Comment of the week: two old boilers and a dirty weekend

Published: March 23, 2010 at 9:29pm
Passport, tickets, money....

Passport, tickets, money....

Ma naghmlux mod li ma kienx hawn dawl il-bierah ghax Boilerseven mar Singapore ma’ xi magistrat, hux?

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  1. jerry says:

    Daphne ghandek xi tghid fuq din l-issue please?
    It’s not fair that their names are not mentioned. It was a new issue by the maltastar.

    [Daphne – Maltastar? Please.]

    • The Bus Conductor says:

      Uploading Maltastar’s web link gives the site an unfair advantage over yours. The viewing of their site will soon catch with yours. Last I checked Maltastar was number 142 and yours was 42. They must have already moved up to 141.

    • Antoine Vella says:

      Jerry, your off-topic comment is typical of Labour’s style of thinking. A man was accused of breaking the law, charged in court, found guilty and sentenced to 18 years. His alleged closeness to the PN (I’m taking Maltastar’s dubious word for it) did not help him at all and he was treated like any other person.

      The political significance of this incident totally escapes the geniuses at Maltastar: they think it’s a cause of shame for the PN when it’s quite the opposite.

  2. Allan Gatt says:

    Jidher kilometrat dak il-boiler. Imsaddad iktar mill- kodici tal- etika tal-gudikatura…

  3. ciccio2010 says:

    “Passport, tickets, money”…and don’t forget the chopsticks.

    • Isard du Pont says:

      ‘There’s a lot you can do with a pair of chopsticks’ – stick one in the right place and the boiler might get going again.

  4. ConsTipAzzjoni says:

    Enough material for a true potboiler.

  5. C Falzon says:

    Nahseb is-Somalja ha jkolla tmur biex tghamel inkjesta fuq il-vapur ‘Malti’ li nhataf mill pirati Somali. (Jew suppost nghid ‘ihhajgakkjat’)

  6. carmel says:

    Issa sew, anke Malta bla dawl wehlet il-magistrat.

  7. Overestimated Shakespeare aka Nostradamus formerly Avatar says:

    Thank you for the honour, Daph. I’m blushing.


    Some time ago, the Ghost of Banquo referred us to a certain Censu Demel. I have been racking my brains to figure out who this gentleman could be. And now I’ve managed…! Another boiler, if you like. Boilerfour or Boilerfive…?

    Am thinking of writing some quartains or sonnets (depending on whether I am wearing the hat of “Overestimated Shakespeare” – to quote an Alice-In-Wonderland comment on this blog – or the hat of “Nostradamus” – to quote Sharon, who told us she’s no Nostradamus but if there’s one thing she knows it’s how the EU works).

  8. Riya says:

    Nahseb bhal issa anke certi Pulizija ihhajgekkjati min xi hadd.

  9. ccam says:

    Daph someone has created a fan page on Facebook for Boiler No 7 and they’ve quoted you and pasted a link to your post.!/pages/Marsa/Boiler-Nru-7/102721133099399?ref=mf

  10. Hot Mama says:

    Sound like a potboiler to me…

  11. C Falzon says:

    For various technical reasons I will not delve into here I would suggest to Enemalta to go for a number six rather than a seven.
    Technically not exactly a boiler (far from it actually) but more than hot enough (and that is what really counts).

    Besides I have it on good authority that number 7 was indeed sabotaged.

    Number six:

    Number seven:

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