Lawrence Pullicino was charged with the MURDER, not manslaughter, of Nardu Debono

Published: June 30, 2012 at 11:09pm

The immigrant from Mali – can we have his name? – was already dead when the Detention Services van reached the Paola Health Centre at around 1am last night.

Sources say that his body was in handcuffs and bent into the foetal position, with severe bruising to the back.

What are the odds that those bastards got him in the spleen?

It’s how Nardu Debono died in police detention in Floriana in the 1980s. Back then, black people hadn’t yet been invented and they contented themselves with venting their rage on people who didn’t vote Labour.

And Police Commissioner Lawrence Pullicino was charged with MURDER not manslaughter, was convicted, and spent years in prison.

Manslaughter. Indeed.

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  1. David says:

    As far as I recall Dr Pullicino was not found guilty of murder but of a lesser offence similar to mansluaghter. Even offences similar to mansalughter can lead to a punishment of years in prison.

  2. As I sit up here, in a chalet in the Swiss Alps, overlooking a peaceful, productive nation (although they can mobilize an army of one million men in 48 hours) do not resort to such vindictive retribution to aliens.

    I sometimes wonder why I still love the ‘Rock’ when such atrocities occur.

    Perhaps the last twenty years has helped, as the country became more civilized.

    However, I fear that what I have witnessed recently indicates that the tide of success is receding as the Labour meligomaniacs seem to have the upper hand.

    Murder, mayhem, corruption and fear are about to return.

    Think about it, people.

  3. Minn jaf says:

    Nardu Debono’s spleen was ruptured because Nardu insisted on hitting his head repeatedly against a desk-top at the police depot when called in for interrogation.

    He was then released, walked off home, and on his way there he fell off a bridge near Qormi – or so would the police then have had us believe.

    Oh, how one does pine for those golden years.

  4. Ken il malti says:

    Il’l bet they gave him the kidney chop. A favourite murdering technique of the Russian police and the South African police. It is fatal within half an hour or less of its application.

    • Caroline says:

      What do you mean by the kidney chop?

      • Babe says:

        A heck of a blow aimed at your lower back in the region of the kidneys. It will cause so much damage in the area that if left untreated is fatal within a short while.

  5. A. Charles says:

    I hope justice is seen to be done.

  6. Taniaensues says:

    Lawrence Pullicino was found guilty of grevious bodily harm from which death ensued.

  7. markus says:

    I, cannot sit down and not express my shock on this case. How can a man die like that??

  8. Martin says:

    If I remember correctly Lawrence Pullicini was found guilty (which is what counts, not the charges, which can be anything) of failing to stop a crime being committed. For which he got 15 years.

    The man who actually committed the crime (Gejtu Pace) received a presidential pardon and walked out scott free.

  9. Jozef says:

    And predictably

    He never condemns the five individuals being charged, preferring to defend their action due ‘inadequate training’ instead. .

    It’s as if these happened to be driving in their van and he stepped out from behind a tree. Poor sods should have been trained to drive slowly.

    Racial instead of racist eh? I know someone else who insists he’s a racialist
    It’s also Interesting how he chooses to use responsible instead of accountable. Apparently Lawrence Gonzi has issued instructions for the right wing to vent it’s instinct.

    It absolves him of anything he’s done these past four years.

    Self contradiction and paradox is his forte. This individual will be an embarrassment to watch when power is bestowed upon him.

    A bit like his dear Dom, omnipotenza who still couldn’t control the ‘violent element within the party’, miskin.
    Joseph’s taboo is an increasing awareness to his inadequacy to iron out where the role and duty meet.

    Oh have we noticed it, Joseph.

  10. Dee says:

    Another suspicious death whilst under police protection. This is reminiscent of the police force during the Golden Mintoff and KMB era.
    How abhorrent.

    • David says:

      To be fair to the police, it does not appear the the immigrant was in police custody when he died but in the custody of soldiers and maybe other officials.

  11. Alan says:

    Well, unlike Nardu Debono, at least this time the armed forces had the decency to take the unfortunate individual to seek medical assistance. This is a tremendous improvement over what used to happen twenty odd years ago.

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