Mrs John Charles Ellul is in a strop

Published: March 13, 2010 at 6:44pm


John Charles Ellul – the ex policeman and current court expert who went to Singapore some weeks ago with Consuelo Herrera on a magisterial inkjesta into the death of a man on board a Malta-flagged (as opposed to Malta-owned) vessel – has sent me a message via this blog.

Most people probably know by now how to spell my name, especially the ones who read this blog, but our forensic expert addressed me as Dafne.

He was very cross that I mentioned him by name because now Mrs John Charles Ellul is throwing wobblies and ‘the family’ are annoyed.

Given that ‘the family’ consists of his siblings Andy Ellul (Charlon Gouder’s lawyer and Consuelo’s friend) and Sharon No2EU Ellul Bonici (Jose Herrera’s friend), then quite frankly, I don’t give a damn. Quite why he thinks I should worry about the sentiments of that lot, still less owe them anything in the way of keeping his name concealed, is beyond my comprehension.

And anyway – why is Mrs John Charles Ellul bouncing off the walls? Is it because she wasn’t told who Mr John Charles Ellul had gone with to Singapore? Or is it because she has since discovered that the magistrate considers married men to be fair game, and has had a couple or more in her time? In fact, she lives with one right now.

Something else I forgot to tell you: the magistrate testified in court that she considers my suggestion that she had a Singapore Sling with a policeman to be defamatory.

Oh, so that wasn’t a Singapore Sling which Michael Cassar didn’t send her.

I’m beginning to think that the magistrate doesn’t know that a Singapore Sling is an old-fashioned colonial cocktail, and that she imagines it to be some kind of sexual position she hasn’t discovered yet.

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  1. A Camilleri says:

    ……’re good Daphne….you’re very good……

  2. Alan says:

    He’d do better to use this blog to explain to the public why and how he was “chosen” to go on a trip to Singapore during the last days of his termination leave. Or did he go as a court expert chosen by the magistrate, rather than as a policeman chosen by the Commissioner of Police?

  3. Samantha says:

    Was John Charles Ellul in Singapore with the magistrate in his capacity as a policeman, or as a court expert chosen personally by her?

    If he was there as a policeman, then why did they send him during his last few days of termination leave?

    If he was there as a court expert – and court experts are chosen by the inquiring magistrate – then I don’t blame Mrs John Charles Ellul at all, not after all the intriguing news that has emerged.

    • Alan says:

      John Charles Ellul must be the best at his job. X’ma taghmilx ‘boing’ mal-hitan, Mrs. John Charles Ellul.

  4. vincent magro says:

    Singapore Sling From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

  5. H.P. Baxxter says:

    Singapore sling? Nah. Pink gin for the win.

  6. ciccio2010 says:

    If Mr. Ellul was sent to Singapore out of public funds, then I do not see an issue that his name and this fact were published.
    Remember how Super One aired footage of Daphne’s family on their news, when in fact they are private persons?

  7. Pat Zahra says:

    Pardon my curiosity, but what is John Charles’ Ellul’s area of expertise exactly?

    [Daphne – Forensics. Please, no wisecracks.]

    • Paul Bonnici says:

      But how could a serving or about-to-retire police officer work in forensics?

      I thought forensics should be an independent body from the police and the judiciary if I am not mistaken.

      Why was John Charles Ellul so miffed about being mentioned in this blog? His trip to Singapore was paid out of public funds and should be subject to public scrutiny. I wonder how much the trip to Singapore cost us.

      You remember the riots at the stadium during a football match with Croatia when the police confiscated films and camera memory cards from journalists and football fans. The police did this presumably to destroy evidence of their incompetence and not to use the confiscated photos as criminal evidence.

      I saw policemen hurling back missiles at the rioters, this would only have inflamed the rioters even more and would also be criminal, they could easily have hit an innocent by-stander. That’s why the police don’t like to be subjected to public scrutiny. They deem themselves above the law.

      John Charles Ellul is perhaps suffering from the same symptoms.

      And that a forensic court expert cannot spell your name correctly, Daphne, is unforgivable and shows his lack of credibility.

  8. jomar says:

    Singapore Sling or Singapore Fling?

  9. Alan says:

    Wonder if he took his tool kit to Singapore? Or did the magistrate take her own?

  10. gel says:

    U miskin Robert baqa hawn wahdu. Kuntent.

  11. A Camilleri says:

    examining the body of evidence?

  12. Jo says:

    Thanks, guys. You really gave me a good night’s laugh. Keep up the good works, all of you. I’m tempted to wake up at night to keep up with comments. But I’m too lazy.

  13. Pat Zahra says:

    Forensics? You mean like necrophilia and that?

  14. pippo says:

    Nista insaqqsi mistoqsijja? Dan l-expert fil-forensika kemm kien ilu f’ dan ix-xoghol?

  15. Karm says:

    X’ma tinkwetax Mrs John Charles Ellul? L-izjed b’dawn l-istejjer kollha li qed nisimghu bihom bhalissa.

  16. pippo says:

    Jien ghamilt 32 sena u qatt ma lahquni espert.

  17. Samantha says:

    Jien nafu personali u kien espert f’xoghlu. Nahseb ilu hemm mindu dahal fil-korp. Ghamel żmien kien jahdem Brussels f’isem il-pulizija. Il-korp tal-Pulizija tilfu u rebhu haddiehor.

    Xorta ma nistax nifhem kif baghtu lilu Singapore jekk dejjem telgha hemm jirraprezenta l-Korp. Ghandi dubji.

  18. magwa says:

    Mela hekk sew ahna nhalsu it-taxxi u dawn in-nies isifru min fuqna. Ahna Nazzjonalsiti imissna inqumu mir-raqda u namlu rewwixta kontra dawn in-nies u kontra in-nies li huma minn taghna u ma jridux jisimghu.

  19. La Redoute says:

    Is it my imagination or is there a surfeit of strange (ex)policemen who share the same surname?

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