Lawrence Gonzi and Joseph Muscat have to speak – now

Published: March 18, 2011 at 1:18pm

The prime minister and the leader of the Opposition have to drop whatever it is they are doing and speak to the people they govern or would govern – now.

They are totally divorced from reality or from a proper understanding of their duties if they do not know that this is essential.

People are panicking and speculating, but it goes beyond that. This is a historic moment and historic moments demand the very public presence of those who lead us.

Prime Minister Eddie Fenech Adami addressed the nation half an hour after the chief justice was arrested and interrogated. Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi hasn’t addressed the nation almost 14 hours after the UN Security Council resolution and there is no indication that he will do so.

The leader of the Opposition is in his den, plotting how to make Malta a European democracy with divorce.

I am watching Sky News right now and a map of the region is up on the screen, with Malta clearly marked with a Union flag. They have reported the British defence minister as saying that British jets will be based in Malta for the enforcement of the no-fly zone.

And Malta’s political leaders are nowhere to be seen.

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  1. H.P. Baxxter says:

    And yet you have everyone saying that this is Gonzi’s finest hour.

  2. 2011 says:

    U taf x’qal ir-rais hux: If the world is mad, we will turn mad too.

    I totally agree with this well-written article. The two leaders must meet and discuss and DECIDE. It’s time to place our nation’s interest in first place.
    Qumu minn hemm.

    Latest news
    Libya to cease fire and they are accepting the resolutions of the security council.

    • Breaking news/Libya announces ceasefire…………..” He really has the ceeck, I hope that the U.N.won’t stop now from what they should have done 2 weeks ago. Tell him that now it is to late and we want to finish what YOU started. there is no turning back and we are going to get you and see that you get what you deserve, It is now or never.dont’t let him get away so easy .You have to pay for all the misery you have caused, we mean to get you and your family.Malta’s position has been compromised, so now we wshould go all the way. we have to do what’s best bfor us.

  3. Dr Francis Saliba says:

    Our political leaders are not sitting on the fence. The have impaled themselves on it.

  4. Harry Purdie says:

    Saw the UK parliament in action this morning. Very professional. Explained clearly to the people where they stand.

    Quite a contrast to the local ‘no shows’.

    On the other hand, what would one expect from the Maltese PM, when asked to speak on the international situation. At EU meetings he is always placed in the back row, probably on a stool (the kind you stand on), for the photo. Such stature, such presence, such heft, such statesmanship.

  5. Gian says:

    BBC World

    1627: More from that Libyan spokesman. He says his government has asked the Turkish and Maltese authorities to help implement – and supervise – the ceasefire.

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