Malta Today: il-vera tan-n**k

Published: February 3, 2010 at 12:03pm

What Astrid didn't do with her megaphone, Daphne did with her blog

Unbelievable. Really, really unbelievable.

The trailblazing newspaper that sets the standards for journalism in Malta without fear or favour today carries on its front page a large picture of Robert Musumeci.

The story says that after “savage character assassination on a blog”, he has been betrayed by his party and asked not to stand in the casual election to succeed John Dalli.

Saviour, Roger, Matthew, Julia and all the rest of the sorry axe-grinders in there: shouldn’t you be investigating Robert Musumeci instead?

Shouldn’t you be finding out whether the magistrate pays for her jewellery and catering?

Then you might win some respect.

Meanwhile, perhaps Astrid Vella and George Debono might take five minutes out of their day to ring me and thank me. But of course, they won’t.

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  1. Head Boy says:

    And am I the only one who thinks that Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando’s appearance on Super One yesterday night was uncalled for?

  2. E.Muscat says:

    @DCG:well done!

    I have received the email doing the rounds and it is hilarious; received a few thanks for forwarding it, too.

  3. A Zammit says:

    Well, in life we have to choose, and Saviour has chosen to be Robert’s friend and defender. It also means that he accepts all the facts, that for him such activity is normal.

    Good to know, and he might as well now explain in detail what are Consie’s assets, and what are her business deals, and whether he accepts that a magistrate should party like that. Maybe we should quote the case of Iris Robinson, who having admitted a sexual affair with a youth went on to resign and withdraw from public life.

    [Daphne – Consuelo’s assets, before she left him, were all in her husband’s name. They separated their estates so that she could make a point of saying, if accused of involvement in land development deals, that they were her husband’s and not hers. That is why she made a point of telling the press that the Lija flats belonged to ‘my husband’ (when ordinarily, if married, they would belong to both). Yet she was the one doing the running and the dealing. What they did after the split is anyone’s guess. Now I would imagine that Musumeci does it all. After all, it’s his main line of business.]

  4. Arthur Hill says:

    Savage character assassination? How about what is written in Malta Today? Isn’t that savage character assassination? Especially by the likes of Raphael Vassallo, Matthew Vella, Saviour Balzan, James Bondin, Julia Farrugia, Karl Satagno Navarra….the list is too long. Not to mention the Karl Schembri. Their pen is full of venom and hatred for those who don’t see eye to eye with them. There will be a time when we will see them flat on their faces. They wont investigate the true villains, no. Otherwise they will have to investigate those who are feeding them lies and bull.

  5. D.B says:

    Daphne, you should seriously consider opening your own newspaper. I’m sure that all the papers sold by Media Today in the past years will be sold in six months by your newspape

    I’ll buy your paper for sure. It will be a nightmare for the allat u dawk li jafu kollox tal-MaltaToday.

    [Daphne – No. Let them stew in their own juice. They’re on the high road to hell, picking on individuals who are not accountable to the public while sucking up to those individuals who are held in contempt because they are accountable and yet behave as though they are not. Saviour Balzan asked me to work for him a couple of years ago. I politely told him to go and stuff himself. His and his newspaper’s attitude towards me is a classic case of seeking to destroy what you can’t have.]

  6. ganni says:

    Shame on you, Malta Today.

  7. Maria Gauci says:

    Min ma jridx min jghidu bih, ma jgibx ruhu b’mod li jaghti lin-nies x’jghidu! Mr. Musumeci please note….

    Gejjin b’betrayed by his party!!

  8. Hot Mama says:

    Daph, ruhi why did you censor yourself in the title? This rag deserves all it gets and more for it is run by scum! So here it goes: Malta Today: il-vera tan-NEJK

    • jenny says:

      It is run by an intelligent and courageous person and read by quite a few scum like you Hot Mama.

      • Hot Mama says:

        You’re the scum for sticking up for such rubbish but like with like! As for calling Saviour intelligent and courageous…what a joke! But you’re an even bigger joke for writing such drivel.

      • jenny says:

        @ Hot Mama. I must have been over tired yesterday. I got the wrong end of the stick, I thought that you were refering to this blog. The intelligent and courageous person I was refering to is Daphne and not that idiot Savior Balzan.

  9. Leonard says:

    Trailblazing newspaper? Which newspaper in today’s day and age has its on-line edition up three or four days after it’s printed?

  10. mc says:

    I gave up on Malta Today ages ago. There are far too many hidden agendas.

  11. John Schembri says:

    A fitting name for this type of on-line information which no paper in Malta publishes should be: “Daphne’s clear crystal ball”.

  12. P Zahra says:

    Ignore the Malta Today spin on this issue. The PN dropped Musumeci like a hot potato because it knows that the majority of its voters are uncomfortable with his private and professional behaviour.

    Quite a few young politicians have failed to learn this most basic of lessons: when a political party shows enough faith in you to ask you to stand for election in its name, it only does so because it believes people approve of your behaviour and circumstances. Change those two factors and you’re worthless to them.

  13. Mandy Mallia says:

    Catch up with the blog some other time, everyone. Switch to Super One to watch the priedka tat-tifel!

  14. Giovanni says:

    I have an idea. Daphne next Sunday open up a blog in which we can report how many Malta Today are left on the newspaper stands in various shops and areas say round about noon. X’tahseb.

  15. Mandy Mallia says:

    “The new Labour Party emblem will be chosen by its 25,000 members following an open competition, where professionals will be invited to design the emblem.” (Joseph Muscat, this evening)

    Maybe they’d like to use this one:

    • Mandy Mallia says:

      How funny! They have made such an effort to stamp out any images of the Labour Party, and have gone so far as to remove any mention of it from any backdrops, etc.

      There they go, then, to create a new emblem for the “Labour Party” (their words, not mine), and not for the “Moviment tal-Progressivi u Moderati”. The left hand really doesn’t know what the right hand is doing. Imagine them running the country!

      • H. P. Baxxter says:

        P.S. Now for the interpretation of my candidate design for Labour’s spanking new logo.

        The dynamic fresh new logo symbolises all that Labour stands for.

        Ambition and drive to be at the top: kollha zwiemel

        Respect for the gay community: logo includes pink horses

        Respect for all sexual orientations: we don’t know if they’re both horses or mares, or both, or none at all

        The one dark horse: Il-Leader Joseph Muscat’s rise to power

        And finally, the total clusterfuck

  16. Antoine Vella says:

    I don’t know why the PL logo has to be designed by professionals. They use amateurs for everything else.

    • DVella says:

      Ha ha . . . including party leaders, parliamentary (EU and Local) representatives, party executives and journalists . . . probably the only people they have that are not amateurs are their army of inbred thugs!!

  17. Chris V says:

    A tiny part of Consie’s birthday party guest list:

    1. Ignatius Farrugia – Former MLP Zurrieq Mayor and Super One TV personality
    2. Jose Herrera – Labour MP and brother of Magistrate Scerri Herrera
    3. Karen Mugliett – Wife of Nationalist MP Jesmond Mugliett
    4. Jason Micallef – Chairman ONE Productions, MLP candidate and former MLP Secretary General
    5. Charlon Gouder – Super One journalist and personal friend of Jason Micallef
    6. Jonathan Attard – Super One journalist and personal friend of Jason Micallef
    7. Veronique Dalli – Lawyer with Jose Herrera’s law firm and former Super One journalist
    8. Melvyn Mifsud – Former PN candidate
    9. Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando – Nationalist MP
    10. Carmen Camilleri Ciantar – Partner of Nationalist MP Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando
    11. Rodney Vassallo – Super One journalist and personal friend of Jason Micallef
    12. George Hyzler – Lawyer and partner of Giannella Caruana Curran
    13. Simon Micallef Stafrace – MLP candidate, son of Joe Micallef Stafrace
    14. Arthur Azzopardi – lawyer with Emanuel Mallia’s law firm
    15. Joe Farrugia (Il-Farell) – MLP candidate
    16. Hugh Anastasi – businessman and personal friend of Robert Musumeci and Consuelo Scerri Herrera
    17. Joseph Camilleri – lawyer with Jose Herrera’s law firm
    18. Vince Micallef – lawyer, former policeman and personal friend of Consuelo Scerri Herrera
    19. Judge Lino Farrugia Sacco – Judge and President of the Malta Olympic Committee
    20. Miriam Dalli – Super One journalist
    21. Sandro Chetcuti – property developer and president of the GRTU property section


  18. marika mifsud says:

    E.Muscat mentioned an e-mail that was hilarious. Is there any way these e-mails could be posted here ? Or is that not acceptable for some reason or other?

    [Daphne – I don’t know which email that would be.]

  19. Giovanni says:

    From Times web site:

    House to take break for casual election

    ” He explained ( Dr. Tonio Borg ) that the casual election would have to be held even if there was one candidate for the seat, and the candidate would have to achieve at least half a quota to be declared elected.

    The government would otherwise be free to co-opt whoever it wished.”

    Looks like it will be one or none.

  20. toni cachia says:

    You all have been writing about Malta Today. Sincerely I ask: What is Malta Today?

  21. What’s all the fuss about? What’s ‘vitriolic’ about DCG expressing her opinion about the personal conduct of a member of the judiciary in a lucid if forceful manner?

    Most know by now that DCG does not mince her words and that she may go over the top on occasions; but not this time. Turning the spotlight on the behaviour of the judiciary every now and then is a sanitary exercise as recent events have shown us.

  22. Il-Buzzu says:

    Re the forthcoming casual election: From what I’ve heard, no Nationalist candidate will be allowed to put his name forward – the aim is to co-opt Simon Busuttil to parliament. Don’t know if anybody else heard this?

  23. Tommy Lee says:

    Mela Simon jaqbillu, wara li hadem daqshekk ghalina fl-Ewropa u issa li qabad sew mal-problema tal-Frontex.

  24. albert fiorentino says:

    Well, we all know Saviour from his “green days” – double standards is the name of the game. Malta Today is just a tabloid, so why give them all this attention? They are just a bunch of hypocrites.

    As for Karl Stagno Navarra, he had the makings of a good journalist but I suppose he stumbled along the way. And Robert Musumeci ..well what can I say? You had it all, Robert, and you blew it away.

  25. Toni Casscarino says:

    mara bla sugu li ma ghandiex tghamel

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