Rain knocks budget off news charts

Published: October 25, 2010 at 4:12pm

You’ve got to be living in Malta when you wake up to find that rain has top-billing in the news even on Budget Day. A quick look through the online news and you wouldn’t even know that the Finance Minister goes to parliament tonight with his little black bag, or whatever it is that finance ministers carry on the Big Night.

Gosh, aren’t we lucky that it doesn’t snow here? Imagine that: starting off almost every mid-winter day by shovelling a path through the snow, strapping chains onto your wheels and then driving through very poor visibility at something like 20 miles an hour for two hours to get to the office.

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  1. vincent magro says:

    Sinjal li x-xita laqtithom aktar mill-budget (dejjem ghax ma jafux x’fih)

  2. ciccio2010 says:

    If rain has beaten the budget in the news on the Budget Day in Malta, then Malta must have made it to the status of a normal country. But I am sure this is just an illusion.

    To be fair, I think this must be a big disappointment for Labour. They would have liked their new emblem to be more topical than the budget today.

  3. John Schembri says:

    “Don’t expect surprises in the Budget. Thank God we made sacrifices. Gonzi is dismantling Fenech Adami’s work (subsidies). A meagre one euro sixteen cents pay rise. Utility prices are no more things of the Budget, and Air Malta has to face the music”.

    We seem to know what’s in Tonio’s bag, and we are not afraid.

    We like surprises, and the weather gave us a surprise and something to talk about. Coffins floating, two-hour drive to work, water jets out of the new tarmaced roads, floating cars….

  4. Another Muscat says:

    You got to admit that a coffin speed-rafting through Qormi is quite an entertaining news.


  5. VR says:

    What makes you think we will go to the office if it snows. I have the feeling that traffic at about 8am today was (much?) less than usual.

  6. *1981* says:

    So easy to distract our population. No wonder they wanted to keep us ignorant – just look at us now.

  7. Anthony Farrugia says:

    Was the downpour an act of God or another cunning plan by you-know-who to deviate attention from the budget ?

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