Anders Behring Breivik's '417 traitors in Malta'

Published: July 24, 2011 at 5:07pm

Ah well, he doesn't come from Africa so he must be OK

Anders Behring Breivik, the Norwegian far-right obsessive who killed around a hundred people on Friday, wrote a manifesto on keeping Europe white and ‘Christian’ by eliminating Muslims, non-European immigrants and ‘traitors’ who oppose the far-right cause.

The manifesto is called 2083: A European declaration of Independence and is under the alias Andrew Berwick.

This is an excerpt:

“Decisive-blow” campaigns – high grade anthrax mailing campaigns

Provided we have established a laboratory in Europe and the necessary equipment, we
would be able to launch a “decisive-blow-campaign”.

This operation will involve at least 21 individuals (depending if we already have the
necessary amount of high grade anthrax) and will require a complete database of all
category A and B traitor names, addresses etc. Personnel needed: 1 administrator, 20 for

Would require 818(409) kilograms of anthrax (2(1) grams of anthrax per targeted

France – 65 650 category A and B traitors
Germany – 82 820
United Kingdom – 62 216
Netherlands – 16 665
Belgium – 10 807
Sweden – 9393
Norway – 4848
Luxembourg – 498
Switzerland – 7777
Spain – 47 167
Italy – 60 600
Portugal – 10 807
Denmark – 5555
Ireland – 6060
Greece – 11 312
Finland – 5353
Iceland – 322
Cyprus – 800
Malta – 417

Denmark, Greece, Finland, Iceland and perhaps Italy should be excluded from the list.
There are a total of 409 067 category A and B traitors in Western Europe according to the
current classification system (1010 per million).

Be creative; create a letterhead which is likely to be forwarded directly to the target

Perhaps Arlette Baldacchino, her companion Norman Lowell or her lawyer Claire ‘AD Liberal’ Bonello might take time out on their Facebook walls to tell us what they know of him, his efforts, his manifesto and those who cooperated with him.

And perhaps also who sent in a list of 417 traitors in Malta. He can’t possibly have picked them out of the phone-book.

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  1. MarkBiwwa says:

    True. I doubt those 417 were picked out playing Eeny, meeny, miny, moe.

  2. ciccio2011 says:

    I would like a list of those 417 traitors. I might be one of them: ….417 ciccio.

    Having said this, I am not sure if this number is just a mathematical calculation derived from 1010 per million (of population), which he mentions at one point. In other words, it is not very clear if 1010 is an input or output for his numbers. If it is an input, it would be good to know what it means.
    The fact is that the number of traitors is very much correlated to the population of the countries shown by the number 1010 per million.

  3. Letty tal-Crossover Baldakkin says:

    Why do I have the oddest feeling that he was a guest speaker at an Imperium Europa meeting?

    • Grezz says:

      “Mr Robert Callus

      Today, 18:37

      Around a month ago I stumbled on this website because I was told I was featured in it. They called me “stupid” which doesn’t bother me a little. However there were also threats of hanging the traitors and talk about revenge on some particular people.

      Most of those writing on it are anonymous, but they also seem to take themselves very seriously. I hope authorities take note to prevent something similar taking place here.” – Taken from the same link provided by Letty tal-Crossover Baldakkin, above.

  4. Dee says:

    If he hates Muslims so much, why did he go round killing off fellow Christian Norvegians?

    I say, throw him in jail and forget all about him. The death penalty is too good for him and it is exactly what he wants in order to earn his fifteen minutes of world-wide fame.

  5. xalataboy says:

    The 417 is simply 0.1% of the population. This ratio was used to determine the “traitors” in all the listed countries.

  6. Psaila says:

    But still is worrying to see Malta was mentioned. Repercussions of all that homophobia some Maltese were and still are practising, is surfacing.

  7. Dee says:

    He sounds very much like an anti-hero from a Stephen King Novel.”Apt Pupil” comes to mind.

  8. sap says:

    “And perhaps also who sent in a list of 417 traitors in Malta. He can’t possibly have picked them out of the phone-book.”

    put three zeros after each number and you get the population of each country

  9. Ivan Vassallo says:

    The question remains, is he a one off, or is there something organised.

    On his brand of “Christianity” it’s quite heterodox to say the least, considering he’s a Freemason and quite on the verge of neo-paganism.

    • Dee says:

      Stalin was also a Christian. A dangerous psychopath is a dangerous psychopath, no matter what denomination he may claim to be.

    • il-Ginger says:

      Everyone has their own brand of religion – new religions mixed with the old and their personal opinions.

  10. anthony says:

    This Norwegian guy is a raving lunatic, a dangerous psychopath.

    Unfortunately, security in Scandinavian countries is taken for granted. Memories of Olof Palme’s assassination come to mind. The sheer incompetence of the security services even with regard to their own PM was appalling. Their only contribution was to arrest, charge and convict the wrong person.

    On this occasion it seems that the one and only policeman who was meant to be on that fated island was nowhere to be found.

    These countries are safe havens for terrorists and the mentally deranged, which is very worrying.

    I would have expected the intelligence services of one of the world’s wealthiest nations with a comparitively small population to have had this monster on their radar.

    Even MI 6 seem to have completely missed him.

    If anybody can purchase six tons of fertilizer (from one single supplier) without setting off alarm bells then God help us.

  11. Hamallu Malti says:

    Daphne, once you had featured photos of Lowell, his better half and a blonde guy. Remember? was this the one?

    [Daphne – I managed to find the original source of the photographs on the internet. It’s actually a Russian from Moscow, called Constantin.

  12. Never mind the sonic boom or the Kraken awakening……….this is what the Commissioner of Police should be investigating and NOW.

    I am deeply shocked but not surprised.

  13. gaddafi says:

    Interesting details are emerging from Breiviks family history. His father was a diplomat, divorced when Anders was one years old but neglected the lad who had a very difficult relationship with his father. Anders dad remarried an embassy worker. He was a Labour supporter. Perhaps Anders just wanted to have his revenge on his dad? Who knows …

  14. Hamallu Malti says:

    Help determine if the guy in blue shirt could be Anders:

    [Daphne – It isn’t. I replied to your comment earlier and told you that it’s a Russian called Constantin. I even provided you with a link.]

  15. Bob says:

    What are you on about Psaila?

    For all those stressing he is a CHRISTIAN do not forget he s a FREEMASON – these adore others before God and usually they are wealthy and powerful individuals – brain washers and what else.

    AS you are good at questioning – does the MLP get thier candidates and officials to ake an oath that they are not Freemasons as the PN do?

    Freemasonary is something quite Socialist in the way it works. Quite a mixed up guy he was. Anders I mean (not Cyrus)

  16. anthony says:


    Every minute the news bulletins are reinforcing my argument. No wonder Stoltenberg is constantly in tears.

    He should stop weeping and do the honourable thing. Then go back to smoking pot to drown his sorrows.

    Unbelievable. The police boats were not sufficiently seaworthy. They had to commandeer private boats to get to the island. This, in a country which boasts onehundred thousand islands

    No police helicopter was available in Oslo.

    This is what the Oslo police chief is saying.

    The security services arrived at least sixty minutes after the butchering started. Some eyewitnesses say ninety.

    Jens Stoltenberg, shame on you and your government.

    We, in little Malta, could teach you and your socialist cronies a thing or two. The least you could do for your country is to disappear.

  17. Grezz says:

    “If he is found to be of sound mind, and if he is jailed, he will have time to write more – but the maximum sentence in Norway is 21 years.

    With time off for good behaviour, theoretically he could be free before he is 50 years old.

    During that time he may become an icon for the far reaches of the neo-Nazi movement.

    Publicly few would dare voice support for his alleged acions but privately there will be those who will study them, and his writings, and approve of them.” –—Tim-Marshall/Article/201107416036509?lpos=World_News_Carousel_Region_1&lid=ARTICLE_16036509_Norway_Massacre%3A_Suspect_Anders_Behring_Breiviks_Manifesto_Blueprint_For_Revolution_-_Tim_Marshall

  18. What on earth makes you all so bloody cocksure that Malta would not be as inefficient as Norway should something of the sort happen here? Min jitkasa jaqa fil-kasa. The police had better pull their socks up. There’s a war on in case you hadn’t noticed. Several in fact!

  19. and we need to know who is on that list and who supplied him with it asap

    • Grezz says:

      There is one Maltese person and his fundamentalist group that came to everyone’s mind on hearing that the Utoya/Oslo attacker was a neo-Nazi.

      Although arson attacks attributed to such group have never been proven, the pointers are all there, and it is about time that the powers-that-be take them seriously, especially after the Norway attacks, and especially since Brieviks himself has stated that there are two cells poised for attack –

    • H.P. Baxxter says:

      Don’t be daft. He just took his calculator and worked out 0.1% of 417 000, which is the Maltese population. It’s not a numbered list. What is with this country and conspiracies lately? We hear a bang and automatically it has to be a missile. Some psychopath goes on a shooting spree and Norman Lowell has to be the mastermind.

      • Grezz says:

        Finland’s population is not 322,000, is it?

        Maybe you’re not up-to-date with the news, but Andrew Breivik has stated (assuming that he is to be believed, that is) that there are two terror cells poised and ready to attack.

        Who’s to say whether it’s true or not? That said, who would have said that anyone would have carried out attacks such as the ones of last Friday, and in Norway, of all places?

      • H.P. Baxxter says:

        Er, Finland’s population is 5,338,395. That’s 5353 times 1000. I’m to the minute with the news, and Andrew Breivik, like many a disturbed killer, has stated lots of things which are simply not true.

        Who’s to say whether it’s true or not? All we can say is that Norman Lowell is too far down the pecking order of white nationalists for him to be the mastermind of anything.

        Besides, white nationalist terrorism is a rare phenomenon, and most of the agitation and meticulous planning on white nationalist or far right websites is just that.

        For pity’s sake, chaps, now that Bin Laden is dead, let’s not go rushing to find another Bogeyman to fear.

  20. Polly Bonello says:

    Well, well well, your anti-hero fascist sympathizer admires your Nationalist Party and considers the PN as a far right Party! Unlike you, foreigners do not have blinkers,and do not position your confessional Party on the Liberal track: actions, it seems speak better than perceptions!

    [Daphne – Exhausting. Really tedious.]

  21. Grezz says:

    He may as well have been Maltese – “Described by friends as a ‘mummy’s boy’ who did not leave home until the age of 30, he had few friends and no serious girlfriends and his writings betray a deep bitterness at being abandoned by his father at the age of 15.”

  22. Crypto says:

    Just a thought …

    A quick look at the numbers shows a lot of digit repetition in pairs e.g. Sweden 9393 Norway 4848.

    This looks a lot like someone has tried to make rough figures appear precise by adding a pseudo-random in the place of zeroes. The psuedo-random is unimaginative enough to make this scheme very obvious.

    My guess is, therefore, that there is no list of names. The numbers attached to each country were made up on the spot.

  23. I don’t think HIS list is of any concern. It’s more the list of 50 traitors the Maltese neo-Nazis are talking about that concerns me.

    The arson attacks of 2006 happened. And these people are fundamentalists.

    • Grezz says:

      What makes you think that the two lists are unrelated? Who would be the most likely to have supplied the supposed 417 names on Brievik’s list?

  24. Edward Caruana Galizia says:

    Little Miss Etoile Noir, moderator of Vivamalta, added the guy on facebook. And now he/she goes on about how sad the whole thing is. You mentioned him/ her once on this blog, but I don’t remember who he/she is.

    How stupid can one be? If you are part of such an organization, you are going to attract these people. That is why you are disliked by normal intelligent and compassionate people.

    [Daphne – So now the racists have me down as the Botox Queen. Me, a person who doesn’t even bother wearing make-up. I suppose they think bad skin and wrinkles are inevitable at 46. X’nies.]

  25. kev says:

    Always among the first to take the bait. You wouldn’t be expected to spot a charade at this level, really. But why not check (intensely) what Operation Gladio was all about – and also check which, if any, ‘national movements’ are actually calling for violence… For those who are just starting to spot the pattern, get some hints from The rest, keep to Poodles, Gatts and Engerers, and stay away from ‘anarchists’ and ‘extremists’ for you don;t know what you’re talking about.

    • H.P. Baxxter says:

      We’re prepared for the coming Rapture, kev. As I speak, Ciccio is oiling our shotguns and checking our food stores in the basement.

      We’ve enough beef jerky and hard candy to last us fifteen months. I’m zeroing my assault rifles and loading our ammo belts, occasionally wiping the sweat as it trickles down past my Confederate bandanna. This durn federal guv’ment won’t never take our freedom! From my cold, dead hand.

      • ciccio2011 says:

        Precisely, Baxxter. I’ve just finished wiping the guns from that oil we got from a famous snake-oil merchant and I am now preparing some explosives with that stuff we bought from his father.

      • kev says:

        Flippancy is one way to avoid debate when you’re out of ammo, Baxxter.

        I’ll be succinct without being flippant:

        Breivik is a deranged useful idiot who has been aided and abetted by global and local hidden forces as part of the globalists’ aim of extending the West’s ‘war on terror’ from ‘Al Qaeda’ to white ‘extremists’, ‘anarchists’, ‘nationalists’,etc… thereby muzzling political dissent, not just in Norway but across the Western world.

        The ‘strategia della tensione’ is what forces people to yearn for more security and police powers.

        That is what the evidence suggests – and as it relates to similar events over the past decades, where the same pattern emerges – the Oklahoma bombing is one precursor, the Bologna bombing is an earlier one.

      • H.P. Baxxter says:

        “Tensione” makes you yearn for authority?

        Poppycock. That’s if you’re already paranoid. Me, I yearn for humour, music hall ditties, and a little badinage on the side.

        P.S. Political dissent (the real one, not PN vs MLP bickering) is already muzzled back here in Lilliput. No one wants to rock the boat. “Initiatives” and “dialogues” are just talking shops with a buffet at the end (in a suitably expensive venue). And editors would rather fill their pages with letters on Christ’s love for mankind than political debate.

        But it didn’t take a school massacre to get us here. It took Xarabank and Muzew.

      • kev says:

        Yes, that’s what they believe, that this strategy instils fear in the masses leading them to relinquish their rights to privacy and dignity.

        Francesco Cossiga had explained this some years ago.

        He should know, for he was the interior minister at a time when ‘elements of his ministry’ colluded with elements within the CIA, NATO, the P2 masonic lodge and elements within the Italian far-right movement in ‘Operation Gladio’, which among other atrocities, perpetrated the 1980 Bologna bombing and falsely blamed it on the Brigade Rosse.

        This is mainstream info, by the way. Look it up.

        With the Oklahoma bombing there’s been less mainstream info but the bewildering truth has surfaced sufficiently.

        Good remark about Xarabank and tal-Muzew, Baxxter – indeed at times I forget what I’m dealing with here.

  26. Psaila says:

    Nice pics of ‘the group’ Daphne. Think I’ll print them in black and white.

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