Malta's leading fireworks chemicals importer: registered to the home address of the leader of the opposition

Published: September 6, 2010 at 4:25pm

This country: it’s just unbelievable. Joseph Muscat’s father is one of the two main importers of fireworks chemicals. The business is called Saviour Muscat Fireworks and the official address and telephone number are given as:

Saviour Muscat Fireworks
31 St Andrew’s Street
Telephone: 21 57 12 65
Fax: 21 57 12 65

The 57 prefix does not indicate Lija. It is the St Paul’s Bay/Burmarrad prefix. But in these days of number portability, you never know. So for your next task, just log onto and perform a search on the telephone number.

It’s registered at the leader of the opposition’s home (he shares the address with his parents):

Muscat Salvu
52 San Pawl Milqi, (Burmarrad)
San Pawl il-Bahar

Here’s the Go on-line directory again:

Muscat Joseph, B.Com.,B.A.Hons.,M.A
52A Triq San Pawl Milqi (Burmarrad)
San Pawl il-Bahar

No doubt, the usual apologists and people who don’t know how to behave or where lines should be drawn will come out of the woodwork to say ‘Ah, but Joseph lives at 52A and not at 52′. Well, ha ha ha to that. If I build myself a little house, with or without a pool, in my parents’ garden at no. 25 and call it 25A, it remains the same address.

Do we now need a detailed explanation from on high, as with the outgoing attorney-general and the (unnamed) Consuelo Herrera in The Sunday Times yesterday, to tell us why not everything that is legal is acceptable when you occupy a certain position?

How can the leader of the opposition ever be considered credible and honest, or his political party transparent, if parliament gets down at last to tackling the terrible fireworks situation?

As for Malta Today and the rest of them, including all those whining women columnists in the English language newspapers (include me out, please), just imagine their indignation if the prime minister’s son or brother or father – God rest his soul; he died today – were a major importer of fireworks chemicals with the business operating out of the prime minister’s home address, at a time when there are inquiries into substandard chemicals causing all these explosions.

We would never hear the end of it.

Look at the fuss they’re making because somebody related to him by marriage is on the Sliema Local Council and voted against mayor Nikki Dimech.

Mur ara jekk kellu xi fireworks business jopera fid-dar tieghu. Incredible. This island just becomes weirder by the day.

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  1. Alan says:

    Our next potential PM ghadu jghix mall-mami. Priceless.

    • ASP says:

      But for 4 years he lived on his own in dangerous Brussels.

      [Daphne – And had the time of his life by all accounts – bil-mara Malta – but let’s not go there. He gives off no vibes to women at all so I don’t know how that particular story started. Bound to be wrong.]

    • Isard du Pont says:

      U milli jidher jghix ma’ mara li iggemma t-teddy bears u zzejjen id-dar bihom. Dik priceless zgur. Retarded development.

    • mark says:

      Indeed! A ciccione of Berlusconian magnitude!

  2. VR says:

    And who is the secretary (or whatever he calls himself) of the fireworks manufacturers’ association?

    • Isard du Pont says:

      Mhux Michael Falzon tal-Labour? All in the Labour family. They’ve got the fireworks business all sewn up.

      It’s only a matter of time before Toni Abela, second in command to Mrs Joseph Muscat, suggests a firework supermarket as a revenue-earner to help pay Marisa Micallef’s salary.

      Or has she been quietly let go?

  3. hosbien says:

    Il-bord imwaqqaf mill-gvern biex jinvestiga dat-tragediji fih il-pro Rettur tal-Universita Prof Alfred Vella, Servolo Delicata u Victor Axiaq. Dawn kollha huma “chemists”.

    Ir-raba hu Joe Theuma tal-Ghaqda Piroteknika li incidentalment ilu jsejjah biex isir laboratorju ha jkun analizzat il-materjal impurtat. L-enfasi dwar il-kimika tal-materjal tidher car. Hemmhekk qieghed il-gurdien.

    • Prof Victor Axiaq huwa bijologu.

      • H.P. Baxxter says:

        Mela, nibdew bil-corrections, kif qal tajjeb Reuben Scicluna. Lil dawn it-tliet persuni nafhom u str-nafhom, personalment u professjonalment.

        Alfred Vella nafuh bhala chemist. All well and good.
        Servolo Delicata ghandu M.Sc. fil-chemistry. Huwa lecturer, imma iktar minn hekk, jahdem il-murtali. Huwa inteligenti u kollox, imma ma nafx hemmx kaz ta’ conflict of interest.

        Victor Axiaq huwa biologu. X’qed jaghmel fuq dak il-board huwa misteru ikbar mill-piramidi ta’ Giza.

        Il-gurdien, però, mhux qieghed fil-kwalità tal-kimika BISS. Qieghed fil-handling. Ghax facli wisq nghidu: “Mietu ghad-deliiiiizju, minhabba li gew innocentament moghtija materjal impur. BOLLOCKS.

        Kieku kienu nofs l-esperti li jiftahru li huma, kien jkunu jafu janalizzaw il-materjal QABEL ma juzawh u jidderminaw jekk hux perikoluz. Imma peress li dawn mhumhiex chemists, jafu biss “hallat l-ahmar mal-bluna”, and so on and so forth.

        Hemm jidhol il-PhD fil-chemistry, sur membru li ppostjajt dak il-kumment.

      • ciccio2010 says:

        Mela Prof Axiaq haqqu jifhem fil-grieden li semma “hosbien.”

    • Isard du Pont says:

      Professor Vella, eh? There you are, what did I say? All in the Labour family.

      A committed Labour man investigating chemicals imported by the Labour leader’s father. I like it. Nice one.

      Perhaps this is some cunning plan dreamed up by Carmelo Mifsud Bonnici: reverse psychology or whatever you call it.

  4. Daniel says:

    But it’s not the PL who is in government and still the situation has not been tackled.

    [Daphne – Ahseb u ara how much more quickly it’s going to be tackled with the son of one of Malta’s main fireworks chemicals importers running the country. U hallina. Yes, you’re right; it’s ridiculous. The government does nothing while the opposition leader maxes out the benefits from fireworks sales and lives at the address of a fireworks business, in a house built by daddy with fireworks money.]

    This enquiry is to satisfy the outcry of the public. As they say ‘dan kollu tidwir mal lewza’. Fireworks are explosives and no better precautions or better materials will change its nature.

    I am sure that somebody from the government knew that the PL leader’s father is an importer, but if somebody steps on his foot then tomorrow he will step on his. That’s probably why this country has become weirder by the day. Besides the fireworks lobby is too strong to bring under control.

  5. chavsRus says:

    Excuse the pun, but this is a damp squib.

    I know you must be desperate to find something to counter the serial disasters the PN has suffered lately – well, this is not it.


    [Daphne – It’s actually a very hot story. But then I’ve got an instinct for those. And you, quite clearly, do not.]

    • Isard du Pont says:

      Serial disasters? Do you perhaps mean Fairylightsgate and Paul Borg Olivier sunning himself a la Sarkozy on what, in Malta, passes for a magnate’s yacht?

      Ah, well, I’ll just console myself with the thought that in three months’ time I can start thinking about leaving out the sherry and mince pies for Father Christmas. And in between there’s the tooth fairy to keep me busy.

  6. VPL says:

    Do You Know By The Data Protection Act……..daphne ?

    [Daphne – I don’t get you, sorry. Oh, and there are some very good pants you can get at Marks & Spencer – sort of like cycling shorts. That should solve your underwear dilemma.]

  7. A. Charles says:

    Where is the doctorate among the many letters after Joseph Muscat’s name?

    • Harry Purdie says:

      I asked this question on a previous thread today. No response. I understand you can buy a PhD from the internet.

      • Isard du Pont says:

        The rumours are that Mario Vella wrote his thesis anyway. But that’s a pack of lies. Vella can’t write to save his life.

      • H.P. Baxxter says:

        I disagree. Mario Vella is a genius. You can tell by the size of his beard.

  8. Conrad says:

    Daphne, if as you say JM’s father is in this business, I agree with you that this might hinder him from legislating the much needed reform to avoid tragedies like the one of yesterday.

    Having said so, Gonzi has no relative involved in this sector…how come does he not legislate? He even has a parliamentary majority and as prime minister is obliged to legislate in favour of tighter regulation. But this is not important….let’s blame Joseph.

    [Daphne – Let’s blame ‘Joseph’? (Tajba din – wiehed isejhulu Joseph u l-iehor Gonzi, u prim ministru u mexxej tal-oppozizzjoni ma jezistux). I’ve blamed and chastised every blinking authority and politician who might have the remotest power to get things changed, and this long before ‘Joseph’ joined Super One.]

  9. Norman Vella says:

    Labour urges fireworks board of inquiry to complete report quickly

    Here we have a joint declaration by Dr Muscat and Dr Michael Falzon. But who is Dr Falzon representing here? The PL or the Ghaqda Piroteknika?

    They want fast conclusions… why not scientific conclusions?

    I have first hand experience of how Dr Falzon deals with scientific facts when it comes to fireworks. Last November he went on record denying the findings of a Xarabank scientific investigation which you can watch here:

    For Dr Falzon facts are sacred only when they please him. I’m sure he would have burnt Galileo in a big kaxxa nfernali.

  10. MS says:

    “If I build myself a little house, with or without a pool, in my parents’ garden at no. 25 and call it 25A, it remains the same address.”

    I think the above example is (intentionally?) too vague. Surely if the little house is built in the back garden and only accessible through the main house, I would agree that we are talking about the same address. But what if the little house is accessible from the outside through an independent door and has its own utilities supply? Can it still be considered to be the same address in that case?

    [Daphne – Yes, especially if the people in the other half are your parents. A separate utilities supply and another door in what is essentially the same building does not make for a separate address, hence the 52 and the – ahem – 52a.]

  11. P Shaw says:

    Daphne, you should seriously consider creating your own electronic newspaper (similar to The Huffington Post). I know that this requires time and financial resources. PN media is practically non existent, while The Times is quickly becoming irrelevant. There is a void out there.

    As for the whining women columnists, I do not bother to read even the title of their columns any more. The whole lot remind me of Harry Vassallo before 2008. His weekly columns used to be so dull and repetitive, always with the same message. These women have become so predictable and boring. Somehow they have a grudge in their lives, which they project onto Lawrence Gonzi.

    The only two enjoyable and original columns are yours and the one penned by Mark-Anthony Falzon.

    • A. Charles says:

      I totally agree with Mr. Shaw that your columns in The Malta Independent on Thursdays and in The Malta Independent on Sunday, and Mark-Anthony Falzon’s columns in the Sunday Times are thoroughly enjoyable and eye-openers.

  12. A.Attard says:

    Why the Lija address? and who is Maria Lourdes Muscat registered on that address? St. Andrew Street Lija is one of those narrow winding streets, with a high concentration of inhabitants. Are explosives being stored at that address?

  13. Gianni says:

    Joseph Muscat’s father’s nickname is ‘Salvu id-Doggy’.

    [Daphne – I promise I didn’t know that when I christened him Sant’s Poodle.]

  14. dace says:

    As long as fireworks are used in a professional mannor and health and safety guidelines are adhered to there should be no problem.

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