A terribly inspiring video by Forum Zghazagh Laburisti

Published: March 6, 2012 at 9:27am

Forum Zghazagh Laburisti, the Labour Party’s ‘youth section’, is promoting its youthful candidates for the upcoming local council elections.

If you’re already feeling a bit blue, I suggest you don’t watch this video. They have even managed to make David Guetta’s hit (for which they haven’t paid for use) sound like a dirge.

H. P. Baxxter, in a comment on this blog, asked what could have possibly gone wrong between Hagar Qim and today. I don’t have the answer to that.

I got about halfway through this before I had to go and make a strong mug of builder’s tea to recover a little. They’ve even got some man wearing a flasher’s mac, for heaven’s sake. Is that a bit of a joke, or is it that they just don’t know what flashers and flasher’s macs are?

The clothes – my God. What’s wrong with a pair of jeans and a good shirt? What are all those scarves and leather jackets when the pictures are meant to be taken indoors? Most of them look imdelkin, like they really need a good scrub.

And what’s this unbelievable business of having people in their late 20s and early to mid-30s hanging about in a ‘youth section’? Some of them are even bald and balding, and a few of them look like they’re in late middle age and cheating on their birth-date.

By that age, you’re supposed to be in the mainstream, not in some political youth ghetto intended for people aged 16 to 22. The golden rule and cut-off point? When you’re no longer the age of your average undergraduate, you’re in the adult world. So join it.

This is the official video description.

START is a campaign run by FZL (the PL’s Youth Branch) intended to encourage you to step up your involvement in your community, voice your opinion and take action. This is a campaign which will promote youth activism in today’s society. This could be the start of your political career! In the coming months we will be campaigning in every locality to listen to what you have to say. We want to know what you have to say. We want to know what you would do differently. The Labour Party believes in your capabilities and is reaching out to young enthusiastic people who are willing to exploit their capabilities for the benefit of the community

Our generation is not simply the future of this country, but more importantly the present. We need to channel our energy together to start working for the society we aspire for – on an individual, on a local and even on a national level.

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  1. ciccio says:

    Is this a new edition of the X-files?

  2. Antoine Vella says:

    Why do they have to scratch a blackboard every time a candidate’s name comes up?

    I forgot: most of these candidates have missed the chalk-and-blackboard schooldays and the younger generation will have missed the plain old whiteboard days.

    Such is the “backwardness” of our education system.

  3. maltawarrior says:

    How can they expect to be taken seriously?

    They cannot even decide what language they want or should use. The name and age are in Maltese, but then the so-called “work” is in English.

  4. H.P. Baxxter says:

    Love the little North Korean choreography at the end. Jolly good show all round.

  5. Heqq! says:

    Actually Sean Meli, aged 26, university student @ exactly 01:42 does look like a flasher. There’s just something about him…

  6. David S says:

    There are quite a number of university students there . Are they aware that in 1987 the university student population was 700, compared to 12,000 today?

    Some “skilled workers”, too – whatever is that? Are you an electrician, painter, what? There’s not one unskilled worker – 12 points, PN.

    Not one unemployed person – 12 points, PN.

    “Self employed – fisheries” , meaning fisherman, so what’s wrong with that career?

    They haven’t given their jobs or occupations in Maltese, so it’s the Partit Laburista, but ‘self employed – fisheries’ and not ‘sajjied’.

    • Jozef says:

      It means they’re not really sure whether the word sajjied fits into the language of a ‘moviment progressiv’. They think the younger generation are riddled with their class prejudice.

      The abundance of black jackets contradicted by the lack of neckties. The ones who looked comfortable were the graphic designer and some of the girls, who undoubtedly refused to turn up in Kurt’s suggested dress code. The technical ones gave the game away when they literally donned the black jacket on top of their preferred garb.

      Jason Micallef’s legacy lingers on.

    • Klawdju says:

      One of the Marsaxlokk candidates is ‘self-employed in fisheries’. He washes the fish crates for the Kooperativa tas-Sajjieda.

  7. Jozef says:

    The worst are the ‘Periti’, with their colourful plans to inflict street furniture, pink concrete faux pave’ and planters everywhere. Ajjut.

    • Paul Bonnici says:

      Whoever came up with the idea of the plastic flower pots in Zabbar and Marsaskala should have these ugly pots emptied on his head.

    • ciccio says:

      For a change, they are now proposing public swimming pool complexes with geo-thermal energy in Hondoq ir-Rummien.

  8. Charlot says:

    I’m 25, so this means I can call my self a youth for another ten years…..

  9. Vinzint says:

    Isem, u eta’ bil-Malti, occupation in English, you know.

    • Dee says:

      x’kien ma ghamlux sub-titles bl’Gharbi, Russu, Eritrew u Ghawdxi halli juru kemm huma tassew inklussivi u miftuha ghal kullhadd?

  10. A Grech says:

    I have been hoping that Malta will be run by younger people instead of the old, mostly lawyers, conservative, closed minded individuals.

    Try it, you may like it.

  11. Form IIC says:

    Interesting how they wrote ‘isem’, ‘Eta”, but listed the occupation in English. Ghax il-middle class hekk jitkellmu.

    Also, I’ve seen people pushing 50 who look more youthful than some of these candidates.

    Also, am I the only person not contesting the local council elections this year or what? Sure looks like it.

  12. Lomax says:

    EU Funds manager! Bhalma dejjem nghid. Kif ma jisthux!

  13. Dee says:

    Where did they dig up all those “company directors” and in their early twenties too?

    The sight of all those middle-aged baldies tryng to pass off as youths was hilarious and the character with the flasher’s mac had me laughing myself sick.

    If these are Malta’s future hope, then we might as well emigrate to North Korea for a better life.

  14. A Montebello says:

    I couldn’t watch it all. Sorry. Can’t spare the 10 minutes.

    I will however point out that some of the PN hopefuls aren’t any better. One of the more forgettable ones who, I believe, is seeking elections in Siggiewi looks like a real scruff ball in his promotional leaflet.

    My wife rightly pointed pointed out “if he doesn’t care enough about his personal appearance in his promo – how is he going to care about the state of the village”? Based on that alone, I won’t be voting for him.

  15. H.P. Baxxter says:

    So the flower of the flock of Maltese manhood is either a fatty, or a baldie, or both, but always a “youth”.

  16. il-principessa says:

    Taking into consideration their age, ma nafx kif ma ppruvawx idahhlu lil Joseph fih dan il-video.

  17. SC says:

    Mediocre is written all over this. I see they didn’t let any of them speak.

    It is weird – the age of these people and very few of them with jobs of any calibre. Not exactly the people you want to inspire your children. ‘Skilled worker’, whatever that means.

    Maybe that ballerina they photoshopped onto those upturned containers in 2008 will be of age now?

  18. R. Caruana says:

    Nice how they pass over Luqa as if it doesn’t exist… not that we’ve seen anything in four years of this Local Council

  19. Grezz says:

    Don’t you just love the job descriptions in English, when the rest of it is in Maltese? “Teacher” – what’s wrong with “ghalliem”? Oh yes, I’d forgotten: it’s simply the way they speak.

  20. Stefan Vella says:

    What’s worse is that none of them actually experienced the “Golden Years” courtesy of Mintoff and his stooges. Like Jozewf, they were fed Mintoffian socialist tripe and swallowed it hook, line and sinker.

    Ironically, most would have never made it to university if it were not for a PN government.

  21. Ghar u Kasa says:

    Video @ 1 Min, 14 Seconds: Bjorn Azzopardi – EU FUNDS MANAGER. Typical Labour. I rest my case…

  22. Paul Bonnici says:

    I have just wasted 10 minutes watching this dull and vacuous video. It seems to appeal to the uneducated Labour followers. It would fit well with North Korean propaganda.

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