Silvio Parnis: blatant clientelism

Published: February 1, 2011 at 11:32pm


23054. L-ONOR. SILVIO PARNIS staqsa lill-Ministru tas-Saħħa, l-Anzjani u l-Kura fil-Komunità: Jista’ l-Ministru jara li titmexxa applikazzjoni għall-operazzjoni tal-kattareti ta’ anzjan, li d-dettalji tiegħu qed jintbagħtu separatament?


ONOR. JOSEPH CASSAR: Infurmat li l-operazzjonijiet tal-katarretti jsiru skont il-prijorità klinika tal-kundizzjoni tal-pazjent. Jekk il-pazjent qed iħoss li l-kundizzjoni tiegħu aggravat, it-tabib tal-familja tal-pazjent għandu jikkuntattja lill-konsulent tal-oftalmologija biex dan ikun jista’ jiddeċiedi l-urġenza tal-każ.

It-talba tal-Onor. Interpellant li “titmexxa applikazzjoni għall-operazzjoni” tagħti wieħed x’jifhem li l-Oppożizzjoni trid li d-diskrezzjoni ma tkunx aktar f’idejn il-konsulenti li jeżaminaw il-pazjenti, imma ssir f’idejn il-politiċi. Tfisser ukoll li l-Onor. Interpellant irid li ħaddieħor, għax mhux indikat minnu, jitpoġġa aktar lura biex titqabeż il-persuna li qed jindika hu.

Seduta 308

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  1. C Falzon says:

    Is this real or a joke? Its becoming more and more difficult to distinguish.

    [Daphne – It’s real. It’s from a transcript of parliamentary proceedings. You’ve got the ‘seduta’ number right there.]

  2. kevin zammit says:

    On another subject:
    From the

    “This is believed to be the first time that a mother has been accused in Malta with the murder of her daughter, although a mother was accused, and convicted, of the murder of her young son in 1960 in the celebrated Ta’ Ġiġa case.”

    Can they sack this idiot talking about a “celebrated” case rather than a notorious one?

    • Anonymous Coward says:

      If they sacked every person whose English was horrible, they’d end up with no one running the site… or the newspaper. Did you read the editorial this morning? The first paragraph read like a teenager’s school essay. “Incredible but true,” as he said.

  3. C Falzon says:

    Oh my yes – I’ve just found it on I should have learned from the ‘unleashing tourism campaign’ episode which initially I was also sure was some joke that I couldn’t understand.

    Maybe I’m not thinking straight, but this seems to me clientelism being officially recorded and minuted in parliament, or at least attempted clientelism if such a thing exists. Is this Silvio Parnis that thick or am I missing something?

    [Daphne – Google some of his pictures and work it out for yourself.]

    • H.P. Baxxter says:

      In typical Maltese fashion, not only is he thick, he looks thick. What with the hair past his collar, the designer stubble and the dopey look and all.

  4. DeMarco says:

    There used to be a whole website with a photo montage…but I can’t find it anywere…

  5. Esteve says:

    The MLP is the best reason to vote the PN.

  6. anthony says:

    This is no big surprise coming as it does from the MP of endoscopy fame.

    Because of his limitations I would not expect any better of him.

  7. Anthony Farrugia says:

    From the recent PL/MLP shadow cabinet reshuffle:

    Silvio Parnis – main spokesman for the sustainable development of the south (formerly consumer affairs).

  8. Anthony Farrugia says:

    On the usual suspects have come out of the woodwork jusifying Silvio Parnis’s parliamentary question. For them, anything goes.

  9. Neil Dent says:

    In the run-up to the next election, the PN should release a book of ‘Parnisisms’, made up of all the cringeworthy PQs he has submitted in his time, together of course with their respective replies. GONziPn would enjoy at least a further 5-year stint for sure.

    Anyone remember The New Statesman starring the hillarious Rik Mayall as MP Alan B’Stard? Very similar traits – although I recall that B’Stard was on the Tory benches, unlike Mr. Parnis.

  10. Lomax says:

    This smacks of the “pjaciri” culture so prevalent in the Dark Ages (1970s and 1980s). Why doesn’t the PN give more publicity to these things? The voters have a right to know these things.

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