The wit and wisdom of Louise Vella

Published: February 6, 2009 at 11:45pm

I thought Louise Vella had run out of things to say about Malta’s imminent risk of collapse under the weight of people from Africa. But apparently now. Now she’s worried about the travel budgets of the United Nations and the European Parliament. Here she is again, on’s comments-board.

louise vella
MEPs and all others who propose to visit the detention centres should be told that the situation is no better than it was the last time they visited. If anything it’s worse, because more illegal immigrants have been arriving. If they insist on coming, they should be told they must stay in the detention centres themselves. Why should MEPs and other visitors get a free trip and stay in expensive hotels at the taxpayers’ expense with the excuse they want to visit detention centres?

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  1. Andrea says:

    At least she is sharp-eyed:”…should be told that the situation is no better than it was the last time they visited.”
    She could ask those often cited African people with their incredible satellite phones to give the EP and the UN a call once in a while, to report. On their own expenses of course.

  2. carlos bonavia says:


  3. Kevin Ellul-Bonici says:

    Allow me to go off on a slight tangent here, Daphne. It’s about The Times’ online comments section, where we find a varied lot – and you often reproduce some of the juicier ones here. But then, the Times DOES delete and censor comments (sometimes leaving a grammatical mess), yet its ethical standards are of a different sort.

    On my part, I must have written five comments in all, but only two or three were published and one was ridiculously touched. Today, I again submitted a comment, this time on the speculative scribbling of Ivan Camilleri, where I am also given a mention. But again they chose to delete three quarters of it because it did not suit their agenda.

    So, even if I come here not for solace or support – for these are piranha-infested waters for me and my politics – I come here nonetheless to let you know what sort of decency The Times is made of.

    And so, to Ivan Camilleri’s half-truths and non-truths (, here is a comment The Times preferred not to let anyone read in full:

    “It all sounds like a “sorsi infurmati” piece of work. And yet, Mr Camilleri had asked questions to Gawain and Sharon for which he got full written answers, but chose to speculate instead, [deleted part starts here:] just as he speculated in an article some time ago where he mixed up the defunct ITS group with the ID group’s head – who hails from the radical Left. But that’s Mr Camilleri – a tabloid-style reporter going around slandering people and quoting “sources” for lack of what he hoped to rake. Please have the decency to publish this without retouching it, Tat-Times.”

    So, you see, The Times would allow an incongruent racist comment because that does not bother them in the least, yet they do delete comments that annoy them, such as in cases where they were liable to a libel suit, calling leftist radicals “far right” and other calumnious labels (pity we were too busy to react at the time).

    To Ivan Camilleri I say: your obsession with our politics is now bordering on the farcical. Stop going around in the EP slandering people and reporting on reactions to your blabber. Grow up and write something substantial! Otherwise, just carry on cutting and pasting from the institutional reports they feed you.

  4. David Buttigieg says:


    I kind of think Ivan Camilleri is a bit more credible than a person who was a “police officer” during the years of government endorsed police brutality without batting an eyelid! Not to mention someone who does more U-turns then the wigged one himself.

  5. Mary Muscat says:

    @ David Buttigieg, thallatx il-hass mal-bass, Kevin was one of the best officers the police force ever had. Don’t even go there, Kevin was never tainted in any way during his service, as you know, the same guys who used that brutality were promoted by the PN. Ex police woman

  6. David Buttigieg says:

    @Mary Muscat

    “Kevin was one of the best officers the police force ever had”

    If you say so, of course you are entitled to your opinion.

    Having said that, even if I haven’t had the inestimable pleasure of knowing dear Kev personally, good police officers I know would have either arrested the perpetrators, or if they couldn’t (which was likely – face it thay had full government backing) resigned rather then form part of a corps that attacked innocent civilians including students!

  7. David Buttigieg says:

    @Mary Muscat

    By the way, were you a police officer during those dark days of police brutality?

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