Published: July 21, 2011 at 11:45am

Emanuel Cini, the crackpot who says he is starving himself until he dies or Austin Gatt is fired (whichever comes first) is an out-of-work performer in gay porn films ta’ Londra.

What would you call them in Maltese, given that they’re clearly not ‘fimms tan-nisa’? ‘Fimms tal-irgiel’, I suppose.

His screen name is Manu Maltes and his selling points include his Mediterranean Maltese hairiness and his – oh dear – proud member. Perhaps his problems with walking have to do with the fact that he’s been trying to do it on three legs, one of which is facing in the wrong direction.

Here’s a sample description from one of his promos:

Manu Maltes is known for his powerful looks, hairy chest, high-sexual energy and his passionate scenes with partner Edu Boxer. Manu is a well-endowed top that has starred in several gay adult films, he’s also been featured in a number of erotic men magazines and calendars. A 165 lb. frame and a beautifully layered uncut cock make him a dominating hairy bear on the outside, but deep down he can be as gentle as a cub. and that’s exactly how Manu likes it.

Might I recommend to our reporters that they Google Manu Maltes? But not if they’re squeamish.

All together now: more Labour racanc. Perhaps Joseph Muscat will rush to make him a poster-boy for LGBT Labour and stick him on ‘tink-tenk’ IDEAT with poor, used Cyrus Engerer.


Oh, and I’m not saying this because he performs in GAY porn but because he performs in porn, full stop. I’d have thought no differently if he were a woman opening her legs to a hundred strange men and a camera.

And I hope that’s a lesson to the press here: please just stop taking things at face value. There’s always more to these situations than meets the eye, and your job is to find out what it is.

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  1. Stephen Forster says:

    Classic….”beautifully layered uncut cock” Pissed myself laughing for 10 minutes with that one.

  2. Pecksniff says:

    Besides taking things at face value, they leave investigative reporting, background checks out of their equation, just “copy/paste” reporting. And there were hopes the The Times (Malta) would be taking over from NOTW.

  3. Interested Bystander AKA King of Malta says:

    Austin sent Arriva to see him.

    You gotta laugh.

  4. David Buttigieg says:

    “And I hope that’s a lesson to the press here: please just stop taking things at face value. There’s always more to these situations than meets the eye, and your job is to find out what it is.”

    They have to protect our sensibilities, don’t they!

    Austin Gatt made a mistake not typical of him – he actually gave him some attention, however minimal.

  5. Neil Dent says:

    Hang on, hang on, hang on! The magazine cover date is 2007. According to, back in 2009 (link below) Cini had been diagnosed as HIV positive way back in 1992, at least 14 years earlier.

    This obviously leads us to conclude that Manu Maltes was happily ‘plying his trade’ for that whole period, in full knowledge that he was HIV positive. Or am I missing something?


  6. Alan says:

    I haven’t laughed so much since Ms. Piggy got her name.

  7. Alan says:

    This would make a great headline for The Times or Malta Today:


    • ciccio2011 says:

      Oooops, Alan, sorry… but I have to correct you!

      • Neil Dent says:

        MLATATSAR would leave out the words ‘TO RESIGN’

      • Mobi says:

        Knowing how error-prone and are, they’d probably leave out the last two words, and we’d have –


      • John H says:

        It would be worse if they try to go metaphorical and write


      • H.P. Baxxter says:

        Or they could get violent:

  8. ciccio2011 says:

    Thanks, Daphne, for Euro-‘baring’ their racanc for everyone to see.

  9. Libertas says:

    Just shows how low The Times have gone.

  10. chavsRus says:

    What is truly pathetic is your bizarre attempt to link this to Labour. You must be really, really but REALLY desperate.

    [Daphne – I’m not the one who did it, sweetheart. Manu Maltes is doing it all over the comments-board over at – where else? –]

    • chavsRus says:

      Could you be more specific? Or are you going on the assumption that anyone who criticises the PN gov MUST be Labour?

      [Daphne – Why would I assume anything of the sort, when I criticise the government and I would never vote Labour?]

    • Galian says:

      Desperate for what, if I may ask, chavs?

    • Ian says:

      His hunger strike was first made public by Maltastar, that rubbish excuse for a news website. They seemed very ‘linked’ back then.

    • kev says:

      chavRus, please don’t spoil our fun. We’ve gone nuts and bolts over Manu, especially now that he’s revealed his Labour credentials by attacking Austin in the rear… although at first I thought it was all about the €4m back-flick, but that’s trivial fluff – and Maltes wouldn’t know anything about that, would he?

  11. CR says:

    And all this is relevant because…?

    • Libertas says:

      … it shows just what kind of newsroom The Times has nowadays, latching on to this ‘story’ as it fits precisely their anti-Arriva, anti-Austin and anti-PN narrative, while failing to spend just a quarter of an hour getting background, half of which was in their own interview of two years ago.

      With The Timescopying MaltaToday, who needs a News of the World?

    • MMuscat says:

      …because this is solid gold entertainment!

    • Galian says:

      … because Maltese journalism is reaching abysmally low levels CR!

    • il-Ginger says:

      Because it shows he’s got some screws loose. They also said he was a drama teacher – in what? Porn shows? That’s false information right there. We thought this was a drama teacher on hunger strike not some shady porn star.

      He’s made his life choices and these are the consequences. Too bad he didn’t save some of that money to buy himself driving lessons and a car.

    • CR says:

      Let’s put it this way…. if this man was, say, an ex-oil rig worker who got a debilitating injury while working on an oil rig, restricting his mobility and causes various other problems and the new routes effectively deprived him of the ability to get around, people would be agreeing about his right to mobility and accessibility.

      But, just because he made some dubious career choices in the past, he loses those rights? But isn’t working on a dangerous oil rig also a career choice?

      [Daphne – 1. The right to a social services pension and social housing comes not from your job but from your national insurance contributions. 2. There is no such thing as the right to a bus route, but only the right to able to climb aboard the bus when it arrives, a right of which those with impaired mobility were deprived BEFORE Arriva brought in the current low-floor buses. 3. You can’t blame people for feeling contempt for willing and active participants in pornography, and for men who pose naked on the internet with their penis erect, where they feel no such contempt for oil-rig workers. It’s a normal reaction, and I would be concerned for somebody who didn’t have it.]

  12. Interested Bystander AKA King of Malta says:

    Now he can work on Manu

  13. Giovanni says:

    The Times (which is losing its credibility) should report all these findings about Is-Sur Cini and not try to make fun of Arriva who have made a huge investment on our islands.

  14. Reader says:

    Well done, Daphne

  15. anthony says:

    With three legs, who needs Arriva?

  16. John Paul Cordina says:

    I’ll admit to not knowing these background details when the story broke out, started discovering them over the past couple of days. But what was publicly available then, I thought, was enough to decide not to publish the story.

    Someone who threatens to kill himself over public transport woes – as valid as his grievances may be – should not be splashed on the news.

    There are obvious mental health issues behind such behaviour; while giving it coverage feeds the anti-Arriva, anti-Austin Gatt narrative which is undoubtedly popular this month, it’s also playing with fire, and possibly the life of a vulnerable man.

    I hope Mr Cini gets the help he needs. And that such matters are dealt with more sensitively and sensibly in the future.

    • Alan says:

      “And that such matters are dealt with more sensitively and sensibly in the future.”

      By The Times and Malta Today?

      You have a severe case of unrealistic optimism.

    • John Schembri says:

      John Paul Cordina, may I correct you?
      “Being gay is not a sickness” we are told.

      Is he a tax dodger?

      • il-Ginger says:

        A lot of people are gay, but will not kill themselves over the bus service. Another thing: he was a porn star – not exactly in a position to tell others what to do.

  17. 'Angus Black says:

    Big pricks and no brains describe followers of the Labour Party to a tee.

  18. Drew says:

    Daphne have you ever considered a career in the tabloids? That’s where writing like this belongs. It’s totally irrelevant to the issue at hand.

    [Daphne – It’s completely relevant, Drew, but not convenient.]

    • Libertas says:

      The Times, Super One, MaltaToday, Illum, and The Malta Independent all fall for an ex porn star (doing his act in the United States, Spain and London, it seems) telling them he will end his life in protest against (wait for it… it’s not the regime in Tunisia) a transport system he has never used.

      They fall for him because he fits their anti-PN, anti-Arriva, anti-Austin Gatt, ‘Madonna x’faqar hawn’ agenda.

      He says this is not political but lists Super One as a favourite in his Facebook page.

      All these journalists interviewing him, and their editors carrying the story live in such a bubble, won’t ask the questions anyone outside the bubble would ask of him, about his earnings and taxes paid, for example.

      They would only ask that kind of question if it’s a Nationalist minister.

      They have the background information on the ex porn star if they care to Google for a quarter of an hour. They don’t.

      And you say it’s irrelevant (to them).

      But it’s super-relevant for the state of journalism in Malta, apart from the story itself.

      The News of the World journalists bribed the police and hacked mobile voice messages to get their stories. Our would-be equivalent in Malta have been falling head over heels for some acting (in more senses than one) by a crackpot simply because it fits their anti-PN agenda.

      All of them including – most shockingly – The Times. But we know who runs The Times nowadays, don’t we.

    • David Buttigieg says:

      Still, I`m sure Malta’s tabloids MaltaToday and Maltastar would be delighted to get you on their side.

  19. Mark-Anthony Fenech says:

    If he’s going to step into the public sphere he should have considered the ramifications of his past life.

  20. Lomax says:

    I just want to go out of the office and burst out laughing till I turn blue.

    I must have missed something in my sex education lessons (which we never had) but what is a “layered cock”? I’m rather intrigued.

  21. NGT says:

    I know he’s inadvertantly brought all this on himself but I still can’t help feeling sorry for the poor chap. Il-veru miskin!

  22. SC says:

    Well done, Daphne! A master stroke.. no pun intended.

  23. Matt says:

    Minister Gatt should not have given this man any special attention. The special attention should be give to all the public.

    The public transportation was not well planned at all. Malta needed desperately a better system but the transition is taking far too long.

    I was under the impression that Dr. Gatt is a can-do minister. Now, I am having doubts. He needs to listen to the people more as there are too many complaints.

  24. Ian says:

    Thanks, Daphne. You just made my day.

  25. John says:

    How is being a gay porn star relevant to the story?

    [Daphne – Clearly, you are not thinking straight. Everything and anything about somebody who makes this kind of deliberate public drama is relevant to the story. The words GAY-PORN STAR should have been in the headline.]

    While I think that what he’s doing is insane, I don’t see how his previous career has anything to do with this. As far as I know, a journalist is only to reveal details from one’s past IF they are relevant and crucial to the actual story.

    [Daphne – That’s why you’re not a journalist, sugar, and I am.]

  26. Russell Sammut says:

    So porn or ex-porn stars have no right to talk/protest? I disagree with his actions but I cannot understand the point of this article….

  27. KS says:

    Can’t see the layers…nor the big sausage.

  28. d.farrugia says:

    He was interviewed on One News yesterday, poor thing.

    [Daphne – My, they probably had to hold Jason Micallef back. That is, if Ronnie the Bear allowed him out in the first place.]

  29. Karl Flores says:

    Reminds me of ”Jack The Peg With An Extra Leg”. No wonder he was never beaten in the three-legged race.

  30. Daniel Mercieca says:

    So what if he was a porn star?

    • il-Ginger says:

      The best this man could do in life is have sex on camera – not exactly in a position to tell others what to do or respectable either.

  31. Psaila says:

    Exactly, Angus. Well done, Daphne.

  32. Uncut says:

    “And I hope that’s a lesson to the press here: please just stop taking things at face value. There’s always more to these situations than meets the eye, and your job is to find out what it is.”

    Because yes, the fact that he is a gay pornstar was obviously a huge motivating factor for wanting Austin Gatt to resign. Possibly because AG does not partake in Mr Cini’s produce.

  33. Mark-Anthony Fenech says:

    Just another bit of information: On his Facebook wall he had a quote praising suicide, which has since been taken down. The guy clearly wants to die (he has HIV and the other illness after all) and to me it just seems like he wants to take Austin Gatt down with him.

    • Dudu says:

      He clearly wants to die but does not want to take responsibilty for the final act himself- being a Laburist he wants to lay it on the ‘gvern’s’ lap, because the ‘gvern’ is responsible for everything, even for personal life choices.

  34. ray says:

    Now that I’ve read this, I can’t help but wonder why Mr Cini is making such a big deal about his bus. He’s used to getting f**ked.

  35. Moghzart says:

    You meant “twink tank” right?

    I’ll fetch me coat…

  36. Mark-Anthony Fenech says:

    You adapt in life. You don’t throw a tantrum because someone took your favourite toy. You find another way. If there’s a boulder in front of you, you don’t smash your face against it hoping it’ll break. You go around.

  37. zeza says:

    What had his profession got to do with his complaint. Mind you I don’t condone what he does, but the fact that he is a well-endowed porn star should not exclude him from having on opinion and taking a stand on our appalling transport system.

    [Daphne – Whether he is well-endowed or not is completely irrelevant, but the fact that he waves his penis about in public and has sex on camera undermines his credibility completely. If you don’t understand this, then, well…]

    • il-Ginger says:

      It seems like a lot of Maltese have visited the Museum of Tolerance in South Park.

      I bet you in five years’ time, journalists are going to go around asking drug dealers, pimps, prostitutes, white slavers and what not what they think about the way things are going in this country. Ten years from now, we’d be getting weather reports by a man who thinks the sky is a carpet painted by God.

  38. Sean Mula says:

    Dear Daphne,

    with this blog post you have lost all of my respect that you had.
    Mr.Cini earned a living by having sex in front of a camera with other men…so what’s the big deal?
    Mr.Cini is a sick man and he definitely needs help, do you honestly think that you are doing any good to this poor chap with this blog entry?
    What did you gain with your comments?

    [Daphne – My, my, aren’t we the sophisticated one, eh? What’s the big deal in having sex in front of a camera with other men, indeed. Il-vera sirna Seksentdisiti. What did I gain by my comments? Now that, on the other hand, is typically primitive Maltese: don’t do or say anything unless tigwaddanja xi haga.]D

  39. Sean Mula says:


  40. Listening says:

    So your argument is that anyone with a ‘shady’ background (determined by yourself) or position in society is a discredited and illegitimate voice?

    [Daphne – A shady background determined by me, eh? What do people have to do to get themselves a shady background in your book? Dismember infants and boil them for breakfast?]

    It’s probably this same attitude that held women, disabled people, racial and ethnic minorities oppressed and without a voice for so long, no?

    [Daphne – Don’t be idiotic. All women don’t spread their legs for the camera. Similarly, all gay men don’t put their penises, layered, uncut or otherwise, all over the internet. So what are you saying here – that it’s all right to be a gutter whore if you’re gay? Because that makes it politically correct? Because to be a gay man is to be a whore? I despair.]

    And stating that ”’Perhaps his problems with walking have to do with the fact that he’s been trying to do it on three legs”- please, its offensive towards disabled people, and in truth, tasteless and not remotely funny (at least for anyone with a mental age above 8).

    [Daphne – Parties with you must be a blast. You have the vegan equivalent of a sense of humour.]

  41. Grezz says:

    Oh my, Emanuel Cini really cocked up.

  42. Alex says:

    And I’m scratching my head and asking, what does his past as a porn actor have to do with his present predicament? You’re spinning the story, for no reason I can fathom, other than spite and a good story. His hunger strike may be ill-advised and OTT, but still, the fact that public transport reform has brought about catastrophic results for some unfortunate people is the story here, and not your nod nod wink wink “scoop”. Some compassion would also go a long way I think.

    [Daphne – I see you’ve omitted the fact that you’re on his shortish list of Facebook friends.]

    • Alex says:

      Is that relevant? I added him as a friend to follow what was going on. I think I have never even met 80% of all my “friends” on Facebook. I don’t use Facebook just to chat with those people I know personally.

      [Daphne- More fool you, Alex. You’re about my age, right? As one of my sons says scathingly about ‘people your age’ and Facebook: “People your age shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near it because they just haven’t got a clue – open walls, bitching about people they know as though they won’t find out, weird and embarrassing photos, friending everyone without understanding that it creates a link between the two of you” and more criticism in that vein.]

      I’m not sticking up for a friend here but for honesty and truth. Why spin this story? It’s not going to win you any points in the long run.

      [Daphne – I’m not here to win points, Alex. As you know, I uploaded your story on this website AFTER Mark Camilleri was arrested for publishing it, and discussed the issue at length. This is in exactly the same spirit: no hypocrisy, please. If the man was a porn star, say so in the news reports. I can think of one very valid reason why his porn career is extremely relevant: it means he lied about his HIV diagnosis. Had he really been diagnosed in 1992, as he claimed, he would never have been able to start a mainstream porn career (if mainstream isn’t an oxymoron in this context) post 2000. At that level, HIV testing on performers is mandatory. I rather think that he was diagnosed very recently and that it was the reason he lost his porn work and had to come to live with his mother in Malta. But with this kind of person, you even have to doubt whether he was diagnosed at all, and whether it isn’t just a sob story to get a free house and a social services cheque off the Maltese taxpayer.]

      • Alex says:

        No I’m younger than you (by a few years). Born 1973. As it happens, I’m slightly more internet savvy than most people your age.

        [Daphne – Not more than me, though. I’m not even on Facebook so as not to have to deal with the problems created by other people, and if I felt like dealing with them, then I certainly wouldn’t ‘friend’ a porn star.]

        I don’t bitch or upload weird embarassing photos. I’m pretty much aware of what constitutes private and public space. If friending someone attracts criticism, it’s going to be criticism based on an erroneous judgement, so that’s not my problem, although it means I end up wasting time explaining things on your blog for instance.

        But anyway, I have no idea about this guy’s real aims. He unfriended me in fact. I wonder why. He may be all you say he is but it doesn’t excuse ridiculing him. I don’t know, maybe it’s just me, but I hate seeing people being ridiculed in this way when they are obviously in distress.

        [Daphne – Well, then, do the decent thing and call social services to have him carted off. The indecent thing was done by the political party/newspapers who participated in this fraudulent charade because it suited their agenda. You don’t put crackpots in the mainstream media and then stand back and watch what happens. It is precisely because the media is my world – it clearly isn’t yours despite your protestations to the contrary – that I know this is PRECISELY the correct place to be discussing this issue, and that’s why you’re all here discussing it, because you know I’m right to point out that he was a porn star, and that this is the real story. But you have to be born with an instinct for these things.]

      • Grezz says:

        Why do I get the feeling that Xarabank will start off with Manu Maltes and Alex Vella Gera as guests when it is next on air?

    • Grezz says:

      I was wondering whether Alex Vella Gera wrote the porn scripts for Manu Maltes or whether he was inspired by them himself for his “art”.

  43. silvio says:

    Could it be that Labour is using these seven-inchers to attract some new candidates for the next election? Where did you dig out that magazine? I am sure not in your home library.

    [Daphne – The internet.]

    • Leonard says:

      Because someone who runs a blog for fun is streets ahead of a newsroom-full of professional journalists.

  44. vaux says:

    @ John Paul Cordina

    The problem with Cini is that it was he himself who pushed his image in the public sphere.

    It complicated enormously an already wounded ‘self’. He now stands with a very fragile, very vulnerable ‘I’, seeking sympathetic audiences.

    This is, perhaps, his way of telling us ‘look I am here, I need help’.

    At this stage, everything is spinning out of control with one wrong decision taken after the other, the additional mess of integrating politics in his scenario, sounds bad.

    I am sure there are professional people who can help. These subjects are like children, they need to be taken in hand and helped, away from public glare.

  45. Beowulf says:

    What the hell has any of this got to do with Labour or Joseph Muscat? You just can’t resist the temptation to talk crap can you? As you say there are quite a few crackpots in Malta and you should know!

    [Daphne – It appears there are more than a few in County Antrim, too, Mr Tyrrell. I suppose it’s only a matter of time before we find out your stage name is the Black and Tan Prick.]

  46. M Ferriggi says:

    Daphne trying to nick the pulpit from Tonio Fenech and Marie Louise Coleiro now?

  47. Zammit says:

    The point being..? I fail to understand the relevance of the whole subject. The man is on a hunger strike. He was a gay porn star. That the latter should be so news worthy and relevant to the former is because .. ?!

  48. e.VELLA says:


    Seems like he enjoyed a lot more than just going to the beach.

  49. Polly Bonello says:

    It took me one hour of waiting and an other hour and three quarters to make it from Msida to Cirkewwa. Encouraging drivers to leave cars at home? Another Austin’s mediocre joke!

    • Grezz says:

      Why are you grumbling about the bus service on Daphne’s blog? Because you know that it probably gets wider coverage than One News and Maltastar?

  50. M. Spiteri says:

    Literally – MANUment ghal-Labour.

  51. anthony says:

    I really pity Austin Gatt.

    He must have had to deal with innumerable pricks in his long and star-studded public and political life.

    I doubt though that he ever came face to face with a layered one.

  52. Farrugia says:

    I wonder if Mr Cini is being described as a crackpot or having mental problems simply because he is gay?

    [Daphne – U mela, of course. Why else?]

    This brings us back to that dangerous fallacy that gay people are mental and need to be cured of their ‘desease’.

    [Daphne – ‘This brings us’..stop right there. You didn’t even pause to hear the answer to your question. Please don’t tell me you vote Labour too.]

    We already had a Maltese pastor telling us he can ‘cure’ homosexuality, although recently a PN MP publicly assured us that gay people are not sick after all. What a relief to know that Malta is quite like the rest of the world!

    Mr Cini might be all the things described here. I do not know him, but he sounds desperate in his condition and I think describing him as an ‘out-of-work performer in gay porn’ is demeaning.

    I have seen so many people doing worse by by ‘prostituting’ themselves to politicians in the hope of getting their gratitude…and usually they do in the form of contracts and kickbacks.

    I think Dr Austin Gatt has finally met his match: a layered uncut cock from Bormla. Remember Tunisia.

    [Daphne – Remember Tunisia! What a disgraceful insult to the memory of that poor, decent chap who set himself on fire after a short life selling fruit and vegetables to support his mother and sister. What you’re talking about here is a cheap and tacky whore who didn’t even have the good sense to save some of the money he made from whoring and now lives off his mother’s pension and has to take the bus. Valuri Maltin.]

  53. mark v says:

    I wonder how did you manage to dig out this information?
    Well done indeed.

    [Daphne – Oh no credit to me. Somebody tipped me off.]

  54. WhoamI? says:

    You’re wicked! Nonetheless…

    I can only support Edward Caruana Galizia’s comment which he has posted in the previous topic. The discussion regarding Emanuel’s HIV infection should be left out of the conversation. It’s not up for discussion I’m afraid.

    [Daphne – Yes, it is. That’s why he brought it up with the newspapers, because he wants us to discuss it. He thought, however, that perhaps he had better not mention the bits about how he got HIV, probably because he’s living with mummy. And you know these Maltese men (well, some of them): they f**k the hell out of half London on camera then go back home to Bormla to play mummy’s boy and pretend they’re still waiting for Miss Right to come along. “Gej il-quddies, ibni?” “Iva, ma, ha nghaddu ghal Enti Jo.”]

    There is indeed a lot of stigma, and I can – between the lines – read the words “Haqqu / Serves him right” on some of the posts. Totally unnecessary feelings as this is not a disease I wish my worst enemy ever got.

    The piece is award-winning journalism in my opinion. It’s investigative in every sense, leaving no stone unturned – unless you have some aces up your sleeve. It paints a much clearer picture (I am avoiding the word true here) of Emanuel and when compared to what he is making it out to be, there is a stark difference. He’s no longer the “miskin mahqur mill-gvern” apparently.

    Daphne, you should seriously consider lecturing journalism at university.

  55. Edward Caruana Galizia says:

    His past employment, no matter what you may think of it, is still no reason to deny him easier access to his treatment. It doesn’t make his argument less valid and he deserves protection from anything that will make his illness worse.

    Although I see the significance of his past in relation to today, I am more baffled by the situation that he has put himself in, and the motivation behind it.

    Mr Cini:

    If your concerns are real you need to start thinking about them seriously. Starving yourself is not an act of defiance or protest; it is an act of attention seeking. You are not Gandhi. If you are serious about your health then you need to start acting like it.

    You have put yourself in the firing line recklessly and have made yourself more vulnerable than you were before. Anyone who urged you on to carry out this hunger strike does not have your interest at heart and is just taking advantage of your vulnerability.

    Look where it has got you.

    I suggest you keep your head down. Talk to someone about how to get to your treatment sessions safely and take comfort in your friends – they will be easy to spot now because they will be the ones still talking to you even after this revelation.

    Oh……and eat something now. Fish and rabbit are very healthy meats.

    If your concerns are not real and you have been doing this as part of some silly plot to make the PN look bad, then how stupid could you be? You make a public spectacle of yourself, youtube video after youtube video, broadcast your hunger strike over a bus route, demand attention – and all this time you’ve had this filmography of yours for everyone to see on the internet.

    How stupid can you be?

    This is your life you’re talking about, and yet you have demonstrated how little you respect it yourself.

    You are starving yourself even though you know how damaging it is going to be to you and all in the name of what exactly?

    You might die. Doesn’t that mean anything to you?

    The videos are real. This blog entry is real and so is your health. Now wake up.

  56. David says:

    Most of the customers of the bus service are not interested in who is or isn’t a gay porn star. They are just interested and expect a decent bus service.

    • H.P. Baxxter says:

      Believe you me, this is way more interesting than all the whingeing and hankering for the good old days of yellow buses, and The Times’ reporting every last jabber from overweight semiliterate harridans as if they were the world’s experts on urban transport networks.

  57. H.P. Baxxter says:

    PL includes people from all strata of society. It is a finely layered party.

    • ciccio2011 says:

      Saviour Balzan aka Akbar Zib must be pretty cut up to find out that his Weapon of Mass Destruction Kontra GonziPN (Mr Cini) is an even bigger one.

  58. Bajd u Laham says:

    “And I hope that’s a lesson to the press here: please just stop taking things at face value. There’s always more to these situations than meets the eye, and your job is to find out what it is.”

    Never mind the fact that I don’t see anything newsy or worthy of one’s undivided attention about someone making pornos for a living, I didn’t exactly catch the underlying message of this piece? That it’s OK to go on a hunger strike and demand a minister’s resignation, unless you are a Labour-voting ex-porn star?

    [Daphne – It’s never OK, but when you’ve spent your adult life f**king other men on film for a living and promoting the layered qualities of your reproductive organ, then it’s worse than not OK. It’s ridiculous.]

  59. This Manu Guy – with all due respect of course – had, if I am not much mistaken, a profile on a ‘bear’ website, ie I have had a few exchanged messages with him but, having tried to look it up, I could not find it. Maybe he has deleted it.

  60. Charles Cassar says:

    What you do for a living has no bearing on the validity or otherwise of any argument you make. To argue otherwise is to commit an argument from authority fallacy. Just sayin’.

    [Daphne – Rubbish. What you do and who you are has everything to do with what you say, how you say it, where and why, and all of that has total relevance in terms of context and how you are perceived. The archbishop or prime minister on hunger strike is not the same thing as a used-up porn whore on hunger strike.]

    • Charles Cassar says:

      Sounds like common sense, but is in fact poor logic I’m afraid.

      [Daphne – You’re talking about something else entirely. As they say, a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. What we’re talking about here is trust and credibility. Put simply, do you trust the motives/motivation/sincerity of somebody who earns his living by being filmed having sex?]

      • Charles Cassar says:

        Strawman argument Daphne. Never spoke about trustworthiness of the individual, only spoke about the validity of an argument.

        [Daphne – Dear God in heaven. Work out why Jesus Christ wasn’t a porn star and how it would have affected his messages and arguments had he been one. No need to go that far: just work out why I couldn’t have done my job had I spent the last few years exposing my bits on the internet and having sex for money on film. ]

        The validity of arguments is gauged independently of the person making them.

        [Daphne – Unfortunately for you and Manu Maltes, no they are not. Not in a court of law and not anywhere else. The validity of an argument is inextricably linked to the credibility of the person making it and his or her particular circumstances. So, in Mr Cini’s case, the inevitable comeback to his shrieking about buses is this: if you blew the money you earned from having sex on film, and now don’t have money to buy and run a car, don’t blame anyone but yourself. After all that screwing for cash on film, you should have a chauffeured limo.]

        Naturally it is perfectly acceptable for a person’s credibility to be gauged on the basis of his past behaviour (although I’m not sure that, on the basis of evidence, one can claim that prime ministers are somehow inherently more trustworthy than gay porn stars). It should be clear though that the validity of the argument per se and the trustworthiness of the person making the argument are distinct issues.

      • Charles Cassar says:

        ‘Love thy neighbour’ – it’s not good advice if a gay porn star says it. That’s what you mean, right ;) ?

        [Daphne – No. What I mean is that if a pornstar whore turns up on my doorstep with a sob-story, I wouldn’t be inclined to believe him.]

      • Charles Cassar says:

        I’m pleased. My distinction between ‘validity of the argument’ and ‘credibility of the person making the argument’ has been accepted, albeit implicitly.

        I can sleep easy now. So long, and thanks for all the fish.

        [Daphne – Don’t sleep too easily, because you’re nowhere near as sharp as you think you are. Validity and credibility are inextricably linked and cannot be considered separately. Cini’s argument is not valid because 1. he is lying about his HIV (you can’t be a porn star and have it, so diagnosis must have been the reason he was recently kicked out of the business, rather than his having been diagnosed in 1992 as he claimed); 2. he is lying about his social security (“I can’t get through to the department in England over the telephone”); 3. he blew all the money he made and now claims poverty and having to take the bus; 4. there are other lies and inconsistencies if you look for them. I’m not going to do all the work for you.]

      • NGT says:

        “Work out why Jesus Christ wasn’t a porn star” – er… video cameras hadn’t been invented at the time, doh! :)

        [Daphne – You know what a mean, NGT.]

      • David Thake says:

        Daphne, if you started posting nude pics of yourself, we’d have serious trouble keeping these servers up… :)

  61. sandy:P says:

    Here’s Joseph Carmel Chetcuti writing on Facebook:

    “Daphne’s latest contribution about Emanuel Cini is very disturbing. Clearly some vindictive gay man is feeding her information. While I have always been critical of some forms of porn and some of the kind of gay male writing that is around, Daphne’s article points to the increasing need of us being very diligent. Clearly some of our critics including Daphne will use anything to put us down. This clearly points to the increasing need for legislative intervention and reform. You can see how some PN supporters in concert with the Church put down Labourites before Mintoff won the election. Any wonder they hit back hard?”

  62. sandy:P says:

    A gay men’s bitch-fest on Facebook – apparently the principle that people bond over shared interests goes no further than the shared interest of how they have sex. No wonder so many gay men don’t want to be associated with any of this by default. They’re even sticking up for Manu Maltes because they see him as ‘one of theirs’.

    Christopher Bezzina​m/2011/07/21/adults-only-read-​this-only-if-you-are-over-18-i​-dont-want-to-be-blamed-for-an​ything-by-your-parents/

    Emanuel Cini, the crackpot who says he is starving himself until he dies or Austin Gatt is fired (whichever comes first) is an out-of-work performer in gay porn films ta’ Londra.
    11 hours ago · Like · · Subscribe

    Charles Bayliss Whatever his past is, how dare Daphne comment on him like that. The fact is that this person is suffering from an illness which is not gay related and he is being let down by Arriva. He has the right to complain, although his measures are at bit drastic, when considering his ill health. But what the f**k has Daphne got to do with it?
    11 hours ago · Like · 4 people

    Ramon Casha Wow. DCG is the best argument for post-partum abortion ever.
    11 hours ago · Like

    Louis Zammit Cordina is she mal F B I jew
    11 hours ago · Like · 1 person

    Dru Francalanza she is soooooo stupid marelli
    11 hours ago · Like

    Billy J McBee is it really the same guy that is doing the hunger strike against Austin Gatt…or did she get the wrong guy?​m/articles/view/20090706/l​ocal/hiv-positive-half-par​alysed-and-living-off-moth​ers-pension.263856 &​ch?v=lmfuRaQx1Xs
    9 hours ago · Like

    Jurgen Farrugia jixbhu ta veru ehhhh qisu hu ha nighdu hekk… imma bdaqsek xorta ma ghandix tindahal fhajtu!!!
    9 hours ago · Like

    Steve Vella its his voic in one of his vids loool
    9 hours ago · Like

    Billy J McBee ‎@jurgen – agree. i don’t think daphne is a saint, god only knows how much dirt she has under her carpet
    9 hours ago · Like

    Jurgen Farrugia i think that its not a dirt thing maybe there was no other option for him!
    9 hours ago · Like

    Russell Sammut Its is the same guy i can confirm that
    9 hours ago · Like · 3 people

    Russell Sammut Vera artiklu bla sens
    8 hours ago · Like · 1 person

    Jurgen Farrugia din mhux dejjem trid tara ma minn ha taqbadt!!
    8 hours ago · Like

    Dru Francalanza tipo, ok, he did porn, big deal. x’ghandu x’jaqsam mal-punt li qed jghamel u r-raguni ghalfejn qed jghamel il-hunger strike!!!
    8 hours ago · Like

    Jurgen Farrugia kelu biex jaghmlu porn lol u mhux biex THAMGU!!!
    8 hours ago · Like

    Christopher Bezzina She is just trying to make scandal linking Cyrus decision with some gays out there.
    8 hours ago · Like · 1 person

    Dru Francalanza and she calls herself a journalist!! prosit tassew
    8 hours ago · Like · 1 person

    Jurgen Farrugia i told my mum about this article and she start laughing. She told me that when she (who write the article) was young she stayed naked in front of her kids…. dan mhux hazin allura lool ma ghandix xi tighd miskina!!
    8 hours ago · Like · 1 person

    Dru Francalanza iiiiiiiiii marellli x’gharukaza!!! min jaf xi kruha ukoll!! thankg god i like men!
    8 hours ago · Like

    Alex Vella Gregory whatever the guy’s past is, he has a right to protest in any way he deems fit…after all what he is doing is harming no-one…which is more than you can say for Daphne’s methods…
    8 hours ago · Like · 4 people

    Zach Stewart And this is What is so fascinating about La Daph. She purports to be so liberal and open-minded, yet she seems to condemn anyone who might have worked in adult entertainment. Or at very least, she casually brings it up to scandalize “Catholic” Malta, not judging Mr. Cini herself, but allowing everyone else to do so. Meanwhile, she lamely tries to tie Cyrus to the whole thing. She has such a cynical view of your country…
    7 hours ago · Like · 2 people

    Kenneth Zammit Tabona is there an anti gay conspiracy brewing?
    6 hours ago · Like · 1 person

    Anthony Sultana People, PLEASE ! do not give this very sad woman any of your attention or time! She is so not worth it!
    6 hours ago · Like · 2 people

    Matthew Attard Navarro She officially lost any ounce of my respect with this article
    5 hours ago · Like

    Warren Tabone Solis well all i can say if he did it “WELL AND GOOD” and BIG THANKX TO HIM. dap pls go and search for splitends in ur hair, u know its summer u might have cos of the heat :)
    5 hours ago · Like

    Hubert Farrugia It was not very prudent of her to do so, fine. However before saying “anti-gay conspiracy”, she is not referring to his sexuality, but because of the times article which was published last year, certain details were left out by him (assuming he’s the same person), rather than his complaints for Arriva as such. Again, I think it was an exagerated view by her, but if you read the article with the description of his past history which was published last year, one can realise that it not the whole truth and the journalists should have made a better job.
    4 hours ago · Like · 1 person

    Marvic Camilleri I am also very thankful for the porn he did… I remember thinking he was the hottest porn actor around… I still don’t understand what’s wrong with porn. If you don’t like it don’t watch it! This guy was totally hot. It s actually sad that he has complications from a mix of HIV and other conditions!
    4 hours ago · Like · 4 people

    Hubert Farrugia lol… What I mean is, seeing it from a journalistic perspective. It’s a huge pity he’s sick… HIV is a bitch, to say the least :/.
    4 hours ago · Like

    Russell Sammut Yeah he was my fave actor plus his bf! Wooooooof hot hot hot!
    4 hours ago · Like · 1 person

    Lawrence Azzopardi I thought that sort of vitriolic spew ceased with The News of the World, obviously not!
    2 hours ago · Like · 1 person

    Dru Francalanza thanks to defsa caruana gallizzia i just discovered that one of the hottest videos i’v ever seen involved a maltese guy and his bf! go figure!!
    5 minutes ago · Like

    • ciccio2011 says:

      They may be gay, and that is all right. No issue there.

      But that they want to call themselves liberal, or they expect the liberals to defend their cause, is strange.

      How can they be liberal if they want to suffocate the freedom of expression by a journalist? They basically want to control what others do or say, but then they want freedom for themselves.

      Malta is full of these contradictions.

      I have always been sceptical of these groups and movements. They are just driven by a desire for power to control others.

      [Daphne – Oh, I had a bit of a discussion about that with a friend a couple of days ago. The people calling themselves liberal and making a terrible fuss about gay rights and divorce and migrating to Labour or supporting Labour to begin with are totalitarian in their outlook, which is the opposite of liberal. They are absolutists and intolerant.]

      • ciccio2011 says:

        I agree fully. And they are also egocentric.

        It makes one wonder what is it that they have the bigger: their beautifully layered uncut cock, or their ego.

      • Matthew Vella says:

        Sure moving to labour has to mean that your an absolutist and intolerant.

        Not that you want a change in government. We’re all crazy egomaniacs somehow……

  63. Eurostar says:

    Your article implies that he has hidden his past or made an effort to do so. Such an assumption may well be unfounded. I very much doubt that people who know him didn’t already know that he was a porn-star. It also implies that he is, or should be, ashamed about having been a porn-star.

    He is clearly completely wrong about his petty hunger-strike, and the media exposure he is subjecting himself to. Evidently, his education, particularly in PR, is limited. He is right, however, about demanding Austin Gatt’s resignation.

    A large proportion of the population is worse off with the current bus routes. I, for one, have no more buses to catch within walking distance, when before I had three.

    Such articles are useful when they expose the hypocrisy or double-standards of public figures. In this case, however, the article only serves to try to shut him up.

    The Times is replete with articles attempting to redefine ‘liberalism’. Ranier Fsadni’s article today demonstrates how little people understand what it truly means.

    I understand you also consider yourself to be liberal. Well, think again…

    [Daphne – I take it from your comment that you favour deceiving the public. Well, think again…]

    • Eurostar says:

      When I first read the story, I thought “Oh Lord! A lunatic.” Then I read on and realised he is actually seriously ill. And felt pity for him. Not sympathy, nor empathy, just pity.

      Your article didn’t change my opinion. Some may have found it entertaining. Gay, porn, 7-inches, layered… I can imagine a good number of readers giggling and sniggering like school-children.

      Just to make things clear. HIV is not the domain of porn-stars. In fact, it is more likely for regular people to contract it. Porn actors are subjected to frequent checks by production companies. It’s a statutory requirement in the US, in fact.

      [Daphne – Well, my dear Eurostar, that is precisely my point. Never trust the sob-stories of somebody who has sex for money on film. He claimed to The Times that he was diagnosed as HIV positive in 1992, but a quick check through the internet archives shows his porn career began in 2005. You’re right, the porn industry checks its performers for HIV, which can only mean one thing: he’s lying about the HIV, or lying about how long he’s had it.]

      There is no correlation between HIV and porn. HIV is caused by unprotected sex. Are you planning to expose any other government critics who have unsafe sex, too?

      [Daphne – As Philip Carabot of the VD clinic will tell you, unsafe sex is the preferred manner among Maltese. It makes you wonder just who to Noel Arrigo sold all those condoms.]

  64. Labour Bears says:

    Look who’s become Emanuel Cini’s Facebook friend since he found out that he’s really Manu Maltes – Adrian Meli, managing pharmacist of White Cross Dispensary and an upcoming (wrong adjective, I fear) Labour candidate. Too bad he’s waxed his chest.

  65. John Schembri says:

    What difference does it make in the argument wether this guy is a porn star or a church choir singer?

    [Daphne – John, do yourself a favour and stop giving validity to my argument that tal-Muzew arrests and twists a person’s ability to think, for life, even if they go on to study academic subjects and become engineers and do well generally.]

    Though I’m not supporting him in his hunger strike to have Austin kicked out , the fact remains that the bus service is inefficient and did not go up one notch in its quality of service(taking someone from A to B in the shortest possible time in a decent bus driven by a decent driver, on time).

    His argument holds water: he had a better service. Now it’s taking him longer and he has to walk more.

    [Daphne – Oh, so you think that’s what his argument is about? Don’t be naive.]

    If he were in court, the judge would not dismiss his arguments because he’s a gay porn star. Where’s your liberal/rational reasoning, Daphne?

    [Daphne – John, in courts of law judges don’t decide. Juries do, then the judge passes sentence. And yes, the fact that he is a porn star and involved in a working world of lies and subterfuge and having sex for money on film would seriously affect his credibility with a jury. If you’re talking magistrates, then yes, again his arguments would be put in the context of his motivation and his credibility. This is what you have to ask yourself: is really concerned about the bus service or does he want something else? Anybody who takes his arguments literally is a total sucker.]

  66. Darren says:

    I never liked this guy; from the moment he blew things out of proportion and dramatized the bus issue and refused to simply wait it out like the rest of the population. He took the extreme measure of going on a hunger strike demanding far too much i.e. the removal of a minister of state.

    I knew he was a nutjob from that alone.

    That being said none of this article made me think any different of him nor is any of it relevant.

    His past, which he did not hide, is not full of anything illegal.

    While I may not like pornography and would not wish any of my loved ones to be in, it is legal in England where he did it. You seemed hung up on the fact that he worked in porn, and conclude “because he performs in porn, full stop”.

    [Daphne – Darren, people who perform in porn have a personality problem and poor moral principles by definition, and they are more likely to be liars because they operate in a world where the truth doesn’t matter. A person of sound judgement and character is not going to get involved in porn. That is my point. You cannot treat porn like any ther job, legal or not, because it is not any other job.]

    Far more Maltese did illegal activity in England. Maltese were well known in the organized crime circuit and pushing drugs and prostitution. Porn on the otherhand is legal and consentual. So why go ballistic over his past employment?

    [Daphne – Ballistic? Do you see me screaming anywhere here about how il-Madonna ta’ Borg in-Nadur is going to strike him dead? I don’t think I could have been more matter-of-fact if I’d been a civil servant.]

    If he had been previously employed as a lawyer, or a baker, or a pilot, would his current plight be any less crazy?

    [Daphne – If he had been what you suggest, he would never have been doing this in the first place. Why do I always have to be the one to point out these obvious things? Is the education system and parental upbringing really so deficient in Malta that thousands of people appear to be unable to think beyond the most basic thoughts? It’s even more depressing than clever men getting sucked into a life of porn.]

    Yes his current drama overreaction is a farce, but his past is irrelevant since he did nothing illegal, regardless of how we personally view porn. Please Daphne backdown from your stance on this. I live overseas now, and views like the particular one you have taken in this article are considered extreme and part of the fringe not the norm.

    [Daphne – Rubbish. It’s views like yours that are considered totally absurd. Wherever you live, it’s not Britain and if it is, you apparently never buy a proper newspaper.]

    • Darren says:

      And for the record, I did not mention gay once in my comment because gay or straight, porn is not illegal.

      [Daphne – There are lots of things which are not illegal which remain undesirable all the same, Darren. You would be irresponsible indeed were you to encourage a friend, sibling, or son or daughter to become a porn actor on the grounds that why not, it’s legal. Adultery is legal, so let’s all rush out and do it, shall we.]

      • H.P. Baxxter says:

        “Adultery is legal, so let’s all rush out and do it, shall we.”

        Careful there. Some lawyers might take it literally.

      • Darren says:

        Daphne, I already made my point that I personally won’t do porn or want any of my famly or friends to do it.

        [Daphne – Right, now answer the question why, and there you have your answer as to why porn is not a job like any other, even though it is legal.]

        You can’t make claims that people who do porn have a “personality problem”, or more so than another professions.

        [Daphne – You know, I really need a break from this blog, because I’m beginning to think that people in Malta are born with something seriously wrong with their rational faculties. Where does the screwing-up happen – at the genetic level or during the formative years? Of course people involved in porn have a personality problem. What are you going to come up with next, that people involved in crime don’t have a personality problem? That alcoholics don’t have a personality problem because alcohol is just as legal as bread? I despair. I wonder what life is like in Greenland. Full of alcoholics without personality problems, I’m told, so perhaps Malta is better.]

        There are plenty of professions that leave lasting issues on the person well after the career is over. The fact is that you can’t question someone’s “sound judgement” based on his past employment.

        [Daphne – Let me have a moment to lie down and weep. A man enters the porn industry, blows all his money, does not plan for his future, winds up with HIV through unsafe sex (at least, we assume he has HIV, because we have yet to see evidence of this), makes a total mess of his life and I can’t question his judgement?]

        And yes, I do not live in Britain, not that it matters, but good guess there.

        [Daphne – Tad-disperazzjoni int, Darren. It’s not a ‘good guess’, but an accurate observation based on insight into your thoughts and use of language – in other words, EXACTLY what I am telling you it is possible to read from Emanuel Cini’s behaviour. And yes, it does matter where you live. You couldn’t possibly live in Britain and believe that the media should conceal the fact that this man was a porn actor. In Britain, it would be the headline, and damned right too. You probably live somewhere that’s hostile to the media and uses privacy and sex as an excuse to strangle and control information – France, maybe, or some Scandinavian country that’s trying to extradite Julian Assange.]

        I’m simply giving you the offer of someone from the “outside looking in” and your views can be viewed by a majority of people as being on the fringe.

        [Daphne – You’re not on the outside looking in, Darren. I am. You were raised within the more unfortunate aspects of Maltese culture and when that happens, you take it with you wherever you go. You are never really outside. I, on the other hand, was raised in Malta but completely differently and so have been on the outside looking in all my life. That’s why my observations are accurate, and why people read them and say ‘Oh I never thought of it that way.’ Life in Malta for me is like watching a movie, even though I’ve always lived here. You, on the other hand, are clearly struggling to overcome the views and outlook you were raised with, and you’re getting it badly wrong because you lack the necessary parameters. That’s why you can’t distinguish between gay sex and gay sex for money on film.]

      • il-Ginger says:

        Prostitution is legal – “DET MUST MEEN EET IZZ A GUD TING – DURR”

    • Darren says:

      Oh come on Daphne, now you are resorting to personal attacks and blanket statements.

      [Daphne – Definition of personal attack: reporting facts about a person who has made himself public. Fascinating. Definition of blanket statement: porn is negative and dehumanising. Another definition of a blanket statement: Emanuel Cini was a porn star called Manu Maltes. Not a definition of a blanket statement: don’t judge lest you be judged.]

      We were discussing porn actors in general and their mental issues, and then you finished off by referring to this specific man (who we both agreed is unstable, but I dispute that porn made that any different) and his unfortunate circumstances and then concluded you “can’t question his judgement?”

      [Daphne – Correction. The debate BEGAN with this specific man. I can’t see myself starting a general discussion about pornography because I think it’s absolutely tedious.]

      And the biggest of all blanket statements is saying conclusively that you and I were raised differently, while you dont know where I was raised and where I lived, again; not that it matters/

      [Daphne – I can tell. I’m pretty smart for a witch, you know. Just as I can tell that you don’t live in Britain, but elsewhere out of Malta, so I can tell – beyond doubt – that you and I were raised completely differently. Forget raised: we are completely different, however it happened. Other guesses: you went to doctrine sessions as a child, you had a disapproving mother, your life was pretty narrow and you only discovered how the rest of the world thinks in adulthood, or more specifically after you left Malta. And you’re still not quite sure. You’re trying hard to fit in with your new surroundings and to think and speak like ‘they’ think and speak, but they’re still ‘they’ and you’re a bit lost. Do we approve of porn or do we not approve of porn? Is porn a job like any other or is it better to work in, say, finance? Is it politically correct to say that you would never be a porn star and that porn stars are totally lacking in self-respect, or will your new friends frown? And so on.]

      My comments were simple suggestions and observations based on what I have seen in life. My advice was that your comments may be seemed as offensive, and is that what you truly want in this day and age of social networking and media seeking lawsuits?

      [Daphne – I don’t follow your reasoning, sorry. You still think ‘Maltese’: ahjar ma tghid xejn ghax xi tridu dak it-trabil. Jista jtellghek il-qorti. Yes, right, when his dick is all over the internet and he’s the one who put it there.]

      Have a good day Daphne.

      [Daphne – You too. Say hello to your little friends in Sweden or France or wherever. You didn’t comment on that. My, I was right again, wasn’t I? They’re right. The woman is a witch.]

  67. vaux says:

    @Hurdie Purdie

    I adore wit.

  68. At the risk of being called obtuse, I’d be very grateful if I received an explanation why the fact that this man has starred in gay porn films corroborates your opinion (probably valid) of him as a “crackpot”.

    [Daphne – Here’s another member of the religious right joining forces with the self-proclaimed liberals (who think liberalism has to do with sex) to tell me not to judge lest I be judged myself even though I have yet to star in a porn film. The word ‘crackpot’ refers to his hunger strike about a bus, not his porn. If you think that starving yourself to death over a bus route is normal behaviour, then you’re one yourself (note that I did not say you are a crackpot).]

    If he’s trying to launch himself as the new Gandhi I can see why you’d choose to bring up his scurrillous past – which still wouldn’t really hold water. St Augustine was a libertine and a “living in sin” before he became “famous for the right reasons.”

    [Daphne – Yawn. Consuelo Herrera for sainthood because she walks behind the Madonna tad-Duluri. What next. X’kultura tal-biki, jahasra.]

    On the other hand I can understand that you have to make your pieces interesting because – as you say – you give readers what they want to read. There’s nothing more interesting than other people’s sex lives.

    [Daphne – Quite wrong, my dear. What makes my pieces interesting is that I think, argue and write clearly and succinctly, and that makes such a pleasant change in a society that trades in obfuscation. I don’t trade in sex. I trade in clarity, and people love it.]

    For the record I clicked the link submitted by Interested bystander. I wanted to see if the photos were obviously fake or not. They seemed quite authentic (and thoroughly disgusting).

    [Daphne – Well, we agree on one thing at least. I’m glad you think so, and that you’re not yet another one come (oh dear) to tell me that porn is just a job like any other (you know, because they watch it themselves).]

    • What utter tosh.

      Where to begin?

      a) The way your piece is structured gives to understand that his filmographic past and his ridiculous hunger strike are logically related. The relationship escapes me.

      [Daphne – Exactly how does logic come into it? This is a situation analysis, not an argument: when analysing a situation, you have to consider the personality and credibility of those involved. You look at, say, a hunger striker and you ask yourself the five WHs: “What, where, when, who and why”. Then when you’ve assembled as much of that information as you can, you work with it. Looking at a hunger striker’s (or other protestor/campaigner’s arguments in a vacuum is unintelligent, ill-advised and will result in a poor outcome. ]

      b) The change in St Augustine’s life was remarkable when he made the switch. As it was in Loyola’s case and St Francis of Assisi. And it wasn’t because they walked in a procession or because they had apparitions of some sort.

      [Daphne – How do you know? Where you there in Augutine of Hippo’s case, or are you relying – as with Manu Maltes – on self-praise written 1600 years ago when there were no independent accounts? The propensity of religious people to take the accounts of holy figures as fact never ceases to surprise me. It’s the same with the other two, but with Augustine of Hippo blind faith is even more silly because he is so far distant in time and the culture and context were beyond our comprehension. A revolutionary change in lifestyle then might have meant going from having sex with a different slave-girl or boy every night to just once a week. The past is another country. Don’t even begin bothering with projecting your 21st-century values onto Mediterranean society two millenniums ago.]

      c) The number of comments to your pieces can be safely interpreted as indicators of interest. Now compare the comments to pieces about Consuelo Scerri Herrera, Joseph Muscat, divorce and IRKOTTA :) with the comments about the situation in Libya.

      Even you’ve lost interest in that one, apparently.

      [Daphne – I haven’t, but there isn’t much left to say that is new. And there were plenty of comments when the story was fresh – and so many hits that this site climbed to 45 on the top 100 for Malta for the first time ever (yes, because of what I was writing about Libya). So don’t make assumptions.]

      I have never doubted your ability to write clearly and concisely. On the contrary, I think that stylistically you’re one of the better ones. As to choosing your topics, you’re second to none. Now look up what “modal” means.

      [Daphne – Erhm, why would I have to look it up?]

      d) Porn is definitely not a job like any other. It’s worse than prostitution – which is bad enough.

      [Daphne – I’m so glad we agree on this one at least.]

      e) I think you are confusing libertines with liberals

      [Daphne – No, Reuben, but rather the opposite: I remark repeatedly (perhaps the message will get through) that liberalism is an entire political philosophy that is mainly concerned with the economy and education and has little or nothing to do with sex and divorce. I would be the last person to confuse ‘libertine’ and ‘liberal’, largely because I am almost neurotic about the precise use of language and the meanings of words.]

      f) last and most importantly I am not a “member of the religious right”. I am a practising Catholic i.e. a member of a religion that as you obviously don’t know has utmost respect for all forms of legitimate authority.

      [Daphne – Yes, that’s the religious right.]

      • I’m replying to this now to make sure that enough posts have been written to drive this one to the bottom of the pile.

        Your 5 WHs are a valid technique. When used appropriately. e.g. in your “assessment” of St Augustine’s writings.

        Why would someone who wants to “spread the gospel” lie when his business is the truth?

        Same could be said of you. I could easily say that the public Daphne Caruana Galizia is an attention seeker and that she only writes what she does because she loves the limelight. If that were the case would you have gone through the trouble of religiously (ha ha) maintaining this blog? Everyone drops acts sooner or later.

        [Daphne – If I loved the limelight I would be on TV all the time. I get asked every week in the season. But I like my privacy and I don’t like putting myself about that way. I write because it is a compulsion – you know, like painting with those who paint. I’m just not a literary sort and prefer politics and current affairs.]

        By the same token what does an ex-gay porn star stand to gain by going on a hunger strike until his favourite bus route is reinstated? It supports the view that he’s not entirely right in the head, but not necessarily. That’s all we can say.

  69. BuBu says:

    Notwithstanding his shady past, Daphne, and your implication that he should be mistrusted for it – the fact of the matter is that the new bus system is woefully inadequate.

    This fact is not under discussion as far as I know, and people making regular use of the transport system will tell you so in no uncertain terms.

    No matter what his political leanings, sexual orientation and past employments may be, it is only this fact about the new transport system that he is complaining about, at least in this latest public outburst of his. I fail to see how his past could have any bearing on the shortcomings of Arriva’s service.

    Besides if his political allegiance makes his arguments questionable, don’t your political leanings make your opposition to him at least as questionable?

    [Daphne – We’re not talking about the bus system here. You just don’t get it, do you. We’re talking about a political campaign and the credibility of those involved. I’ll just spell it out carefully in case you missed it when it was first mentioned in the year of my birth: THE MEDIUM IS THE MESSAGE. As for your last line, everybody votes and has a favoured political party unless they are really childish. It doesn’t follow that their opinions are questionable, because if it did, nobody would be able to have an opinion and speak about it. So, when Muscat becomes prime minister in 2013 and I go on hunger strike because of a bus route, then we’ll speak. But can you imagine me doing anything so daft? That’s right, you can’t. Now ask yourself why.]

  70. L. Abela says:

    Only because YOUR opinion of porn is like that doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with it. It’s your opinion, but don’t assume someone is nasty, or dirty, or sick because they like something you don’t. Not everyone is the same, and not everyone has the same tastes.

    [Daphne – The Xarabank view of life: all opinions are equal and equally valid. ‘There’s nothing wrong with porn because some people like it’ – really logical.]

    Did you know that marriage councelors actually SUGGEST watching porn before love-making if there is a sexual problem between a couple to raise sexual arousal?

    [Daphne – Counsellors. If the sexual relationship between two people is so bad that they can’t mate without watching porn, what a marriage counsellor should do is tell them to give up and go their separate ways. That might be a novel way of looking at, from your perspective, but it’s the sensible one. Let’s look at the routine, shall we? Saturday night schedule: supper, a couple of beers, porn movie, sex in which you imagine your spouse or companion is somebody else entirely. A few months of that, let alone decades, and somebody’s going to be crawling up the walls, and not wearing a holster and fluffy handcuffs, either. Pathetic.]

    Who can get turned on by this “crap” you ask? Plenty.

    [Daphne – Exactly where did I ask that? I didn’t. Porn has addled your brain. What’s your favourite site – XHamster? Lovely. And what’s your wife doing while you watch – sleeping soundly? Oh, you don’t have a wife? Tsk tsk.]

    Otherwise it wouldn’t be a multi-BILLION dollar industry. So quit being so close-minded and accept people for who they are!

    [Daphne – Have you any idea how much the cocaine industry is worth? Heroin? Paedophile porn? Take some lessons in logic, do yourself a favour. That’s time better spent than watching trailer trash have sex with some heroin-addled prostitute. Trid tkun il-vera zmangat.]

  71. Matthew Vella says:

    Its gross but it is a job. It does NOT mean you are in any way immoral.

    [Daphne – Get a grip, Matthew. Of course it means you’re immoral – and unprincipled. If having sex on camera for money is not immoral, then what is immoral in your book? Raping children? Killing grandmothers? Don’t bend over backwards to be taken as ‘liberal’, because you only end up ridiculous. You are no more obliged to stick up for gay men who perform on camera for money than I am obliged to stick up for straight women who do the same thing. Rather, all straight-thinking women understand correctly just what that level of debasement has on the perception of women in general among some men.]

    So it is funny? Yes. Gross? Yes. Does it that he’s a bad guy who got what he deserved? Most definitely not.

    [Daphne – Exactly how did you make the intellectual leap from a discussion of the morality of porn to the participants getting what they deserved? That’s a really primitive way of thinking. If he deserved HIV it’s not because he ‘did something immoral’ but because he did something stupid – fail to take precautions.]

    • miskujn says:

      Doesn’t he get any fees on a continuous basis for his ‘acting’ in all those kapulavuri? As I see it, this guy, didn’t exactly show much respect for his body during all those years that he spent as a porn star.

      Now suddenly he’s seen the light and thinks that a minister should resign over some teething problems in the new bus service. I’d like to congratulate him for his sudden grasp of the meaning of ‘self respect’ and for baiting the journalists at The Times so deftly.

    • Matthew Vella says:

      The implication was there.

      And I can definitely see why you’d say that but I am not defending him cos we’re both gay (lol I’m not that sad). I’m just saying its still really sad that he’s half paralyzed and HIV positive and a public system which once served him well now does not. That is a problem irrespective of whether he did porn.

      [Daphne – I would say that he’s a lot better served now, Matthew. He can get aboard the new buses with no difficulty, manouevre his way through them ditto, and they’re comfortably air conditioned. And to be brutally frank, somebody in that condition shouldn’t be left to get the bus to begin with. Surely his friends and family should knock together a roster and give him a ride every day.]

  72. K.Mifsud says:

    X’ghandu x’jaqsam Joseph u l-Labour? Stajt semmejt lil Cikku l-poplu ta, ghax la m’ghandux x’jaqsam ghala dahhaltu fin-nofs

  73. Macduff says:

    All this exasperating nonsense of “not judging lest you be judged” and “distinguishing the person from the argument” is tal-Muzew’s fault. It’s they who indoctrinate children with this kind of stupidity.

    Tal-Muzew u Xarabank… ara f’hiex gabuna.

  74. CR says:

    Hmmm…. So, if a man has sex with several other men while appearing in front of the camera it’s bad, but when a minister screws an entire country while appearing in front of the camera it’s good?

    [Daphne – It would be bad if he screwed an entire country in secret. I’m not into porn, but is screwing countries, partially or in their entirety, a fringe fetish with its own magazines? Pray tell. Shame the Labour Party no longer has its own unofficial porn business, as it did 20 years ago when we found out that its propaganda secretary – no less – was using Labour’s pom-pom girls in ‘blue films’ shot at the Macina. The main star – whose labia were of extraordinary dimensions, I’m told (they probably still are, but nobody is going to pay to see them now) – has passed on the genetic predisposition for cinematics to her son, Labour Party cameraman Byon Jo Zammit. Well, as long as they keep it in the party…]

  75. Libertas says:

    Jiena Lejber.
    Qatt ma ħallast taxxa u lanqas bolla.
    Ma jippurtakomx x’għamilt f’ħajti.
    Issa ġejt lura u rrid penzjoni u post tal-gvern
    għax jien fqir u batut.


    And the Times fall for it.


  76. malicia dabrowicz says:


    Are you looking to become Rita Skeeter now? What is the reason for this excuse me, smear job. This guys private life has nothing to do with his protest, or whatever. Seriously woman, you are supposed to be a journalist, do I have to tell you that there are many sides to a person, and somebody`s porn career may not linked to their protest. I mean come on the same stupid and idiotic piece of post can be written about you too, and just about everybody else. Cant you have anythig else to do. Seriously Daphne, how on earth you are still considered a person to be able to publish in the papers. With posts like that you are lowering yourself to the lewel of NoTW. What have happened to you. You could pull of some straight foward journalism when it came to Libya, and now you are back to smearing people and posting crap.

    Im sorry but posts like that make me furious. Can t you just stick to a ceratin level, thank you.

    Malicia Dabrowicz

    [Daphne – The level is the same, but people of limited intelligence who can barely construct a simple sentence (let alone formulate a simple thought) can’t see that. They see the word ‘sex’ and they think ‘personal’. So anything involving sex – a magistrate and a police officer having a covert relationship, a hunger striker’s history in porn – is not a news story even when it is a major one.]

  77. Reuben Zammit says:

    This is disgusting. I used to enjoy reading your blogs, but not anymore. This article, if it deserves to be called so, is only a kettleful of spite. A man’s history in porn is definitely not relevant to his present political appeals, and no, it has absolutely nothing to do with a magistrate and a police officer having sex since I can’t see how this can in any way indicate corruption or ethical misconduct vis-a-vis third parties. Furthermore, your ‘jokes’ about Mr. Cini’s past performances are not only in very bad taste and more reminiscent of a four-year old white Catholic tantrum-filled girl but are also extremely offensive towards a private individual and a human being who deserves respect. Disagree with his proposals, make light of his serious commitment towards his cause (though I personally find it a very brave thing to do, despite any reservations regarding his demands) if you may, but mocking a man for his past career when it has nothing to do with his present cause is simply disgraceful. You have just lost your ‘Libertarian’ credentials, well done, you’re now no better than the rest of the narrow-minded right-wing establishment currently in power.

    [Daphne – I have no libertarian credentials. You are confusing me with Consuelo Herrera.]

  78. CS says:

    And your point is?

    So porn stars have no right to object to obstacles infringed upon them due to their controversial pasts/ means of making a living?

  79. Theo Navarro says:

    Wow, and I had thought that this was a serious, journalistic blog. Guess not…

  80. Ramon Mangon says:

    Again Ms. Galizia, whilst liking your article I still cannot understand why you always have to put labour into your blog ? Ok we know that you are totally against labour, but I think it has become an obsession now.

    [Daphne – I write mainly about politics, Ramon. The social issues are a derivative of that, or a sideline so to speak.]

  81. Dru Francalanza says:

    I believe this article is useless to say the least!! Very irrelevant and your arguments make no sense whatsoever!! I’m shocked you call this journalism.

  82. John says:

    Artiklu bla sens u bla raguni . L-ewwel nett kulhadd ghandu il-hajja privata tieghu u sakemm kien kuntent jghix hekk , int m’ghandek l-ebda dritt titmejjel bih Daphne.

    It-tieni nett hadd m’ghandu ghalfejn jikkritika , inkluza int Daphne , lil dan ir-ragel li ghandu drittijiet bhalna . Gay jew le , porn-star jew avukat , kulhadd ghandu d-drittijiet tiegju , u sakemm m’ghamilx hsara lil haddiehor , dan m’ghmael xejn hazin biex toqghod thammarlu wiccu Daphne

    It-tielt punt hu li f’kull haga trid issemmi lil Partit Laburista. Bir-rispett kollu ta , imma qed taqa’ f’livelli verament baxxi u ta tfal zghar b’dawn it-tiup ta artikli u kummenti. Vera babyish u mhux professjonali . Nahseb il-ministri tal-Partit tieghek kollha vergni jien . U le x’injoranza.

    Dan mhux gurnalizmu . Il-Partit Nazzjonalista qed jaghmel hafna affarijiet hziena u qed ihalli lil kulhadd bla kliem , specjalment lilek Daphne . Tant hallik bla kliem , li lanqas ghandek fuq xiex titkellem , u gejt tghmel artiklu irrilevanti u tal-misthija .

    Probabilment dar-ragel minkejja il-passat tieghu , ghamel hafna iktar gid minnek Daphne , u hafna inqas deni minnek ukoll.

    [Daphne – Veru ghamel hafna gid. He must have generated a zillion w**ks and contributed to the sum total of human happiness. Ma, x’mentalita miskina.]

  83. Oliver Caruana says:

    Ghamel hafna gid…. Give me a break! I know for a fact that this man lied about his HIV status to have unprotected sex. The other person is a fool for consenting as it takes two to tango. Also, when one does porn he has a life time price to pay. Daphne is just reminding him to pay his dues. That is the contract he signed when he showed his willy on camera the first day.

  84. Mr. X says:

    Il-fatt li kien gay pornstar l-Ingilterra x’ghandu xjaqsam? Please Daphne, ghidli da xandu xjaqsam ma l-argumenti li prezenta sinjur Emanuel Cini kontra l-Arriva li dahala siehbek Dr. Austin Gatt li kull ma ghamel hexa (skuzawni ta’ lingwa) kull ma miss b’idejh inkluz l-Air Malta.

    U jien nixtieq inkun naf min izzik tahseb li int biex qbadt u tajt lilek inifsek id-dritt biex tiredikola dal-povru ragel quddiem Malta shieha! Ghax kien pornstar allura da xi bniedem anqas minnek Daphne u mhux intitolat ghal opinjoni?

    Mhux bi cajt int u l-partit tieghek ghadkom kif urejtuni kemm kapacci taqaw ghal livelli BAXXI biex MINALIKOM tirribibattu l-argumenti ta’ Sur Cini. Imma nsejt li f’Malta nies bhalkom tajbin biss biex tigudikaw u thamru wicc in-nies fuq livell personali. Dik edukazjoni/umilta ee…


  85. D says:

    Daphne, I would like to know how beneficial this article was for us, Maltese citizens, to know this about “Manu Maltes”. Who cares if he was a pornstar? Oh I missed out a word…a GAY pornstar.

    I don’t see what these details have to do with him going on strike to protest against the new transport system. Being gay in Malta is still a taboo and with the high religion influence, so is being a pornstar. This proves how far Malta is behind…where’s the tolerance? Oh and please, I have a friend named Jeff Borg whose HIV positive, can you write an article about him to let everybody know about this?

    This being said, the information in this article (actually the whole article) is just useless and only tries to put shame onto “Manu Maltes”. At least I’m an open minded guy who’s not easily influenced by the media and am able to evaluate information that’s put out there/here. Now, all I hope is that more open minded people are able to do that.

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