Gaddafi ceasefire

Published: March 18, 2011 at 2:06pm

In an attempt at fending off air strikes by Britain and France, Gaddafi has announced an immediate ceasefire and the ‘stoppage of all military operations’.

Britain says it is ready to go – including from its British bases in Malta, where it is deploying Typhoons and Tornadoes.

David Cameron is being interviewed on Sky now. He has just said that Britain does not need aircraft carriers for this job because “this is the Mediterranean, where there are several Nato bases and friendly countries which can serve that purpose.”

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  1. La Redoute says:

    Well, as long as Malta isn’t known as Gaddafi’s aircraft carrier….

  2. Dr Francis Saliba says:

    Great Britain does not need to add Malta to the Nato bases already available for implementing the Security Council decision regarding Libya.

    Malta desperately needs that it be included among those nations who took part in the liberation of the Libyan nation from the Gaddafi yoke.

    That is needed for our prestige.

    For those who do not share that moral view one can appeal to their selfish instincts by pointing out that our future commercial relations will have to be negotiated with a post-Gaddafi government.

  3. Neil Dent says:

    Buying time and trying to hold on to what he’s managed to claw back so far. Now once the strategic strikes and UN version of the no-fly zone come into effect, Ghaddafi will, no doubt, play the helpless victim targeted by evil aggressors.

    Who will buy that one? What does he imagine the international reaction to his ceasefire will be? Forgive and forget because he’s turned out to be a good guy after all? After all this time, maybe he’s just been ‘misunderstood’?

  4. Village says:

    La Russa was reported by a local TV station in Sccily as having agreed to allow Sigonella for Libya operations.

  5. ciccio2011 says:

    I am expecting Saif Al Islam to emerge on TV soon to threaten Malta should the British and the French use our airports as an airbase.

    Now is the time to demand all our oil back. It’s either the oil wells, or we will let the invasion take place from Luqa.

    • .Angus Black says:

      Very unlikely as long as the Gaddafis have an important accountant in Malta counting and accounting their beans.

      Because of ‘client secrecy’ I cannot reveal his name.

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