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Published: July 8, 2009 at 5:02pm
Sixty-six years on and they'll still be bitchin' about me

Sixty-six years on and they'll still be bitchin' about me

“While an exclusive opera house may not be sustainable, a well-run multi-functional National Theatre could be self-funding as is the Mediterranean Conference Centre (MCC) which does not receive any state funding.

It has been said that the Opera House site is too small for a full theatre, and yet British theatre designers confirmed that it could accommodate a 1,500-seat theatre. The space available could also be maximised with the use of rotating stages.”

– Flimkien Ghal Ambjent Ahjar, 7 January 2009

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  1. Ethel says:

    Come on FAA – we are all still awaiting your comments. Is it Yes or is it No?

  2. P says:

    Those who attended the direct transmission of La Traviata at the Argotti last week could note that it reached a large number of other cities in Europe. The production was sponsored by BP. Today we were informed by Chris Gatt that 50% of the ticket revenue from entrance to the Argotti screening went as rights to the organising body. It’s true that the production was exceptional in many ways, including of course the leading artists, among whom was Joseph Calleja. However, all this clearly shows the very high cost of producing operas.

  3. Antoine Vella says:

    Who are these “British theatre designers”?

    • Mario Debono says:

      Probably some amateur architects who fancy themselves as designers. Isn’t that what the FAA attract? Faux architects, and people who profess to be an authority in anything under the sun?

      You can ask till you are blue in the face, Antoine. They are too miserly to pay a EUR150 court fee. Do you think they have the money to commission any “British theatre expert” worth his salt?

      This is the FAA you’re talking about, my friend.

  4. Jakov says:

    Some monkeys recognise ‘bad grammar’…

    …some others do not…

    “I’m currently obsessed…” with Astrid’s megaphone…

    Please look-up the comments’ section for a glutton-free diet

  5. John Azzopardi says:

    Why are British designers more credible than a world-renowned Italian architect?

    [Daphne – Because we’re talking about the Teeny Beach Army here: izjed Inglizi mill-Inglizi.]

    • Leonard says:

      Would have been staunch Stricklandjani, I imagine.

      [Daphne – Bit of that and a bit of pre-1976 Labour.]

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