'We are the voice of the street: Cyrus you shined.'

Published: October 5, 2011 at 11:39am


When the voices raised in your support are mainly ungrammatical and only partially literate, it’s time to worry about what you’re doing and the choices you’ve made. Yes, everybody has a vote and all votes are equal, but politicians who can’t see beyond this are making a grave mistake.

When people can’t write, spell or form a simple sentence despite the benefits of free and rigorous compulsory education and being flooded with the written word, through the internet if nothing else, then it is safe to assume that they can’t analyse information, assess situations or think rationally.

So beyond that vote, their admiration and approval are worth nothing, and should not be seen as encouragement to keep right on doing what you’re doing.

The warning sign for Cyrus Engerer should have been – given that he ignored all the other ones – the overnight infestation of his Facebook wall with comments from people who, despite more than two decades of vastly improved state education and exposure to the real world through the internet – which they seem to use only to banter on Facebook with other Maltese who live within a 10-mile radius, and a bit of shopping – remain unbelievably, grossly, crass and ignorant.

Meanwhile, Engerer chooses to ignore the views of people with a marginally higher level of competence because ‘they are politically motivated’. You know, like mine.

And the views of somebody who posts on his wall as NO FOR GONZI (a literal translation of ‘Le Ghal Gonzi’) are what, exactly?

An impartial and intelligent observation?

NO FOR GONZI we are the voice of the street no cosmetics …. A LOO (as in toilet) Bondi inquisition earning his money FOR Gonzi under GonziPN. However TONIGHT Cyrus Engerer you showed you’re no mince meat for this FAKE PROPHET who abuses our people’s n…ational media TVM turning it into a NET TV channel 2. CYRUS you stuck to the truth and shined on Bondi’s comfortable territory and your own alien ground . BRAVU u KAPACI .Piercing through this ROGUE STAR’s ploy. Our street verdict … Cyrus pulled through as a viking showing Gonzi lost the plot … LOO tried his utmost & earned his Gonzi PN pocket money & position … and we will NOT spend money on or with:
GOOD NIGHT to ALL that LOVE TRUTH … to the FAKES … ENJOY sleeping with the ROGUE STARR’s bullshit …. LOOOL….. ..

Honestly, Cyrus, how can you stand it?

If you had any sense you’d listen instead to somebody who has been around the block a few times, isn’t thick or a proud member of some dreadful under-class, and can string two words together mainly because she can think a little bit.

So here you go.

No, you were not great on Bondi+ last night. You were tragic. You used the rare gift that would have helped you in your political career, had you not made such a chaotic mess of that – the ability to speak calmly and concisely on television – to justify the unjustifiable and defend the indefensible.

As a result, instead of coming across as a calm, confident and rational person, you projected the image of somebody who has been sucked into a sect and brainwashed.

Joseph Muscat is ‘inkredibbli’. He has started the revolution, a movement. Before Joseph, nobody ever talked about gay marriage (and yet Joseph only talked about it to say that he doesn’t agree with it but will allow you to try and ‘convince’ him).

The Nationalist Party changed Malta, turned the economy around, took thousands to higher education, gave people opportunities, took Malta into the European Union, but now it’s Joseph Muscat who’s the one with the vision because he talks about gay marriage (to refute it, though).

European Union and his virulent opposition to it be damned, Joseph is a visionary because he lets you try to convince him that people of the same gender should be permitted to marry each other.

It was pathetic, really, almost frightening. I sat there and watched and I thought to myself that the only possible explanation is that you have fallen in love with the Labour leader, who is not averse to working the charm tools on other men when it pays him. Just ask Joseph Cuschieri.

There is no rational explanation otherwise.

Your face lights up when you talk about him, and though my eyesight isn’t that great, I’m pretty damned sure that your pupils dilate. All the other body language signs are there.

In my time there was a lot of talk about the Moonies and brainwashing, about the Brigate Rosse sucking in privileged young middle-class Italians who then became obsessed, turning their backs on everything they ever stood for.

The reality is that nobody brainwashed them. They needed to do it, and ruined their lives in the process. Though the Labour Party is not the Moonies or the Brigate Rosse, your overnight switch from Nationalist Party obsessive to Labour obsessive has elements of this behaviour in it.

It is completely irrational, and your outwardly calm demeanour while attempting (and failing) to rationalise it on television last night only made your comportment and body language even more unnerving. It wasn’t a natural calm, but a deliberate stillness that betrayed the confusion and discomfort beneath.

The fact remains, Cyrus, that it is not normal for a politician to take the podium at the annual general conference of one political party, to rave about that party and its leader, and then within days to start raving in favour of another political party and against the one you have just praised to high heavens.

And I’m sorry to have to tell you this, but sane, rational, literate and educated people who are not members of your family (and yes, even if they are members of the Labour Party) know this, whatever they might say or not say to your face.

As for telling your interviewer that you can’t discuss the Marvic Camilleri/dirty pictures case because it is still ‘sub judice’, you are poorly advised. If you don’t want to take questions on the subject because you consider it undignified and invasive, then don’t face the media or go on interview shows. But once you do, then you should know that the only proper responses are an admission with regret or a denial with anger.

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  1. Mark Vella says:

    On Cyrus’s Facebook wall:

    Ronnie Pellegrini
    Well done Cyrus ! Good performance and Good Luck !
    5 hours ago · Privacy:

    Cyrus Engerer Grazzi Ronnie!
    4 hours ago

  2. Vincent says:

    Funny how ‘No for Gonzi’ felt the need to explain the meaning of ‘Loo’.

    [Daphne – Says it all, really, doesn’t it.]

  3. jack says:

    I share your view that Cyrus performed tragically, and it was apparent that he was reeling in the ropes by the time he got to discussing the imam and gay marriages.

    After the break, it is fair to say that he regained some of his composure. I won’t venture so far as to say he scored points, but certainly he did some damage control.

    Most damning was his inability to give a meaningful explanation as to why he is so awe-struck by Joseph Muscat and/or his policies.

    After the advertisement break, he changed tack, voicing his disagreement with the PM as to why he voted against the divorce bill in parliament, in defiance of the referendum result, as the reason for his fallout.

    A case of too little, too late really.

    [Daphne – And nonsensical in any case. The fact that you disagree with one political leader does not make you an overnight fan of the other.]

    His position and credibility had already been compromised in the first scathing 15 minutes. He must have truly been relieved that the onslaught was over.

  4. Stanley J A Clews says:

    When Cyrus Engerer was canvassing for votes prior to the Sliema council elections he called on me, but fortunately I was out.

    But now I would like to invite him to come and see me so that I can give him a piece of my mind for the turncoat that he is – if he has the guts to do so.

    Daphne is so right and his flop on Bondi+ makes it all the more necessary for Sliema residents to call for his resignation from the council. Get out, Cyrus!

  5. Jozef says:

    It seems to have become fashionable to convert to Labour lately, the idea being that doing so indicates an impatience to get to the future.

    It also implies there’s no past to refer to, a past as recent as 2004, and in his case June 2011.

    Deborah Schembri attempts the same by declaring her Nationalist background.

    If she’s as happy as Cyrus to join Sandro Schembri Adami and Marlene Pullicino Orlando in the hall of fame, so be it.

    Joe Grima and Evarist Bartolo will surely provide sound advice. They managed to survive their credibility to this day.

    Isn’t this outsourcing exercise an admission that Labour isn’t up to it?

    Because in that case, ignoring the past, which has become the present in Joseph’s technicolour Labour, may pose some nasty surprises.

    Cyrus has Gino Cauchi as his mentor, whilst Deborah will have Marie Louise Coleiro.

    Chris Cardona had Jose’ Herrera. .

    • Dee says:

      Insejt issemmi lil Joe DUX Meli tal-Belt mal-lista ta’ PER SO NA LI TA JIET illustrissmi li kienu marru officjalment mal-Labour.

  6. john says:

    ‘No for Gonzi’ is proposing that he will not be spending any money at Agenda.

    Well, I am sure that he has never spent any money at Agenda or at any other book-seller.

  7. Dee says:

    ‘This is the real voice of the street:


  8. Marlene's Umbrella says:

    I don’t want to be the person who tries to explain to them how and why the past of shine, in this context, isn’t ‘shined’ but ‘shone’, or that ‘shined’ is used only when the verb is transitive, e.g. the shoe-shine boy shined the man’s shoes.

  9. ciccio2011 says:

    After his grilling at the hands of Lou Bondi yesterday, Cyrus must really have felt bad for all those sausages he had at Labour’s summer BBQs.

  10. Dino says:

    I really would like to know who is behind the Facebook page NO FOR GONZI – VERU MISKIN! Joseph should use his power and shut him up.

    • ciccio2010 says:

      The thing is that Facebook was designed for users to show their face. NO FOR GONZI is using it as an AssholeBook.

  11. TROY says:

    Cyrus, remember when it was ‘GO FOR GONZI’.

  12. I.R.A.B. says:

    I actually think Cyrus is a lot more cynical than you think, Daphne. I don’t think he’s in love with Joseph. It’s just too strange and too sudden.

    What I think happened is, when he realised that his political career with the PN was over, because he hid his problems with Marvic Camilleri from them, it dawned on him that the only way he might still have a career is to switch to Labour.

    The amazing thing is he was probably right, as they seem to close an eye to actions such as the ones he committed. I think that maybe in time he might convince himself he fits in with the PL, but for the time being he’s not even fooling himself. He’s just cynical enough to know it’s his only option to remain in politics.

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