Jeffrey belongs with Labour

Published: October 31, 2011 at 12:16am

A marriage of convenience: when Evarist's daughter stopped working for Labour MEP Louis Grech in his Brussels office, Jeffrey's daughter replaced her.

Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando’s current beef is that the Nationalist Party, which he describes as “my party” (his, that is, not mine), should dissociate itself from what I write.

In this, he displays the typical Labour mindset that politicians should publicly condemn or approve of what journalists write. They call themselves liberal but then never stop to wonder why, in the democratic world, any such suggestion would be regarded with horror.

And like Labour, Pullicino Orlando has cast me in the mould of a politician rather than a writer, and what’s more, a politician who is answerable to the Nationalist Party.

It’s not me who is answerable to the Nationalist Party. It’s Jeffrey. If the prime minister is to dissociate himself from or condemn anyone, it’s Jeffrey – because he reports directly to the PM as chairman of the Malta Council of Science and Technology and the PM is also Jeffrey’s party leader.

And Jeffrey is a serious embarrassment and liability to both organisations, though he is too disturbed to see it.

Like his thoroughly uneducated Facebook friends, Jeffrey wishes to live in a country where the prime minister telephones journalists and tells them what to write and how to write it, after which he will condemn or praise them publicly.

Jeffrey and his Labour Party mentally inhabit the Middle East.

Look at this comment on his Facebook wall, from one of his Labour friends:

John Attard
Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi should call Daphne Caruana Galizia and tell her to be much more moderate in her approach. He should do so not as a Nationalist Leader but as the Prime Minister of Malta. Dr. Gonzi should follow President Abela’s footsteps. That is if he has the political will to do so.

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  1. edgar says:

    Of course, John Attard, first thing tomorrow morning, the Prime Minister of Malta shall call Daphne and ask her to be more moderate in her approach.

    And if he does so, do you think that Daphne will give two hoots what the Prime Minister tells her?

    Anybody who thinks that the Prime Minister would do such a thing must be drinking long shots of whisky instead of Earl Grey.

  2. Matt says:

    I am puzzled as to what the electors see in Jeffrey Pullicino and Franco Debono? All they do is undermine the Prime Minister at every opportunity they get.

    They are where they are because the PM gave them their posts. They have to be reminded that If it wasn’t for Dr.Gonzi the party would have lost last election.

    • Voter says:

      Matt, if I may suggest, I think that the key to an NP win last election was not Dr Gonzi but Dr Sant. Without Dr Sant, Labour would have swung it.

    • ciccio2011 says:

      The electors see a new face. And then, this is what they get. And this will happen again in 2013. When they vote for the new face called Joseph Muscat.

  3. the chemist says:

    The President of Malta was interviewed by none other than Julia Farrugia from that other Labour rag newspaper ‘Illum’. Would have thought Dr Abela to be more careful when giving such comments.

  4. old-timer says:

    People like John Attard are happy in thheir delusion that hitting the keyboard and having their stupidities printed on Facebook is of great importance.

  5. ciccio2011 says:

    “Like his thoroughly uneducated Facebook friends, Jeffrey wishes to live in a country where the prime minister telephones journalists and tells them what to write and how to write it, after which he will condemn or praise them publicly.”

    Jeffrey subscribes precisely to Joseph Muscat’s politics. I am surprised in fact that Joseph has not planted Jeffrey (who does have a journalist’s pass obtained in 2008) as Head of News in RTK.

  6. Carmel Scicluna says:

    “It’s not me who is answerable to the Nationalist Party. It’s Jeffrey.”

    Ma nafx il-PN x’qed jistenna biex jiddikjara car u tond il-qaghda tieghu fuq dan l-iskamplu.

    Jibza’ li jkun irrikattat mill-vot tieghu fil-Parlament?

  7. Allahares nispiccaw li il-prim ministru joqghod icempel lil dak u lil l-iehor jikkontrolla x’jiktbu ghax inkunu gejna China u North Korea.

  8. Claude Sciberras says:

    A) I did not know the president has asked you to moderate your tone, is that true?

    [Daphne – He didn’t, but Dominic Fenech once posted a comment here to that effect.]

    B) I cannot believe that the daughter of a Nationalist MP works for a Labour MEP. Are you sure? if it is true then one or the other needs to resign.

    [Daphne – You forget that Jenny Pullicino Orlando is not just the daughter of a Nationalist MP. She is also the daughter of a Labour MP.]

    C) You must be really blind to think anyone can shut you (Daphne) up. Either these people are extremely poor judges of character or else they never read your pieces otherwise they would know.

    [Daphne – They judge me by their standards.]

  9. T.C.B. says:

    Wow!!! The great and untouchable daphne was scared to let me post my comments? Or maybe bewildered that it is actually someone with a better mastery of the English language than hers who is not writing to flatter her and lick her posterior like so many of the spineless, hen-pecked wimps who write on this forum? Should I take that as an honour? Is this how you want to win your games by playing alone???Truth hurts huh!!!

    [Daphne – Common sense, TCB, should tell you that after being subjected to all sorts of insults for more than two decades, I am hardly likely to be afraid of or upset by your single comment. If you wish to insult third parties who have nothing to do with this matter, kindly use your own name and face the consequences. I imagine you do not fully understand how very ridiculous you are, using anonymity to attack others while calling me a coward for refusing to allow you to do so. As for the rest of your remark, this is not an English language competition, not least because ‘mastery’ applies only to those who have had to master it as a second or third language and who are not native speakers. You would get better marks if you laid off the exclamation and interrogation marks. Now grow up.]

  10. T.C.B. says:

    There you go contradicting yourself point-blank – since just a glance above shows that all posters on these pages offer their names and full CV when posting. But of course, it is ok to sing your praise anonymously but another story when anyone attempts to contradict you with the truth. An insult to third parties you say? Just because I tried to state a fact in response to your caption under the picture above? An insult to who? Was my other post an insult too? Do you sincerely think that by impeding replies on your blog from people who do not agree with you will shut out what these people have to say? Don’t worry, there are plenty of other blogs and webpages to post to. Ta taaa

    [Daphne – Amazing, isn’t it? You’re working in Brussels and it hasn’t opened your mind or changed your perspective one little bit. And I don’t hear one word of thanks for the fact that my vote and efforts helped put you there.]

    • T.C.B. says:

      Predictably you choose to try and write me off as some frustrated Labourite. Of course, lost in your delusions, you prefer to interpret anything that’s “anti-daphne” as being anti-PN, anti-EU … etc. How very wrong you are. A frustrated Nationalist – yes indeed. Frustrated and hurt at seeing the party we worked so hard for being rendered ridiculous by the likes of you and yes, people like JPO too. Without knowing you both seem locked in a competition of who will damage the party most in your own different ways, which however seem to have egoism as a common denominator. How pitiful.

      [Daphne – I did not once refer to either politics or your frustration level. As for the rest of your comment, it might have escaped your attention that I am neither a Nationalist politician not an employee of the part. I am not even a party member and never have been or ever will be. What I say, write or do has about as much to do with the Nationalist Party as what, say, Saviour Balzan says, writes and does. But I have noticed that logic and rational thought are not your sort’s strong point. Jeffrey, on the other hand, is in another category altogether. Now run along and stop getting on my nerves.

      Oh, and another thing. If you want me to take you seriously, drop the ‘party we worked for’ spiel, which is alve-speak and the boring refrain of the Bitter Clique (Dalli, Pullicino Orlando etc). Political parties change to survive. Ask Labour what happens when they don’t. ]

  11. T.C.B. says:

    Of course you are not a PN party member or anything like it. People like you have only their personal interests in mind.

    [Daphne – The opposite holds true, but being a little bit….Labour you can’t see it. If I had my personal interests in mind, I would NOT be doing this. Isn’t it obvious? Clearly not to people who vote Labour and to those who pretend they don’t.]

    As regards logic and rationality, well I’ll leave that to the intelligence of your readers to decide, considering that you have preferred to steer the discussion elsewhere rather than answer my original comments: regarding your caption to the picture above, remember?

    [Daphne – Oh, I can answer all right. But that would of necessity have to involve boasting about my sons’ academic achievements and above-average IQ and non-working-class social skills (crucial, in recruitment, but chavs tend to forget that), and we wouldn’t want to do that, would we, largely because you wouldn’t want to have your nose rubbed in it, having got your own job through pulling political strings and calling in favours and imagining that everyone else has to do the same. Now run along and stop reminding everybody that you’re on taxpayers’ time because they don’t like seeing their money wasted like this.]

    Admirably tactical I must admit – but surely not enough to fool anyone with a minimum of intelligence. And please, now you leave third parties out. What has Saviour Balzan got to do with all this, except maybe being yet another example of someone whose private life you slandered!

    [Daphne – My dear, you can’t slander a private life. You can only slander a person. Do you mean when I mentioned how he was with another woman already two weeks after his wife died? Well, it’s true. So it’s not slander. And in less than two years he was married to somebody else, not that other woman, and expecting a baby, which he has now had. This is true too, so it’s not slander. If you think that his behaviour is so scandalous that it shouldn’t be mentioned, then you’re not very….liberal. Now run along and start looking for favours for your next job. Bridesmaid to Kurt Farrugia, perhaps? Nanny to Saviour Balzan?]

  12. T.C.B. says:

    I had promised myself not to respond anymore, but you’ve got it so wrong that I must break my promise.

    Firstly, I obtained my job through my own skills and sheer determination without the need to pull any political strings or connections – unlike some others.

    [Daphne – Ah, some others. You mean like Miss Pullicino Orlando, no doubt. But let’s not go into that.]

    Second, and listen well, I’m in my job TO STAY, and not hope feverishly that “my master” (or his government) gets re-elected so that he retains me in his stable.

    [Daphne – Good luck to you. I’m glad to hear it. Now concentrate hard on leaving your chips behind, because you really don’t want to end up the typical public servant stewing with grudges. There are enough of those already.]

    Third, I am not wasting anyone’s taxes since here we are enjoying a looong weekend.

    Fourth, whilst I have no connections with Mr Balzan whatsoever, it is amazing to note, yet again, how liberal you are with other “third parties” private lives whilst then considering as taboo any comments concerning your own kin.

    [Daphne – ]

    Lastly me Labour? Never, not when I spent the best part of my youth getting tear-gassed, roughed up by the police, having my school closed … etc, etc, etc.

    [Daphne – It hasn’t stopped Jeffrey, has it. Or some other people I could mention. But then it’s largely your imagination, I would think, because I find it bloody hard to believe that you’re my age or older, which is what you would have to be but clearly are not.]

  13. T.C.B. says:

    Saviour Balzan, Kurt Farrugia (whoever that may be), JPO … who will you accuse me of being next? Joseph bloody Muscat himself! He-he, this is indeed pathetically amusing. You just seem to refuse to accept that even TRUE Nationalists are repulsed by your behaviour. You remind me of Gaddafi when right until the end he kept insisting that all Libyans love him. Well as an afterthought, maybe like him it is the panic that the end of a privileged existence is ever nearer. So be it, maybe the party will again go back to its roots and rid itself of any connections with the likes of you and your (of course informal) circle. Now I bet I deserve to be called a Labourite again …

    [Daphne – I haven’t ‘accused’ you of being anyone, but it’s interesting that you should use the word ‘accuse’ in relation to Saviour and the Labour Party’s resident coconut. I know, I wouldn’t want to be accused of being them, either. I just know you’re in Brussels and beyond that, I really don’t give a damn. Remember that you’re the one who came in here with a compulsive need to pick a fight with me, not the other way round. I’m just patiently dealing with you instead of pressing delete. Earlier on, you said that you’re enjoying a long weekend, but from where I’m sitting, it looks pretty boring. I can’t see how my ‘privileged existence’ will end with a Labour government, unless it’s because you’re convinced, like me, that Labour will b*tt-f**k the economy. And that makes me wonder why you’re planning for to vote for them. But there you go. Make sure you get a cheap flight back. Whoever you are, you sound very bitter and unpleasant. Suck a mussel or something. ]

    • Jozef says:

      TRUE Nationalists?

      Se permette, il sottoscritto si diletterebbe a pensare che un piu’ ardito nazionalista non si trova, pur aggiungendo che si trova bene con questa derivazione di partito.

      Lo stile attuale e’ figlio dello stesso modo, semmai fratello non gemello della fase conclusasi con l’entrata in Europa.

      Se a lei sembra che manchi una sostanza veritiera sarebbe piu’ opportuno che lei, dirsivoglia, portasse il suo contributo, senzadubbio valido, dentro il partito invece di lasciarsi trasportare da una stucchevole, effimera nostalgia.

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