A Super One own-goal

Published: September 22, 2008 at 1:38am

You wouldn’t believe that this amusing video was produced by Joe Demicoli of Super One. Meanwhile, it’s being viewed for laughs by people who think that Joseph Muscat is ridiculous, and for whom this video is further proof of it. It’s been viewed more than 32,000 times. The only clue that it’s a Joe Demicoli tas-Super One production is in the weakness of the images. A really hilarious video would have plundered the wealth of funny snaps from the last few months: Joe Debono Grech snogging Muscat and crying with gratitude for being welcomed back to Labour; Jason hanging onto Muscat’s arm; Muscat with his watch strapped over his shirtsleeve and a gold bracelet…

But the funniest bit of all is the dead giveaway about Labour’s free-speech problems in the last frame: ‘Video produced with permission’. The Labour Party’s permission, he means. Joseph Muscat’s permission. Demicoli felt he had to explain.

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  1. Isa says:

    I guess if no permission had been granted all JD fans wouldnt have attended any more of his perfomancs at the Buskett or listened to his show. Its more of an advert for his shows and a lame show of satirical humour!!

    [Daphne – With more photographs carefully cropped to conceal the top of his head.]

  2. Maria says:

    Just shows how pathetic satire is in our country. Can’t imagine a leader of a party shouting to all and sundry ‘Jien nhobbkhom’ and then tuirning on his wife and shouting again ‘U lil din hobbuha wkoll, ghaxx hi thobbkhom’ What leader is this?? God forbids us from the labour party.

    [Daphne – It’s significant that he didn’t say anything about loving her himself. The poor woman was like a third wheel on the stage last night. He made no eye contact or physical contact with her at all, except for when he briefly hugged her in a son-to-mum way for the admiration of the crowds. And he was so busy lapping up the applause that he didn’t notice her standing at loss to one side in her big dress while Joseph Cuschieri stood between them. Insufferable.]

  3. kagemusha says:

    Should I laugh or worry? …My nature draws me inevitable to the latter…I try to be objective and stick to your post, but it’s not just about a mere stupid, silly video, it’s the sum of it all.
    These Islands are slowly becoming the “Mediterranean buffoon” I just want to have a glimpse into what the foreign Ambassadors accredited to Malta report to their countries. They ( the European countries at least) note and when we moan in Brussels they simply look back grin and perhaps say as Italians do ‘adesso affogate nel vostro brodo !’
    …and to top it all, on one of the many National days…a congregation of distinguished guests at St John were subjected to an “enforced Catechism lesson” some perhaps screaming inside….oh. .for God’s sake shut up

  4. Religio et Patria says:

    I don’t know why but the term REDnecks comes to mind…

    [Daphne – You don’t know why? They are rednecks. There isn’t the right social mix in the Labour Party. In fact, there is NO social mix. There are lots of rednecks in the Nationalist Party, too, but also plenty of front-runners and others with whom non-rednecks can identify. The Labour Party doesn’t realise its mistake. People need to identify with the party and the politicians for whom they vote. It’s very, very hard for a non-redneck to identify with redneck behaviour. What saves the Labour Party is, as it has been for decades, the great preponderance of rednecks in Malta. The only ones who can cross this mental barrier are the few who think there’s some kind of inverted snobbery or perverted glamour in slumming it while trying to convince themselves – and readers of The Malta Independent on Sunday – that Charlon Gouder’s was a society wedding and that Joseph Muscat is the sort of company one would keep if he weren’t leader of the Labour Party. Tal-biki.]

  5. Gerald says:

    Well at least it shows that JM can take a joke and can laugh at himself unlike Lawrence Gonzi with his primary teacher school attitude telling us about how the EU will rap us if we don’t pass the ‘exam’. :)

    [Daphne – He must know there’s a hell of a lot to laugh at.]

  6. A.Attard says:

    I am surprised no one commented about this:

    [Daphne – Well, hardly, given that the expression live and let live refers to adults and their privacy.]

  7. Religio et Patria says:

    Daphne, in the MLP there are people who are not rednecks… The problem is that they are not wanted there by the likes of the Cuschieris. We have seen many good people either leaving the MLP or else being bogged down with the sense of mediocrity and the inverse-snob mentality compounded by a huge inferiority complex some people in the MLP administration / employment have of anyone they perceive as being ‘better’ or different than them.

    In the past, the PN was called as being elitist but this has rather changed quite drastically over the years… and until the height of the Mintoff era even the MLP had good and decent people as front-runners.

    Today, we are witnessing a total reversal of fortunes in so many ways and it is sad that certain questions remain unanswered.

    For example, if people in the MLP had half a brain, they would question what Joe Cuschieri and his sibling would be getting for the sacrifice he has made for the great leader… And they would ask themselves how the great leader would be financing his twin daughter’s supply of nappies now that he has had to sacrifice so much of his income for the glory of the party… But, of course, these and other questions simply fly off to lands unknown to mingle with other mysteries of the land of Oz…

    [Daphne – I asked those last two questions myself. But obviously, anyone with the lack of intelligence to elect Muscat is not going to understand the meaning of negotiation or leverage.]

  8. Pat says:

    I think Monty Python was mentioned in the wrong thread. Up until about two and a half minute in this really feels like a bad Terry Gilliam tribute video.

    Two questions, what does Inhobbkom mean and what is maltafly.com (website seems down at the moment)?

    [Daphne – It means ‘I love you.’ Maltafly.com is Kev’s website. I’m sure he’ll explain. He looks after it when taking a break from US conspiracy theories.]

  9. Kev says:

    Kageshuma et al, don’t you realise this is a parody? Not a nasty one, but a parody nonetheless.

    To boot, Daphne quoted Demicoli erroneously (or deceivingly?), for he did not write ‘Video produced with permission’ but “Song done with permission”, which refers to copyright – again, he’s fooling around, for he has obviously asked for no permission.

    This is a clear case of when Daphne lets her imagination run loose without clearing the cobwebs and without double-checking what she wishes to analyse or criticise. Her whole perspective on life, her narrative of the past and present – all pass through this defective sieve. This happens to everyone, of course, but prejudice and self-righteousness exacerbate the problem as old perceptions are so rigid they remain uncorrected.

    That is why she invariably twists and distorts the truth to conform to her perspective, no matter what evidence there is to the contrary. And yet, her writing is followed by many, anticipating a good laugh from the baffoonery with which she analyses the ‘other culture’ and their quirky nuances, totally oblivious to the fact that her own ‘culture’ is ridiculed by a majority that incorporates a cross section of Maltese culture.

    As to the Times cartoon link provided by Gerald, if she really wrote that the British ideal is to “live and let live” then someone needs to tell her that the British are mostly viewed as control freaks.

    But do carry on… So, Daphne, you were telling us, Gowzef gave Demikli permission for what exactly…?

    [Daphne – Oooh, touchy, touchy. If Demicoli wrote the song, he’s got the copyright, and has to ask permission of no one. If you’re talking about the music, please don’t try to tell me that he jumped through the hoops and paid the fees to rip off the tune. Come off it. ‘Song done with permission’ or ‘Video done with permission’ can refer to one thing only: the man is pathetic enough to want to make it clear to the flocks of Labour chicken-brains that he is not trying to undermine the leader. He may not have thought the permission necessary, as you say, but he didn’t want to alienate his pea-brained fans in case they stop turning up to watch him at the Buskett Roadhouse. As Sharon Ellul Bonici’s husband and a fan of comic-book conspiracy theories, you’ve got the edge on me when it comes to defective sieves. The fact that my own ‘culture’ is ridiculed by envious others does not make it less desirable. That’s why Sliema is now the victim of a lemming migration from…..let’s not get too personal here….while the real things that made it desirable in the first place are moving out in droves because they can’t take the neighbours. Live and let live is the British ideal, and it is a concept that is totally alien to southern Europe. Buffoonery is spelt with a ‘u’. If you’re going to do it, learn how to spell it.]

  10. Pat says:

    I thought as much, although I wasn’t sure. Need to get some serious Maltese studies going.

    Kind of sweet I have to say. Didn’t know that JM had a gay fanbase.

    [Daphne – He doesn’t. There were brief glimmerings at the beginning, but they died. He has no sex appeal. If he isn’t sexually attractive to straight women, he’s not going to be sexually attractive to gay men, either. He’s sort of sexless in that ageing boy-band way, appealing to women who are scared of sex, girls too young for sex, and women long past their sex-by-date. But I won’t mention names.]

  11. Tony Borg says:

    Labour have nice people who don’t only appeal to rednecks. Charles Mangion and Gavin Gulia to name two.

    [Daphne – Yes, but the very nice Charles Mangion who I really enjoy talking to at parties turns into a redneck on stage, and helped lose Labour the election with his DNA performance. Gavin Gulia, Simon Micallef Stafrace and Jose Herrera are invisible, and the rednecks have taken over the asylum.]

  12. Tony Borg says:

    I know you don’t like Evarist Bartolo and Helena Dalli but they too have a following among non-rednecks.

    [Daphne – You must be joking. Some maybe, but not generally speaking, unlike the others we mentioned.]

  13. Religio et Patria says:

    “…and the rednecks have taken over the asylum.”


    As strange as it may sound, the very section of the MLP which was meant to ‘educate’ (the Education Secretariat and then Super One) were the first to have been taken over by Ray Azzopardi.

    [Daphne – That’s why we had Alfie on Super One all the time, God rest his soul – educating Labour supporters in the ways of hair. Well, at least it marked a decline in mannish cuts dyed plum.]

  14. Kev says:

    Daphne, I don’t know what the “Oooh, touchy, touchy” is about. I had not even noticed your comment to Pat when I wrote my comment. Besides, there’s nothing for me to be touchy about. Perhaps it’s best not to talk about who’s touchy here ;)

    As to my “US conspiracy theories” that’s quite a cop-out by people who have done no research and who believe that the mainstream media tells them everything. You had likewise dismissed my comments some months ago about the imminent financial collapse (more is yet to come, taxpayers’ bailout or not). Today, you dismiss the fact that within the next few months the dollar will collapse and with it the whole US empire. And you also dismiss the reality that the feds have been preparing for martial law in America (ostensibly to tackle potential civil unrest).

    Hoping we have no ‘October surprises’, may your obsession with “chicken-brained” Labourites lead us all to a better life.

    P.S. Thanks for educating me on how to spell Buffonery. Who needs a spellchecker when Daphne is around! Serious stuff, spelling… true…

  15. Holland says:


    He certainly doesn’t.

    But dont underestimate his sex appeal, Daphne. After all, there used to be women who went crazy for KMB, back in the 80s. But then it was the decade that style forgot.

    [Daphne – Thanks for confirming re Muscat and his non-existent gay fan base, Holland. As for his ‘sex appeal’ – don’t forget that the operative word here is sex. When you’re appealing to kids, buz-nanniet, ageing straight men and others who are out of the market for sex with men, it’s not sex appeal we’re talking about, but something else. The same went for that dried-up old stick you mentioned.]

  16. David Buttigieg says:


    Also notice how Gavin Gulia lost the deputy leadership race to dear old Toni Abela ,or Anglu tal-ljunfanti? I forgot which one but both are birds of a feather!

  17. Tony Borg says:

    I don’t think you can generalise in either of the cases, most middle class people I know think Herrera is a joke. and I heard Micallef Stafrace doing the press review on the radio yesterday and he came across as quite rough. ghalhekk il-baqra tinbiegh kollha.

    [Daphne – Micallef Stafrace isn’t rough at all. I know him. We’re contemporaries. But that’s the trouble – they find it necessary to come across redneck style, which is such a mistake. And whether Herrera comes across as a joke or not is irrelevant to the face that he doesn’t come across as a redneck. The trouble with Gulia, Micallef Stafrace and Herrera is that they are so obviously in the wrong party.]

  18. Antoine Vella says:

    “Kind of sweet I have to say. Didn’t know that JM had a gay fanbase”

    Could explain his prominent rainbow tie when he visited the PN headquarters. I think he also has a pink one – saw him on some video or other.

    [Daphne – Antoine, they’re allowed. But you have to be very young, very tall, very elegant, very hip and very handsome to carry them off.]

  19. Darren Azzopardi says:

    Daphne – Antoine, they’re allowed. But you have to be very young, very tall, very elegant, very hip and very handsome to carry them off.

    …..hey, haven’t you just given us a description of JM :):)
    heard he was in the running for Oceans 14, you know

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