Get a grip, Jeffrey – you're 47, not 17

Published: June 15, 2011 at 12:19pm

I could say a lot about this photograph, but I won’t. To me, it just encapsulates the Malta where people never grow up, where arrested development has become a way of life, where behaving like you’ve got a permanent male menopause is normal, and where women act like idiots even when they’re really not, or cauterise their brains and behaviour somewhere around the age of 16, because they think that’s what is expected of them by the menopausal males whose admiration they crave.

The only thing I will say about this Virgin White party pic with the wouldbe Bluebell dancer in the background is this: that’s greaseball Labour lawyer and ex-policeman Vince Micallef hugging Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando at the centre of this stupid group of 40+ people acting 17, and looking at him like he’s his new best friend.

It doesn’t take much to work out what the connection is. Vince Micallef is one of Magistrate Consuelo Herrera’s closest buddies. His car is often parked outside her house – though to be fair, it might be Robert Musumeci he’s visiting – and he featured prominently in her infamous birthday party photographs.

Vince is a law partner of that other greaseball policeman-turned-lawyer, Andy Ellul, a brother to Sharon Ellul Bonici. When Joseph Muscat wins some great victory, like three seats in the European Pariament to the Nationalist Party’s two, you’ll see Vince Micallef photographed in the adoring scrum surrounding him and trying to touch his hem as he enters the party HQ like Christ going into Jerusalem.

I suppose people like Vince Micallef and Consuelo Herrera love Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando for himself and for his own personal sterling qualities and entertaining conversation.

Enough said.


Now for that early election business. Here’s the report on

The Office of the Prime Minister said today that a claim that the Prime Minister planned to call an early general election if he lost last Saturday’s vote in parliament, was “unfounded.”

The office was questioned about a claim that the prime minister had threatened MPs that he would call an early general election if they voted for the Labour Party’s motion on the ministerial raise.

Nationalist MP Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando pointed to the possibility of an early election when writing on Facebook, when responding to those who said he should have voted in favour of the Labour Party’s motion to reflect the people’s will. (The motion, which was voted down, was a declaration that Cabinet’s behaviour on the raises granted in May 2008 was “insensitive, arbitrary and non-transparent”.)

“I will not let anyone use me as an excuse to call an early election. My sentiments were very clearly expressed,” Dr Pullicino Orlando told his Facebook friends, who asked him why he disappointed them with a no vote.

In another comment, Dr Pullicino Orlando said he was not prepared to disappoint those who elected him by destabilising the government.

“I cannot disappoint those who voted for me by acting in a way that leads to an early general election,” he wrote, in a third comment.


What sort of grown man – let alone supposedly seasoned, responsible, mature and stable politician – discusses the ins and outs of his decisions on Facebook, as though he’s Patsy Kensit or some other slightly kooky, attention-seeking and very misguided entertainer?

Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando needs to be reminded that he’s 47, not 17, and that he’s an elected politician and not Vince Micallef or the likes of him, like Consuelo Herrera who had to have it pointed out to her that a magistrate shouldn’t be sending bouquets of Facebook flowers to unsavoury characters like Ronnie Pellegrini

The poor company Jeffrey is now keeping must be seriously affecting his judgement and his perception of what is and what isn’t proper behaviour.

It’s bad enough that he has turned himself into a Labour Party hero and that he is sucked up to and ego-stroked by people like Vince Micallef, Joseph Muscat and THAT magistrate because they hope he will be the primary agent of this government’s implosion and its replacement by il-gvern taghhom . Now, having pulled off the divorce referendum with such success, a fact which should make him feel better about himself and so allow him to behave better, he is instead showing signs of that same old destabilising influence again.

Hurt people with fragile egos and an immature outlook are easy to incite and egg on, and the sleazy Labour creeps with whom Jeffrey socialises are probably having a field-day.

And that’s to say nothing of Malta Today’s 50% owner Saviour Balzan, who has become a regular mejda tal-qubbajd on Super One TV, spitting hdura about the Nationalist Party that is far removed from rational, level criticism. He, too, is much taken up with stroking Jeffrey’s ego and calling him a gladiator when three years ago he was calling him a bloody liar and agitating for his resignation.

And now I shall address Jeffrey directly. You are mad, Jeffrey, to socialise with these people and to think they are your friends or that they mean you well. To them, you are a tool and a means to an end.

Better to have no ‘friends’ at all, to sit at home with a book or to have just a couple of real friends you can trust, than to hang around and consort with people like that. It is not because of their politics (though that too, given that you are a politician from the rival party and so must assume that their loyalty to their political cause is always going to be greater than their loyalty to you). It is because of their character, or rather, the lack of it.

People who despised you three years ago cannot love you today. They have overcome their reservations about you only because they think you share a common goal in bringing down or seriously damaging the prime minister.

If you think that the prime minister has no choice but to resign, then do the decent and forthright thing and say so. It is sick, really sick and reprehensible, to collude and help mastermind with Labour (at least, this is the perception) his ‘death by a thousand cuts’ while making it blatantly obvious that you get a thrill out of dangling him like your puppet on a chain, at your mercy as to whether you bring down the government now or let Lawrence Gonzi perish as slowly and painfully as possible – while discussing your actions on Facebook, heaven help you – in revenge for something you think he did to you in 2008, when what he did was save your political skin.

Maybe you think it’s you who’s using those Labour sleazeballs, but really, you’re just hanging yourself. The only people who respect a man who behaves as you are behaving now, as you have behaved over the last three years, are people like Vince Micallef – and quite frankly, the admiration of that sort of person is really nothing more than an offensive insult.

If people like Vince Micallef admire you, then you should be really worried, Jeffrey.

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  1. Antoine Vella says:

    I don’t know where the photo was taken but, judging from the background, the place was a cross between the carnival of Rio and the living crib of Għajnsielem.

  2. Macduff says:

    He’s a coward, too. If what Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando said on his Facebook wall is true, then he should have had the spine to challenge the Prime Minister in Parliament.

  3. A.Attard says:

    Are the ones in white vestal virgins?

    • Eurotrash says:

      Yes, in the hallowed Temple of Joseph Muscat. Vince Micallef gets to play the high priest, possibly using one of those nice feathers the dancer at the back has on her head, where they are wasted.

  4. Interested Bystander says:

    Don’t you wish they would sometimes make it hard for you to find stuff out about them?

    Like shooting fish in a barrel.

  5. anthony says:

    Lovely pic.

    I assume these are the sort of people who will be running this country by referenda from now on.

    They are the same ones who have already started ordering our elected representatives on how to vote in parliament. Or else.

    This is democracy at work. Super.

    This is the will of the people.

    Judging by this picture the people will certainly get what they deserve. Scum.

  6. David II says:

    At least he had the decency not to open his shirt and throw himself on the ladies, like the guy in front of him ….

  7. Dee says:

    “regular mejda tal-qubbajd on Super One TV”:

    I can’t stop laughing.

  8. Mark Vella says:

    I don’t know why everyone keeps referring to Jeffrey as “Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando”.

    His real name is “Jeffrey Pullicino”.

  9. Dee says:

    Re that photograph., who is the sleazebag-type with the chest hair-piece and a bad case of torticollis ? Is he fingering his privates or what?

  10. Grezz says:

    What’s with what looks like a “white” dress code? Was it a “born-again virgins” party or something?

    • C Falzon says:

      So it seems people are fleeing Libya because of NATO’s bombs.
      Silly me, I had though it had something to do with Gaddafi bombing them.

  11. H.P. Baxxter says:

    Jfry u r gr8!

    Sent from my iPhone at Level 22

  12. Tom says:

    Sorry Daphne, your comments mean well but objectively he’s out-maneuvered the PN apparatchik that he so embarrassed the last time round – he’s grown exponentially with a single throw of the dice, gotta admire him, there’s certainly more than meets the eye.

    • Joanna Borg says:

      If there’s more to him than meets the eye, then I don’t know where he’s keeping it.

      Don’t mistake single-minded obsession for intelligence or ability.

      Fixated people are frightening, not impressive.

  13. Joe Micallef says:

    This reminds me of the Roman Empire, that is, towards its decline.

  14. Eurotrash says:

    Has Jeffrey cloned himself? The one in front, wearing the porn star shirt and with his hand on his crotch, is a dead spit for him.

    Even Carmen Camilleri Ciantar seems to have confused the two.

    If there are two Jeffreys, then I’m packing my bags.

  15. il-Ginger says:

    Watch out, Daphne, you don’t want to make Jeffrey cry on national television again.

  16. TinaB says:

    My oh my, how classy. Not.

    The number of middle aged men and women acting like eighteen-year-olds seems to be increasing mega fast in this country. They look, and sound, absolutely ridiculous.

  17. liberal says:

    It seems that at the moment, the PN can’t help but air their dirty linen on the outside.

    Wasn’t this Labour’s speciality?

    By the way, the “wouldbe Blueball dancer” description was hilarious.

  18. Interested Bystander says:

    47 IS the new 17

  19. Ian says:

    Actually, I think most of the ladies in this picture do not look middle-aged. It’s just your regular White Party…get over it guys! As for JPO’s cavorting (and getting caught on film) with those guys, poor judgment indeed!

  20. Spagu says:


  21. cat says:

    Mamma mia, seta sab pozizzjoni ahjar dak tal-front row? As if he is listening to the tummy of a pregnant woman.

  22. silvio farrugia says:

    I like Jeffrey Pullicino and I think he has got balls and a REAL concience. Most of the population likes him.

    [Daphne – Not most of the population, but a sizeable part of it, I’ll agree. The trouble is, they vote Labour not PN. Had Jeffrey not been the reason for the divorce bill and so much a part of the divorce legislation campaign, the Yes vote among PN voters would have been stronger. As for his conscience, it didnt stop him trying to fudge a deal and fibbing about it right in the middle of an election campaign. So from where I’m standing, no thanks. That’s why I don’t like talk of consciences and prefer talk of decent behaviour.]

  23. old age says:

    Premature election, no way!

    Poor Labour – they have been starved of power for so long that they cannot think of anything else. Keep dreaming!

    As for JPO, he has made a Labour jester of himself. And this role suits him well, it seems. He has managed to ridicule himself on more than one occasion and he has entertained Labour supporters so well that they are starting to like him.

    The more he behaves like a small child giving in to his political temper tantrums the more he tightens the noose round his political neck.

  24. Joe Micallef says:

    On to more serious matters:-

    – A few of them are literally getting a grip.
    – Are some ladies drinking beer through a straw?
    – Why does the greaseball have his finger in the lady’s drink? Is he spiking it?

  25. ta' sapienza says:

    Hey you.
    Don’t you go slagging Patsy Kensit. I had a crush on her some twenty something years ago.

  26. A Camilleri says:

    Is the one in front Jason Micallef’s clone?

  27. chavsRus says:

    Why do pics of people enjoying themselves seem to bother you so much?

    [Daphne – I LOVE pictures of people enjoying themselves. They make me happy. But this photo tells me ‘desperately having fun’ and not ‘having fun’. And if you had more experience of adult life, or more insight generally, you would understand the difference. But I don’t expect a dedicated Labour Party supporter to have insight into much.]

    • Steve Forster says:

      Come on! We did this subject of decorum and the public eye with the Magistrate.

      Imagine if this came out in any other EU state (barring Italy) – there would be resignations demanded by the press. It’s about acting your age and respecting your public profile, nothing else.

      If you want to act 17, don’t be visible in the mainstream press.

  28. Farrugia says:

    There is nothing wrong with people having fun or posing in gest for a photo. Better than to have some old farts masquerading their conscience to everyone just to impress on us how serious, solemn and grown up they think they are.

    [Daphne – At least three men in the photograph qualify as old farts. From the point of view of other people their age (like me, for instance), better an old fart talking about conscience than an old fart trying to pass as 17. And not only from the point of view of people our age, either, because I well remember being 17 at Saddles and laughing with my friends at the old farts – who can’t have been older than their 30s when I think about it, because they’re in their 60s now – trying to be smooth and compete with the 20-year-olds.]

  29. Zian says:

    “He, too, is much taken up with stroking Jeffrey’s ego and calling him a gladiator when three years ago he was calling him a bloody liar and agitating for his resignation”

    Isn’t that pretty much what you’re doing only the other way round. You heralded him as a hero and gave him the no 1 vote 3 years ago and today you’re “agitating for his resignation”.

    [Daphne – I did not herald him as a hero. I merely recognised the dangers inherent in putting extreme pressure on him to resign three years ago, at a time when he was in such a fragile psychological state, because I could foresee the consequences. People in that state of mental and emotional turmoil need to be made to feel protected and that they belong. When they feel rejected and betrayed – especially if they have already gone through a major trauma of betrayal, which Jeffrey had done and which those putting pressure on him to resign had either forgotten or not factored in – the second trauma brings back the first and they become angry and vengeful. Turned out I was right, and those putting pressure on him to go were wrong. But if you want to read a man, ask a woman, not other men. I’m not saying he should resign now, either. I’m saying the obvious, from the point of view of what is acceptable, decent and honourable behaviour: behave or resign. Behaving at this point means being content with the revenge he has exacted in the form of divorce legislation etc, and MOVING ON to pull the same rope with his boss. Death by a thousand cuts? Disgusting. Totally unacceptable. It’s one thing being a pain-in-the-ass rebel backbencher who’s basically decent. It’s quite another behaving like a sleazeball from the gutter, which appears to be his main influence given who he hangs about with.]

  30. Farrugia says:

    You are right about 30 to 40 year old males in Malta that never grow up. You can see and ‘hear’ them when they drive their flashy-looking cars (refurbished ordinary makes) with altered silencers sounding like sonic booms in our streets. They drive around especially at night, thinking that waking up old folks and children from their sleep is really ‘manly’. And not to mention the ‘men’ who parade their fierce dogs in our streets making sure every corner smells of urine, thereby demarcating their ‘territory’ to everyone.

    However, this government administration made up mostly of old farts has done absolutely nothing to stop such rogue behaviour from ‘grown up men’ and seems to think it is fine to act in such ‘manly’ manner, even though in the rest of Europe this behaviour would be deemed inmature and fined by the police.

    Having said that, I see no connection between such commonplace rogue behaviour by local ‘men’ and the photo you show.

  31. Pecksniff says:

    The guy in front looks like ( a clone perhaps ?) a born-again Silvio B of bunga bunga fame.

  32. Matt says:

    I don’t trust Pullicino Orlando with my teeth let alone with my vote.

    It is very clear now that he enjoys hurting the prime minister. He throws more jabs at the prime minister than at Joseph Muscat. Undermining the prime mister shows lack of character. He is so unappreciative.

    He is disloyal to the party and to his voters. The truth is that once MLP comes in power in a few months’ time, they will spit him out like greenish phlem.

  33. pas says:

    “And now I shall address Jeffrey directly”

    u ajma! as if JPO reads this blog!

    [Daphne – Assiduously.]

  34. Lomax says:

    Daphne, you excelled yourself!

    “mejda tal-qubbajd” – still laughing my head off.
    Indeed, politics makes strange bedfellows!

  35. pazzo says:

    A fool at forty is a fool indeed.

  36. Jes says:

    Why all the fuss, people? Can a person working in a laboratory, or in a director’s office or a factory person, or in a law court or even in parliament, participate in a clean friendly way, with some friends of their own choice, irrespective of colour, religion, political or other believe, in a party at Giampula, which place (I am informed) was open to the general public in general?? What is wrong with this?

    [Daphne – People pushing 50 who party at Gianpula in a non-ironic way are asking for all the mockery coming their way. And if they don’t know what I mean, because they’re oblivious, they could ask their children, in their 20s, what they think. I don’t need to ask mine, because I am in no way inclined to do the same. I spent much of my time at Gianpula at the appropriate age (17 to 20s) and now wild horses wouldn’t drag me there unless it was for a wedding or something similarly suitable. The trouble, I think, is that those people didn’t go there at 18 and so they feel they have to go there at 48 not to have missed out. But I can still remember the tragic middle-aged people who used to hang around at Saddles, Club 47 and Gianpula (we used to call them ‘the parents’ because they were, obviously, the same age as ours) and there is no way on earth that I want to be the present-day equivalent. If the people in that photograph knew what they looked like to the age group they are trying to emulate, they would run away and hide.]

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