of Change is not bisexual

Published: March 5, 2008 at 11:15am

We have our first libel suit, and what a surprise – it’s from Michael Falzon, the studious kid who was never allowed out into the street to play with all the rest of us hamalli children who lived on the block. Michael and his brother Silvio would spend their free time studying hard in the grocer’s shop owned by their rabidly Mintoffjan father, who was determined that his kids would grow up to be better than the tal-pepe kids rolling around like peasants in the gutter and chasing each other with stones. If you want some insight into what makes Michael Falzon so obsessively driven in that ‘I’ve got it in for you all and I’m going to get to the top to get my revenge’ way, I’m the one who has it.

Michael would sit there listening to his father praise Dom Mintoff to his tal-pepe clientele when they popped round every afternoon to collect their hobza and ‘ration’. This was in Stella Maris Parish, the most chi-chi part of Sliema – so you can imagine that it didn’t make him the most popular grocer around. And neither did it do anything to help Michael integrate into the street-gangs that were de rigeur and which included all sorts, including a lovely boy called Etienne who suffered from a wasting disease and who let us hitch fast and dangerous rides down the hill on the back of his wheelchair.

My mother would come home and say, ‘Look at Michael and Silvio – they’re always studying and doing their homework, and you’re always fighting in the street or running around somewhere.’ Now I tell her, ‘You were right, ma –had I been a good girl and studied harder, jahasra, I might have ended up deputy leader of the Labour Party.’

Apparently, Michael Falzon is not bisexual. Well, I don’t think any of us ever had any doubts about that. Bring it on, Michael ta’ Muse – I’m going to love every minute of this one.

And here’s a link to one of his best performances yet:

The Lion of Change has a fertility thermometer

Michael Falzon went down to Hal-Qormi yesterday to have another good shout: ‘It-termometru qed jimmarka Lejber!’ If anyone has the clip, please send it to me immediately. I’m sure you’re generous enough to share it with others.

Maybe he was seeing the red dot at the end.

It looks like this man’s ambition is to elbow his boss out of the way and become party leader himself. I trust that the alarm-bells are ringing already at the Glass HQ. Falzon, as if you hadn’t noticed already, models himself on Dom Mintoff, with all his vulgarity and crassness and few of the brains.

If Sant loses this election, he’s definitely got to be put out to pasture. And for the sake of us all, the Labour Party has to choose a decent, stable and acceptable leader, preferably somebody with a normal home background, instead of yet another ghazeb or weirdo without a wife in the picture. You may think that this is an unimportant detail, but all you have to do is consider how important a part of Lawrence Gonzi’s arsenal Kate is, and you will see what I mean.

Let’s put it this way. If Labour had been sensible enough to pick somebody like George Abela, instead of the current fright-show, we wouldn’t be in this constant state of tension today. Imagine it and sigh with regret: a straight contest between George Abela and Lawrence Gonzi, two men with remarkably similar profiles and images, two sound, solid and regular guys. It would have been bliss compared to this nightmare fight-to-the-death between Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker.

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  1. John Schembri says:

    Now that is another safe pair of hands, Dr George Abela.Well said Daphne. And you can judge him by what he did to the port workers.He looks for ‘win win’ solutions. Pity that I cannot see someone from within the MLP , the scarecrow eliminated all his competition in a typical Machiavellian way ,from his party.

  2. Albert Farrugia says:

    Yes…George Abela…God knows the mauling this nice decent guy would receive at the hands of the PN were he to be MLP leader! As if the PN would say: “Oh…we have nice Dr Abela on the other side as Labour leader. Let’s give up power! Let us show what a nice guy he is.”
    One thing I ask at this point: Why is the intelligence of us people who are not mesmerised by the PN being insulted in this way? Make no mistake…there are still people who can think, even in the poisoned atmosphere of this strange election.

  3. John Schembri says:

    Dear Albert , remember that Dr Abela was deputy leader for party affairs for MLP but ,one thing is for sure he was respected as an opponent and was never MAULED by PN. Political parties remain what they are , I am not saying that PN would treat the person with a white glove , but we would have a high level of responsible discussion on the real issues like pensions , the economy and education . For now, let us remain focused; we have Dr Sant as the only real other option for PM , I prefer the lesser “evil”.

  4. Paul Spiteri says:

    Does anyone remember the illegal villa built on the outskirts of Nadur, Gozo by Anton Refalo? (MLP spokesman for Gozo)

  5. Charles Portelli says:

    Fully agree with Mr Schembri’s comments. In my opinion, Dr Abela would be more of a challenge to the PN than “the wig” currently is. More to the point, I think of Fredu more as a clown than a real challenger for the PM post.

  6. kenneth Spiteri says:

    Dear Daphne,

    Re the loin of change libel, just to let you know that I will definitely contribute, and argue to others to do the same because your writing represent us.
    Is our day to day talking behind closed doors…that you perfectly speak out…..

  7. Leonard says:

    George Abela seems to be a really decent fellow. But isn’t this the same George Abela who stood up at the infamous 1998 MLP Extraordinary Conference and declared that he would sever his links with the Labour Party if it went ahead and called a General Election? (Which it did, and he did). So if George Abela had his way, Malta’s application to join the EU would have remained frozen, at least for another three years, and who knows where we would be today? What Dr. Abela said in 1998 does not make him less of a nice person but the people who comment need to be more consistent rather than take a “pick and choose” approach.

  8. Maxine Borg Ganado says:

    let us all hope that one day we will have a Dr George Abela leading this country…. he would definetely be a competition to Gonzi… at least we will have a competition after all!!!

  9. matthew says:

    What is this obsession with bizzare `change`-related metaphors that the Malta Labour Party has? I mean, the Winds of Change, the Lion of Change…

    What the hell is next? The Mind of Change? The Address of Change? The Underpants of Change?

  10. JO Abela says:

    Once again, the point is missed… It is not a question of whether PN would give up power and sit back to sun themselves while having Dr. Abela run the show.. It is that there will be a higher chance of the Maltese people having a genuine choice of who gets to govern them. The strange election referred to is the result of the comparison between Dr. Sant’s nauseating track record and Dr. Gonzi’s tried and tested governance. Smell the coffee… you should have got rid of him when you had the chance

  11. Matthew Borg says:

    I would doubt you’re one of them, Albert.

    I do hope that the moderator agrees with me on this one.

  12. carlos bonavia says:

    BREAKING NEWS – MLP urgently seeking motivated
    profit-sharing suicide-bombers URGENT

    I’m tempted to post this on my Sunday Paper –
    I’m sure to get a few enquiries

  13. europarl says:

    You are hillarious, Carlos Bonavia.

    What a funny joke. Where do you get them from?!

    You really should post it on your “Sunday Paper” – especially if your paper is as hillarious as this joke here.

    Suicide-bombers… LOL, LOL… can’t stop laughing…

  14. Hi Daphne,

    Good articles! Well done! About Etienne (my brother) in the wheelchair. It wasn’t a wasting disease: it was spina bifida – a congenital malformation of the spine and spinal cord.

    Brigid Garroni (nee Pace)

  15. Daphne Caruana Galizia says:

    Hi Brigid – Yes, now I remember that it was spina bifida – and I especially remember how it never held him back from joining in with everything and everyone.

  16. Simon says:


    More info on MLF (Michael Lion Falzon) please? I’m a very curious. Wife? Kids? Professional CV? I think he worked as a lawyer with BOV? Is that right?

    [Moderator – if I’m not mistaken, he still works for BOV.]

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