Deeply offensive (but 100% true) comment of the day

Published: July 30, 2012 at 5:18pm

Just ha mmorru niehdu coffee l-Ferries. Gejjin maghna?

Posted by H. P. Baxxter (who else):

North, South, Gozo…. on a 14-mile island. How ridiculous can we get?

What Daffers is saying, and I agree with great bells on, is that Malta is knee-deep in hamalli.

Before 1987 and the onset of affluence, there were islands of civilisation where one could take refuge. Not any longer. Now the floodgates have been blasted open and the cesspit has disgorged its filthy contents everywhere.

Malta’s version of social mobility: racing and revving around the place taking your vulgar social mores along with you, unchanged.

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  1. silvio says:

    Hi Baxxter,

    Actually I am down at the Ferries every morning, not really the Ferries, but one of the coffee shops on Tigne seafront.

    To be honest I have never met any girls like those in the photo. Of course I wouldn’t mind meeting some of them.

    Can you please be so kind as to give more details as to where they hang out.

    Just out of curiosity..

    • tas-sigarru says:

      Wicc dawn l-affarijiet ghandek, Silvio. Ghax ma tibqax tpacpac ma’ dawk il-qabda xjuh torox li jkollhok madwarek.

  2. Paul Bonnici says:

    An unrelated comment, Daphne have a look at this report in L-Orizzont, I wonder where L-Orizzont gets the names of police officers. Other newspapers rarely mention names of officers, yet the Labour media seem to have a good source in the police force.'Ahbarijiet'&ID2=93591

  3. H.P. Baxxter says:

    Why is it offensive? I earned the right to call them hamalli, because they’re my people. Mark Anthony Falzon will understand.

    [Daphne – Offensive as in ‘attakk moqziez’.]

  4. marc says:

    Where can we contact you?

    [Daphne – [email protected]]

  5. Paul Borg says:

    Just because Labour supporters now shave their underarms and legs and use anti-perspirant, they think they are avante garde.

  6. lola says:

    Wherever one goes you will meet hamalli.Hamalli here and hamalli there,hamalli everywhere.Boys and girls showing off their tattoe covered bodies.And these do not come only from the south.Daphne people nowadays move from one place to another.These uneducated people have the money because they work hard.With money in their pockets they become dangerous cause they do not know how to use them in order to better themselves.So the basic is education.

    • mattie says:

      “So the basic is education”.

      This government provided the best to get people properly educated in schools, post secondary schools etc.

      The problem still is in the family background. Children of hamalli equals more hamallagni passed on.

  7. ciccio says:

    Do I detect a sense of nostalgia for the Golden Years in Baxxter’s comment?

  8. Grezz says:

    My sentiments exactly, Baxxter!

  9. Gahan says:

    H.P. Baxxter, you are officially a grumpy old man.

    Daphne is showing (again) her ‘racist’ views against people who are not necessarily polite but informal.

    [Daphne – “Not necessarily polite but informal”. You mean crass and downright rude. I live in a farming community, Gahan. Everybody’s manners are perfect and silence is prized. The problems seem entirely to be with the urban working-class, who value noise, space invasion, no respect for others’ privacy, and really crass behaviour, with absolutely no pleases or thank-yous. The rise of Mintoffian manners, I’m afraid. There really is no excuse. And it’s not “racism”; it’s an entirely justified dislike based on long and close observation.]

    If it were for you two, we would again have segregation in Strada San Giorgio (today’s Republic street) and declare it out of bounds for the common people.

    Our area is full of non-locals and foreigners who like to stroll on the cliffs instead of the Sliema sea front.They don’t mind the “hamalli” in the picture. Should the village people tell these ’strangers’ to bugger off?

    • Groucho says:

      Should the village people tell these ’strangers’ to bugger off?

      No, but they should tell them that it’s fun to stay at the YMCA…

    • TROY says:

      Gahan, Baxxter is neither old nor grumpy. What he is, is a thorn in your side.

      Welcome back, Baxx.

      • John Schembri says:

        I wonder who was the thorn in who’s side.

        Baxxter is behaving like some haughty person who was away for a long stint in some forgotten foggy country and came to enjoy a holiday on these arid sunny rocks in the Med surrounded by jellyfish.

        Like it or not Baxx, there’s no place like home.

      • john says:

        Ever the eternal optimist, I took it that Baxxter was getting laid, and had little time left over for us.

        Let’s pray that the getting laid bit still holds.

      • H.P. Baxxter says:

        To which my answer is: home is where the heart is.

  10. Redneck Rabti says:

    It’s all the PN’s fault.

    I’m going to vote MuscatPL. He will take us back in time so that we get back the hamalli-free islands of refuge.

    Jew xi haga hekk insomma.

  11. mattie says:

    Can’t agree more.

  12. Riff Raff says:

    The picture of Anglu Farrugia that keeps popping up when I access your site is the most offensive thing that has appeared on this blog. And to be fair to the man, it’s not really his fault. Now I’ll have another go at getting some sleep.

    [Daphne – It’s the gateway to an interesting blog about the subject.]

  13. mark v says:

    Sorry to upset you people, but in reality hamalli are not only Labour.

    [Daphne – No, but they are mainly Labour. So….]

    • Paul Bonnici says:

      I agree with Daphne about the ‘hamalli’ and Labour, for someone who was brought up in the ‘sawt’, I noticed that LP supporters tend to be the crass, loud and unpleasant type. That is why many PN supporters are afraid of criticising the Labour Party openly.

      [Daphne – Yes, well, you only have to look at the 1000 comments in response to my bit about God rotting Mintoff’s soul.]

      • Paul Bonnici says:

        I share your feeling about Mintoff. He managed to deceive so many illiterate and sub-literate people. Mintoff was in contempt of everyone.

  14. Jozef says:

    Quite true. Membership of the EU also paved the way for a logical evolution in the revving, literally.

    From the Japanese grey import, riced up and with the loudest possible boom box to the German ubersaloon with chromed 19 inch rims and smoked glass from Britain.

    The first set of wheels driven by their new wife.

    The ones in the picture could be as familiar with a turbo wastegate as with any Jap aftermarket website.

  15. H.P. Baxxter says:

    And you are an idiot.

    You think that just because I yearn for something in the past, I must have been alive back then. Not so. I also yearn for a quick death on the North-Western Frontier, or in the trenches of Ypres, but I’m not 120 years old.

    You think that just because I dislike something, I am grumpy. Not so. You are of the sort, I see, who loves everything and everyone. The you’re either happy-clappy or braindead. Humans are also meant to dislike some things. It’s the basis of civilisation.

    You think that just because I clawed my way out of the hamallu cesspit in which I was born, I favour segregation. And by god, in a way I do. I belong to those “common people”.

    I have earned the right to spit upon my kind.

    Yes, I have standards. If I hadn’t looked at myself in the mirror and disliked myself, all those years ago, I’d be prancing around today in a vest and baggy shorts at some hamallu-do.

    Spare me your egalitarian cant. We’re not equal. I’ve seen how the other side lives. They’re taller, better-looking, well-travelled, articulate, confident, better in so many ways. I’m working class, with ambitions beyond my possibilities, semitic features and the physique of a rat.

    Equality is the biggest scam in modern history.

    • Patrik says:

      Massive thumbs up.

    • Alex says:

      Self hate is a very powerful incentive to “better” oneself although from your comments I get the feeling you have gone down a few steps on the evolutionary ladder.

      Acquiring an urbane lifestyle and outlook and pursuing an interest in militaria and military history do not make you a sophisticated man. In some cases quite the contrary.

      [Daphne – H. P. Baxxter is one of this website’s most popular attractions.]

      • ciccio says:

        It’s a very hot summer, and it’s all Baxxter’s fault.

      • Grezz says:

        @Daphne – Actually, it’s the Baxxter and Ciccio duet. Ciccio was lost without Baxxter around.

      • H.P. Baxxter says:

        It’s not militaria, you moron. I don’t collect military items, nor do I take an interest in them.

        Military history only in as far as it is necessary in understanding history in general, something which our decision-makers, aided along by parochial electors like you, never will.

        In any case, I was sophisticated the moment I realised how ridiculous I was. THAT is sophistication. Knowing thyself. Which is why self-conscious people stick out a mile in this island of alpha males.

      • Harry Purdie says:

        If you knew him personally, Alex, you would immediately retract your inane, naive, presumptive comment.

      • ciccio says:

        Grezz, I am the good one. Baxxter is the bad one.

      • TROY says:

        Indeed he is,and he speaks his mind without beating round the bush. And how does the song go? ahh! yes ‘to kill the yellow man’

    • Gahan says:

      Baxx, fxiltek wahda u tajjeb. Nahseb li lili qed tindirizza.

      Jien nipprova nsib xi haga tajba f’kullhadd mhux inhobb lil kull min jigi quddiemi.

      Dawn it-tlett nisa fl-istampa ghalijja m’humiex hamalli. La ghandhom tpingija, la deheb milbus, la heavy makeup u lebsin tajjeb ghal-gewwa. Jekk int u Daphne tahsbu li dawn in-nisa t’hawn fuq huma hamalli, tistghu ma tohorgux mid-dar.

      Jekk jien hinix ‘well travelled’ , ahjar ma nghidlekx, imma darba kont l-Amerka u in-nies t’hemm hekk jilbsu u huma loud mouthed, l-airport ta’ Heathrow kont immur nixtri minn hanut kien hemm wahda dejjem tindirizza lil-klijenti ‘honey’. Ghalija dawk huma l-hamalli.

      • Gakku says:

        Nobody said hamalli are exclusive to Malta. But we do seem to be drowning in them.

        All you need to do to understand is look at a couple of generic newspaper photos in a Maltese newspaper and do the same say in a German or Swedish paper. Then compare the weight, dress sense and general demeanour of people caught in the pictures. You could do the same with any tv news report.

      • TROY says:

        Ara veru Gahan.

  16. Stephen Forster says:

    “physique of a rat” – classic quote. Harks back to the golden days of empire when a crusty military type infoms his ADC to have some men flogged “pour encourager les autres”. Good stuff, Baxxter.

  17. TinaB says:

    H.P.Baxxter is spot on.

  18. Gahan says:

    The (hamalla) salesgirl at Heathrow calls her customers “Luv”.

    Baxx, I know you are thirty-something, but your comment was a “x’gharukaza dan iz-zmien”.

    • H.P. Baxxter says:

      My comment wasn’t “x’gharukaza dan iz-zmien” but “kemm nobghod b’qalbi kollha dan iz-zmien”.

      X’gharukaza is Maltese hand-wringing piety. Mine is a burning desire to laser-erase my history, because much of it has been determined by my Maltese identity.

      There’s no rule which says you have to love your country, or even yourself.

      And there is no rule which says that if something is inevitable, then you have to like it.

      • Gahan says:

        And I thought it was difficult to understand women.

        You’re harder to understand than a woman, Baxx.

        You have a masochistic attitude?

        Now seriously Baxxter, always look on the bright side of life, just don’t try to obliterate your Maltese DNA, aren’t we survivors?

        Don’t we have a rich military history spanning from the bronze age to the British period? And what about our climate?Look at how Valletta is being restored professionally, the amount of restoration projects leaves you breathless.We have a rich culture which we should be all proud of.

        Yes there are hamalli around, but don’t forget that they are not the majority, they are the empty vessels which are making most sound, to confirm this just, look at the comments board of The Times of Malta and see how it has been hijacked by a legion of organised anti-GonziPN commentors.

        Those who are in favour of Gonzi just continue with their daily lives, and wouldn’t even bother to reply to the illogical arguments written by the likes of Eddy Privitera. They just let them have enough rope to hang themselves in their own ‘arguments’.

        If you don’t want to see hamalli, go to “Evenings on Campus” or to the “Malta jazz festival” , visit our refurbished museums or go on a sightseeing tour around Malta.

      • H.P. Baxxter says:

        What good is all this if we are – if I am – at the bottom of the genetic heap? Let the Aryans and bronzed Latinos among us be proud of Malta. Let me curse my Maltese genes.

  19. Shania says:

    is that a Google searched image?

    [Daphne – No. I posed for that picture with my friends.]

  20. OK says:

    Definizzjoni tieghi ta’ hamallu jew hamalla:

    Persuna li jkollha nfluwenzi fit-trobbija taghha li jirrizultaw f’mentalita’ li tahseb li biex tkun ahjar minn haddiehor jew biex haddiehor japprezzaha aktar, tesponi lilha nfisha, normalment quddiem haddiehor, b’mod esagerat, permezz tad-dehra, manjieri, mgieba jew diskors li jmorru kontra l-valuri ta’ l-umilta’, id-decenza u l-etika tal-bon sens f’socjeta’ civili.

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