Published: February 21, 2011 at 10:14pm

Protestors who were shot dead by Gaddafi's men

Libyan friends have asked me to post this notice.

A call to protest in front of the Libyan Embassy in Attard today at 11am until 2pm, to condemn the massacres of innocent civilians by the Gadaffi regime.

This is a plea to all those who value human life and the upholding of human rights and dignity.

You don’t have to be Libyan to go there.

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    2001GMT: Ominous news from our colleagues over at BBC Monitoring: “‘Libyan military source confirms orders were issued for the aerial bombardment of Benghazi within two hours,'” reported Al-Arabiya TV in an urgent screen caption at 1947 GMT.”

  2. Twitter says:

    2020: UK comedian Eddie Izzard tweets: “Just sent this Direct Message @SaifGaddafi Please stop the military killing your people. History is watching and you can stop it. Thank you.”

  3. Libyan Dude says:

    Libyan Due is one of the most active anti-Gaddafi tweeters

    Ok, more important than ever to say this I guess: We don’t want foreign (and western) intervention, only condemnation and humanit. aid

  4. Helen Cassar says:


  5. gaddafi says:

    Influential Muslim cleric Yusuf al-Qaradawi told the al-Jazeera TV network that any Libyan soldier who has the opportunity should shoot and kill Col Gaddafi.

  6. We don’t need Joseph’s marketing campaign. We’ve got Twitter.

  7. Wasn’t Gaddafi supposed to have promised ‘Joseph’ something last summer?

    That’s right: no oil spills.

  8. La Redoute says:

    Photos of Monday’s demonstration

    Tuesday’s protest is at 11am.

  9. Not for the faint hearted says:

    Libya claims that its armed forces are only firing on arms depots and not on civilian targets.

    Then who’s responsible for this?

  10. ENOUGH says:

    2300: A group of Libyan army officers issue a statement urging fellow soldiers to “join the people” and help to remove Col Gaddafi, Al Jazeera reports.

  11. ENOUGH says:

    More from Hillary Clinton: “The government of Libya has a responsibility to respect the universal rights of the people, including the right to free expression and assembly. Now is the time to stop this unacceptable bloodshed. We are working urgently with friends and partners around the world to convey this message to the Libyan government.”

  12. ENOUGH says:

    2320: UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon spoke to Col Gaddafi earlier today. In a statement to the BBC, his office now says Mr Ban is “outraged” at reports of aircraft firing on civilians in Libya. Calling for an immediate end to the violence, the statement adds: “Such attacks against civilians, if confirmed, would constitute a serious violation of international humanitarian law and would be condemned by the secretary-general in the strongest terms.”

  13. ENOUGH says:
    Mohamed from Tripoli in Libya: “President Clinton said that the one thing he regretted during his presidency was that he didn’t intervene in Rwanda. Will President Obama regret not intervening in Libya… You can stop this so please don’t stand and watch us fade away.”

  14. David Gatt says:

    Karl Stagno Navarra live on Al Jazeera …

    Protest planned for tomorrow in VALLETTA.

    Is this accurate?

    [Daphne – That’s another protest. Today’s is outside the embassy.]

  15. ENOUGH says:

    LIBYA, 6:46 p.m. ET, 1:46 a.m. local: CNN’s Cairo bureau chief Ben Wedeman has entered eastern Libya and is the first Western TV journalist to report in Libya on the Libyan protests.

    “What we saw as we were driving in is that this part of eastern Libya is clearly under the controls of the rebels – the forces that are opposed to Col. Gadhafi,” Wedeman by phone on CNN’s “The Situation Room.”

    “We saw along the road a lot of groups of men with shotguns – with machine guns – in civilian clothing. They call themselves basically the popular committees that are trying to maintain some sort of order along the way.

    “Clearly the situation is very unstable. What we saw was that there are a lot of people – mostly Egyptians – who are leaving Libya at the moment. At the Egyptian border we were told by Egyptian officials that 15,000 Egyptian s left Libya, returning to Egypt.”

    “There are some signs of normal life. Gas stations are open. Stores are open. We saw … what looked like kebab shops that are functioning. There is a fair amount of traffic on the road, although I was told that was mostly Egyptians leaving the country.”

  16. ENOUGH says:

    0023: The imminent threat from Libya should be discussed at an immediate meeting of the UN Security Council in New York, Lord Owen tells the BBC. Military action is the only thing Col Gaddafi and his sons are going to listen to, he says.

  17. ENOUGH says:

    0022: Former British Foreign Secretary Lord Owen tells the BBC Col Gaddafi is “unbalanced” and that the situation in Libya now represents a direct threat to world peace

    0020: A reminder of words from earlier in the day from the senior US diplomat in the US, Ali Aujali. He told the BBC he was leaving Col Gaddafi’s government after 40 years. “I can’t really end my career representing a government which is killing its own people in a very savage way.”

  18. ENOUGH says:

    11.43pm: The former British foreign secretary Lord Owen has tonight called on the UN and regional powers to enforce a no fly zone over Libya. He said:

    The UN Security Council should meet in emergency session tonight and declare the situation in Libya as a threat to peace under Chapter 7 of the UN Charter and declare a no flight zone for the Libyan airforce and ask the regional power, Nato, to enforce it from dawn tomorrow.
    And hopefully other Arab nations, particularly Egypt, might decide to participate to demonstrate that this is not just a Western initiative.

    He also called on “airforces in the region with sufficient range to reach Libya to prevent any Libyan airforce military action against civilians”.

  19. Matt says:

    They can stick a fork in Ghaddafi, he is done.

    Daphne, are Mintoff or KMB offering their homes? After all, they are his friends. They should be proud of him.

    Thank goodness Joseph Muscat has kept his mouth shut. Politics is not a kid’s game.

  20. Edward Clemmer says:

    The Gaddafi Satan has been permanently unmasked; there are no more socialist illusions in his terrorism and genocidal massacre of the Lybian people. Gaddafi is not the leader of his people, but its self-defined god.

    Gaddafi is the enemy of his people and the enemy of true Islam, which in the courage and martyrdom of Libya’s citizens, is an expression of their faith in God and in their commitment to rid the devil in their midst.

    Gaddafi’s Green Revolution is crumbling, but he will not be gone until the last bullet is fired. Whose bullet for the demon and when and how in this sea of blood?

    The world and its citizens must express its revulsion, but not let the rage of a madman ravage the people of Libya. The Libyan people have regained their voice of truth. Now, for us, there must be solidarity and prayer with the suffering of Libya.

  21. red nose says:

    Is it true that there are quite a few Gaddafis? I am told that there are about 10 of them.

  22. Hot Mama says:

    I am sick to my stomach…reading all the crass, inhumane, moronic comments posted by some under the story about the jet fighters on

    How small are we? Not in size but in civility, love of neighbour and basic decency

    • Anthony Farrugia says:

      Reading the posts on should carry a health warning: heartburn.

      All the wackos, pettyminded weirdos, people who have never read a book or even a newspaper in their lives: they all come rushing out of the woodwork to post their inane comments based on total ignorance, grocer hearsay, conspiracy theories, beware of the bogey man attitudes, the more the merrier.

      If you need evidence of the failure of education coupled with selfish characters plus I am all right so f&%k Jack attitude, it’s all right there. I forgot the lack of grammar, punctuation, spelling, postin with Caps Lock on; it makes one weep with frustration.

    • Vanni says:

      Imma l-aqwa immorru nitqarbnu

  23. R Camilleri says:

    The moderator at should do his or her job and moderate certain comments which transmit racial hatred, xenophobia or call for Malta to abdicate its international obligations.

    Reading the comments makes me cringe. should be a respectable website which reflects the newspaper’s brand and image. Instead, it has become a forum of hatred, racism, xenophobia and ignorance.

    If the newspaper were to receive letters like that, would it publish them? No, it wouldn’t.

    We cannot be indifferent to the massacre taking place just 200 miles away. Malta is closer to Tripoli than Benghazi is.

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