Silvio Parnis has uploaded a new video on YouTube

Published: May 26, 2012 at 6:31pm

Apparently, he’s an ace member of Joseph’s Skip Team.

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  1. maryanne says:

    Different subject. Was Adrian Vassalllo out of his mind when he appeared on Bondi+ or is he under some kind of threat?…/adrian-vassallo-makes-his-peace-with-the-...

  2. Jozef says:

    Lil Silvio Parnis ghazel biex juri illi n-naha t’isfel ta’ Malta mhix inqas minn ohrajn.

    Biex tara.

  3. Leli says:

    Did you see Nuxelinna’s latest interview with Saviour Balzan?

  4. Manuel Camilleri says:

    Latest news from PL’s camp: Adrian Vassallo makes peace with PL and regrets any misunderstanding. Miskin, hux?

    I wonder what’s behind all this.

  5. Whoami? says:

    Must have a ministru ghan-norrt mela now to maintain the equilibrium ghax ahna tan-norrt m’ghandna xejn inqas minn tas-sawwt

  6. Paul Bonnici says:

    I come from the south of Malta, I don’t know what Labour means when it says that the south is the rubbish tip of Malta.

    I don’t consider the north any better than the south; it is just as bad or just as good, whichever way you want to look at it.

  7. Dickens says:

    High time that tonight of all nights, people are reminded that during most of the Glorious Golden Mintoff years, Malta did not send any representative to the festival to save money.

    • Min Weber says:

      U kien jaghmel sew.

      Hela ta’ flus, Dickens. High expectations, and then it’s just hard times.

      • GD says:

        Tell that to Jason Micallef then, who wants a full-blown enquiry on yesterday’s festival results.

  8. The Shadow says:

    Ma tistghux tifhmu kif imbecilli u ebete bhal Silvio taghna setgha jilhaq deputat. That’s the way the cookie crumbles. Dik is-sahha tal-vot.

    Issa jilhaq ministru tas-sawt u imbaghad the sky’s the limit. Innehhu l-Joseph minn nofs u naghmlu lil Silvio leader.

  9. Wayne Hewitt says:

    Il-kelliem tan-naha t’isfel nafuh. U l-kelliema tan-naha ta’ fuq u tal-gnub ta’ Malta min huma? Naqra razzista l-affari.

  10. Not Tonight says:

    It’s speeches like these which keep the southerners feeling sorry for themselves, and inferior, and with the mindset that they need to be helped by government to achieve equality with the rest of the island.

    This is not empowerment but condescending drivel. Had I been from the south, I’d feel thoroughly insulted and that’s not even taking into account that a buffoon like Silvio Parnis is representing my interests.

    When will the PL learn that these focus groups are doing nothing but perpetuate the stereotyping, unfair as it is?

    • Lilla says:

      My thoughts exactly.
      And to have Silvio Parnis as a minister representing me would be a double slap in the face.
      I can’t stand the pretentious douche.

  11. Oops says:

    I’ve lost my pills. Does anyone have Silvio’s number?

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