Grazzi, Perit – the good you did outweighed all this and more, I’m sure. Like hell it did.

Published: August 25, 2012 at 1:15am

Raymond Caruana, shot dead at 26 by Dom Mintoff’s tools.

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  1. Marco says:


    [Daphne – Actually, the chief suspect was somebody who is now a Labour local councillor.]

    • Pink Panter says:

      The incompetent chief investigator at the time happened to be the son of a Labour minister if you please.

      • Puss says:

        The ”incompetent chief investigator” had a brother-in-law who , if one had to go by Edwin Grech, is one in the group of ”chief suspects” of Karin’s murder.

    • Adrian says:

      He is not in the council anymore. Joseph asked him to step aside and not contest the last round of elections (after 4 years of havoc at the Mosta council).

    • simon says:

      issa qed tajd li Mintoff qatel lil Raymond caruana?
      jew Mintoff qabbad xi nies biex jaghmlu dan?
      int taf min qattlu?
      sa fejn naf jien hadd ma jaf….jista jkun li kienet xi manuvra ta qabel l-elezzjoni u kienu partitarji nazzjonalisti li sparaw lejn il-kazin?
      forsi imqabbda minn xi nies gholja biex jiprovaw ipengu lil laburisti bhala nies hziena?
      tinsiex li l-isparar ma kienx dirett fuq in-nies izda lejn il-faccata tal kazin u kienet bullit li bi zball ghaddiet min tieqa u sfortunatament laqtet lir-Raymond.
      Ma ghandek l-ebda dritt iddahhal lil Perit Mintoff fil kredu la ma hemm xejn pruvat…
      blogg iehor bla bazi…..

  2. Marco says:

    oh really ! well, EFA said he knew who he was, so why doesn’t he blurt out his name…. I feel sorry for you daphne…. you must be such a sad person to spend all day…all night….writing hatred on your blogs….. goodnight xx

    [Daphne – You take a long time to write a comment, so you imagine that it takes me all day to write a post. We’re not all subliterate, you know.]

    • Macky says:

      Well duffy dear , why not wake up and smell the coffee. You are surely considered not the brightest of them all. After all , you are just a two bit blogger , nothing else not even a regular columnist. Certainly not a journalist. So all that it makes you….just a simple two bit blogger , which after all can`t even take criticism from no one. It`s ok if you throw mud in someone`s face , but , God have mercy if someone criticises you. Some good advice for you , get back in that rubbish hole that you perched your pointy nose of. Malta surely does not need anyone which such hatred and malice like you. Today we saw a country united under one flag , giving a well deserved salute to a giant , something that you can , and never will get , because the Maltese people will never allow it. What you will get is just a small hole in the mud that you throw at people , something that you have earned with that rubbish you write.

      • Beautifully said… May I advised she be buried in a zoo, so animals can shit on her

      • I was there too says:

        Here’s the thing, Macky. Those who dislike Mintoff are too polite to disrupt his supporters’ last carnival parade, so you’ll never get to see how they feel.

        You’re making the mistake of assuming that everyone behaves as your sort does, piling into trucks and wreaking havoc whenever they wish.

    • Macky says:

      Well , duffy dear , if writing that rubbish takes you all day to writ , I can`t immagine the level of stupidity you are in. Hahahaha

    • simon says:

      sewwa qaltlek..EFA kien qal li jaf min huma li qattlu lil-Raymond Caruana..
      staqsieh forsi lilek jghidlek ghax lilna baqa ma qalilniex min….

  3. H.P. Baxxter says:

    I just occurred to me….Might Eddie Fenech Adami have been referring to the fall of Alfred Sant’s government and EU membership? Because if he was, I take back everything. The cunning old fox! Right under their very noses!

    • edward clemmer says:

      Except, that this “end” [EU membership] was not the primary intention of Dom Mintoff’s “means” [to rid Sant].

      However, these “ends” (potentially referred to implicitly by EFA) may have justified Mintoff (ultimate salvation) by his “means.”

      While the “end” never justified the “means,” in this case the “means” have justified Mintoff’s “end.”

  4. village says:

    Its one of the few positives, even though that old bastard did it for his personal reasons and not for the cause. But at least his disloyal and betraying traits have benefitted Malta.

  5. Jahseb says:

    Darba EFA qal fuq bniedem li “ghandu kwalitajiet tajbin u kwalitajiet inqas tajbin” u din tapplika f’dan il kaz ukoll.

  6. Jean Cortis says:

    and during a difficult time, where a person was shot dead, they found some time to pose for photos. they even found time to touch the body of the late Raymond Caruana and turn it around. During the 1987 Election, EFA said that once he will be in government, he will solve this murder and the one of Karin Grech. We’re in 2012, and the murderer is still outside.

    What a coincidence!! from 1987 till now, we only had pn governments (with an exception of 22months).

  7. Frank says:

    Yeah, sure, you think people can be fooled like the old days Daphne, by saying Karen Grech was killed by a labourite? EFA said he knew who did it, he had enough time in power to spit his name out, he never did, so it wad all bullshit, like always. And Wilfred Cardona? Was it labourites as well? Huh? And the bombing of Sliema police station? Funnily enough this all stopped when PN came in power! Many beleive even Raymond Caruana’s shooting was a set up to blame labour.

    [Daphne – Many believe in Angelique Caruana, Frank.]

    • me says:

      1. Karin Grech was murdered on the 28 December 1977.

      2. The MLP was in government for 10 years after that.

      Maybe Anglu Farrugia has an idea or two as to what held up the investigations.

  8. rina says:

    issa ahna xala bib zobbna daphne !!??? tlabtu tant l alla inti li jmut mintoff et tamel ghageb ghax miet raymond caruana ??!! u ma tistax tghid li qatluh nies mintoff ghax qatt ma kien pruvat min qatlu !! forsi qatluh xi nazzjonalisti biex jifremjaw il haddiehor fej taf int ?? !!! minalik li int xi brava !! mintomx kapaci tamettu li BHAL MINTOFF QATT MA KIEN HAWN U MHUX HAJ KUN AW !! VIVA MINTOFF L- AQWA U L AHJAR !!

  9. allamana says:


    Mur aqra xi ktieb ta’ vera – forsi titghallem taqra w tikteb! :)-

    u forsi tiftah ftit mohhok ukoll!

    Imma ma tantx ghandhi tama

    • Foxx kemm ghandek demla, u jien ma tantx ghandi tama li INTI u n-nazzjonalisti bhalek japprezzaq it-TAJJEb li ghamel il-Mintoff, mhux biss il-hazin

      • Kanadiza Maltija says:

        U inti tahseb li kieku telghu in Nazzjonalisti, ma kienux iddahhlu bonus, children`s allowance u servizzji socjali wkoll, puhh ghalikhom. x`mohh maghluq…sormkhom mimli

  10. Stephen Borg Fiteni says:

    How don’t these Labour idiots see it jahasra?

  11. NoNameYet says:

    Ha iddum taqla paroli zejda Daphne? Mhux ahjar thallih jistrieh fis-sliem lil dan il-bniedem flokk ha tkompli tipprova idahhak bih? Ghax dawn mhux affarijiet tad-dahk ta.. u jekk trid l-attenzjoni iddur fuqek biex issir izjed popolari fil-pajjiz ahjar idawwar ir-rotta fuq xi haga ohra milli ha toqghod tirredikola lilek innifsek b’dawn il-kummenti stupidi.. ja mara salvagga, injoranta u skerz tan-natura… ghax bir-rispett kollu dak li int skerz tan-natura!! u gib rispett lil mejtin jekk ghandek qalb wara kollox ghax niddubita kemm….. imissek tisthi issa xi darba tasal xi haga fuq familtek u naraw kemm int bully imbaghad!!

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