Eyebrows Vella is on Bondi+ right now

Published: June 21, 2012 at 10:03pm

If you can tear yourself away from that football match, go to TVM2 (that’s right, TVM2) and watch Bondi+. They’ve got George ‘Eyebrows’ Vella on, with the foreign minister.

I look at George Vella and I think, “Baby, you make Tonio Borg look FANTASTIC.”

Progressive, liberal Labour Party with fresh, new star candidates, and then they send this man in his 70s, the oldest Golden Years survivor of them all, to remind us that he’s going to be the new foreign minister?

Il-vera m’ghandux minn fejn jaghzel, miskin, Joseph Muscat.

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  1. Adrian says:

    I don’t really like Tonio Borg, but l prefer him a million times more than George Vella.

  2. Iz-Zebbugi says:

    Can’t get myself to watch him, but I heard a short part of what he said last Tuesday on TVAM – basically admitting that the PL are an opportunistic party and do not give a damn about anything else.

  3. ciccio says:

    Eyebrows (is that why he is a SHADOW minister?) has just avoided committing himself about any contacts between his party and the two Js: Jaffrey and Jesmint. He has been so careful in not committing himself, that it is very clear that his party did actually contact the two Js.

  4. Mark Vella says:

    Jeffrey Pullicino Orlandoposted toKarol Aquilina
    2 hours ago
    Karol is the kind of loser who needed the support of Mr. Cachia Caruana’s hitmen (and wom-an) to eliminate his competitor Robert Musumeci to get to play at being mayor of Siggiewi. What a dork ! Is this what the Nationalist Party has been reduced to?

    Jeffrey Pullicino Orlandoposted toKarol Aquilina
    2 hours ago
    definition of dork Karol? dork/dôrk/
    derogatory. A dull, slow-witted, or socially inept person.
    Suits you to a t doesn’t it ?


    • Matt B says:

      The last time I used the word ‘dork’ was in my primary school days.

      Perhaps JPO(S) should take a long, hard look at himself before saying that about Karol Aquilina.

  5. Chicken says:

    Dr. Eyebrows Vella has the cheek to defend the Labour government staying on after the 1981 election results. Truly Liberal and Progressive.

  6. Grezz says:

    Why? Isn’t Tonio Borg fantastic anyway?

  7. Cportelli says:

    I watched it until I felt ill.

  8. Silvio says:

    Daphne, I think you are mistaken. Of course I stand to be corrected but I am under the impression that it was Gonzi who told the American ambassador that he has a very limited choice in choosing his top players.
    Hasn’t time proved him right?

    He couldn’ find a Nationalist for a president.
    He can’t even find a replacment for RCC.
    He can’t find anyone to take over from Carm Mifsud Bonnici.
    He couldn’ t find even one Maltese CUC for Air Malta.

    The two Maltese saying that will live on for a long time are Robert Arrigo. ” Pajjiz bil-puncture” and Bundy’s “Pajjis tal- Mickey Mouse”
    These are facts and no excuses and spinning will change the truth.

    • Homer says:

      1) Gonzi might have a limited selection, but his is a five-star buffet compared to Joseph’s turnip patch.

      Furthermore, thanks to Muscat & Co.’s actions, it is now even harder to get good people to work for the state: where before one could appeal to patriotism and a high profile in order to compensate for a lousy financial package (compared to the private sector), it’s now been established that anyone, no matter how well one does one’s job, can still be dragged through the mud,

      2) The selection of George Abela was an act of political goodwill (naturally mostly self-serving);

      3) Anyone with even a smidgen of experience in large organisations is aware that major players cannot be replaced overnight – unless they’re crap, which is hardly the case for RCC. The timing (in midst of negotiating a seven-year budget plan!) furthermore sucks, to put it mildly;

      4) Ditto re Carm. They say empty vases make most noise, and few will bother to evaluate the fundamental changes he was working on as opposed to flashy and costly reforms;

      5) As regards to Airmalta, what’s this inferiority complex?! My acquaintances include Maltese doctors and finance professionals working in top posts abroad. If, however, we have no Maltese with experience running an airline, we get someone who does – simple as that. We should not jeopardise the livelihood of the airline’s employees (not to mention its effect on the economy) just so that a Maltese guy/gal can can beef up his resume!

      As regards to your statement “Daphne, I think you are mistaken”, what exactly are you rambling about? What’s the ‘truth’ which “no excuses and spinning will change”?

  9. ganna says:

    Who is better than RCC, at this moment, when we soon start negotiating the EU budget? He has the experience, ability, and intelliigence how to deal with Europe for all the Maltese people, not for himself.

    What happened last Monday will never be erased. It was Black Monday for all the Maltese people. Labour never changes. Whenever they were in power we all know what happens.

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