Another couple of days, and it will be Jeffrey

Published: May 18, 2012 at 10:06am

Only a couple of days ago I remarked to a friend about the inevitable imminence of yet another great, big public tantrum thrown by Franco Debono.

All the newspapers are talking about Richard Cachia Caruana, you see, and there’s no way on earth he’s going to like that. Limelight jealousy (even if the other person really doesn’t want it) will provoke him into yet another piece of what he thinks is strategic action.

And sure enough, yesterday:


Next it will be Jeffrey, but whatever he’s plotting, I hope he stays off the Early Grey and keeps a clear head while working it out.

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  1. elephant says:

    All repeat all Nationalists should start thinking hard as to how the lazy ones are going to be brought to a state of mind regarding the importance of going out to vote PN when elections are called

  2. Gahan says:

    Ilsna hziena qed jghidu li Franco Debono qed jidher jippassigga fuq il-promenades li ghamel Gonzi

    biex forsi jiltaqa’ ma’ Tom Hanks u jiehdu ritratt flimkien bhal ma ha ma Brad Pitt u Agolina

    bil- perzwazjoni gentili ta’ wiehed li qatt ma hareg mid-dar u ghamilha man-nies!

  3. xmun says:

    And he complained that the Opposition motion, presented after his, was given precedence.

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