Labour's 'axis of evil'

Published: March 30, 2010 at 10:18am
Christopher Agius - one of people currently engaged in criminal blackmail using lies about my sons, whose names he doesn't even know

Christopher Agius - one of people currently engaged in criminal blackmail using lies about my sons, whose names he doesn't even know

The main person responsible for the website being used to blackmail me – pointlessly – by threatening to target members of my family, including my sons, with lies and slander unless I ‘am stopped’, is Christopher Agius, a man taking advantage of Malta’s EU membership against which his friends, family and cohorts campaigned and voted, to study in London.

He has 126 friends linked up to his Facebook page. They include – and there are no surprises here – Robert Musumeci, Ronnie Pellegrini, Marlene Mizzi, Astrid Vella, Jose Herrera, Charmaine Schiavone (she who posted a quiz on Musumeci’s Facebook wall to find out how far he’ll go in bed) and Wenzu Mintoff.

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  1. Mobi says:

    Another graduate of the MLP School of Diplomacy. Soon to be renamed the Sandro Chetcuti School of Diplomacy…

  2. Mario Lanza says:

    We must try to understand what drives this evil and how to deal with maniacs who have taken leave of their senses.

  3. Isard du Pont says:

    Let me get this straight, because I’m a little confused here: is this the person who’s calling you ugly?

    • Grezz says:

      My thoughts exactly. U Alex Saliba iehor li nahseb li mdawwar bil-koroh biex jahseb li hu sabih.

    • jomar says:

      He broke the only mirror he had. Right now going through another seven years of bad luck.

    • PhiliP says:

      Prosit, Isard du Pont. Dak li kont qieghed nghid bejni u bejn ruhi, issa x’hin dhalt fil-link. Ara veru ma jmurx quddiem il-mera ta ghax kieku imur jinheba.

  4. mastr antonio says:

    Studying in London, eh? Just look at him – what is he studying, gynaecology?

    • Nejxu says:

      Most third world dictators, or their family, have at some time or other sought to further their education in London, one of the cradles of democracy and freedom in the West, whilst back in their country, their regime deprived their people from education, suppressed democratic freedoms and demonised the West.

    • Pepe` says:

      They’re studying gynaecology on him.

  5. Rita Camilleri says:

    Alla jbierek, studying in London, eh? U dawn kienu kontra l-Ewropa u l-ftuh tal-universita lil kullhadd.

  6. Steve Grech says:

    Jaqq x’nies.

  7. Isard du Pont says:

    Gynaecology….or something like that. He looks like one of those Maltese who used to ‘study’ in Soho in the 1960s and 1970s and ended up giving all Maltese a lousy reputation by association. Jigix minn Jean Agius ukoll?

    • All Nude, All The Time says:

      The strongest evidence that the man isn’t studying is the fact that he can’t think or punctuate – unless, that is, the educational establishment which has accepted him has the same sort of standards the University of Malta’s law course does.

    • john says:

      I was once asked (in this period), to look up the son of a friend of my mother, who worked in a London bookshop. I located him selling the magazines in a Frith St. sex shop.

  8. edgar says:

    He gives the impression that he is a brain surgeon…u hallina.

  9. red-nose says:

    Why give him such importance?

    • Alan says:

      That’s my view too. Now it’s been reported to the police, just ignore him and his pseudo-blog altogether. It’s the very worst thing you can do to someone like that. Don’t fuel his ego. Naqra zieda ta hu-ha for a while, umbghad jiggennen.

  10. H.P. Baxxter says:

    I’d like to see the lower button of his waistcoat. It tells everything about a man.

  11. Alan says:

    Probably fastened and sealed with superglue, just in case.

  12. TROY says:

    Christopher Agius, one question if you please. ARE YOU GAY? I ask because it’s something which obsesses you where other people are concerned.

  13. Noggy123 says:

    Is his head the right way up or is he upside down?

  14. Mini-Tiananmen square says:

    This is what these young people should watch:
    Il-biografija ta’ Eddie Fenech Adami.

    A man struggling for his country in the violent and threatening society with near-total suppression of free speech, created by the winner of the 2008 Al-Gaddafi human rights award.

  15. Xandru says:

    X’inhu ikrah istja! Dan ghajjar lil haddiehor ikrah? Mela qatt ma hares lejn il-mera? Kif qal hu stess,”Il-Madonna xi kruha”!

  16. David Buttigieg says:

    What these imbeciles fail to realise, (or choose to ignore) is that the only way to ‘beat someone at their own game’ is to, well, be better than them at their own game.

    Look at them, judging competence on the basis of a university degree rather than performance, for instance.

    They accuse you of not being a journalist because you don’t have a degree in journalism. I’m surprised they don’t expect journalists to require a licence to practice.

    Any journalism course that churns out chumps with such an abysmal command of the English language is hardly something to boast about.

    • La Redoute says:

      Some of them do expect journalists to require a licence to practice. The idea’s been mooted.

      And some of the biggest chumps in journalism have degrees. Had you forgotten? Joseph Muscat was one of them.

    • Mandy Mallia says:

      I don’t have a university degree, but that’s not because I was incapable of getting one.

      Like Daphne, I left school with a large number of O-levels, all with good grades. I was in fact one of only two girls out of the 90 or so in my year sitting for all my exams in one session – unlike the rest, who split them up over two sessions per year for two or three years. I was at St Aloysius College sixth form, but was unable to attend university when I left because of circumstances at the time, it being the mid-1980s. I could have chosen to go to university as a mature student, but opted for a different path.

      It is not necessarily a university degree which bestows someone with learning or education, or indeed which makes them successful. Then again, people who think along the lines of university degree=the sole proof of success were probably nothing to begin with themselves, and felt they somehow had to prove themselves.

      A good university degree is something to be proud of, yes, and rightly so, but then again, it is not the only measure of success; nor is it the only measure of intelligence. Some people don’t understand this. They are probably the least intelligent of all, and often the ones with the biggest chip on their shoulder.

  17. It's all dandy says:

    what a dashing hunk. puts the balding Joseph to shame


    “Inħossni xjaħt” : Joseph Muscat –

  18. Rituzza says:

    Vera jistudja barra ta’, dan – fil-bitha t’ommu imma.

  19. MD says:

    a proper gentleman

  20. Philip says:

    Ajma hej, I wouldn’t as much as buy a used car from THIS character.

  21. Riya says:

    JIdher intelligenti it-tifel ghax mal-ewwel pass li ghamel inqabad. Titfa l-gebla u tahbi idek, ja ‘coward’. Ghad tirnexxi f’hajtek daqs

  22. pippo says:

    U dan liebes il-misluta? Imissu jaghmel ohra iktar tqila biex forsi rasu tigi ibbalancjata u tidritta u ma jibqax jidher daqstant stupidu.

  23. PhiliP says:

    Tifilhu taqghu ghan-nejk izjed?

  24. red-nose says:

    Why pick on him – miskin? He is no better (or worse) than the rest of the bunch at Labour HQ: Anglu Farrugia, Toni Abela; Joe Debono Grech, Alex Sceberras Trigona, Joe Grima.

  25. Riya says:

    @ red nose. il-lista ma’ tspicca qatt. Glen, Charlon, Ray Azzopardi, Norman Hamilton, dawn kollha jhobbu l-proxmu. Issa ghandna il-godda wkoll fuq il-Facebook.

  26. Joe Fenech says:

    Your alma mater doesn’t change you. Let’s not forget that most African dictators and international terrorists have been to UK and US universities.

    What’s the link between people studying overseas and the EU? Students have been attending ‘EU’ universities and colleges for ages and most of them without scholarships.

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