Nice one, Christopher Aguis: bla bajd u bla brains ukoll

Published: April 2, 2010 at 1:19am

God, how I laughed. As a metaphor for the Labour Party – soooooo smoooooooth and nothing works – the ‘Daphne is a trans-sexual and her husband is a pufta having affairs with women while her children are spawned by the devil because trans-sexuals can’t breed’ site is just perfect.

That Christopher Aguis – who says on Facebook that he’s studying in London (what – at 40?) but who is really just a single man living with his mother in Hal-Qormi (hence the homophobia) isn’t just uploading his blog-posts with a stream of ready-made comments – a comment and a reply to it appear simultaneously, for instance.

Now I’ve also found my way into the little virtual cupboard where he stores his pictures ready for publication. One of them is saved as ‘vagina’ and features somebody dressed as – if you have that kind of mind – a vagina.

What’s going on there, do you think? Too much Catholic discipline at home with mummy? Not enough of the real thing, Christopher?

I’ll save you the trouble of uploading your little stash of pics, and do it myself. UPDATE: I’ve removed the photograph of Randolph Spiteri, which Christopher Aguis and his little Labour friends planned to use for heaven alone knows what purpose. A trans-sexual Martian who’s having an affair with warlock Daphne, perhaps? As long as the chickens know that I got it out of their coop, that’s enough for me.







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  1. Hibernating from Malta says:

    Erm…. sorry for my morbid curiosity, but what is that guy in the middle doing in his stash?

    [Daphne – No idea. Perhaps Christopher Aguis plans to claim he’s a trans-sexual, like me.]

  2. Can't believe it is not margarine says:

    Daphne, can’t believe you got into his closet.

  3. Brian says:

    Hekk tqishom in-nisa Agius, bhal dak ir-ritratt li ghandek, prosit ghalik. Ghamilli pjacir plis, dahhal rahsek gewwa fih, forsi tifga!

  4. Isard du Pont says:

    Oh my, my, my! You’ve unwittingly got yourself some ‘dirt’ on Christopher Aguis, and from his very own closet, too.

    The man whose picture you found stored in his stash (the one in the middle, tagged ‘Randolph’) works for a government minister. What was he planning to do with that photograph – conjure up a romance, like he did with you? Invent some story?

    Hey, Christopher – tell us more. You’ve got a whole blog to fill. Pathetic.

    • Snoopy says:

      As this Randolph has previously been the target for political attacks (apart from being the communications coordinator of the MRRAE) it might just be that this photo was there to become a weapon to attack either Randolph himself or else someone else within the perceived social ring of Daphne.

  5. Rover says:

    What on earth is this Christopher Aguis up to?

    When I saw his photo earlier I thought ‘never willingly trust a man in a pin striped suit, pale tie, earring and squinty eyes’.

    No sooner do I let my guard down then you manage to get into his picture vault and upload the contents on your blog. Daphne, you are wicked.

  6. The Bus Conductor says:

    Consuelo’s disease is affecting her supporters. They don’t think I am Michael Cassar. No, they think I am Charles Crawford.

    They assumed I slipped up, and all because I posted a link to Crawford’s blog.

    So let me put in a way they’ll understand using three of Consuelo’s brother’s words (that’s Jose Herrera, dunces):

    F’ghoxx G*onzi taghkom, mela vera qabda cwiec li ma tafux tuzaw l-internet.

    #22 Vladilala 2010-04-01 18:58
    Vladi’s associate’s are all falling into place now .
    We know that La Redouute is a family member but ahhhh here is the scoop .
    The Bus Conducter is non other than Mr Charles Crawford .The i have only visited Malta for a holiday Guy .

    I know this Charles & you know how i know it ,Slipped up earlier did we not ? .

  7. The Bus Conductor says:

    Note to Consuelo’s supporters.

    Stop using the word “bingo”. All it does is remind us about the picnic cooler when Herrera presided over the case of her lover’s brother.

    #24 Vladilala 2010-04-01 19:25
    It is all starting to make sense now .Charles visit’s Malta ,Friend of Daphne’s .Speaks to the PM denies it and bingo .Haaa why did it take me so long to find you out .

    And again NO! I am not Charles Crawford. I reply only with respect to him (and not to you).

    [Daphne – Are these people mad?]

    • Dear Bus Conductor,

      Thank you for the kind words. As far as I know we are not related, nor are we one flesh.

      Anyone interested in how the Foreign Office in London has dealt with homosexuality in the not-so-distant past might want to swing by here:



      • The Bus Conductor says:

        Dear Mr Crawford,

        Thank you for the further clarification. But somehow I don’t think they’d understand, however hard they try. Theirs is a world of yellow fiction conspiracy theories.


        The Bus Conductor (dying to use my real name, but getting a kick out of watching them twist themselves into knots)

  8. ouch says:

    You are a psychopath!Go to a psychiatrist!

    [Daphne – Psychiatrists are useless to psychopaths, Ouch. Besides, I thought I was a trans-sexual. Now it turns out that I’m a psychopathic trans-sexual. Given that you have told me already to go and see a psychiatrist, via your homophobic blog, I imagine that this is something that preys on your mind. Perhaps you have been at the receiving end of a similar instruction yourself, and are wondering whether you should follow it up.]

  9. Isard du Pont says:

    You know something, Daphne? I don’t think you even need the police here. You’ve tracked him down and you’ve stuck it to him.

    I imagine he never thought he’d end up with a taste of his own medicine when he tried to stick it to you.

    I’ve found his address and telephone number. They’re on the way by email.

    You decide whether you want to post them here. Or you could commission a photographer to stand outside his house with a camera and log all the comings and goings, though you probably won’t see anything more exciting than il-mami, tmur tnaddafflu ftit jahasra.

    He saves the rest for Kloset, where he goes to see but not touch because he still thinks ‘pufti’ are an evil perversion.

    He probably thought your reaction would be to lie down and weep with despair. I’ll bet you’ve been killing yourself with laughter. I know I have.

    If they’re going to keep this up for months, as they say, by that time you’ll be wedded to Satan and conversing with the spirit of Josef Stalin while conducting an affair with a trans-sexual and another one with a gay man. And your mother’s grandmother was a Martian who trapped her husband into marriage by putting a magic potion into his wine (they didn’t pierce c*ndoms in those days) and you have a secret love-child who’s half man and half beast.

    And then we wonder how those ancient Greeks came up with those crazy myths in the preliterate world.

  10. Il-Lolly ta' Soho says:

    That photo is tagged Vagina 2. Where’s Vagina 1? We should be told what Christopher Aguis did with it.

    • Dem-ON says:

      Not sure how to handle it, he probably sent it back, under terms of warranty, with a note “not fit for purpose” and got Vagina 2 as a replacement to keep him happy.

  11. The Bus Conductor says:

    What confusion.

    On the blackmail blog, which was promoted by Alex Saliba, secretary-general of the Labour Youth Forum, Chris Agius first tried in vain to impersonate me, and later decided I was Charles Crawford.

    What are they trying to say? That Charles Crawford is posting comments on that blog?

    I am not “The Bus Conductor” who posted comments on the blackmail blog – why would I bother? – and again with respect to Mr Crawford I will repeat that I am not him.

    Now I shall excuse myself in advance for posting this link, lest he get bombarded by one person, Eve Bajada, Ellieve, and Delboy222.

  12. Samantha says:

    il-vera ghandu biex jiftahar il-PL b’nies bhal dawn. Il-vera sar KARRETTA jaccetta kollox! Illum nisthi li darba kont naghmel parti minn dan it-tiparsi moviment. Kull parir li tajthom qatt ma semghu minni imbaghad wara jghiduli li kelli ragun. Xi jkun jiswa wara? Il-froga tkun saret.

    Illum lil Joseph Muscat nghidlu biex jehles minn dak l-iskart li ghandu ma saqajh illum qabel ghada ghax il-hsara li ghamlulu ga hi irreparabli u mela tipprova taghmel image favur id-dinjita u drittijiet tal-gays imbaghad is-segwaci tieghek issejhulhom “PUFTA”! Ga nahseb li hu tard wisq ghax il-PL qed juri bic-car li l-Lupu jibdel sufu imma qatt drawwietu u dejjem imur lura mill-post ta tluq.

  13. TROY says:

    Christopher Aguis reminds me of Spencer in KING of QUEENS – single, unattractive, lonely, and still living with his mummy at 40. Now who’s the weirdo.

    • tat TWO NEWS says:

      Jomar – mela ma tafx li Joe Grima ser igib 5,000 voti ghal Labour minn fuq il-Facebook, biex hekk jghodd 5,002 – ghaliex huwa stess fieh daqs tnejn? Izda z-zokk huwa li dawn kollha ga Labour voters.

      • jomar says:


        The first picture looks familiar. Must be a more recent one.

  14. freefalling says:

    Well, well, so at the start of spring we are able to see things in a better light:

    pufti, nemmiesa, dak mar mal-mara ta’ l-iehor, dik lesbian, vaginas ghax mhexx mod iehor and so on and so forth.

    Christopher Aguis’ place is in a rubber room in an asylum for the mentally unstable.

  15. Il-Lolly ta' Soho says:

    Well, so this Christopher Aguis was planning to target Randolph next – good thing you found that picture. He had obviously decided that one of you must somehow be involved in a trans-sexual warlock affair on Mount Etna. Miskin dar-ragel Christopher. Does he have a job?

  16. Alan says:

    I couldn’t stop laughing at this – That Asuig chap has posted a blog saying that you are not getting any sleep because of the times some posts here come in.

    As a (daft) ‘administrator’ of his own ‘site’, he should know that when a post appears on a site, the time indicates when it was received, not when it was approved.

    So when, for example, such a post received at 3.30am is published at say 9am, the time will indicate 3.30am.

    Bil-cuccarina madonna dawn in-nies.

    [Daphne – He must think I was busy entertaining wizards and hermaphrodites.]

    • Il-Lolly ta' Eve ta' Soho says:

      I noticed that, too. He thinks that being awake at 0119hrs (when the next day is a holiday) is exceptional. Ghax bilhaqq, dawk tar-rahal jorqdu mat-tigieg.

      I also noticed that he circled my comment as ‘being uploaded at 3am’. Like Daphne said earlier somewhere – they can’t possibly be more internet-stupid than they are: this man doesn’t even know that the time logged on the comments is the time they are sent to a blog, and not the time they are uploaded.

      Daphne could have uploaded that comment at 11am, and the time shown would still be 3am.

      So now I’m the one who needs to see a psychiatrist because I prefer to work at night.

      And incidentally, this latest post of his was uploaded with SIX READY-MADE COMMENTS. Nice touch, Aguis. Impressive.

    • Alan says:

      Somewhere down the line, he also missed the fact that you have been publishing blog-posts sometimes as late as 1.30am, and have been so for yonks. What a bombastic ego to presume that your biorhythm has changed because of him.

      [Daphne – He only noticed my blog when he was directed to it by the Consuelo-Robert Support Group.]

  17. The Bus Conductor says:

    I quote Christopher Aguis.

    “She is livid and we can prove she IS NOT SLEEPING.”

    Is going to bed at 1am a crime now? Was she lying under oath?

    Wow he has proof! Daphne slept late last night! That’s a shed-load of dirt.

  18. It’s becoming so difficult to keep up with all these weird posts. Is it possible they are all from different people? Is it possible there are any under 40s about who don’t understand how internet and Facebook work?

    Do they really think they are going to ‘convert’ any PN supporter or floater by these antics?

    I’m getting more and more bewildered every day. Anyway, I hope they keep up the good work as it’s becoming more entertaining than any soap – Eastenders now has competition.

  19. Riya says:

    Ghidilna x’kont behsiebek taghmel b’dawn ir-ritratti, ja buffu u purcinell. Tidher li int Laburist.

  20. PhiliP says:

    Jekk joghgbok, thallix lil min jitliflek il-fil u jzgwidak fuq suggett iehor. Nahseb li l-qarreja tal-blog tieghek wisq jinteresshom fil-hajja privata tieghek, ghax fuq kollox inti mintix imhalsa minn flusna biex taqdi dmirek sew lejn is-socjeta’. Dak hu xoghol il-Magistrat u nies bhalu/a.

    Jekk qeghdha tinduna r-risposti kollha daru lejk u mhux lejn il-magistrat u tas-super one. Mela hallihom jghidu, inti ghidilna it-toqghob taghhom.

  21. michael woods says:

    Of all people, Joe Grima! I COULDN’T agree more.

  22. Giovanni says:

    Typical from Labour Elves blogging: re Power Cut:

    J. Mifsud(25 minutes ago)
    This incompetent administration has been in power for over 20 years now, therefore the shambles that this poor and unfortunate country is in, is totally the fault of the PN administrations. They should be totally held accountable to all this chaos.

    They were quick to give themselves a rise, which amounted to hundreds if not thousands of Euros a year, but then they are slow to fix and bring this Island into the 21st century.

    It amazes me how they keep on smiling and are not ashamed to face the people. They manage to find millions to built a Parliament but are unable to safeguard our standard of living.

    Dear Honourables, do honour yourselves and resign en bloc.

    Call an early general election. If the people are happy with you lot, then I am sure they will vote you in again.

    Act as true Europeans and be accountable for once.

    I am not a Joseph Muscat fan yet, but I would not think twice to vote Labour in. You lot are out-dated and are taking the consumers for a rough ride.

  23. C Falzon says:

    Daphne, I like it how you gave him a ‘taste your own medicine’ (sic) with those photos.

    Somewhat more effective than his hacking skills that enabled him to ‘predict’ what you published a year ago.

    Maybe his next earth shattering discovery will be to find out where you live. Not that it is Bidnija of course as he must know that already (sahhara tal-Bidnija and all that), but where Bidnija actually is.

    By the way, it seems at last he figured out how to set up the access rights properly to his pictures.

    • The Bus Conductor says:

      What? Is Bidnija a real place ?
      I thought it was fictional like Alison Wonderland’s name and surname.

  24. C Falzon says:

    … but it seems he hasn’t figured out how to set the clock.

    First post about the powercut went in at 5 PM on 2nd April – a full two and a half hours before the power actually failed.

    “#4 TURSINU 2010-04-02 17:07 minjaf il-paccu l-lejla fdad-dlam, nahseb idur bix-xema. oh Vladimir oh vladimir.”

    Maybe I underestimate him though – perhaps he ‘predicted’ that the power would fail.

  25. red-nose says:

    I suppose everyone has seen The Sunday Times (today) backpage — Need we say more about PL irresponsibility? – And Muscat thinks that he can smile his way through to Castile.

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