You won't believe this but….Joseph Muscat is throwing a party for Musulmani

Published: August 26, 2011 at 11:56am

The Great Leader will be attending, wearing one of these instead of a green tie.

No, I didn’t believe it either until somebody showed me an invitation card. Here’s the text.


PARTIT LABURISTA (this is the logo) then:

On the occasion of the Holy Month of Ramadan the Partit Laburista has the pleasure to invite



on Monday 29th August 2011 at 7:15pm at the Centru Nazzjonali Laburista, Triq Mile End, Hamrun.
(The Leader of the Party Dr. Joseph Muscat will be attending.)

“Al Maghreb” prayer will be performed before Iftar
All food and drink served during the Iftar will be “halal”

R.S.V.P. (regrets only) 21249913

Honestly, what next? A xalata for Jews? A prayer meeting for Catholics? A foam party for gay men? A festa for suwed? A disco for lesbians? A dinner party for the halt and the lame? A television show for nisa ta’ success (ticked off the to-do list)?

I suppose this is Labour’s idea of progressive liberalism: hiving anyone who is not a Catholic straight man (or let’s be specific, pretending to be a straight man) into a series of special interest target groups.

Segregation a la Joseph Muscat.

If you want to throw a party, chaps, just throw a party and invite everyone, not just card-carrying Muslims or card-carrying gays or whatever.

Muslims don’t want to go to a party to meet other Muslims, just as I don’t want to go to a party to meet other journalists. We all see enough of each other already.

Besides, it’s bloody rude and patronising.

Oh, and another thing: if the invitation is given in English, then it’s Labour Party and not ‘the Partit Laburista’. And it’s not ‘Centru Nazzjonali Laburista’ or ‘Triq Mile End’, either.

It’s National Labour Centre (or HQ) and Mile End (not street).

And there’s more. ‘The Leader of the Party Dr Joseph Muscat will be attending.’ In brackets, too. HE’S THE GODDAMN HOST YOU FRIGGING IDIOTS. What are you saying here, that you think the host’s attendance is optional?

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  1. La Redoute says:

    ‘On the occasion of the holy month of Ramadan’. Isn’t it a bit late for that? Eid is next week.

    • La Redoute says:

      Oh, I get it. Muslims are FASHIONABLE right now, given the news from Libya, Syria, etc, but he can’t exactly rubbish Gaddafi so he’s doing the next best thing instead – sucking up to the victims of his paymaster while refusing to condemn him.

    • Richard Borg says:

      It isn’t a celebration for the holy month, it’s a celebration for the end of the fast that comes with the holy month.

      As you said; the Eid.

      • La Redoute says:

        Eid is not on Monday. If they want to celebrate Eid, then the invitation should say so.

      • La Redoute says:

        And, not to be pedantic or anything, but iftar happens daily throughout Ramadan. It’s the daily fast that’s broken, not the whole month. Look to Malta’s Catholic rite for reference – the occasions even have the same name.

      • Libertas says:

        This would be the equivalent of a party on Easter Saturday night to mark the Christian festival. I thought Labour believed in separation between church(es) and state.

  2. Dee says:

    He has been doing everything of late to shore up support from potential Labour supporters who are Muslims by welcoming into his skip the Muslim ex PN counciller from Qormi and giving carte blanche to the ‘Christian’ headmistress of the Gaddafi-sponsored Paola hill school, which also employs Edward Montebello (One News part-timer and the man suspected of filming Joe Mizzi) to promote Islam for all that it is worth and keep the anti-clerical sentiment ignited in the old Mintoff era, on ONE media.

    Will he be hosting the pro and anti Gaddafi factions together under the same roof?

    • 'Angus Black says:

      They are inviting Muslims not ‘rebels’ and/or ‘loyalists’, therefore one assumes that both sorts of Libyans will be there, as well as Muslims of other nationalities.

      Since it appears that the ‘loyalists’ will be a minority, if trouble erupts, they lose.

      Who knows, maybe the Libya crisis will be resolved at Joe’s party?

      Mind you, the food will be ‘halal’ which is a ritual used in the slaughtering of the animals affording them the highest dignity in the process.

      Too bad the Gaddafi henchmen showed no respect at all for those fellow citizens they slaughtered, often leaving their corpses to rot in the hot sun and preventing their removal.

  3. lino says:

    As to your last statement Daphne, shhhhh, they might believe they truly are.

  4. Lomax says:

    Daphne, Skuzani, imma din bis-serjeta’? Sorry, I can’t find a phrase in English which really translates the incredulity expressed by this phrase in Maltese.

    I nearly choked on my lunch – a foam party for gay men? You’re aces. The host is attending! Wow, that’s new :)

    I thank God every day for your existence not only because you’re the only real journalist in Malta (yes you’re a journalist not merely a columnist – you have the guts to say and point out certain things nobody else has) but because the way you write is brilliant and really hits the nail on the head.

    But are you sure this is true? I mean, have they stooped so low?

    [Daphne – Yes, Lomax, I’m looking at the invitation card as we speak.]

    As soon as I read this post, I called my friend up and told her: drop everything you’re doing and log on to Daphne’s blog. We had a gut-wrenching laugh and I thought I could not not comment. But I am still incredulous. I am writing out of incredulity.

    Keep these posts coming. I wouldn’t otherwise know about these things.

    • Lomax says:

      I’m still laughing but in reality, when the hilarity of it starts fading away, it leaves behind the bitterness of the reality which will hit us in two years’ time (circa) when this circus of fools and freaks are running this island.

      At least our children can take refuge in Europe, but we can’t do that.

      • maryanne says:

        ” it leaves behind the bitterness of the reality which will hit us in two years’ time (circa) when this circus of fools and freaks are running this island. !

        For God’s sake, keep them out of Castille. We are writing reams about them while they are on the opposition benches. I shudder to think how they will govern and what an embarassment they will be.

  5. Richard Borg says:

    Yep, you’re completely right.

  6. qeghdin sew says:

    cyrus: Ingħaqad mal-Forum Żgħażagħ Laburisti (FŻL) għal bidu ta’ proġett dwar is-sess (gender).

  7. lino says:

    Lomax, what’s so surprising in all this? Have not LP always proved that their licking tongue is as long as the place of their HQ?

    • Lomax says:

      To be honest, I always think to myself: “Now they’ve hit rock bottom” and hey presto they prove me wrong.

      But still, really, what were they thinking?

      Issa Joseph li jhobb lil kulhadd has become Joseph li jhobb lill-Musulmani? And then? As Daphne said: What’s next?

  8. lino says:

    As to the option of the host’s attendance, why bother? Even the King of Spain had to tolerate such PL protocol practices.

  9. Jozef says:

    And given that he delegates the choice of neck wear to Lil-Din, he might present himself with one of these:

    Such a lovely selection of colours to match his complexion.

  10. lino says:

    And in any case, even the Apostles had to wait for the coming of the Holy Ghost. What’s so wrong with some Muslims missing the presence of the Jolly Host?

  11. Distressed observer says:

    These are the very same people who look down on Libyans and consider them to be inferior to the Maltese. Oh the irony!

  12. Etil says:

    I have to believe it but why am I no longer surprised at Joseph Muscat’s antics – he is there to please everyone and anyone – no taking sides in case either side loses.

    He plays the game brilliantly but no one is really fooled.

  13. Libertas says:

    This Labour do is really a substitute for the 1st September one held up to last year by the pro-Gaddafi faction in Malta and in which most guests came from the Malta Labour Party.

    I hope Labour has invited the Libyans who last Monday were in Ta’ Giorni tearing to shreds photos of dictator Gaddafi with Dom Mintoff, Anton Buttigieg and many Labour ex- and would be- ministers.

  14. Dee says:

    Following the advice sought by the resident experts of Islamic studies at Fondazzjoni IDEJAT , the earlier venue of the Eid bash (Hal food served) Is to be moved to Gnien Gheddafi.

    Invitations have also been issued to all the Muslim residents of the detention centres in the true spirit of solidarity, charity and mercy.

    Due to circumstances beyond his control, Generalissimo Moammar ElKhadhafi Lion of Africa and grand benefactor of il-Partit Socjalista Laburista issa Liberali Progressiv Malti will not be in attendance.

    He is to be represented by Dr Zero KMB.

    Nver mind the RSVP but donations of ftit mil-hafna will be welcome.

  15. 'Angus Black says:

    “If you want to throw a party just throw a party and invite everyone…”

    Not when the funds have dried up, Daphne.

    Joseph is trying to dole it out within the means of the dwindling funds so he has no choice but to discriminate from time to time. Remember he is the boss of the party whose sole aim is to be ‘the government for Laburisti’.

    Discrimination has been the dogma of the Labour Party for the last fifty years.

    [Daphne – U ha jiffranka tal-alcohol ukoll.]

  16. Dee says:

    Cyrus has been roped in to look for staff:!/engerer.cyrus

    Cyrus Engerer
    Looking for full/part-time waiters and kitchen staff.

  17. El Caudillo says:

    Many people will not remember the special SMU branch of the Malta Police during the Golden Years of Dom Mintoff.

    This unit was trained by North Koreans and all the members had to be hard-line Mintoffians and card-carrying members of the MLP.

    I heard one member of this unit bragging that every time a Libyan “suspect” fell under their hands he was violently manhandled before being questioned. He explained that Libyans were the scum of the earth and they deserved it.

  18. Reporter says:

    And what will he promise them? That he’ll enact Shari’a law?

  19. anthony says:

    On the menu.

    Cold, pressed tongue with salsa verde.

    Just to be cautious in case the monster and his henchmen resurrect.

  20. The Phoenix says:

    I will be informing all Libyans here not to go. They believe me.

  21. Dee says:

    The guests wil be looking forward to receiving a goodies bag at the end of the reception which includes one free copy of the Green Book, a miniature Gieh ir-Repubblika medal and a signed photo of KMB, Mintoff, AST and the generalissimo himself.

    Aaaaah x’textix.

  22. John Schembri says:

    And I bet my bottom dinar that Imam Mario Farrugia Borg is behind all this.

    Where’s the segregation of politics from religion in the PL?

    I hope that the LGBT PL section was invited, then they can decide from which body-part gay men are to be hanged when Joseph is PM.

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