Joseph Muscat revisits history

Published: October 25, 2010 at 9:33pm
Trust us - we can do a better job of running the country. And if you send us a price-loaded SMS we might even tell you how.

Trust us - we can do a better job of running the country. And if you send us a price-loaded SMS we might even tell you how.

Joseph Muscat revisited history yesterday, and in the process reminded us that his doctorate is in anything but and that he really must have winged it.

“I have no problem saying the Borg Olivier, Mintoff and even the Fenech Adami administrations, together with all the rest, did what they could to move the country forward. And this government is dismantling not only what was built under Labour but even the good left by Fenech Adami,” Joseph Muscat said, in a rare show of praise for former Nationalist Party leader Eddie Fenech Adami.

– quoted from the Labour Party’s anti-budget website, www.thereal

A rare show of praise for Eddie Fenech Adami, eh? Amazing. Because Fenech Adami really needs that mediocre pipsqueak’s praise, I don’t think.

When Fenech Adami was leading Malta into the European Union, Joseph Muscat was busy squawking and shouting at him across a Broadcasting Authority press conference table, heavily disguised as a Super One-cum-Maltastar hack, convinced that EU membership would have us all murdered in our beds by hairdressers from Catania.

Now to hear Muscat speak, you’d think he was Moses who led us to the promised land, while Eddie Fenech Adami trailed in his wake, carrying the baskets of loaves and manna and fishes and hurrying to make it across before the waters closed again and drowned him along with all those Egyptians led by Anglu Farrugia and Alfred Sant.

I have a few words of advice for the intellectually-challenged Joseph Muscat: what he has tried to do here is called ‘damning with faint praise’, even though he may not know it.

And damning with faint praise is an art best left to those of sophisticated wit. Saying that Fenech Adami ‘did what he could to move the country forward’ just doesn’t cut it, because even the most head-up-Mintoff’s-backside Laburist/a, like his grandmother, can draw a comparison between life in 1986 and life in 1992.

So let’s get a grip on that one – and let’s stop slipping Fenech Adami into the same basket as Dom Mintoff.

I’m more interested in who Muscat left out of his shopping-list of prime ministers who moved Malta forward, anyway. I can’t help noticing that it’s his mentor, the one he flattered and flirted with outrageously until he got to do whatever he pleased and until that prime minister became history and was no longer useful to the flattering, flirting poodle. That’s right, Alfred Sant.

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  1. Hot Mama says:

    The chinless wonder doth speak

  2. Shar Ukaza says:

    The meeting must have been a bit exciting, judging by the – ahem – body language of the – ahem – gentleman on the left on the photo.

  3. TROY says:

    Kemm hu vojt il-boy.

  4. ciccio2010 says:

    And Karmenu Mifsud Bonnici….

  5. anthony says:

    Joey, you are right for once. This government is dismantling what Labour built

    It is about bloody time too. This is what the Fenech Adami administration was supposed to have done 25 years ago.

    In fact, it was voted into power to do just that.

    Unfortunately, it was derailed by its ‘riconciljazzjoni’ project. Pure fiction, if you ask me.

    Poor Lawrence Gonzi is having to bear the consequences of past gross errors of political judgement.

  6. Antoine Vella says:

    It’s Joseph Muscat’s hindsight at work again – he depends so much on it you’d think he’s got a pair of eyes on his bottom.

    I suppose Alfred Sant and Karmenu Mifsud Bonnici got a mention as “all the rest”.

  7. Fairy Liquid says:

    Good heavens, has the scent of power and the sight of a crowd before him given Dr Angelo Farrugia an erection?

    Or is he just terribly excited to be holding Joseph Muscat’s hand?

    When he becomes deputy prime minister, he had best invest in some longish styles of coat and refrain from raising his arms when matters take a thrilling turn.

    One hates to think of him going about his business as deputy PM with his reproductive member standing permanently to attention.

    If this is how he gets his rocks off – to use the contemporary expression – then a solid-steel jockstrap and some tough control-pants might be in order. Marisa Micallef is sure to advise.

  8. T. Saliba. says:

    Brilliantly said Daphne, my sentiments exactly.

  9. jimmy says:

    i-soltu vera bla sens is-sahhara tal-bidnja

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