Golly, now they want to hang me, too

Published: August 28, 2012 at 12:08am

It just gets better and more progressive with the Laburisti and Mintoffjani who are gagging at their first scent of power and the euphoria, which has nothing to do with grief, of Mintoff’s death and funeral statali.

That they don’t understand freedom of speech we know already.

That they understand mainly violence and the rule of the fist we know too.

But that they have been completely unchanged and unaltered by 25 years of life in civilisation and eight years of EU citizenship has come as a surprise to many.

So has the (shocking) realisation that not only have they not changed one bit, but they have raised a whole new generation of Mintoffjani who were born after 1987.

So now we’re going to hang journalists and bloggers when we don’t like what they write. I don’t suppose any of these cretins read the news, or they would know their views make the world press when put into practice by China, Iran, various North African dictatorships and now, Vladimir Putin’s Russia.

M’hemmx aghar mill-injoranza grassa.

The combination of violence and stupidy: so very Labour.

And oh, the spectacular irony, which they miss completely, of using the INTERNET to press for suppression of free speech.

Excuse me while I speak to them in a language they can understand:


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  1. Aesop. says:

    Norman Lowell re-visited. Hang-them-up-high sort of thing.

    Dan il-hanzir bil -lobotomija li jrid idendlek mar jibla l ostji fil-kon katidral f’ gieh il-memorja tas- (skuzi)Salvatur?

    Mulej ahfrilhom ghax ma jafux x inhuma jghidu.

  2. ciccio says:

    They don’t understand freedom of speech because their only language is violence.
    The worst bit is that they learn that language at home.

    • Anonymous says:

      You Nationalists are no better, mind you. have you ever gone to a PN mass meeting, where they shout SALLBUHOM!, or FOXX IL-LABURISTI, MORRU AQALGHU DAQQA TA TRAKK!? I was shocked when I heard PN supporters say this on YouTube. And then you expect to be treated like upper-class aristocrats. Please, grow up. This is not the 60’s, where you people paid maids and servants for less than a pound per 5 days.

      • Lomax says:

        In actual fact, no, I have never been to a PN meeting where people were shouting “Sallbu lil-Laburisti…trakk”. And I can assure you, Anonymous,I’ve been to quite a few.

      • La Redoute says:

        Upper-class aristocrats is a redundancy.

        That you had to go to YouTube to hear what you did should tell you a thing or two about the prevalence of that mind set.

        Of course some vulgar nuts vote PN. The vulgar nut is the most common species of Maltese voter. Most of that group vote MLP. Most of the others don’t.

      • Mickey Mouse says:

        Kemm tiehu xokk mix-xejn siehbi! Ma hadtx xokk taqra r-risposti li hallew shabek il-bdabad fuq dan il-blog minn mindu stenda ‘il santo subito’?

      • Anonymous says:

        Such disgusting people. You have no respect for people who come from a lower class than you. Indiscriminate bastards

        [Daphne – It’s got nothing to do with socio-economic groups as such. It’s to do with behaviour and irrational thinking.]

  3. ciccio says:

    Qed tara Daphne, fl-ahhar se jistednuk ghal hangout ma’ Joseph.

  4. HP Sauce says:

    kollha nsara dawn

    • Anonymous says:

      Min? Intom li tiktbu dawn il-hnizrijiet kollha? inkluza l-owner tal-blog?

      • ciccio says:

        Anonymous, din hija il-VERITA. Issa jekk il-VERITA qeghda tikxef il-hnizrijiet tal-Labour u tal-Mintoffjani, dik problema taghkom.

      • Anonymous says:

        I am not ashamed, unlike you people, that many of my people that vote my party have a tendency to say these things. So what?! They are human beings and should be treated equally to you discriminate people.

  5. Josette Jones says:

    Facebook provides a unique opportunity to put some of these idiots in their place and teach them a lesson they will remember.

    For example, take James Vella, ( http//www.facebook.com/james.vella.7 ) who posted the comment in this screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/tHMjz.jpg

    (Actual post here: http://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=263807000402917&id=262865960497021 )

    I suppose an international company like De La Rue Plc, where he happens to work according to his Facebook ( http://i.imgur.com/GrB46.jpg ) would want to know what kind of thug they have hired in Malta and how he is damaging their reputation.

    I’m, just saying…

    • Anonymous says:

      And do you know who’s damaging the rep. of our country? You crap government who you love so much!

      [Daphne – If you live in Malta, then it’s your government too. Learn how to differentiate between party and government. I know it’s difficult for those who vote Labour, because their party taught them they are one and the same thing.]

      • Anonymous says:

        Yes, I am ashamed to say that this horrible govt is also my govt. Can’t wait till will get rid of it…

        [Daphne – U imbaghad x’jigri? Jinzillek il-Christmas Father minn fuq il-fake fire u jhallilek il-Christmas gifts gol-kalzetta? Patetici.]

      • Lomax says:

        Anonymous, kieku qatt hrigt minn din il-kikkra ta’ pajjiz u tkellimt ma’ nies illi m’humiex Maltin, kollha jghidulek illi Malta ghandha wiehed mill-aqwa gvernijiet fl-Ewropa u li l-politika tieghu qeghda mhux biss tigbed investiment barrani (hafna investiment barrani) izda zzomm f’ sahhitha l-ekonomija.

        Pero’ ovvjament, ahfirli, intom injoranti wisq biex tapprezzaw ix-xoghol fin ta’ dan il-gvern. Jekk gvern ma jkissirx u ma jfarrakx ghalikom il-Laburisti mhux tajjeb.

      • Mister says:

        Anonymous. Please… remain like this. Your ignorance wont give you any merit. At least by remaining anonymous, you`re saving face.

  6. andrew says:

    i think you would like a nice black men to make you happy . guess your husband cant

    [Daphne – Black men: the Labour wet dream. And there I was, thinking they like Swedish girls. That must have been the 70s.]

    • Anonymous says:

      What a shit response Daphne. You just can’t stand getting owned, can you?

      [Daphne – ‘getting owned’. Is this a new expression?]

      • Anonymous says:

        Keep up with the ages, dear…

        [Daphne – I don’t really speak Maltes Chav, but I like to learn the quirks to enable me to do an authentic impression of one. I know SOME chav expressions – e.g. ‘niehdu coffee l-Ferries’ but that’s a slightly older age group.]

      • maltador says:

        ‘Getting owned’ is actually American skate-park English, picked up by the sort of Maltese people who use American films as their main source of vocabulary and expressions.

        And as for ‘getting owned’, I think it’s quite the opposite. The only explanation I can think of for you not realizing this is that you haven’t got the slightest idea what Daphne meant.

    • Ex-cittadina says:

      Ilallu Daphne int kuljum hekk tghaddiha il-gurnata? Laburisti laburisti laburisti?? U toqod tfittex kliem eccentriku u skolastiku u x’naf jien biex tirrispondi nies li qed izommulek dal gurnal haj?

      Hehehehe l-iktar nies li tghati improtanza huma dawk li inti stess tghajjar injuranti. Tajjeb ukoll! X’pajjiz tal-vera mickey mouse mghamul minn nazzjonalisti u laburisti (mhux minn poplu) nazzjonalisti u laburisti biss, imhalltin f’daqqa u ma jafux fej se jaqbdu jghatu rashom, ibda minnek.

      Tal-biki tisma fuq bicca izola daqshekk potenzjali u xi wahda bhalek tahseb li ghandha il-poter tal bravura kollu f’idejha u fxi wiehed minn dawn il-partiti li tant temmnu fihom u tithabtu ghalihom.

      Le le, komplu sejrin hekk kollha kemm intom laburisti nazzjonalisti, kollha kemm intom f’keffa wahda jisimha MALTA.

  7. Nick says:

    There is freedom of speech and there is also hate speech, the latter of which is illegal (just so you know).

    [Daphne – I love it when 18-year-olds teach me stuff.]

    • Nick says:

      you are never too old to learn something new.

      [Daphne – Yes, you can be too old to learn something new. Look at Mintoff.]

  8. Nick says:

    So you do know that hate speech is illegal, right?

  9. pals says:

    This Us and Them about middle and lower class people is just mindless .. nowadays even pn have middle and lower class supporters …

  10. John Zammit says:

    The More I read about Daphne the more I realise that she is the only women in this island who has balls.

    [Daphne – I take exception to that description, for the simple reason that it means, effectively, that to do anything like this you must have masculine attributes. And we’re back to the same old misogynistic theme li l-irgiel ahjar u izjed effettivi min-nisa.]

    There is not one syllable in what she speaks of which is an untruth because I am sure that the Laburisti would do anything to hurt her. And why do they hate Daphne because she hits their balls where it really hurts.

    [Daphne – They don’t all have them. Some of the most appalling Laburisti are women.]

    I used to laugh when I read her column but recently I am not laughing any more because all her reading material is frighteningly true.

    laburisti have not changed in 25 years of opposition and I really pray that something will happen to deter them from gaining power because I am afraid what they did not do to change their stupid brains in 25 years will be demolished in a couple of weeks.

    • John Zammit says:

      Dear Daphne I meant the comment that you have balls from the bottom of my heart. Yes you do . And some to be noticed they have to ransack a Curia or smash up a PN club.

      You steer on with your pen. You owe the Maltese a complete publication of your columns in the newspapers, and what you write here. I will be the proud owner of the first edition of this publication. It will be worth every cent. Prosit.

    • Ex-cittadina says:

      John erm sorry to say but it doesn’t seem like you’ve encountered enough interesting women so far in your life to discover that this lady is the only one with “balls”.

      All this has absolutely nothing to do with laburisti or nazzjonalisti. It is Malta, the country you all chose to live in and yet you all disagree, suffer and fight for power. Who’s right or wrong is an everyday drama!

      This journal is just a specimen, a little idea of our “catholic” practice. How funny you lot are.

  11. CASSAR says:

    Your eloquence in lewd terminology makes me, a laburista, look so posh!! I wonder if your mommy taught you those words with flashcards…

    Having said that, you seem to be expert in the verb “tahxi”… in it’s every form, particularly when it’s done to you by some blinded member of Parliament!

    [Daphne – Which member of parliament, exactly? They’re all so bloody fanciable that we girls are spoiled for choice.]

  12. Maltese Patriot says:

    What you should understand is that your articles are far more harmful and violent than all your accuses.

    If you are to be publicly tortured to death you would not even feel a fraction of all the harm you put the Maltese citizens in.

    I respect your opinion, but your share of hatred cannot be justified. If the law does not stop you, just like it stopped Norman Lowell, I will never blame the Maltese citizens who will take the law in their hands and stop you themselves.

    And believe me, people from both sides of the political spectrum will be present to enjoy watching you being punished.

    Good luck

    [Daphne – Ahjar tmur toqghod l-Iran, Miss. Postok mhux l-Ewropa, zgur.]

    • Maltese Patriot says:

      Nice comeback!
      If you are tortured to death, I hope we could take a picture of your dead body and place it next to the George Cross on our National flag!

  13. S Galea says:

    Well sweetheart, when you attack an icon and international figure right after their death; people are bound to get pissed off.

    [Daphne – 50 Cent mhux icon u international figure ukoll? U b’daqshekk?]

    I’m all for freedom of speech but exercise please some sensitivity. Additionally we all live in the same country so cut down on this detrimental attitude about labour supporters being some breed of violent jerks (After all the labour party did start off an economy which was not based on war).

    [Daphne – “I’m all for freedom of speech, but….” Tsk tsk tsk. I bet some of your best friends are Jews, too.]

  14. j.camilleri says:

    Mara ta’ gutz u din il-Mintoffjani ma jistghux inizzluwa.

    Kompli hekk Daphne kullhadd ghandu dritt jghid li jhoss.

    Dawn iridu jibqghu bhal qabell ma nistghux nitkellmu ghax kif nitkellmu isawtuna. Proset u keep it up REAL WOMAN.

  15. ANTI CHRIST says:


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