Labour surpasses itself in progressive liberalism

Published: July 28, 2011 at 11:36pm

The people at the Labour website tasteyourownmedicine, reacting with predictable hysteria and like the scum that they are to my earlier post, are once again seeking to associate my sons with cocaine dealing, and what’s more, near a school.

This is a vicious lie. Obviously it is, to anyone who knows us, but to those who don’t – the sort who think, for instance, that I’m an ugly, fat, hamalla witch because that’s what Labour told them – it has to be spelled out.

The matter was reported to the police commissioner some months ago by means of a formal complaint (kwerela), when the article first appeared. We have heard nothing since.

The Labour dregs who stupidly posted a link to the original tasteyourownmedicine article on their Facebook walls all received official letters threatening them with immediate legal action.

Anybody posting a link to today’s piece will have a report filed against them with the police and will also be sued civilly.

This lie first began to be circulated a few days before the last general election – what a surprise – by means of an email from the General Workers Union’s hotels and restaurants section, to its members. I was alerted to it at once by somebody who received it and forwarded it to me, complete with the details of the GWU email address from which it was sent.

The matter was reported to the police commissioner. Within hours, the General Workers Union hand-delivered a letter of abject apology and admission to my husband’s office, signed by its lawyer.

I lived the first half of my life under the Labour Party and no depths they can stoop to will ever surprise or shock me. I know the social dregs that pull the strings in the party now and nothing they do will surprise me either.

The Labour Party under which I grew up was immoral. The Labour Party under Joseph Muscat is amoral.

Unable to get at me because they know I am totally impervious to their lies, threats and bullying, they instead try to get at a mother through her weakest point: her children, whose names they try to blacken until she finally gives in and quits showing them up.

You really, but really, have to be Labour.

My sons are private citizens and guard their privacy fiercely, as they are entitled to do. They do not like me talking about them, and I do not like talking about them either – and because I do not talk about them, the dregs of society that pass for a political party think it’s because I have something to hide. Because in their immensely vulgar circles, if you’ve got it then you flaunt it, and even when you’ve got nothing to flaunt you do so all the same.

Well, it’s about time I rubbed their noses in it. And rubbed their noses in it again. And again.

My eldest son graduated with honours in international relations from the University of Malta, then read financial journalism at the Danish School of Journalism in Aarhus, the University of Amsterdam and City University in London, from where he graduated with distinction – one of very few to do so – from the masters programme. Subsequent to that, he was a visiting scholar at the University of California, Berkeley. He is a completely self-taught software and programming wizard who works in London developing web-based applications for The Financial Times Group.

My second son graduated with honours in international relations from the University of Malta, then from the masters programme at the Mediterranean Academy of Diplomatic Studies/University of Malta. He then read for a masters degree in EU-International Relations at the College of Europe in Bruges, graduating with merit. He did not obtain one of the two places offered each year to Malta and allocated through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He was offered the place directly by the College on the strength of his application. He worked at the EU Delegation in Tel Aviv after graduating and now works for the European Parliament. I will underscore the fact that the EU Delegation has nothing to do with Malta and that the ambassador at the time, whose speeches he wrote, was British.

My third son – made famous by Super One in the last general election when they harassed him at a university debate and he told them where to stick their camera – graduated from the University of Malta with a first-class honours degree in geography. At 20 years old, he was offered a place at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) to read for a master’s degree in economic history, and he graduated with distinction in the top 5%-10% of his class. At just 21 years old, the LSE offered him a place on its doctoral programme and that’s where he is now, while supporting himself by working as a research analyst at Facebook.

To cheese off Labour’s Kurt Farrugia and Super One cameraman Byon Jo Zammit even more than they are cheesed off already by feelings of inferiority at all possible levels, they are also much taller than they are (obviously), handsome, know exactly how to behave in any given situation, are supremely well informed, have excellent conversational skills, speak perfect English, write really well, and adapt easily to life anywhere because they were given a liberal upbringing with absolutely no prejudice against race, colour, creed or sexual orientation.

Within the next few hours I am going to receive three really angry telephone calls, but the truth has to be spelled out and the facts laid bare.

And if it makes Kurt and Byon Jo feel even smaller in more ways than one, that’s a side benefit.

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  1. Edward Caruana Galizia says:

    That website is going to be the reason why the Labour Party will fail – and I believe it will fail.

    • P Shaw says:

      Edward, I wish your prediction is correct, but I have my doubts. The Maltese electorate is not that sophisticated and tend to take everything at face value.

      This website blog is not read by the average man/woman in the street. I was amazed recently, when I was trying to make certain people aware of it, that so many people had never heard of it. Most people in Malta still tend to listen to/watch the news on TV rather than surfing the web and comparing reports on any one issue.

      • .Angus Black says:

        P Shaw, while I agree with you that most of the public is not all that sophisticated, it is however quite perceptive and can work out that today they live much better than even 15 years ago let alone 30.

        They can also figure out that with Joseph in command and surrounded by some nasty samples of the 70s and 80s, their aim is to grab power, control everything and everyone and quickly turn the clock back to those horrid years.

        It is for this reason why we cannot and will not forget the past performance of the Socialist regimes and their violent tactics. Our youth has to be made aware of the pitfalls of electing a Labour government who has proved to be so disastrous in the past.

    • ciccio2011 says:

      Edward, I think this website is going to be the reason why the Labour Party will fail.

    • dery says:

      Edward, I’d be extremely surprised if labour were not to win the next election. That site mainly attacks Daphne who has no official association withe the PN. How many people do you think have even ever heard of it? But everyone knows who Daphne is :-)

  2. Joe Micallef says:

    Even the list of academic achievements is taller than despicable Kurt – sometimes I do try (without ever even getting close) to pity him, given his asinine “capo”.

  3. dery says:

    Excuse my ignorance of things internet. But if as you say theirs are complete and utter lies, can’t the people who are writing them be found and prosecuted?

    [Daphne – Not necessarily. They’re anonymous, their site isn’t hosted in Malta, and the registration name is false. I have a pretty good idea of who they are, but the police need more than mere suspicion to go on to lift and search computers. Then when the computer is communal – in an office, for instance – you’ve got to prove that it was person X and not person Y. The site was promoted by various members of Forum Zaghzagh Laburisti on the very day it was set up. Basically, they are in a position where they can say anything they like to invent, about anyone who gets in their way, from behind a screen of anonymity – or rather, not anonymity but unprovable identity. The police have received several reports about that site from the various individuals who have been lied about and slandered. Basically, what we are looking at here are the same people who did what they did to Joe Mizzi/PBS.]

  4. Zorro says:

    You’re always good D, but when you lose it you’re even better. About bloody time you spelt it out for those ‘knee high to a grasshopper’ losers. Come to think of it, Joey can’t get anyone better to lick his sorry ass.

  5. dery says:

    [Daphne – I haven’t published your note to me, as you requested, but please send me any relevant news links.]

  6. Matthew Vella says:

    Good for you! Your sons sound great. I wouldn’t put much thought into that website…..

    Some who will probably vote labour next election.

  7. Jozef says:

    They won’t stop.

    They think life starts as soon as their party is in power, and you are an obstacle to their happiness.

    Their idea of state is restricted to the political.

    They chose the word movement carefully, intending to go beyond party, betraying an instinct to exclude anyone outside the boundary set by them.

    They insist on defining this as the state.

    Their vocation is fundamentally totalitarian.

    I don’t agree that Labour will fail because of the website. Labour will fail because they allow association with such a website.

    They allow it because they have no respect for themselves let alone for others.

    Imagine these people attending to matters of the state.

    They should be a political party. What I see is something akin to early fascism; arrogating the powers of the judiciary, politicising lifestyles, promoting isolationism and encouraging hate.

    You have all my support.

    • Jo says:

      John, this happened long before the divorce issue. Are we at a point where whatever happens will be blamed because the Maltese people voted for divorce?

      • John Schembri says:

        Never mind the story. Look at the picture, and ask yourself “Is this the type of MP I want to represent me?”

        Same applies to our MP dressed in white shown on this blog.

        Let me be clear, I know that there are gay MPs and heads of other government institutions who are openly gay, but they just keep doing their own business without shoving us with their personal agenda or exhibiting their private sexual lives.

        This also applies to John Attard Montalto who once wrote about the red knickers of his wife on a supposedly Valentine’s edition of a Sunday magazine.

        In parliament and the civil service we need people whose well-prioritised agenda should be to move our country forward in all aspects of our lives.

        Politicians who behave badly scare away valid and able people from our political scene and put off voters like me from the political parties they embrace.

        We don’t need womanisers and exhibitionists. Aren’t we bombarded in election time with family pictures of our prospective MPs? We never see pictures of homosexual candidates presenting themselves pictured with their partners, do we? Aren’t we supposed to get what we see (in the propaganda leaflets)?

        Gonzi should thank his lucky stars when Cyrus resigned and crossed to the LP.

        For Joseph and his PL it’s OK to have Cyrus, and that says a lot.

  8. erm, Daphne . . . why do you even bother with these guys?

    [Daphne – I don’t, until they start trying to feed lies into the system, about young men who are everything they can never aspire to be (hence their visceral envy). Typical totalitarian extreme leftwingers posing as ‘liberals’, whose motivation is to destroy or damage anything they can’t have or anyone they can’t be. Hodor daqs il-missierijiet u n-nannijiet taghhom, li ghamlu tant hsara lill-pajjiz tul sittax-il sena bil-lanzit taghhom. And may I add – absolutely no different to the criminal rabble who burst into the ‘djar tas-sinjuri’ during the ‘heroic struggles of Sette Giugno’, and stole, smashed or threw out of the windows whatever they could get their hands on. Issa juzaw l-internet, hej, imma xorta ghadhom bl-istess mentalita tad-dranagg. ]

    • Maltafan says:

      erm, Adrian . . . why do you even vote for these guys?

      Vera iwaqfulek play l-hemm u l-hawn, but read Daphne’s in one of her recent posts, it explains it all.

      • Things may change, Maltafan . . . When I am reminded of initiatives like, I squirm.

        I have the utmost respect for Daphne and while I don’t always agree with her comments, she is entitled to express them how she wants, when she wants.

        I think I am more in agreement with Daphne than many in the Labour Party, mostly because I respect her liberal agenda. Daphne should be heeded not attacked.

        On the other hand, I am not happy with other things the Nationalists do either.

        Also, the PN candidates on my district (Tarxien) are one complete joke. Whereas certain candidates of the LP on my district inspire hope. Might be proved wrong but some of them deserve their chance.

        I know that there are incompetent idiots on the LP ticket too and that they are the ones who tend to get voted in, but I don’t vote for those.

        So for me, it’s like choosing between two evils.

    • Lomax says:

      Veru ghadhom l-istess! I still have to meet one Laborite illi m’huwiex mimli bil-lanzit.

      OK, take this instance: I was on the bus this morning (as I am every day) and I happen to overhear 2 conversations: one in front of me and one behind me. I could tell who was Nationalist and who was Laborite judging from the conversation. I will loosely transcribe the conversation and let your readers be the judges:

      1. Akka tjiebu tal-linja. Issa dan ghandu ghalfejn joqghod jghidilha fejn sejrin bhallikieku ma nafux. U rajtu d-driver. Lanqas jifhem bil-Malti…x’gharukaza. Basta dak il-korrott qal illi ser jitjiebu. U zgur huwa bid-driver ara ahna nigru fis-shana. Imma kif kollox qerdu.

      2. Ma domniex gejjin illum. Lanqas haqq l-ghageb illi ghamlu – is-sistema qed toqghod issa. Ahna l-Maltin ingorru wisq imma ma nistghux nghidu illi llum is-sistema mhux ahjar. Kif konna qabel tajjeb: tinqela anke mill-karozza stess. B’tal-linja nibqa’ nigi.

      These are just the salient points but you get the gist.

      I would bet my last cent as to who voted for who in the last election.

    • H.P. Baxxter says:

      You shouldn’t insult our brave martyrs of Sette Giugno. They had massively developed pecs and sculpted abs, and they weren’t afraid to walk down Kingsway shirtless, looking very buff.

      Single-handedly, they overthrew the evil British Empire and turned Queen Victoria into a stone pillar, which can still be seen in Piazza Regina. I believe they even brought water forth from hard sun-baked Maltese ground in St. George’s Square.

      Heroes with torcas to the sky
      Fearless men who jump and die
      Men who mean just what they say
      The brave men of the Seventh Day [of June]

      Washboard abs and sculpted pecs
      These are men, Malta and Gozo’s best
      One hundred men we’ll test today
      But only four get to pose for the monument

  9. ciccio2011 says:

    Good on you, Daphne. It is great to read about the success of your sons.

    Those at TYOM should do as you do, and publish their names, so that people can take them at face value.

    Meanwhile, TYOM remains an irrelevance – a tool to dig at you and others personally with the usual vulgar language.

    It is proof, though, that you have a wide readership and that people are ignoring what Godfrey Grima and Saviour Balzan preach on John Bundy’s Affari Taghna.

  10. Pecksniff says:

    What do you expect from people obsessed with envy and “lanzit” ?

  11. dery says:

    At university one leftist professor once gave us a list of the defining characteristics of a fascist. I can’t find my notes but take a look at this link and see if the contents ring any bells:

    At the same time I can’t help not mention the saying “If you are not a socialist when you are 20 you are heartless. If you are still a socialist when you are 40 you are brainless”

    [Daphne – The Labour Party is not fascist but an absurd and freakish mix of totalitarian socialism with features of the extreme right (xenophobia in particular).]

    • dery says:

      You assume too much. Who said I was talking about the labour party? :-) I just wanted people to see if the list of characteristics reminds them of anyone.

      [Daphne – It’s not that I assume too much but that I can’t see to which you are responding at this end, so confusion sometimes results. That list describes nobody except the far right movement.]

      • Joseph A Borg says:

        Many of those points describe populism. I hope that the discussions the internet is enabling between polarised opposites will neuter some of the ill effects of those fomenting discord simply to get their agenda going.

        On the other hand I’m not advocating that online discussions should be insipid and vacuous like most maltese conversation. We have to confront our differences and our prejudices.

    • Interested Bystander says:

      I believe it was Shaw who said ‘don’t trust anyone under 30 who isn’t socialist and don’t trust anyone over 30 who is’.

      • Not Tonight says:

        Well, Shaw was not living in Malta in the seventies and eighties when he was in his late teens and early twenties or he wouldn’t have said anything so stupid.

        I grew up equating ‘socialism’ to thuggery, totalitarianism, corruption and complete abuse of power. I’d have died of shame had anyone even thought I could be a socialist.

        When I see the Libyan rebels struggling against the Gaddafi regime, I can’t help but think that had the Nationalists not set up a campaign of resistance against Mintoff’s ever tightening grip on power, we’d be in a similar situation to theirs by now.

    • Interested Bystander says:

      To me, Labour in Malta are National Socialist.

      • Patrik says:

        They don’t dress well enough for that.

      • Joseph A Borg says:

        National socialism is a euphemism for corporatism. The US inherited the German and Italian ideas and implemented them. See how swell things are now.

        I doubt there was much agreement between local business leaders and the labour government, especially after the oil crisis…

      • Carmelo Aquilina says:

        Please read your history and get the facts before you throw out lazy, ignorant comments like that.

      • Interested Bystander says:

        No I meant if you are a socialist then you must be an International Socialist, workers of the world etc, or else be a National Socialist.

    • John H says:

      That expression no longer hold water in today’s society though, since socialism is no longer associated with freedom fighting, but rather with social benefits and misguided calls for equality (through positive discrimination, for an oxymoron)

      Either way, I’d rather be called heartless.

  12. Neil Dent says:

    Look on the bright side TYOM, Daphne probably just helped to increase your daily hits! Maybe even doubled to……8 or 10 even!

  13. silvio farrugia says:

    I sent a message to the prime minister’s office criticising the Cyrus Engerer affair and his government. One can imagine the surprise I had when I received a polite message from the prime minister himself, where he explained everything.

    He also asked if we can meet one-to-one to talk about the other things I mentioned. I cannot ever imagine a Labour PM or anyone else from that party acting this way after being strongly criticised. It gave me insight into our PM’s character and what real democracy is.

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