Consuelo asks the police to protect her integrity

Published: February 5, 2010 at 8:55am

Please, no jokes.

The magistrate takes offence.

She is of the supremely arrogant belief that she can do as she pleases without public scrutiny, because she is accountable to nobody but herself. So if she parties like it’s 1974, cuddles up to Charlon Gouder, boogies with Labour politicians and her Facebook photographs end up on a blog seen by tens of thousands, it’s defamation.

Don’t make me laugh.

I’m looking forward to this court case, actually. I’m looking forward to saying in open court just how many times she used her ‘friends’ for cover while she went off on one of her escapades, how she boasted about the jewellery she received, how she kept men panting (while married) by doing the Miss Whiplash act and telling them to phone on this number, then on that number, then cutting them off, and other such grown-up behaviour, and how policemen were repeatedly brought to our table at lunch, to the point where I would never go if she was going to be there because it was embarrassing, annoying and compromising – for me, let alone for her., in a story written by the erratic Gerald Fenech, has decided already that what I have said on this blog is false. Dream on, Gerald – you’re not in with a chance there.

The magistrate has now relinquished the two libel suits in which I am involved: one which I filed against Maltastar and another which Martin de Giorgio of the fascist movement ANR filed against me.

And you have the perfect illustration of why Consuelo Scerri Herrera’s behaviour is so compromising and why it undermines faith in the justice system.

When I sue the Maltastar/Super One people for the outrageous lies they propagated about me, and she sits in judgement over the case, I do not expect to see photographs on Facebook of the magistrate, who is supposed to be impartial, cuddling up to Super One/Maltastar exponents while my case in still being heard.

How can I then trust her to give an impartial judgement? I don’t and I didn’t.

Consuelo Scerri Herrera misses the essential point that if she didn’t behave that way, there would be nothing to report on this blog. There are so many magistrates and judges and nobody has anything to report about them.

The reality is that Herrera had no choice but to ask the police to proceed against me for defamation. It was either that or resign. Her position had become completely untenable.

But the police? How very amusing.

There you have another illustration of the main point at issue. If she parties with the police – and I know because I was there and had to leave the table, and not because of detto del detto – how can I trust the police to be impartial and fair in my regard?

That’s right. I can’t. But I have seen that already.

And that’s quite apart from the fact that the police are gearing up for 2013.

When magistrates behave like this and hang the threat of police investigation over those members of the press who speak and write about what they do, so that the boundaries are pushed further and further, the inevitable result is Noel Arrigo – and he is beginning to seem tame.

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  1. Adrian Bajada says:

    Flabbergasted. Chi fa la legge la infringe. Bit-Taljan, bil-Malti. Jien kelma wahda ghandhi ghal dawn il kummidji. Dik il-puzizjoni ta’ hadd ma jista ghalihom dawn in-nies trid tispicca. Prosit, Daphne. Minn tant irgiel int biss kellek il-bajd.

  2. erskinemay says:

    Whilst everything that has been reported on this blog may have been completely true (and I am not saying it wasn’t!), I do not think that placing a holder of publc office under scrutiny, whether judge or magistrate, necessitates the use of certain language.

    While I read with dismay of the behaviour of a member of the judiciary, I am certain that the criticism could and ought to have been more objective and the tone brought down a notch or two. Similarly, it is begining to seem thar DCG is on more of a personal crusade against the magistrate and the reporting seems less, in my view, to do with revealing the behaviour for wont of public interest. This is further highlighted by the fact that the vast majority of the articles are all about Mag. Consuelo Scerri Herrera and only a couple relate to completely unrelated subjects – which is unfortunate, because it does show a significant amount of bias.

    Secondly, whilst this sort of behaviour coming from a Magistrate, if true, cannot be condoned, I fear, on the other hand, that reporting so much on such a scale, does not serve the members of the judiciary well. In other words, this entire saga is serving only to damage the integrity of the judiciary as a whole. Therefore, whilst one expects the exercise of restraint and maintenance of decorum more from a holder of public office than that of your common garden Joe Bloggs, similarly members of the journalism profession ought, in my opinion, exercise similar restraint and focus on reporting facts in a manner as not to denigrate but merely to hghilight.

    Naturally, this is merely an opinion I express and for which I do not necessarily expect to receive any support. However, the question that must perforce be asked at this juncture is: What benefit is Maltese society gaining from this tirade, once the essential facts have been laid bare? Need it continue to the detriment of our judicial system as a whole?

  3. Rita Camilleri says:

    Keep up the good work, Daphne.

  4. Grezz says:

    Very well said, Daphne. Pity not all people in the media have the same guts as you do, meaning that many are left in the dark about matters which concern to the general public.

    There is a thirst for more media coverage such as that you have provided, as can be seen from comments posted here

    As with everything else, there are always those who have such thick red blinkers on that they cannot see what the real issue is.

  5. La Redoute says:

    Are the police to investigate themselves first, to ensure that the investigators in this particular case have not been compromised by a rather close relationship with the subject of their own investigation?

    And if they do, why should anyone believe that the investigators of the investigators are not themselves compromised for the same reason?

    True enough, we have no proof that they are compromised but do we have proof that they are not?

    Perhaps the magistrate would like to oblige us by providing a list of those she has not taken under her – ahem – wing.

  6. Kelinu says:

    have just noted that the Consuelo story, given front page prominence in the printed version, and also ‘front page’ equivalent in Timesonline, complete with several comments – majority in your favour – by about 09.30am, has suddenly been put away under the ‘more stories’ section and under a further sub-section under that – not only taking it out of prominence and out of sight of the casual eye, but it is now bereft of all comments that had been appended to it as stated above.

    Looks very much like that someone is leaning heavily on The Times in an apparently successful bid to muzzle public opinion on the grave issues involved.

  7. La Redoute says:

    From The Times today: “Dr Scerri Herrera’s office refused to give out the court decree or to make any public comments, so it is still unclear what she has asked the police to investigate. The police would not give such information either, saying it was “unethical” to do so. However, legal experts said Ms Caruana Galizia’s blog entries could be considered a criminal offence unrelated to libel. They quoted article 93 of the Criminal Code which talks about “reviling a public official” to “intimidate or unlawfully influence them in the exercise of their functions”.

    Magistrate Herrera really is absurd and has damned herself either way. If she feels “reviled”, “intimidated” and “unlawfully influenced” by reports of her own bad behaviour, that’s proof enough that she acted badly in the first place. In filing this police report, she has highlighted why her behaviour is unbecoming of a magistrate – it exposes her to undue influence.

    Now what if some canny policeman were to produce evidence of the kind paraded in that other notorious case involving one of their own? The suspicion that such an incident may occur is enough to erode faith in the justice system that Magistrate Herrera is supposed to uphold in and out of court.

  8. Mark Bonello says:

    I would like to see how Consie will get out of it … with all those photos with “high profile” (please note the inverted commas) people splashed on Face book by her own self

    The sorry thing is that some lame sod commented on TOM that the photos were the work of paparazzi and they should not have been taken in the first place…hanini Consie herself uploaded them, unless Robert knew her password and uploaded them himself incognito!

    P.S. I loved your last sentence in this post

  9. Babel says:

    “And that’s quite apart from the fact that the police are gearing up for 2013.”

    That’s going to take a lot of prayer and vows to Sta Rita tal-impossible and St Antnin tal-mitlufin otherwise it might be 2010.

    • David Buttigieg says:


      You still haven’t figured out the difference between PN and the MLP have you?

      That’s why Labour have not won an election since ’76, and that’s already 34 years honey, apart from the hastily corrected ’96 perversion.

      2013? The odds are that MLP will win by default, then again that’s what we all said in 2008 but they lost by a mile, and yes I mean by a LONG mile!

  10. Arthur Hill says:

    Ha jkolli nikkummenta fuq dak li ghogbu jikteb l-hekk imsejjah gurnalista John Pisani fuq l-orizzont illum, ghax jiena cert li ma jgibuhiex fil-gurnal moqziez taghhom. Skond dan id-dedectif Pisani, ra l-attakki ta’ daphne imma miskin hallewh barra mid-dinner li tat consuela u ma semax allura l-velenu li hargu u li qalu li ser jidher kollox fuq il-paljazza tal-Maltatoday. Dan ma sema xejna minnu. Ghax ghajnejh u widnejh ma jwasslux. Qal ukoll dal-bravu li Daphne ghamlet theddida lil Malta today jekk iggib xi storja. Minn meta l-libelli saru theddida? Jewilla mhux dritt sur Pisani ta’ kull cittadin li jekk ihossu mweggha jirrikorri ghal-ligi tal-libell? jew inti biss ghandek dritt ghall-protezzjoni ta’ giehek? Kont inti li zvelajt il-KAZ (ara x’kaz kien dan, domestiku qisu xi skandlu) possibbli qatt ma kellek xi haga simili sur Pisani? Possibbli li qatt m’ghajjat mal-mara jew hi ghajtet mieghek? Dawn affarijeit ta’ din id-dinja. Imma l-intenzjoni hija li inti thammeg bhal ma dejjem tipprova taghmel, lil dak li jkun ghax ma taqbilx mieghu. Bhalma tipprova xxewwex lill-membri tal-Korp tal-Pulizija biex ma jaqdux dmirhom meta timlilhom rashom b’unions u mhux unions, b’vendikazzjonijeit li qatt m’ezistew, b’nuqqasijiet li huma tla-istess pulizija li jirrapportawlek u ma jisthoqilhomx jilbsu l-uniformi, imma li inti tghattilhom xturhom ghax jaqduk mill-koxxa. Ilhek is-snin gurnalista u sal-lum ghadek m’intix kapaci taghraf x’inhu news value. News value hija magistrat li mhix denja li tkun hekk, li jkollha Facebook, li tipprovdilna ritratti gwappi, u f’gesti xejn edifikanti u tigi inti tipprova tostorhom ghax inti ahmar u ma tridx taghmel hsara lil ahmar.

  11. Tony Pace says:

    Go get her D. From what I hear, and as you know I have big ears, the majority are glad that the magistrate has been exposed for what she is, and her position, yes, has become untenable. Unfortunately, her approach to what constitutes ethical and professional behaviour is too warped for her to accept this.
    Consie, you have no right to stand there in judgement of any of us, even if it’s for a minor traffic offence, so kindly remove yourself.

  12. Antoine Vella says:


    The story is still there:

    It was moved to a less prominent position because it was yesterday’s story (look at the date) and, around mid-morning today, was replaced with a longer updated version.

  13. Magaret says:

    I have to say that it is an article which does justice to you, Daphne, and to all those who hold in high esteem the integrity of the judiciary. Private life of public officers remains private depending on how much they strive to keep it private. The man in the street looks at the judiciary as people who are above reproach – so public officers, especially the judiciary, have to really strive to be above reproach. I look up to the judiciary, as I see them as people of unique integrity. This story left a very bitter taste – in the sort of way that you don’t know if I should laugh or cry, but probably both.

  14. Pierre Farrugia says:

    What happened to this site this morning?

    [Daphne – It was mover to a larger server last night and there were some technical problems this morning.]

  15. Andrea says:

    What integrity?

  16. JoeM says:

    In one of the earliest blogs on this subject, there was a reference to talcum powder.

    If this is true, that this white substance was actually used in the parties, then the magistrate is really in for it.

    If this fact cannot be proven, then I’m afraid that Daphne’s legal position is not one of the most comfortable.

    [Daphne – Talcum powder is a legal substance sold in pharmacies and supermarkets. It is perfectly legal to use it.]

    • Gahan says:

      Fil-partijs li mmur jien it-terra l-ewwel li nxerduha fuq il-mistieden specjali , tista’ tintuza’ ghal min jixxawwat ghax ikollu jew ikolla il-pxiexel ihokku wisq ma’ xulxin hu u jimxi jew jizfen, tigi bzonnha wkoll jekk ma’ timsahx il-warrani sew ghax ma’ jkunx hemm bizzejjed tojlit pejper fit-tojlit fejn ikun hemm il-festin.

  17. Monica Coleiro says:

    I was left somewhat perplexed by The Times’ brazen attempt at defending Consie this morning. But then I made the connection… and it’s a clear one.

    As our dear Daphne told us, the magistrate left a happy birthday comment on a particular criminal lawyer’s page. That lawyer happens to be the daughter of someone who I suspect might still appear as a director of Allied group.

    So there you have it! It’s all in the family!

  18. Hot Mama says:

    Joke of the Year.

  19. Cettina says:

    They say that women are the weaker sex. Daphne is proving otherwise! Well done!

  20. Harry Purdie says:

    How can the goon squad protect something that is nonexistent?

  21. C. camilleri says:

    Daphne you are the second IRON LADY. Thatcher being the first one.

  22. abram vella says:

    I have to see what the police commissioner will do… will he obey a freak like Mag Consuelo Herrera when there is so much evidence which should make the Chief Justice interpose and request her immediate resignation? Or will the Commissioner of Police go to the Attorney General for am advice of ” nulla prosecui ” and the case stops there. Or will he waste the people’s money by citing Daphne Caruana Galizia in judgement for ‘defaming’ Magistrate Herrera against all logic? So that this irresponsible magistrate may feel a little bit vindicated? What will the Police do? Should the police prosecute DCG for defamation, then we are in for a great time at the Magistrate’s expense. Let them roll on.

  23. Rover says:

    I would advise the magistrate to stop digging – the hole is only getting deeper.

  24. tony says:

    This is not the joke of the year…this is the EXPOSURE of the century, not just for Consie but for all. You have done a great service to this country, Daphne. You have beaten, broken, and crashed the long traditional silence and acceptance of us locals…which in Mafia’s terminology is OMERTA!

  25. tony says:

    You are such hipocrits and the only thing in commone all you have is that you all hate LABOUR PARTY and who has any symphaty for PL you hate them, well my fellow assholes may be 1013 is closer than you think and maybe at last we will see good governace in this island as we are so deep in corruption you PN supporters are know beliving that this is the norm of the day and dephy bicca tal platti that only hatred comes out of your pen make everybody a favoure and write somthing decent as even Honest PN supporters are feed up listening to you.

    • Ben Dover says:

      @ tony, please do yourself a favour. Next time try and write in Maltese. People might think you’re Charlon Gouder. And try and think before you write. Maybe you meant 2013 or you have a time machine that the Labour Party are trying to create, to go back in time.

    • Il-Cop says:

      Good God, Tony! If good governace by ‘Tal-lejber’ has anything to do, even in the most remote way, with your English, we will really be in for a treat. But still they walk and write amongst us!

  26. Joe Fenech says:

    Daphne, Daphne !!
    Tamila ta Mara serja u l uniku pregju li ghandek hu li taf tikteb hafna. Ninzalek il kappel ghal kapacita li ghandek. Nemmen li cons. Herrera setet gabet ruha hafna ahjar, dejjem jekk hu veru dak Li qed tghid, pero dan li ktibt f’dawn l ahhar jiem kont ilek tafu. Ghaliex Issa? Ghaliex hbejtu lil qarrejja tieghek ghal dan iz zmien kollu?

    [Daphne – B’rispett lejn ir-ragel tieghi li jahdem il-Qorti u ta’ spiss ikollu jidher quddiem il-magistrata, minhabba ir-riskju kbir li kienet tpattihielu, kif pattieha lili l-imhallef Arrigo wara li ktibt li ma mmissuhx xehed favur il-cocaine courier Godfrey Ellul. Kelli mmur il-qorti tal-appell, fejn il-judgement ta’ Arrigo gie ‘overturned’.]

    Mil kliem li tuza jinftiehem li int irrabjata u nemmen li dak li ktibt mhuwiex kollox.

    [Daphne – Fil-fatt, muhiex.]

    Ghadek izzom un asso nella manica kif ghamilt dan iz zmien kollu. Nahseb ilek tistenna biex tikteb dan l artiklu sakemm ma kienx digs lest.

    [Daphne – Dazgur li ma kienx diga lest.]

    Tghidilna ghaliex ma semmejtx dan kollu fi zmien l elezzjoni? Bzajt? Ma tantx tider li tibza!

    [Daphne – Ghaliex ir-ragel tal-magistrata ma kienx jaf, u nahseb l-anqas il-mara ta’ Musumeci. Trid tkun altru tip ta’ persuna ‘evil’ biex tzivela informazzjoni bhal dak fil-pubbliku meta l-persuni innocenti involuti ma jafux.]

    Ghalija Cons Herrera imissa tirrizenja pero int ghandek tkun iktar onesta mal-qarrejja u ahbarijiet twassalhom fil-hin u mhux meta jaqbillek.

    [Daphne – Fil-fatt, dan huwa il-hin. Jekk ma tafx kif tahdem il-media u l-opinjoni pubblika, titkellimx.]

    • Gahan says:

      Joe Fenech, kemm hsibthom cwiec in-nies? Issa jekk Daphne kienet taf certi affarijiet, inti tippretendi li se tghid kollox lilna f’daqqa? Ma’ tarax!

      Kollox ghandu hinu u waqtu, u dejjem trid thalli HAFNA assi fil-komma, tinsiex li Daphne WAHEDA qed taghmel dan kollu, trid tkun stuza li thalli dik ix-xi haga fuq kullhadd, halli jekk jattakkha xi hadd ikollha biex ittieh.

      Ahna hawn paxxuti wara l-kompjuter imma kieku nkun flokha ma’ norqodx lejl mistrieh jien.

      Il-munizzjon ma’ tahliehx f’daqqa ghax isir kontrattak u ma’ jkollok xejn biex tirritalja. Nilghab imhatra li l-pulizija kellmu ‘l Daphne b’hafna kortesija u zeghil ghax ma’ jafux x’taf iktar fuq xi whud minnhom.

      She should keep them guessing. You have the right not to speak and what you say can be used against you. M’hemmx x’taghmel imma hekk timxi d-dinja. U nahseb li dil-bawxata tal-magistrata se tmut fuq ommha, ghalxejn keskset ‘il-pulizija ghal Daphne.

  27. Evelyn says:

    Learn to spell first dear Tony!

  28. pipster says:

    Tony, what I hate more is bad English. It is not a question of Labour or P.N. Your pea-size brain only gives that as an answer.
    At least everyone is free to talk under the P.N. Before we would have been arrested or beaten up if we spoke. Keep it up, Daphne. Consuelo is only seeking a ”consuelation” by reverting to the police.

  29. Rover says:

    Dear tony

    You need to hurry up and catch up with rest of Malta. You are about a thousand years behind my dear friend.

  30. G Rinning says:

    You have stepped over the line once too often.Now face the music.I dont think you will like living in Paola but there will be half of Malta laughing at the prospect.I hope you share a cell with some big fat whore from Birgu.

    • Giga says:

      What people like you do not realise is that there will be “half Malta” who do not agree with you.

      Thank your lucky stars for those people with brains, who fought so hard for people like you to be able to express yourself freely the way you can do today. Twenty five years ago, owning a computer was a far-away dream; using it to express one’s self without fear was too, until today.

      Sadly, people with your mindset (which has absolutely nothing to do with origins, for there are many decent people from all over Malta, just as there are many unscrupulous, sh*t people everywhere) will never fully appreciate such facts.

  31. Andrea says:

    Are you that big fat whore, ‘G Rinning’?

  32. Alan says:

    Integrity ?

    Talk about people in glasshouses – or in this case, public office. Only the stones being thrown back are far more serious, and all seem to be facts.

    Facts, amongst others, concerning the administration of justice, which I hope the authorities will get to the VERY bottom of.

    In my eyes, Magistrate Herrera’s and her boyfriend’s reputation, integrity and political futures are now zero, non-existent. Forever.

    Step down, Scerri Herrera. That is how you will show that you have dignity worthy of protection.

    Thank you, DCG. The country needs people like you to constantly open our eyes, and be informed without restraint.

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