It's official: the Labour Party is obsessed with me (still, after 20 long years)

Published: April 19, 2010 at 9:56am
Houston, we have a problem: our news website Maltastar is more focussed on Daphne than it is on us.

Houston, we have a problem: our news website Maltastar is more focussed on Daphne than it is on us.

On the day the Pope was in Malta and meeting Joseph and Michelle’s twins, the leading article on the Labour Party’s official news website Maltastar was about… and my blog.

Yes, that’s right. The pope be damned. Who cares about him? Topic of the day: the blowsy Bidnija blogger, 20 years down the line and still the object of their fixation.

I think the Labour Party is taking its obsession to the point where it seriously needs to talk to a psychiatrist, if not to a political strategist and a public affairs consultant.

I have to clear my throat here as I remind the Labour Party of something which appears to have slipped what passes for its mind. I am not a politician. I am not a government consultant. I am not a PN consultant. I am not standing for election. I never will stand for election. I am not the prime minister. I am not the one who Joseph Muscat (remember him?) is competing against for the leadership of this country.

The Labour Party is giving me more coverage than it does government ministers, government MPs (unless their names are Jeffrey or Jesmond) and the people who run state corporations, whose names they probably don’t even know.

If the government had set me up as a hunt decoy (look it up, Mlatasatr) it couldn’t have done a better job of it.

So far, all this has had laugh-out-loud value. Now it’s beginning to slip rather too far into the bunny-boiler obsessive mania category, because I’ve actually beaten the pope in terms of interest value according to Maltastar.

The thesis of Maltastar’s leading article on the day of the pope’s visit?

This blog is named for Richard Cachia Caruana (RCC) because it’s called Running Commentary (RC).

Even Jesus wept.

They missed a good one there, and a topical one too, to tie in with Pope Benedict’s visit. In the Anglophone world, RC signifies one thing only: Roman Catholic.

The Blowsy Bidnija Blogger why she not tell us that her blog she name it after the pope Ben? The pope Ben she meet him in the Westin lobby? The pope Ben she meet him with Gordon of the Vatican so they spin? The pope he pay for her blog? Deferment cease.

What a joke. I mean, honestly – a joke that wants to run the country. A joke that’s putting itself up as an alternative to this government. A joke that’s asking us to make jokes of ourselves by voting for it.

What sort of poor judgement must one have to vote for people like that? I don’t even know where to start.

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  1. maryanne says:

    “Stupidity, like virtue, is its own reward.”
    Bill Davidsen

  2. red-nose says:

    That bit about the “Bidnija Blogger” is it real? is it made up? is it exaggerated? – unbelievable! – Muscat had better start a school of elementary English and Maltese for his surrounding group- Jason Micallef must be laughing at all this.

  3. Xandru says:

    Soon after the meeting of the thousands of young people with the Pope at Valletta Waterfront, one of the presenters on One TV criticised the Curia for preparing the questions they put to him.

    He suggested that they should have asked him whether he liked the bandalori which adorned the streets.

    Do you believe that?

    • Bus Driver says:

      And they probably would have racked their brains for hours even to come up with that, Xandru.

      Typical Labour, qoxra biss, bla sustanza, just like the one-joke comedians over at TYOM.

    • sunflower says:

      Ok so I did understand him well….for a while I thought I misunderstood him.

    • A.M says:

      Wow x’naqra English ghandek buddy. Tidher li int follower ta’ Daphne. Ma nafx kif ma kkoregitlekx ‘your haj flown inglixx’. Skond Daphne inti taqa taht il-kategorija tal-Lejburisti my friend.

      • Xandru says:

        Le siehbi… Tghallimt go skola tal-gvern taht Gvern Socjalista (Lejburista).

        M’ghandix tort hux!

  4. jomar says:

    What a bunch of idiots.

    They will have trouble qualifying for admission to a ‘reception class’.

  5. Pat says:

    RC in my world = Remote Controlled.

  6. Timotius says:

    May you all alow me to ask one simple yet sincere question? Why the hell do we even bother to read, try to decypher, and reply to any PL media communiaction, whether official or not? The more we mention them and their scribbling, the more we help them. They are not capable of putting a simple message through. Our replies are actually helping them to get their message across to thousands of readers who follow this blog. Is this intentional?

  7. red-nose says:

    What we should ALL be worried about is that in three years time this incompetent, clumsy, vulgar, ignorant, envious bunch will be climbing the stairs to Castille to vent their anger in an explosion of hate after so many years in opposition.

  8. Joseph A Borg says:

    “If the government had set me up as a hunt decoy”

    I’m sure they will read this and say: ‘OMG why haven’t we thought of this!’ Which is strange because they’re a paranoid lot.

  9. TROY says:

    Maltastar are panic-stricken, because they just can’t comprehend that one woman can stir up all this.

    So they resort to conspiracy theories and name calling. They think she’s PN’s new secret weapon or RCC’s apostle sent here to give Labour a good bollocking. They call her a sahhara, and try to run her down.

    Well brace yourselves, Maltastar cause you ain’t seen nothing yet.

    As for the conspiracy theories, you can put those in the same file with Elvis is still alive. As for being PN’s secret weapon, grow up and stop watching 007 movies. As for being guided by RCC, just get off your high horses and get a life. As for the name calling, you got this one right. She is a sahhara, ghax sahret lil kullhadd bl-erf taghha.

  10. Lino Cert says:

    The reason they are obssessed with you Daphne is that come next election you will be their downfall, just like you were in the last one. And they know that. What they don’t compehend is that you are just the messenger, and by showing their true colours in your regard, they are proverbially shooting hemselves in the foot.

  11. Kimera says:

    Dalghodu fuq mejda ghand Cordina l-Belt “… Imisshom jaqtghula saqajha barra … fuq kulhadd tikteb ja bewwielha l’hi … jien nibza minnha … mindu kitbet xi haga fuqi … f’ghoxx Gonzi … jekk naraha ghaddejja nifqghalha l-hanek … f’ghoxx l-ispirtu s-santu taghha … taghmel l-arja ghax ghandha l-Gonzi … trid tqabbad mara qahba ittiha xebgha … x’helwa helwa qisha mara/ragel … issa mat-tifla ta Consuelo qabdet … forsi titfa lill xi hadd il-habs …” – xi hadd Pawlu – Nuccali jghammex bil-frame ileqq kulur id-deheb, arlogg bil-kwadrant kwadru jleqq kulur id-deheb fuq il-polz tax-xellug u brazzuletta katina bil-holoq kwadri xi pulzier tleqq kulur id-deheb fuq il-polz tal-lemin.

    • Lino Cert says:

      Great stuff, enough information for identification and a police interrogation here, or are the police too busy stalking and apprehending budding pope protestors?

    • Isard du Pont says:

      ‘X’helwa helwa qisa mara ragel’ – obviously, his interlocutor had actually seen Daphne, while this man hadn’t. Shame she wasn’t there to introduce herself, as her sister Corinne did recently after sitting through an entire conversation between Joe Pace tal-Magic Kiosk and his friends at the next table, about ‘il-familja ta’ Daphne u kemm nafhom’. Apparently, she waited for him to conclude his gossip and slander and then leaned across and said to him: ‘You claim to know them so well, but then you didn’t know that one of them is sitting right here next to you listening to everything you’re saying. Goodbye.’ This raised great mirth among his friends, at his expense.

    • patrick says:

      He must be Pawlu (from Valletta) a canvasser of Jose Herrera. He fits that description.

  12. TROY says:

    Ground control to space midget Kurt, please try to give Daphne less importance.

  13. SDS says:

    You should feel very proud of yourself Daphne.
    Twenty years and going strong as ever, good on you!

    • Dem-ON says:

      And you are as important as Gonzi, his government, RCC and – unbelievably – the Pope, put all together.

  14. Claudette says:

    Labour is what you write about mostly too Daphne. Do you consider yourself obsessed too?

    [Daphne – You realise you are mistaking the same mistake the Labour Party does: equating me with a political party. I am not one. I am a political and current affairs columnist.]

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