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Published: November 6, 2009 at 4:44pm

Wafa Sultan

This is the US-based psychologist Wafa Sultan, on Al Jazeera. Her way of thinking reflects that of many, which is why it is so unfortunate that all Muslims in their many millions are assessed as a single group on the basis of what the ignorant think and what the power-seekers do.

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  1. Pat says:

    Well, she seems to be under the strong impression that Islam is the problem, not what people do with Islam. She had also been named in Time magazine some years ago as one of the 50, or 100 (can’t quite remember) most influential people in the world.

    • al sebastian says:

      Let me see, “she seems to be under the strong impression that Islam is the problem”. Well, to my mind, she is right, beyond any doubt.

      Pat thinks that “what people do with [the] Islam is the problem. He is absolutely right. Other than that, may I mention that Islam allows for much to many things that are rarely acceptable to the western mind and civilization, and that keeping the two groups aside may be a better way to solve the problem. After all, how many of Suleyman’s the Great sons were invited to move to Paris, London or Madrid? So, why do it now?

      Surely, Wafa has brains and balls, for typical Islam is not quite known for fairness and compassion. As for the not-so-typical Islam, this is Wafa.

      As for the foolish mind that asks below “do you know of any Israelis who are not Jews?”, I could help: I know a few Christians of all sorts of colorations, two Arab Muslims (the Bedouin at least is clearly pro-Israel, pro-Jews, etc.), and an Armenian or two (who should not be counted I think with the rest of the Christians).

  2. Paul Bonnici says:

    I saw this clip some time ago. As a fluent speaker of Arabic, I can get closer to the message that the Syrian doctor Wafa Sultan is trying to passionately impart. I have listened to this (in Arabic) so often that I have learned it by heart. She is an extremely courageous woman to stand up to the threat of Islam.

  3. davina sullivan says:

    WOW! Thanks for sharing that. What an inspiration to us all.

  4. A.J. Anastasi says:

    Wafa Sultan is Arabic but not a Muslim. She said that she does not believe in the supernatural, when the imam accused her of being a heretic.

    [Daphne – Once a Muslim, always a Muslim, at least in the eyes of other Muslims. Islam does not permit apostasy. Look at the way Ms Sultan answers the question: ‘Are you a heretic?’ She doesn’t say ‘I don’t consider myself a Muslim any longer’ but evades the question by saying she doesn’t believe in the supernatural.]

  5. Harry Purdie says:

    A very interesting clip, Daphne. I wonder how yesterday’s murder of 13 US soldiers by a Muslim American-born army major, a psychiatrist, a supposed comrade, will affect this assessment. Now we have, in the US, the ‘politically correct’ (he didn’t really mean it – just pressure and stress) vs the ‘trailor park boys and rednecks’ (any rag-head is fair game). Hopefully Al Jazeera will explore this for us.

    • Harry Purdie says:

      Daphne, a quick PS. Watching Al Jazeera right now. The bottom scroll announced the murders and described the assailant, neglecting to point out that he is Muslim.

  6. John Schembri says:

    She has very valid arguments. One thing which I did not notice in her analysis is that Islam does not have a reference person or authority to which they can refer for religious guidance. She was not correct when she stated that Jews never used violence on foreigners to reach their end. The King David Hotel bombing by Menachim Begin, who later became prime minister and other Zionists, is just one example.

    In 1948, the Jews committed many massacres of innocent civilians. Jews don’t blow themselves up because they are not desperate and brainwashed like some Muslims are.

    • Twanny says:

      You are confusing Jews with Israelis, which is not necessarily the same thing. The bombing of the King David Hotel was inspired by nationalistic/political motives, not religious ones. Apart from that, I agree with your second paragraph.

      • John Schembri says:

        Twanny,I know the difference. Now tell me, do you know of any Israelis who are not Jews? Please don’t quote the exception.

      • Ganni says:

        @ John Schembri.

        15% of Israeli citizens are Muslims. Israel’s previous (centre-left) government had a Muslim minister.

    • Steven says:

      “Jews don’t blow themselves up because they are not desperate and brainwashed like some Muslims are.”

      Muslims blew themselves up because they believe it’s there only way of fighting back. It’s not because they are Muslim. That’s just a coincidence.

      And when you really think about it, how else can they fight back? I’m not condoning suicide bombers, but I don’t judge them either. Put any of us in their situation, oppress us for 60 years, and who knows what we’d do? It all depends on which side of the fence you are on whether you call them freedom fighters or terrorists.

      • John Schembri says:

        @ Steven: What I wanted to point out was that both Muslims and Jews/Israelis use violence. I was highlighting what Wafa Sultan ‘missed’. Muslim violence is mainly scattered, perpetrated by individuals, and uncoordinated. Israeli violence normally is precise, stealthy, organised and state-protected. Israelis exercise great care not to hurt their compatriots; on the other hand, Muslims don’t even mind killing fellow Muslims.

        The Arab world is still waiting for the leader. At times they thought it was Nasser. On a smaller scale fanatical Jews are still waiting for the saviour who will wipe out the enemy. Many thought it was Ariel Sharon.

        With political and religious leaders vying with each other to be the ‘saviours’ of their people by crushing the enemy, this violence can never stop. In Maltese we say: “Ma’ jfiqux”.

  7. C.Formosa says:

    Brave woman.

  8. John Schembri says:

    This could be how Muslims think about suicide bombers
    This person could easily be Major Nidal Hasan who yesterday killed 13 other fellow soldiers and injured others in Texas.

  9. lamp says:

    Beautiful clip and very sound logic. Although I do not agree with her not believing in the supernatural, this woman respects others and clearly wants a departure from senseless violence.

    She is not correct in stating that essentially all scientific advancement came from the west. Ironically, the west owes a lot to Muslim scholars of the Middle Ages. For example, the names of many of the brighter stars in the sky as well as a number of astronomical terms still bear Arabic origins.

    Scientific history amply shows that religion does not always stifle scientific advancement or cultural development. Indeed some of the greatest pilasters of post-Renaissance scientific development were also renowned for being devout religious persons.

    In any case I admire this lady for her wit, her guts, her clarity in conveying her message and her sensibility

  10. Joe S says:

    An ingenious example of speech and politics occurred recently in the United Nations Assembly and made the world community smile.

    ‘Before beginning my talk I want to tell you a story about Moses. When he struck the rock and it brought forth water, he thought, ‘What a good opportunity to have a bath!’ He removed his clothes, put them aside on the rock and entered the water. When he got out and wanted to dress, his clothes had vanished. An Israeli had stolen them.’

    The Israeli representative jumped up furiously and shouted, ‘What are you talking about? There were no Israelis there then!’ The Palestinian representative smiled and said: ‘And now that we have made that quite clear, I will begin my speech.’

  11. I guess your leader Dr.Gonzi who I believe is egotistic and only cares about making some quick bucks (alih u xi 2 ministri tal klikka msomma)…apart from managing to ruin Malta in a few years he has also managed to ruin the Pn’s party and any confidence left in it …anyway as I was saying I guess he also sympathisies with Wafa becuase he is harbouring ships that are arming hizbollah…these same ships coming from iran with rockets meant to target israel..imbaghad jiftah ufficju med union heh…bmin irid idahhak dal gvern meta jwedna in-newtralita’ …..aqra naqa ha in newtralita’ ta Malta down the drain…ghax ma tiddibattix fuq topics interessanti xi kultant hlief dejjem listess attakki spregevoli kontra PL…tahseb li se tibdel l kuxjenza tal poplu bdan naqa argumenti xi kultant banali no offense..l poplu malti nafu li meta tmisslu butu joqmos..l unika tama al gonzi li sal elezjoni jilhaq irodd lura dak li ha lil Malta.

    ps. times of malta fil world news poggewha (mux local avolja malta nvoluta) tefawa mohbija haha hasbu li nies mhumiex intelligenti bizzejjed li jaqraw gazzetti ohra ta barra li mhumiex biased bhal tahom.

    take care msomma

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