Trid tkun tal-Labour, insomma

Published: February 23, 2011 at 1:19am

Fr Colin Apap, who appears to think he's gorgeous

The Labour Party isn’t pronouncing itself on Libya, but on its radio station the priest with the voice of a eunuch and the brain of a pigeon – Fr Colin Apap – had a bit of a go tonight.

While people are being shot at in Tripoli and their relatives banned from picking up the bodies, this man of God (but also of Labour, which figures) cracked jokes about how Gaddafi once wanted to buy Gozo but changed his mind when he saw Giovanna Debono.

Ha ha haj. Tajba din, Mer.

Now let me crack a joke of my own.

Gaddafi wanted to buy Malta but changed his mind when he saw Fr Colin Apap.

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  1. Louis Camilleri says:

    It’s so shamefully ironic seeing Arlette Baldacchino jumping on the bandwagon and ‘insulting’ Gheddafi on Claire Bonello’s Facebook wall for the way he’s treating his fellow citizens. My God! Isn’t her ‘close friend’ Norman Lowell the very one who says that Africans should be shot in Malta’s territorial waters? And Claire Bonello clicking LIKE? What a topsy turvy country we’re in.

    [Daphne – Claire Bonello is the lawyer who fights Arlette’s cases in court when she sues those (including me) who call her a racist. M’hemmx x’taghzel bejniethom. It-tnejn imn*jkin.]

  2. Matt says:

    Often Fr. Colin says mass at St. Ann, the parish church in Marsascala. In his sermon he never misses an opportunity to criticise the government.

    His Sunday sermon is like listening to a speaker at a Labour mass meeting, always praising the Opposition. One of these days I am going to approach him and say something. But then what for?

    There is nothing wrong in disagreeing with the prime minister but he should get out of the priesthood and preach in some corner away from the church. He is so annoying.

    • Catsrbest says:

      Every time I enter a church to hear mass and I see him coming out to say the mass, I get up and walk out. To me, he is no priest and he is unbearable, at least, by my standards.

  3. Denis says:

    This whole Libyan issue is uncovering quite a few hypocrites and opportunistic idiots.

  4. mario lanza says:

    His face says it all: ignorance is bliss.

    • Angus Black says:

      Priest or not, his ‘joke’ was stupid and out of place under any circumstances let alone with all that happening in Libya.

  5. Antoine Vella says:

    Actually, Gheddafi had already ‘bought’ Malta when Mintoff – his self-declared second cousin – ruled over us.

    One of the effects was the imposition of Arabic as a school subject. Our passport was also changed to make it look as Libyan as possible.

    • George Mifsud says:

      Excuse my French, but what an insensitive a**hole. And to think that he is a man of the cloth. But again we should be grateful for little mercies. It is far better that this guy cracks jokes than offering advice on his stupid radio shows.

    • ciccio2011 says:

      And the color of the police uniforms was green.

    • George Mifsud says:

      Actually, first cousins. While referring to Libyan people, Mintoff once said ‘dawk nannithom, nannitna’, which roughly translates as ‘their grandmother and our grandmother are the same’ or better still ‘ we share the same grandmother’. I was in Libya at the time and my Libyan friends and collegues would not let me forget it. For weeks after this Mintoff gem all Libyans were calling me ‘gugin’.

  6. cat says:

    Antipatija assoluta! Bniedem antipatiku nghidlu jien.

    Anke meta jkellem in-nies bis-serjeta’, Fr. Colin ghandu habta juza ton li jwaqqa’ ghar-redikolu lil dak li jkun.

    Darba niftakar programm ovvjament fuq Super 1 radio fejn kien qed jintervista tifel li l-familja tieghu kienet ghaddejja minn sitwazzjoni ta’ faqar. Missieru kien ibiegh it-toys fil-festi. Fr. Colin, b’ton antipatiku u li jumilja lil dak li jkun beda jsemmilu kemm gieli dak it-tifel jorqod taht il-bank tal-bejgh meta jkun ma’ missieru.

    Dan l-episodju bqajt niftakru ghalkemm ilu s-snin. L-arroganza ta’ certu nies difficli wisq biex tinsiha.

    • ciccio2011 says:

      And I remember him in one of his radio programmes interviewing a lady who was having some marital problems and who told him “Ir-ragel ma jridx juzani.”

      He retorted with a tone that sounded sarcastic: “X’jigifieri, sinjura, ir-ragel ma jridx juzak?”

      Anke jien, dan l-episodju bqajt niftakru ghalkemm ilu s-snin.

  7. H.P. Baxxter says:

    Expect a tsunami of rage after this ATTAKK FAHXI, starting with a definition of “eunuch”, which they’ll invariably translate as “ragel imsewwi” taking up the whole first paragraph, followed by “qalet ukoll li ghandu mohhu ta’ hamiema.”

  8. Hot Mama says:

    Nies bhal Colin Apap ihajruni nsir atea.

  9. Shouldn’t the Archbishop notify priests that political jokes should never be made (in public at least)? And at a time like this it’s truly scandalous.

  10. A. Charles says:

    Is it true that Colin Apap was once told to leave the Philippines as his presence was becoming a bit of an embarrassment?

  11. Lomax says:

    Perhaps, I’m too serious but I cannot understand how people can crack jokes in the face of a tragedy of such human proportion.

    I’m sorry – this joke was in very bad taste. But, still, all jokes, for me are in very bad taste if they somehow ridicule this tragic situation.

    I may be a wet blanket, but that’s how I feel in such situations. I’m watching in horror and certainly do not feel like cracking jokes when I see people’s skulls being cracked open by their fellow-brethren-turned-snipers taking a shot at people gathered for funerals. I mean, how evil can one get??

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