Charlon thajjar minn il-habiba tieghu Consie

Published: March 3, 2010 at 4:36pm
I am going to ask the police to investigate Daphne too. I am feeling a bit left out.

I am going to ask the police to investigate Daphne too. I am feeling a bit left out.

Charlon Gouder has asked the police to investigate me for ‘manifestly slanderous statements about him’, because I asked – and he forgets that I am a journalist – whether the information I have that he was robbed by a prostitute in Albert Town, after which he filed a strange police report, is true.

And guess who filed the complaint on his behalf, presumably because Charlon is incapable of stringing a couple of sentences together? Sharon Ellul Bonici’s brother Andy Ellul – all for one, and one for all.

Sharon and Andy have another sibling, a sister who wrote on Facebook in my regard ‘Let her fry in her own oil’. She actually thinks it is an expression in the English language – you know, that you can pluck Maltese expressions out of thin air and translate them into English and they work.

Unlike Super One, I take my journalistic responsibilities seriously, and that’s why I gave him the opportunity of denying this report, confirming it, or explaining it away.

I even offered him space on this blog to do so.

But no, Charlon Gouder prefers to do what his party friend Consie did, and get the police to persecute me instead, so that he can deflect attention from the story in hand.

He doesn’t seem to understand that the story will just grow bigger and bigger unless he nips it in the bud by saying: “No, it isn’t true that I was robbed by a prostitute in Albert Town and that I made a false report to the police afterwards.’

Go on, Charlon. If it isn’t true, just say so. Say so, and kill the story. But you’ll have a hard time getting YouTube to remove that video, one of the most watched videos in the last general election.

An acquaintance and I noted only a few weeks ago in a courtroom packed with media people there for libel hearings that it’s amazing how the Labour Party and its cohorts never use their own money to file a civil suit for libel. Jiffrankaw il-flus billi jahlu flus il-poplu minnflok, by making a formal complaint to the police. Then they get their case done by the police at the taxpayer’s expense. Typical.

Let’s see if the police now stick to my gate for the best part of a day and night, to serve me with a summons at 1.30am.

And this when they’re not even in government. Mur ar’hom x’abbuz ta’ poter when Charlon Gouder is communications executive in the prime minister’s office.

Il-vera qabda jaqq., today

Charlon Gouder asks police to investigate Caruana Galizia

Super One journalist Charlon Gouder has asked the police to investigate Daphne Caruana Galizia after she made allegedly slanderous remarks against him yesterday afternoon.

Lawyers Andy Ellul and Vince Micallef in a letter to the police said that while their client Charlon Gouder was carrying out his duties as a journalist and filming Ms Caruana Galizia leaving the courts in a public road, she uttered what were manifestly slanderous statements about him in public.

Furthermore, such remarks about Mr Gouder were also published in Ms Caruana Galizia’s blog.

This, the lawyers contended, constituted harassment of Mr Gouder.

They asked the police to investigate and proceed accordingly.

All I can say is this: min jaf how envious Consuelo is about all this police attention that I’m getting.

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  1. Arnold P says:

    The Commissioner of Police should take a stand and stop this persecution. The Labour Party is making money out of these police cases. Let them file libel suits and not use people’s money.

    [Daphne – The Police Commissioner is part of the persecution, and he knows exactly what I mean.]

    • abram vella says:

      Minnflok jilghaba tal-anglu ahjar niftakru ftit fi zmien il-Labour x’kien jaghmel. Jekk kienx parti mill-persekuzzjoni tan-Nazzjonalisti. Biex issa n-Nazzjonalisti ghamluh kummissarju.

      • Tanya says:

        Bhalma ghamlu l-wieheb tal-Labour President. U issa l-mara tat-tifel tieghu thambaq kontra l-gvern u ticcappas ma’ l-“esekuttiv” tal-Labour.

    • Banquo says:

      What do you mean?

  2. KS says:

    Can you give us the link to the YouTube video?

    [Daphne – If you Google Charlon Gouder it’s the first thing that comes up.]

  3. Mario says:

    Jekk forsi ma tafx Daphne, l-avukat Andy Ellul li probabilment elezzjoni ohra se jikkontesta mal-PL jigi hu l-habiba tieghek Sharon Ellul Bonici (Niccajta). All for One and One for all!l

  4. mat555 says:

    Tghid din serqitu lil Mr Gouder?

    [Daphne – This is the very same puppet which the Labour Party’s deputy leader molested on television. She asked Toni Abela whether he’s ‘shun’ and in reply he pulled at her top and got an eyeful of her breasts. A puppet, eh – so cheap. But maybe he goes for girls made of rubber because the real things won’t give him a look in.]

  5. Mario says:

    Niccajta li Sharon hija habiba tieghek mhux li jigi huha ghax dik l-informazzjoni vera.

  6. Joseph Brincat says:

    Mrs Daphne..or should I say Ms? If you have nothing to hide why don’t you speak clearly about the police commissioner’s persecution?….It’s your turn now to speak the truth…go on!

    [Daphne – I shan’t reveal my hand, sorry. Din wahda ghal gol-komma.]

    • Sandro says:

      Don’t fall into traps being prepared by this mafia. Is this Joseph Brincat the AC, or the Lawyer, or who is this guy? Don’t show your hand and keep fighting for your rights – sorry – OUR rights and freedoms.

  7. mat555 says:

    This is so entertaining! Never a dull moment.

    • Sandro says:

      Mat 555 I hope that when the time comes we will see you standing 4 square with DCG and with us to protest about this mafia and these hbieb tal-hbieb. I never dreamed we were living like this, on hot thin air, ready to explode.

      I want to see you when the going gets tough. This is no entertainment. This is serious. This is explosive material. All the gangs against Daphne. The institutions against Daphne. But rest assured, we will never see her in prison. That’s guaranteed. Others will have to pay their price, the price for their irresponsibility. one and all. Top to bottom.

  8. D.B says:

    Charlon Gouder loves being in the limelight. He’s just made the headlines once again. PROSIT Charlon. I suggest you start studying for your constitutional law exam now.

    • Sandro says:

      Mamma mia, allahares qatt ikollna dat-tip ta’ hmieg bhala avukati. Alla jilliberana minn dan iz-zibel. Il-professjoni diga’ mhedda minn skandli, u iktar ikollna.

  9. JC says:

    The heat is on and not just in Albert Town – it’s now under Mr. Gouder’s collar as well.

    Does he think the police have time to waste checking out so-called slanderous remarks made about ladies of the night carrying loose change in their pockets – or do they?

    The plot thickens.

  10. ESSO says:

    Dan qal sew.

    Anthony Dimech (9 minutes ago)
    Ghaliex dawn il-kawzi mhux qed isiru bic-civil? Biex l-individwu jiffranka l-flus? Qed nehlu flus il-poplu u hin prezjuz tal-pulizija.

  11. David Buttigieg says:

    I’ve finally seen the vicious attack with that weapon of mass destruction on the valiant ‘cemerapersin’ while he was ‘attempting to carry out his dmir’. Delicate fellow isn’t he?

    Is THAT the attack that’s being condemned by those paragons of truth and justice?

    Also, whilst being in a public road are private conversations not allowed? It gets more and more ridiculous.

    • Hilary says:

      And there I was in front of the TV set expecting to see `l-aggressjoni vjolenti ta` Daphne and her sisters screeching and snarling and clenching fists and furiously unfurling and hurling handbags at the camera – and what did I see ? Daphne and her sisters taking a stroll smiling pleasantly at the camera in spite of the obvious persistent fittagni of the Super One people and Helene holding up strands of her long hair – what a scream – mockingly lapping up the unwarranted attention of the stalking camera.

  12. NZ says:

    Dear Daphne,

    WELL DONE FOR ALWAYS BRINGING THE TRUTH WHERE IT CAN BE SEEN! Keep it up and keep us updated on this blog…halli lilhom jinqlew b’zejthom.

    I have massive respect for you.

    With Best Regards

    [Daphne – Thank you.]

    • Mandy Mallia says:

      As Andy and Sharon Ellul’s sister might have put it, let them fry in their own oil. Hey Carol, if you’re reading this, the English equivalent of the Maltese saying has nothing to do with frying and oil (proverbs grow out of cultural/culinary traditions, after all). It’s stewing in your own juice.

  13. Ciccio2010 says:

    Why did Super One not break the news yesterday, when it happened? I mean, I watched their reporting of the Court session, and when they harassed you and your family afterward, (which reminded me of their same behaviour in the University Hall), but they never mentioned that you made any slanderous statements about Charlon, and in particular, what you may have said about him.

  14. it tifel ta' CHARlie u LONza says:

    You did not ” allegedly make slanderous remarks against him yesterday afternoon.”

  15. Yanika says:

    Sorry for being such a wet blanket, but you’ve got a spelling mistake in the title (unless it’s for some reason intentional and I haven’t yet caught on)

    “Charlon thajjar minn il-habiba tieghu Consie”
    It should be:
    “Charlon thajjar miLL-habiba tieghu Consie”.

    [Daphne – It’s not a spelling mistake. It’s correct. ‘Mill’ is a contraction of ‘minn il-‘, like for e.g. ‘don’t’ and ‘won’t’.]

    • Roberto says:

      I believe Yanika is right though. It should be mill-habiba and not minn il-habiba.

      [Daphne – No, not at all. Nobody can oblige you to use the contracted form if you don’t want to. It’s just that we’re more used to the contracted form, in the same way that you never hear anyone say ‘I do not want to go’ and so it sounds strange.]

  16. Roberto says:

    This goes for other phrases as well, such as mid-dar and not mill id-dar, mill-iskola and not minn l-iskola etc

    [Daphne – I really don’t feel like getting into a debate about this, but ‘mid-dar’ is a contraction of miNN id-dar and yes, it’s perfectly acceptable to say ‘minn l-iskola’. In fact, it’s the proper form. The thing is that the sort of Maltese we have been taught to accept as ‘correct’ is actually spoken Maltese and therefore full of ‘contracted forms’. In the same way, when you speak in English you would ‘I’m just going out now’ and not ‘I am just going out now’. Both are correct, but when writing a formal letter, for example, you would never use the contracted form.]

  17. Roberto says:

    But minn il-habiba is not proper Maltese. Not even spoken because when a person says the phrase it is like saying who is the firend – min hi l-habiba.

    [Daphne – Yes, ‘minn il-habiba’ is perfectly correct, and very proper Maltese. ‘Min’ (one n) has not just a completely different meaning, but also completely different pronunciation.]

    • Roberto says:

      OK no problem. I thought of sharing what I normally use when I write in Maltese. In my opinion it doesn’t sound proper, that’s all I am saying, but I respect what you said. I prefer to say minghand il-habiba instead of mill-habiba or in this case minn il-habiba.

      On another point altogether – you have a fantastic blog. Keep up the good work!

    • Gahan says:

      Tmeruwhiex lil Daphne b’halissa …..fuq xejn.
      Jekk ikun mehtieg nibdlu l-grammatika!
      Hsiebek hemm Daphne, qed narahom dehlin kollha fix-xibka !
      Il-grammatika nitkellmu fuqha darb’ohra.

      • Mandy Mallia says:

        Exactly. The pedants should stop trying to detract attention from the subject at issue.

    • H.P. Baxxter says:

      The whole edifice of democracy and rule of law is crumbling before our very eyes, and here we are quibbling over details of grammar.

  18. Roberto says:

    that should have been friend….sorry

  19. J Busuttil says:

    The Police Commissioner is part of the persecution…………Dr Carm Mifsud Bonnici please wake up.

  20. Banquo says:


    GWU’s Gejtu Mercieca has been assaulted by a Union member in a Valletta bistro…

  21. Banquo says:

    … and he ran away in the direction of the Pollce Station, with the Union member running after him hurling insults and not-exactly-flattering descriptions of the GWU.

    • Banquo says:

      A report must have been lodged at the Valletta Police Station because a little while later a Police Sargeant came to speak to the owners of the bistro, and a police car passed by only a few minutes later.

  22. Alan says:

    At this rate, the entire police force will be kept busy “protecting” them from you. And the court rooms will slowly fill up with frivolous suits against you.

    But you know what? Take heart. These are the kind of cases the public doesn’t mind its taxes being wasted on as some may say. They will serve to ultimately show what sort of people they are, and prove all the claims you are making, and for which you are sued.

    I wonder if magistrate Scerri Herrera is enjoying herself, rubbing her hands in glee that “so many are against Daphne”?

    [Daphne – She isn’t rubbing her hands in glee at all. She’s trying to work out just how much I know.]

    Nawgura li tkompli x-xewwixhom il ta’ madwara, so that all the complex bowl of spaghetti tal-intircci may be unraveled by their own hand, strand by strand, and exposed for all to see where it matters: in court.

    We’re with you all the way.

  23. Joanne Demicoli says:

    And here I was crying my eyes out because the Maltese working class are starving! I see that they can afford to go to a restaurant even on a Wednesday evening. I had believed Dr Muscat when he said that they can hardly afford a pizza on Saturday.

  24. apg says:

    DCG, well done on your thorough reporting. Numerous cans of worms being opened. I’m sure the two main political parties are following all this. They will by vying to have you as one of their canditates come the next election. Two, maybe even three seats, will be secured. For sure.

    • Sandro says:

      No I don’t agree with that. Truth does not have any parties. Only one. People’s consciences. Those who speak facts and truth have nothing to fear.

  25. Joseph Cauchi says:

    apg, I concur.

    Daphne will certainly have my vote.

    Fantastic blog, Daph.


  26. emanuel says:

    Daphne din il-minjiera ta’ informazzjoni kif irnexxilek takkwista? Sewwa kont ghidtlek darba li nixtieq naqra il-biografija tieghek ghax zgur tkun interessanti.

  27. gingerina says:

    Charlon Gouder was thrown out of the courtroom because he is a witness in this harassment case instituted by the magistrate against Daphne. Then he goes outside and promptly harasses her with his camera and reporters. And he wants to be credible.

    • Sandro says:

      Daphne why not lodge a complaint with these bastard police officials about harassment by Charlon Gouder and his motley crew of apes.

  28. Tim Ripard says:

    I’m seriously concerned about your remark about the commissioner of police. I don’t like the sound of it at all.

    In the meantime, can I just ask how a question can be slanderous? I mean, if I ASK you ‘Are you an asshole?’ it is not a statement, whereas if I STATE ‘You are an asshole.’ then that might be the case, depending on who I’m talking about.


    May truth and justice prevail.

    Thanks for having the guts to fight these vile sub-humans.

    • Mandy Mallia says:

      Precisely. If I asked you whether you were serious about what you said, I would not be STATING that you were, but merely asking. Some people just don’t get it, do they?

  29. M.Bonello says:

    Doesn’t sticking a camera in your face in circumstances which are clearly provocative, amount to harassment? I suppose you have better things to do with your time rather than spending a good part of it at the law courts, but couldn’t you seek a legal remedy agaist that bunch of frustrated losers operating out of that excuse for a television station?

  30. Harry Purdie says:

    Their plot sickens. What a bunch of assholes.

  31. pippo says:

    Daphne, inti ghidt li kien hemm pulizija mara u tlabta il-protezzjoni u f’daqqa wahda Charlon hadha mieghu lil’hemm? Din x’gara precis ghax Charlon ma ghandu l-ebda poter milli jostakola il-pulizija fil-qadi ta’ dmiriethom. Dan ghamilt rapport lil pulizija talli naqset milli ittik protezzjoni?

    [Daphne – She was wearing a jacket that covered her number. Charlon Gouder walked up to her, made a ‘shush’ motion to stop her talking, took her by the arm patronisingly, and off she went with him, grinning besottedly like an idiot. And that’s a Super One journalist in opposition.]

    • Mario De Bono says:

      Well said. Besotted. The majority of the police force, not to mention quite a few civil servants, are falling over themselves to “please” the MLP. They have sniffed the wind and it tells them ‘change’. And they act accordingly, thumbing their noses at the party in government.

      Keep it up, girl. Make everyone forget his woes, airs and graces, and let them see reality. The marmalja didn’t go away; it’s just in hibernation.

    • Mario De Bono says:

      Was the Jacket Desigual as well……or some cheapo Monti Bought rayon horror?

      [Daphne – The jacket I wore to court is the very one shown in this photograph. But you would have to be a woman or a gay man to work that out. As explained already, I have the entire Desigual range and plan to parade it piece by piece before Byon Jo Zammit (born to parents who can’t spell Byron) and Charlon Gouder. This should give the Burberry chavs at Labour a few things to talk about.]

      • Mario De Bono says:

        I meant the jacket covering the policewimmin’s number!

        [Daphne – Didn’t notice, I’m afraid, Mario.]

      • john says:

        There was a genius in my class at school who thought that the poem we were studying was By Ron.

  32. jomar says:

    Tghid Gejtu Mercieca sab kappell jigieh, fl-ahhar?

  33. Tony says:

    Thanks, Daphne – please keep us supplied! What you have started is awesome, but take care. And by the way, you are right all the way in your lesson in Maltese.

  34. Nat says:

    Ghidlu il-Charlon Gouder nesih zmienu idoqq it trumbun mal-banda? Kemm nixtieq ghandi xi ritratt tieghu b’dik il beritta u trumbun f’idejk. Charlon, dejjem ridikolu kont u tibqa. Qas haqq kemm qed twaqqa wicc l-avukati l-art.

  35. Nat says:

    Ara vera inkredibbli: ikolli bzonn xi haga, immur ghand is-sindku u insib il-Muzumeci. Ikolli bzonn avukat u nsib il-Miriam jew il-Joe Mifsud jew il-Charlon. Nitla il-qorti u insib il-Cons bhala ‘magistrata’. Imur ghand il-pulizija u insib xi korrott tal-Labour habib/a ta’ Charlon, jew xi wiehed li kellha x’taqsam mieghu l-magistrata.

    Maa, miskin min ikun honest f’dan il pajjiz u jkollu bzonn xi haga genwinament ghax vera gravi.

    Mnalla ghal Daphne li tikxef dawn l-affarijiet u min jikkritika ghax ma jaqbillux! THANKS DAPHNE (u nghidu il-Charlon idoqqilna it-trombi hawnekk).

  36. rita camilleri says:

    The policewoman shouldn’t have had a jacket covering the number. The number is there as a means of identification. Her superior should reprimand her. Even between themselves, policemen ask about one another by number and not by name.

  37. S K says:

    I predict dark days ahead if any of this Super One lot get into power. All they are doing with this is showing everyone what weasels they are, running around trying to provoke people.

    Keep rising above it. The majority of Maltese people will see them for what they are.

  38. Frans Borg says:

    “…so that he can deflect attention from the story in hand.” Pretty much sums it up.

    No, it isn’t true that I was robbed by a prostitute in Albert Town and that I made a false report to the police afterwards.’
    Either way, he´ll come out a loser.

  39. Frans Borg says:

    “Jiffrankaw il-flus billi jahlu flus il-poplu minnflok, by making a formal complaint to the police. Then they get their case done by the police at the taxpayer’s expense. Typical.”

    Again, how true!

    All I can say is this: min jaf how envious Consuelo is about all this police attention that I’m getting.”

    Good one!

  40. good 4 u says:

    Daphne you are a woman with BALLS and I’m sure that “the all for one and one for all” are sh***ing their pants. Go the whole mile! Good on you.

  41. Figaro says:

    Veru ninteressa ruhi naqra dan il blog. Ma tantx tinteressani il-politika u ghandi hbieb miz-zewg nahat.

    Nixtieq nghid din biss. Il-politika mahmuga u gejja miz-zewg nahat. Ovvja li f’Malta tidher aktar ghax ahna zghar imma fid-dinja dejjem kienet u tibqa li mhux kemm taf imma lil min taf.

    Ma nafx kemm hawn nies li kkumentaw f’dan il-blog li qatt m’ghamlu xejn hazin jew illegali. Mis-sema l-isfel hadd m’hu perfett u niftakruha din. Kulhadd huwa suxxettibbli ghall xi zball jew nuqqasijiet f’hajtu.

    Kull min jgholli jdejh ghandu xi jxomm zgur.

    M’hiniex kontra dan il-blog anzi naqrah u llum ikkumentajt.

    Jiena mhux xi religjuz imma niftakar li hemm storja fil-Bibbja fejn Gesu qal lil kotra li kienet se thaggar mara midinba, ‘MIN M’GHANDHUX DNUB IWADDAB L’EWWEL GEBLA’. Sa fejn naf jien hadd ma tefghaha.

    Nixtieq lil kulhadd il-gurnata t-tajba.

    [Daphne – Your arguments make no sense at all. Using that reasoning, let’s do away with the law courts, the police, and the investigative role of the media, and let’s give public officials, who are accountable to the public, the same protection as private citizens. Ma tarax.]

    • jowsef says:

      Ghid lil Charlon kemm kellu xi jxomm taht idejh: ghamel tlett sighat jistenna fix-xemx biex jiffilmja lil Daphne.

      U veru ghandu xi jxomm…..

  42. Snice says:

    I believe the correct expression is let her cook in her own stew…

    [Daphne – Stew in her own juice.]

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