A rare photograph

Published: May 12, 2012 at 4:59pm

Here’s Yana Mintoff, photographed emerging from a London courthouse after being charged, along with her IRA boyfriend John McSherry, with breaching security at the House of Commons and throwing manure at MPs.

They did this in support of another IRA man, Bobby Sands, who was on hunger strike in prison.

John McSherry is the man behind her, looking appropriately embarrassed. Yana, on the other hand, looks as always as though she’s got a couple of screws loose.

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  1. maryanne says:

    She must have changed along the years or else she would have appeared on Xarabank.

  2. P Shaw says:

    She does look nutty. Probably living in a hippie community in Texas made it worse.

  3. Riff Raff says:

    She’s all smiles, relieved to have been let out on bail rather than held on remand.

  4. lino says:

    To me she looks arrogantly defiant. She takes after somebody then. Anyone can guess who?

  5. John Schembri says:


    If sixteen year olds are given a right to vote then we can have a sixteen year old mayor according to the shortsighted decisions (read ‘inexpensive electoral carrots/promises’)of Dr Joseph Muscat.

    And people want this person to run the country in a year’s time!

    • Angus Black says:

      Oh no, giving 16 year olds would not produce 16 year old mayors.

      You see, Joseph will indeed give 16 year olds the right to vote but amend the law to exclude them from becoming mayors or councillors.

  6. Steve Forster says:

    God, the police look set to beat the crap out of her “posturing smiley face”. A definite “Life on Mars” moment.

    • Antoine Vella says:

      As a matter of fact, in 1978, there were police beating the crap out of people. In Malta.

      • franky says:

        Dear Antoine , were was you at 1978 , i guess you was asleep at ghammieri or running after the butterflies in the field and get paid for that, no body saw you beaten up. Grow up Antoine.

      • Paul Bonnici says:

        ….and unfortunately still under PN administration!

    • NGT says:

      Haah – So true. If only Gene Hunt was there to wipe that smug look off her face.

  7. dudu says:

    Dik it-tracksuit ta’ Kim Sung II.

  8. Anthony says:

    She should have been in Malta in 1981.

    Charity begins at home.

    She would have been able to witness “The Troubles” in her own country at first hand.

    Now, thirty years after dissipating her life with IRA lovers and horse shit in London, she expects to have evidence of the then dismal reality at home.

  9. Ken il malti says:

    McSherry looks a lot like Fleetwood Mac bassist John McVie from the same time period.

  10. denis says:

    Yana Mintoff is typical of self-involved left-wing extremists from privileged backgrounds, who were raised disconnected from the harsh realities of life and sheltered from direct experience of it, and who think of ‘the workers’ as some kind of abstract entity (those other people…).

    When she threw her dung in the House of Commons she failed to consider that real workers would have to clean it up.

    And so they did. After Yana and her friend threw their dung and were ‘dragged out still screaming slogans’, real working-class people were called in on their time off to get down on their hands and knees and clean up their mess.

    That’s right, Yana – members of the working-class you claim to champion had to get down on their hands and knees and use brushes and pans to clean up your dung.

  11. Ta'Sapienza says:

    Wonder what our RUC boy Beowulf makes of her and her boyfriend .

  12. Jozef says:

    ‘The same address’. How many others?

  13. toyger says:

    I wonder who he’s referring to in the comment below the article….


    m. borg (slm)

    Today, 20:20

    How can gonzi be believed when a certain blogger and media contributor keeps doing these same personnal attacks year in year out against all that is labour?

    When will gonzipn rebuke said person publicly for his/her contribution to political hatred?

    [Daphne – There goes another one who thinks we live in Mao’s China and longs for another Cultural Revolution here. The prime minister publicly rebuking a journalist! For crying out loud. The luxury of democracy is wasted on these people. Pearls before swine, indeed.]

  14. toyger says:

    And they keep on coming:

    j brincat

    Today, 15:43

    “Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi this morning stressed the importance of ethics in politics and appealed against personal attacks and the involvement of family members in political discourse”

    Isn’t this a little too late?

    What has he done to stop a particular blogger who has been spewing venom and hatred (both class and political)?

    carlos ellul

    Today, 16:31

    Meanwhile PN leaning hitmen keep on firing on all cylinders over the internet.

    Francis Saliba M.D.

    Today, 18:12

    @ Emanuel Farrugia today at 15:53.

    There is no need for you to ask silly questions when a calm reading of my comments would convince any reasonable person that your questions are out of place.

    The gist of my comment is that whereas Victor Laiviera was insisting that the Prime Minister should “take a stand and condemn the writing of CERTAIN PEOPLE only, the Prime Minister had correctly appealed for no personal attacks, impartially and without making any distinction. That was not enough for Mr v Laiviera! No sie! He insists that the PM should condemn selectively and that is proof of his desire that the freedom of speech be opposed in the case of those people (uncomfortable to Laiviera) but not the freedom of others. I am not defending any group of people restrictively and preferentially. Mr Laiviera is doing that!

    You are totally wrong to accuse me, or the Prime Minister, of lack of Christianity or of “making a “mockery of journalism”. Blame your blinkered lack of comprehension.

    (However couldn’t find the comment posted at 15:53, it had been removed)

  15. Jozef says:

    Michael Falzon has been defined as shadow home affairs minister by Maltatoday’s Miriam Dalli in an interview to the previous contender.


    Who’s calling the shots in Labour?

  16. The chemist says:

    Reading Monday’s talking point by Lino Spiteri should give Franco Debono his marching orders.

    Maybe Lino could have included him in his article although this is not in his party’s interest as they are continually using his inflated ego to cause trouble for a one-seat majority government that has done wonders for this country.

    Come on, Lino, give us some more insight on principles.

  17. Lovejoy says:

    A bit more colourful than todays future MPs whose most daring days were spent supporting the introduction of condom machines on campus. Much rather spend an evening with Yana and that Irish bloke any time.

    [Daphne – I can’t say I agree. I would prefer to spend time with neither, as both sorts bore the jacket off my back. They are all tedious, self-involved and – a really bad crime, where I’m concerned – wholly unimaginative and uncreative.]

  18. TROY says:

    A ‘scare’ photograph, more like it.

  19. PAUL says:


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