Be careful and don't f**k with Byon Jo, because he'll have you know that you're f**king with the best

Published: October 6, 2010 at 1:08am
Cameraperson Byon Jo (pronounced Bjorn Jo)

Cameraperson Byon Jo (pronounced Bjorn Jo)

Self-described Super One “cameraperson” Byon Jo Zammit – another one of the Labour Party’s dwarves (Hey ho! Hey ho! It’s off to work we go!) has listed just this under the “favourite quotations” heading on his Facebook profile.

You fuck with me you fuck with the best!!!!

No lover of Shakespeare, clearly – but then what do you expect of somebody whose parents couldn’t spell Bjorn?

Actually, it must be pretty easy to fuck with him, as he so delicately puts it, because he looks to me to be even smaller than Kurt Farrugia.

Yes, I know – you wouldn’t have thought it possible.

So all one has to do to fuck with him is pick him up by the ear and toss him aside, then dust off one’s hands and go off for an aperitivo.

Then wait for the phone call from the police, followed by an interrogation and a criminal suit. Because if you fuck with people like Byon Jo, you might not be fucking with the best – again, as he puts it – but you’re certainly fucking with the entire raddled Labour Party machine and its still-alive predilection for using the police to sort out its enemies.

Now perhaps the Labour elves will read this and brief Miss Jason, though they might first have to explain what a website is, and then what traffic rank is:

Traffic Rank
Maltastar 153
Daphnecaruanagalizia 104

They might usefully ask Vince Micallef – that sleazy-looking lawyer who visits Consuelo at home and defends Charlon Gouder in court – to sit in on the briefing.

He could not be convinced yesterday in court that this website was never called Daphne Caruana Galizia’s Notebook Running Commentary and insisted that the name go down that way in the records.

I can’t believe he doesn’t know what a domain name is – but then that’s the thing about these sleazeballs: they’re curiously Luddite and conservative within their alternative lifestyles.

Consuelo Scerri Herrera in court, on the subject of Maltastar:

“Naf li huwa xi haga FIL-COMPUTER.”

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  1. Vanni says:

    The ‘best’ at what?

    Avoiding handbags?

  2. Another John says:

    Il-mentalita amazing. Biex tikteb hekk fuq il-Facebook page tieghek x’mentalita’ irid ikollok? Dan ghadu tifel ta’ 15-il sena? Unbelievable. He is the best at what?

    • H.P. Baxxter says:

      Kieku taf kemm hemm nies b’dik il-mentalità. Anzi saret de rigueur jekk trid tirnexxi f’dal-pajjiz imgiddem. U mhix limitata ghall-yobs. Sar mhemmx nitfa self-deprecation.

  3. Pat says:

    I used to think that was a pretty cool quote too – when I was 12.

  4. James says:

    He lists his favourite book as The Da Vinci Code. Ahem. I can’t think hie’s read it, so maybe it’s the only book he’s ever heard of.

  5. Rover says:

    I don’t know about you but that is how I like my Labourites, with bulbs and an antenna coming out of their heads. Beam me up, Scottie, and don’t mess with me because my name is a washing-up liquid.

  6. Antoine Vella says:

    Consuelo Scerri Herrera in court, on the subject of Maltastar: “Naf li huwa xi haga FIL-COMPUTER.” (I know it’s something in the computer).

    A virus, perhaps?

  7. dery says:

    There are loads of people called ‘Bjon’ on facebook but not this one. Share the link please.

    Most of the ones I found are black men or women.

    [Daphne – Search for BYON JO ZAMMIT]

  8. Bus Driver says:

    Well, given the particular aptitude for the Labour Party and Maltastar to fuck up practically every single thing they put their hand to, perhaps then, yes, Bjon Jo is right.

    Whether or not Bjon Jo is the best fucker up over there might be a moot point, but Bjon Jo himself is certainly fucking with the best.

  9. C Falzon says:

    He should have asked Kurt il Corto who would have helpfully given him the complete title:

    “Daphne Caruana Galizia’s notebook Running Commentary Commentary Older Newer Archives Search”

  10. Jack says:

    “You fuck with me you fuck with the best!!!!” is a line out of “Scarface” starring Al Pacino.

  11. John says:

    When will they ever learn not to make their Facebook Wall public? They always leave gems like:

    ” Sill at the Parlament ………………>:(
    Hadd ma jisthi u kulhadd jghamel li irrid sirna !!!!!!
    ……………………………………! Pajjiz tal karnival !”

    (11th May, round midnight for the wall creepers)

  12. Grace says:

    They might be elves but they won the Best TV station in Malta twice. Your beloved Net TV never had the chance. It seems PBS takes the best people, One trains many of them , and when they have nothing else to offer they go to Net. It’s Eileen Montesin’s turn to go on Net now.

    [Daphne – Whose beloved NET TV? With few exceptions, I watch only BBC Entertainment and Comedy Central. if Super One ‘won Best TV station in Malta’, I’m not surprised. This isn’t exactly a country know for its high standards.]

    • Vanni says:

      In my opinion, it was a big mistake to allow political parties to own TV (and radio) stations. Only in unsophisticated countries like Malta would a party own its own station. As far as I am concerned, the only positive outcome is that they are a drain on said parties’ coffers.

      It may be argued that political parties have a right to put their message across, but surely viewers have a right to have a rest from constant political rantings as well. No wonder that more and more people opt for foreign TV than the pitiful fare provided by the Maltese stations.

      [Daphne – I agree with you that those television and radio stations were a mistake that cannot be solved because, even those both parties have been bankrupted – literally – by the expense, neither will opt for unilateral disarmament. But ‘allow’ them to own a station? Freedom of expression means exactly that: there can be no exemptions for political parties. Indeed, that is one exemption that would be especially outrageous: the silencing of political views. What you mean, I imagine, is that in more sophisticated societies, the political parties wouldn’t even consider it. That’s because they have plenty of other efficient media. We don’t.]

    • Grace says:

      You can watch what you like, I personally have no special preference. Still the fact remains that out of all the low standard TV Stations Super One got the prize this year. So maybe Bjorn is a little right in calling himself king by his standards.

      [Daphne – Is Miss Malta the most beautiful girl in the country?]

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