Published: August 28, 2012 at 2:52am

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Enjoyed reading his comment so much. But since I am Christian, I would just not kill you or give you harsh injuries, just scare you like hell

    [Daphne – By dressing up as Casper the Ghost perhaps?]

    • Anonymous says:

      No, by putting a mirror in front of your face, and you will surely scream and faint with the ugliness of the image shown.

      [Daphne – Madonna, how boring you are. The way you go on, anyone would think I look like Yana Mintoff or worse, her father Dom. Min jaf x’tahsbu jekk qatt ma rajtuni hajja. It’s very revealing of the way Maltese hamalli think, actually, that you think this is the worst insult you can give a woman.]

      • Anonymous says:

        I agree with you that unfortunately Yana is not of the prettiest type. And yes, I saw you whwile you were walkig out of court some 2 years back. One word…Uggghhh

        [Daphne – Jekk jiena jaqq, ruhi, nofs in-nisa fil-pajjiz imsammrin wahda sew mal-art. Nahseb ma tantx int xi twil u sabih (jew twila u sabina?), ghaliex kieku kont ninnutak, daqs kemm hawn ghaqs kbir ta’ nies verament attraenti f’dan il-mishut pajjiz tal-koroh u l-isfurmati. All you have to do is take a long hard look at the footage of Mintoff’s funeral to wonder what the hell went wrong with the Maltese genome. And I mention that only because it was the last biggish crowd in the news. ‘Yana is not the prettiest type’ – damn right. She’s utterly hideous. All she needs to do is get a short back and sides, a pair of National Health spectacles and an hernia belt with a large horseshoe buckle, and those cretins will assume her father has risen from the dead after 30 days instead of the required three – jekk jafu jghoddu.]

      • TinaB says:

        Ghax anonymous u tal-pezza tieghu, jew taghha, tafx x’inhu sabih ghalihom, dawk l-istillel ta’ nisa fulltajm howswajfss u mummis, li Malta mimlija bihom, fejn kull ikla li jmorru (ghax Alla jbierek dan il-gvern qatilhom bil-guh) joqghodu jippuzaw b’ilbies jghodd ghal xi tfajla ta’ tmintax, jigbdu ir-ritratti u jitfghuhom fuq il fejssbukk biex juru kemm jafu jilbsu, God bless. Imbaghad jigi xi “hunk” u joqghod jikkummenta u jghidilhom “mmmmm” u “kemm int saxxy, kif thawwadni”.

        Ikunu koroh daghwa b’Alla imsieken izda la jaghmlu il-blaww drajj darbtejn fil-gimgha u jilbsu il-mini skirt u kollox issikkat, ghalihom dawk artisti ta’ Holliwoott, u Deffnij kerha.

        Il-vera chavs.

      • Rup says:

        Hmmm I disagree with Anonymous, without entering into the merits of Ms. CG’s looks, her intelligence makes her extremely attractive. Her sense of humour, ballsiness and intellect are certainly sexy.

      • ...... says:

        Din hasbet li ghandha xaghra isfar u ghajneja blue jaqaw… ghal ftit ma hasbukx xi russa…. hahaha you’re sense of humour is amazing!

        [Daphne – Typical Maltese reasoning: blonde hair and blue eyes = physically attractive, regardless of the actual features. It’s the racist in you.]

    • silvio says:

      I’m certain what this James Vella posted on facebook,does in no way qualify as Freedom of the press or Freedom of expresion. It is nothing but incitment and I do not see why the Police do not take the necessary action,as would surely be the case in other civilised countries.

      I’m sure you will admit that ,sometimes, you have been very hard with these chaps, but no amount of whatever you gave them,justifies such Threats and stupidity.

      I know that we do not always see eye to eye,but I would never revert to personal attacks. I leave that to those who are of little intelligence and lack the talent of convincing.

      [Daphne – Bugger off, Silvio. This is why some men should never retire. They have nothing to but stir the pot.

      I quote:

      silvio loporto
      Aug 24th, 18:19

      What I find utterly shameful,is the hatred that is being written , these can only create more division amogst us Maltese.
      It seems that certain persons blame Mintoff for all their shortcomings.
      They say they could have been better off without the Mintoff Days.
      This surely means that their life has not turned out to their likeing, it is easy to find a scapegoat for the mess that has turned out to be your life.
      If others managed to make a good life for themselves,in spite of Mintoff, Why didn’t they as well, maybe because they expected too much and they ended up with the short end of the stick.
      MAybe their marriage didn’t work out, maybe their children are a dissappointment,So blame it on Mintoff.
      Something that really surprises me is, How can anyone live all these years with all this hate buried in them?
      Can this happen with normal sane persons, or is it some sort of condition, that needs treatment.
      Are these persons carrying some hidden
      agenda to prvocate persons in acting in ways that would convince us that Labour are still what they were 30 years ago? Who knows
      My advice is don’t fall to provocation.,

    • Chris Scerri says:

      No, Dafni just by placing a mirror just infornt of yourself!!

      [Daphne – It’s Daphne. Spelling my name in a jokey way does not impress. Arguments do, and you have none of those. In my vast experience – and there’s something to be said for being 48 – men of your predisposition tend to be physically off-putting and aware of this unpleasant fact, so I would hold off on the mirror comments and concentrate on developing your personality and conversational skills, failing which you could try making a billion and flying a helicopter (your own).]

  2. Antoniette says:

    Lil Agatha Barbara ghamiltula mera xi darba?

    Intkom tahsbu li Daphne kera ghax ma tahmluiex.

    Jiena lil Laburisti kollha narhom koroh ukoll.

    • Anonymous says:

      Bhall-Gonzi mela ghax qisu xadina kerha. Ja razzista diskriminatorja!

      • Chris Z says:

        hah! Tajba ukoll… issa qed jghidu li ahna diskriminatorji!

      • HP Sauce says:

        L-ahhar sentenza lil Antoniette ghidta jew lilek innifsek ? Aqra sew dak li qed tikeb pastaz hamallu. Ma tikkummentax fuq in-nies, imbghad tghamel l-istess.

        Ara naqra fejn qed nghixu ukoll!

      • Antoniette says:

        Min jaf xi gmiel ta’ ragel (jew mara) fik inti!

        Hasra li mhux kullhadd jghoxa fuq il-qoxra ta barra biss.

        Mintoff kien aqwa, la barra w l-anqas gewwa ma kellu nitfa x’jolqtok.

      • ciccio says:

        Galadarba il-Laburisti ma humiex razza ghalihom, il-kumment ta’ Antoinette ma hux razzista.

    • hubert grech says:

      mela vera MA TAFX MIN HU MISSIEREK

    • stefan chircop says:

      itfa ritratt tijak ha nikkumentaw please. u barra min hekk , hemm mod li tkun kerha u taghmel ghomrok tahdem ghall gid tan nies specjalment biex in nisa bhalek ma jibqawx marbutin ma xi sink gol kcina , ghalli u tqatta hajtek tikkritika lill haddiehor .

    • rita says:

      thankx tal kumpliment!imma agatha barbara ma kelix ilsini bil valenu pupa!

  3. Min Weber says:

    Mirror mirror on the wall
    How’s more Labour of us all?

  4. Lomax says:

    Oh, whoever would have known that De La Rue employees were so erudite? Well done indeed.

  5. pals says:

    Kif se tispjegalhom lil PN supporters tal cottonera li qed tajjarhom illiterati , hamalli , etc etc …..??

    [Daphne – Min semma ll-Cottonera, pals? Fil-fatt, il-kelma Cottonera qatt ma nuza. Insemmi l-Beltijiet b’isimhom. ‘Cottonera’ bilkemm naf xi tfisser ezatt.]

    • kev says:

      It’s ‘nuzaha’ in this case, not ‘nuza’ (and the ‘h’ is silent, of course).

      Just helping you out with your poor Maltese spelling, even if you never seem to learn.

      [Daphne – My Maltese spelling is pretty bloody good, Kevin, considering there’s nothing to read, which is how one picks up these things. Imagine that, I learned it all without reading or taking lessons… my, my, my.]

      • jaqq says:

        Kottonera, in Maltese, and not Cottonera. They are the 3 cities together. Birgu, Bormla and L-Isla comprise the Kottonera region. The word is after Grandmaster Kottoner. Nowadays Kalkara, though close, is wrongly attributed as being part of the Kottonera.

        [Daphne – You can’t put the spelling of Cottonera into Maltese, because it comes from a person’s name (as you yourself know). Therefore it’s Cottonera, not Kottonera, because he was Cottoner and not Kottoner. Grandmaster Kottoner indeed.]

  6. denis says:

    Is this the NEW Labour Movement?

  7. The Phoenix says:

    There was once an Ghaqda called Ghaqda Nisa (Qhab )Laburisti…. to qualify you had to talk in a loud Voice, colour your hair in impossible shades of blonde, and wear formless, baggy flower printed dresses in shades of red.

    De rigeur in mass meetings was squeezing huge mammaries into Vote Dom teeshirts, making Dom bulge tightly over the right breast to make hm look like a bespactacled frog smoking a pipe. Oh…and you had to live in a kerrejja as well.

  8. Mister says:

    Dear James Vella, DE LA RUE EMPLOYEE… please go visit a doctor. Tell him you have a bout of Mintoffitus.

    You need a couple of brain cell implants, a couple of times a week. Then when you realise what you’ve done… and how a stupid comment like this can jeopardise your career… apart from being totally stupid and dangerous.

    What do you think your employer is going to do when this post does the rounds… and facebook isnt quite private either!

    And thank god that Mintoff’s education policies were scrapped by subsequent PN governments cause you could forget about getting your Diploma in Management Studies at the European Institute of Education.

    You’re just a Frustrated Little Prick, trying to show off ‘kemm inti bully’.

    • Rigor Mortis says:

      Dear Mr James Vella of DeLaRue,

      There is nothing wrong with you that ECT followed by a lobotomy will not set right.

      Don’t despair.


  9. HP Sauce says:

    haha its funny he just wrote ‘fu’ at the end. wara elogju bhal dak mank kiteb il-kelma kollha.

  10. Anthony says:

    I wonder what this European Institute educates people in exactly.

    • carlos says:

      Surely reading James comments the E I should be more careful when accepting students.. James’s writing does give them a good name.

  11. Oops says:

    FB is a social network service, therefore any announced death threats of this nature are to be considered as such, a criminal offence. They are also an incitement for others to commit a crime. Do such threats require the victim’s report to trigger Police action ?

    • ciccio says:

      I think if they are just brought to the attention of the nearest police station, that should be enough.

      James Vella has issued clear threats of a crime here, and has misused electronic communications networks provided by others.

      • Last Post says:

        It is now amply clear that the now-deeply-religious Mintoffians (I purposely distinguish between them and the Labourites who have now been subdued to a low profile) were scandalised, indeed shocked, by the association of hell with Dom (See ‘Glory, Glory, Alleluia’. This must explain their frantic barrage of stupid but menacing obscenities to which Daphne had to reply in kind.

        Haven’t these liberal-progressives heard this song from their so-called ‘mediaeval’ 60s which we played to our heart’s content?
        Or is it that with these modern-day wannabes unless something is even remotely porno it isn’t worth taking any notice of? The irony of it is that they insult and threaten your freedom of speech for being what they call fascist or Nazi provocation.

        Not surprisingly they don’t imagine calling you by the other extreme label — Communist — because in their stupidity/immaturity/misguided idealism they think they are the standard-bearers of the proletarian revolution! Talking of which, it could serve them good (if they can read between the lines, which is doubtful but never too late to try) to listen also to this:

        And for some inspiring working-class values I suggest this to everyone but especially latter-day Labourites still searching for their past and not religiously indoctrinated in political hogwash. Read it all (including comments). It should strike a chord of sensibility. I liked it a lot:

  12. Paul Bonnici says:

    De La Rue should investigate this employee and sack him for bringing this reputable company into disrepute.

    • ciccio says:

      I agree with you.

      De La Rue surely must have internal mechanisms to deal with this situation in which its employee has associated the company name and the international brand with serious misconduct.

  13. maryanne says:

    Expect this and much more when Labour are elected to government.

    Shortly after speaking to The Times, Mr Grima once again resorted to Facebook wall to write: “The PN and its bedfellows are trying to make a dog’s dinner out of my comment on Fr Lucie-Smith after he wrote his hate article against Dom Mintoff… I stand by my every word to Fr Lucie.

    “He chose the moment when he knew that his words about Mintoff would hurt us most and he and the Maltese hate mo(n)gers who put him up to it should now know what lengths we will go to defend Mintoff’s legacy.” (

    Any criticism of the Moviment will not be tolerated because they will go to great lengths to defend their legacy.

  14. NB says:

    What does looking good have anything to do with being a good person or a good politician??

    • NB says:

      I mean…I’ve seen you in public a few times, but I never said “ugh” or screamed and ran away…

      Why don’t we all post our profile pictures here, THEN we’ll see who’ll win Malta’s next top model?

      You guys are just taking it out on DCG because she’s the one who has the guts to say what Labour really are! Just because she was the only one who WROTE things about Mintoff, it doesn’t mean she was the only one feeling them or wishing them!

      Just as a reminder, anything you’re doing on your computer was ILLEGAL during Mintoff’s times! How’s THAT for being “Is-salvatur”?

  15. Joe Micallef says:

    The European Institute of Education must be thrilled to have their school mentioned on this scumbag’s Facebook profile.

  16. mattie says:

    People have not only introduced Facebook into their homes, they’ve also put Facebook on, in their workplace. The employer now knows what he never did.

  17. Antoine Vella says:

    The comment by James Vella also shows what he thinks of the “klandestini”. Typical Mintoffian mentality.

  18. mattie says:

    .. and God how stupid these people are! Posting threats on Facebook is the equivalent of sending written threat notes to people and signing your real name on them.

    Madonna x’injuranza ta’ nies!

    Fejn huma l-awtoritajiet? Ghalqulhom il-Facebook ghax ma jafux x’inhu!

  19. Antoine Vella says:

    These comments should be collected and published as a book: Fifty Shades of Labour.

  20. Makjavel says:

    Kemm hawn min hu bahnan, forsi weghduh xi kap ta segretarjat fil-futur?

  21. jaqq says:

    Kien jistudja u jgib id-diploma fi zmien Mintoff

  22. Pete says:

    Amazing what he learnt during his European Eductaion classes… Module 7f Online Threatining

  23. Joe Azzopardi says:

    Change of heart. The post is gone as his profile including picture !

  24. Pepe` says:

    Poor James Vella, he’s removed his profile pic, and left the group that calls for an end to DCG’s ‘hate’ blog!
    But his wife Riona Vella is still subscribed (to 2 such groups)…guess she hasn’t got down to it yet.

  25. sarah says:

    well done james !!

  26. Hear No Evil See No Evil says:

    taf inti Malta Zgir u nies mgharufa jghidu ;-)

  27. Angus Black says:

    A translated copy of Vella’s threat should be sent to De La Rue Human Resources department

    It would make a nice addition to his file there and substantially enhance a promotion in the shortest time possible, preferably in a supervisory position responsible for many other employees.

    A copy should also be sent to Police HQ, traffic division.

  28. C.C says:

    Daphne nixtieq nsaqsik mistoqsija u nixtieq nihu twegiba.Ghaliex tghajjar il kull Laburist/a hammallu/a? Mawx Nazzjonalisti hammalli ukoll? Li taqa al livel fej ha nikwotak int tejd ek ‘tfiser li zop fox omkom mintof amel gid al malta’ mintix ed taqa fl livel baxx ta injoranza ukol? Skuzani nghidlek ma nafx min tefak gurnalista…

  29. Hear No Evil See No Evil says:


  30. ron spencer says:

    James Vella should be sacked. No smart employer in this world would spare such a damn idiot. It’s shameful to have him as an employee, a colleague or a teammate. I’m sure anyone sensible would stay at least a km away from such a weirdo.

  31. Poor James says:

    Haha…James Vella, known as il-bezzej, has closed his Facebook account, as has his wife Riona Vella. What an idiot….what a stupid Mintuffjan! Imbasta hareg ipeclaq….ja patpitu.

  32. ABZDCG says:

    Only one word to you…. “Miskina u ta min jithassrek” I really don’t know why maltese people care of what you say ? you don’t like Labour.. so what ?!? you don’t like Mintoff … so what ?!?!? but don’t offend people cause one day you’ll be the one who dies…and what a great feast would that be … adek qas taf kemm nixxala u nigi HARA!!! B’dak il wicc ikrah landek qisek xadina ta l’etiophia qas tisthi tajjar lil hadd iehor ikrah ?? Sptar tal mohh alik immisu jiftah il prim u ghalik biss u jista jamlu kbir daqs mater dei kollu ax daqs kemm int imkabbra bik innifsek ma jkun emm post ghal wiehed bhali li ghad issibni ma wiccek u tispicca hazin !!!…Viva Mintoff u Viva Malta !!!

  33. Mur hudu fox il mejtin tijek daphne, nir alla jaqbdek cancer ja haga kerha. Xi darba taqlahha ta ja qahba kera thabbilx oxxok dak li mimli grancijiet.

  34. 2012 says:

    Nahseb li f’dan il-pajjiz ghalkemm ghadda hafna zmien hadt ma tghallem jirrispetta lil xulxin – kulhadd jiftahar li hu nisrani u kulhadd nisrani ta l-isem. Kemm Daphne ghajret lil xeba nies u uriet il-hdura lejn Mntoff u l-familja tieghu u kemm James Vella ghajjar lil Daphe. Nahseb irridu nitghalmu li jekk bniedem ma jaqbilx mal-opinjoni politika tieghu ma ghadux jesprimija b’mod ta’ ghajjir u hdura lejn xulxin. Hafna nies ikkumentaw fuq nies per ezempju li kienu joqodu f-kerrejja. Ghandek xi tort ax titwieled fqir? M’hemmx ghalfejn tkun tghix go villa biex tkun intelligenti. Bil-politika mahmuga li ghanda f’Malta naslu biex nghiru lil xulxin personali. 2012 qedin u mhux 1912, il-pajjiz zviluppa imma mohh il-maltin baqa zghir.

  35. Rusteeee12 says:

    Please will you leave Daphne alone. Can this person writes whatever she fuckin’ wants without being insulted for starters.

    Then if she dislikes Mintoff that’s up to her. I’m sure that she’s well aware of what she wrote, what she writes, and what she will write so bugger off who doesn’t agree with what she writes. This is her blog.

    Jien hamallu minn qieh il-Mandragg [Valletta] u kburi.

  36. Joe Azzopardi says:

    Our dear James is not on FB anymore. Talk about chickens. Even though he might still be lurking there under a false name

  37. Joe Azzopardi says:

    DLR has taken action .

  38. Locker says:

    Did your Mother Teach you This Hatred towards Other People whom Oppose The Government?

    If Yes,Then I suggest Changing Yourself.
    If No…Go Fuck yourself.

  39. anonymous says:

    keep on writing everybody. What a show , and its free.Your comments really boosts my day.

  40. Sefora says:

    lets see if you answer this ugly jellyfish…
    kemm ghandek self esteem gholja int aa? yana vera mix xi wow imma int, believe me ta!!!!! i bet your husband switches off the light at night , forsi jirnexxilu jersaq naqa lejk…. qisek gbejna…. kif taqbad tghid? gbejna li ila 6 months gox xemx jaqq!!!

  41. Marvel says:

    In the case of Mr James Vella, the police should and must intervene.

  42. Grosvenor says:

    Those shifty eyes say it all.

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