Guest Post: “To hell with the bloody bastard”

Published: August 25, 2012 at 11:49am

This came in as a long comment by M. I am using it as a guest post.

To hell with the bloody bastard!

I have just finished watching a documentary about Mintoff on Net, and got so emotional and worked up doing so, that had it been possible I’d have gone off to Valletta to spit on his withered corpse.

Seeing footage of The Times being ransacked and burned, the mass protests, the riot police in full gear, Mintoff’s puppet Karmenu Mifsud Bonnici on a truck with the ‘aristocracy of the workers’ (I had seen them in person as a mere teenager, driving around Valletta wrecking things, and the sight and sounds will never be erased from my memory), the Archbishop’s Curia all smashed up – I was almost reduced to tears.

The fear, the anger and the negative emotions of the early 1980s all coming back in a matter of minutes.

How Eddie Fenech Adami could appear on television to said what he did about that bloody bastard who ruined so many lives and ended others is beyond my imagination. Why did he do it? Christian forgiveness is one thing, saying that the good Mintoff did on balance outweighed the bad is quite another. It is a gross untruth, a serious error of judgement by one of his victims, that is deeply offensive to all those others who lives were needlessly, pointlessly disrupted or ended.

While Mintoff symbolised fear, anger and unrest in my childhood and my youth, Eddie Fenech Adami was the direct opposite, a beacon of hope and light, who eventually brought Malta out of those dangerous, dark times into prosperity and what we now see was only the semblance of peace because reconciliation with people who don’t want it is impossible.

The only light-hearted moment – if one could call it that – inn the Net TV documentary was footage of Mintoff and some six or so other adults standing by the rock-edge at Island Bay in winter.

He suddenly hopped off, fully clothed, unzipping his trousers in full view of those present, including smartly-dressed women. Off he went, next to the large rock some metres away, and urinated as they stood there.

Urinating in the presence of others, and unzipping his flies and announcing that he was off to “inbul” was one of the methods he used to assert his dominance over others even during formal meetings at the Auberge de Castille.

This is the character, who could have been scripted by Sacha Baron Cohen for his film The Dictator, who so many stupid, churlish and misguided people admire.

Now his coffin has just been loaded onto the gun-carriage amongst much pomp. Watching television, there are thousands who wish it could have been placed in front of that gun instead and blasted to kingdom come, for all the harm, damage and ill-health that this godforsaken man caused to so many people during his lifetime.

It is ironic, isn’t it, that the Catholic Church refused a proper funeral to that man in Italy some years ago who insisted that his life support system be withdrawn so that he could die, and then made a fuss against a funeral for Italian singer Lucio Dalla because he was in a homosexual relationship and didn’t tell anyone about it.

Then it is perfectly content to bury with pomp and ceremony Mafia dons and murders, and people like Dom Mintoff.

His daughter Yana, who at the age of 11 was spirited away with her sister Anne by their mother, to live in England and go to Cheltenham Ladies College (if you please) so that they could all get away from him and his miserliness and abuse, never returned to Malta to live. She left in 1960 and has never lived here since.

Yet after laughing and smiling behind her father’s coffin yesterday, perhaps because she has just discovered that she is now sorted financially for the rest of her life, she is trying to look decent today, wearing the black lace veil of Catholic women mourners, and sunglasses so that we can’t see how she isn’t exactly floored by misery. Oh, how emotional, jahasra! Black sunglasses for a 96-year-old man who died a week ago and has been dying for years.

I flipped to TVM earlier, only to find those two twisted Mintoffjani, Karm Farrugia and Richard Matrenza, holding forth as guests of that ghastly Labour MP Gino Cauchi. What was that all about? My television screen still needs to be dried up, and it’s not from my tears.

The official mourners are lined up, with the Mintoff daughters carrying matching floral tributes – red and white heart-shaped ones, for the love of Papa, miskin.

Michelle Muscat, revelling in it all and thrilled beyond her wildest dreams, is also wearing a black lace veil (ghax hekk imur, hi) and trying to look morose. Joseph Muscat is still doing his Mussolini impersonation.

Mintoff must be rolling in his coffin, which is draped in the Maltese flag, complete with the George Cross, naturally.

Yana’s daughter is now holding Yana’s wreath, so that her mother’s hands are free to clap as she walks behind the coffin. Very appropriate: I bet they thought them that at Cheltenham Ladies College, along with lessons in how to get out of a sports car without showing your knickers.

Fr Mark Montebello is walking in front of the coffin again. Sweet. L-aqwa li jidher.

Hemm corma nies icapcpulu jergghu, xi hlew. U hafna minnhom qed jibku, ukoll, msieken. Nispera li ghandhom bizzejjed tissues.

Raymond Mintoff is wearing a sjut today, along with that Rolex his brother gave him because he didn’t want it, instead of that white singlet he wore for his interview with The Times.

Oh, look at all those priests. How he would have loved it. What did he used to call them, wirdien?

The crowd is predominantly composed of old people. But there are also younger ones with children, obviously brought up on Mintoff fairytales.

The crowd is verging on hysteria now, chanting “Mintoff! Mintoff!” My emotions are running high, but not for the same reaon as theirs.

What I have been saying as I watch is quite unprintable.

There’s even somebody holding an A3-sized framed colour portrait of Mintoff, like they do at these scenes of public mourning in undeveloped nations.

They’ve just arrived outside St John’s Co-Cathedral now. Perfect silence too. Kemm jafa jgibu ruhhom fejn iridu, dawk li farku tant affarijiet u sawtu nies.

Now, suddenly, jubilant cheers. I want to cheer too, but only at the fact that he’s dead at last.

The maledukati in the cathedral have turned 180 degrees to face the coffin as it comes in and have given their back to the altar.

Ray Azzopardi is in the front pews, those reserved for the family and the representatives of the state. Is there something we should be told?

The crowd inside the church is clapping hysterically now, a few even shouting “Mintof! Mintoff!” No dignity or manners whatsoever.

Now Anne McKenna Mintoff has started to cry. Oh dear, it’s all got too much for her.

Now wait for it: Sammy Meilak, leader of the aristocracy of the drydocks workers, will be reading the responsorial psalm.

The prime minister and Mrs Gonzi have just entered the cathedral. At least, they’ve been spared the hamallagni cheers of some minutes ago. I can’t imagine how they can stand it.

Some of the congregation have turned again and given their back to the altar, laughing and chatting, qishom qedin f’xi festa tar-rahal.

Mussolini’s chin is in overdrive.

The president and Mrs Abela have now arrived. Only some minutes ago, he was interviewed on television saying “Mintoff ghamel hafna gid”. Ajma, jaharsa. A leopard never changes its spots.

Beda l-kant. Dehlin skoss patrijiet. Kemm jiehu gost bihom Mintoff, kieku jista’ jarahom.

One of the older priests is looking slightly awkward, embarrassed, as though he would rather not be there. I don’t blame him, whoever he is.

Issa dehlin l-isqfijiet. X’pulcinellati. There are at least 30 holy men ot the altar, a total circus for a man who hated their guts and would have expelled them en masse from Malta if he could, like some 16th-century despot.

Silvio Parnis is prominent among the mourners, just as he was prominent in the Coffin Tour. Yes, we really need to see more of him, don’t we. He symbolises the total hamallagni of the Mintoff era.

Bdiet il-quddiesa. ma tkunx xieraq jekk inkompli nikkummenta.

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  1. mlpvspn says:

    b dak li ghidt mrs caruana galizia wahhalulkom l arcisqof meta qal li mintoff ipprattika dak li ghallem Kristu issa jekk trid emmen u jekk le affari tieghek imma dak li hu veru hadd ma jista jmerih tema’ l min hu bil guh, libbes lill gharwien, u dan hadd ma jista jmerih jekk ma jkunx it tip tieghek

  2. Adrian says:

    At least the archbishop kept the homily very short. I don’t blame him for two reasons. It is very hot, and he couldn’t shower Mintoff with Catholic praise.

    • Min Jaf says:

      Isqof qal “Mintoff kien ihobb il-fqir”. Id-driving force ta Mintoff kinet li jobghod il min jarah li hu ahjar minnu.

      Ried ibaxxi lil kulhadd ghal-livell baxx tieghu w tac-corma hamalli li kienet tappoggah.

      Fi xjuhitu harget il-verita tieghu, jghix fil-qamel u bil-qamel, b’ilbies qiesu jghix gewwa xi drenagg, u b’attitudini agressiva sa l-ahhar jara kif ser jghasar xi sold kull meta jara xi opportunita.

      Dawk kollha li issa qed iqiemuh ahjar daru bieh sewwa fi xjuhitu, u mhux hallewh qiesu xi hanzir gewwa maqjel.

      Dak kien il-livell attwali tar-rispett li kellhom lejh. Li qed jgaghmlu issa huwa kollox ghal ghajn in-nies.

  3. Raphael says:

    Shut Up Your Bloody Mouth, Daphne Caruana Galizia.

    • Ken says:

      Click on the X at the right corner if what you read here offends. Thank God to date still exists the liberty of free speech.

      The day people like you start imposing your views and making others shut up, the 80’s will be back and not for the great music of the time.

      • Justin Paul Grima says:

        Hey Ken,

        Here’s some liberty of speech. Thank God some of your family members died with cancer. Hope they rot in hell where you’ll join them sometime.

        Thank God for Freedom of Speech.

        Before you reply back, condemning my ‘hate speech’, remember, freedom of speech. :)))

      • Wormfood says:

        Cabbage, when his family members become public figures and go about oppressing others then it would be appropriate.

        You fail to tell the difference between public figures and private individuals who are not involved in political affairs.

        In a sane world you wouldn’t have even been trusted with a plastic knife and fork, never mind a vote.

      • Wormfood says:

        The real beauty of freedom of speech lies in the way it gives cretins such as yourself the noose to hang themselves with unwittingly and show themselves for what they are.

    • M. says:

      Raphael, if your idol had hid way, you wouldn’t own a computer, let alone be able to post comments on it, nor would you have been able to watch all the gooey pro-Mintoff programs on television this week, and in colour, too.

  4. maryanne says:

    M., you were watching Net. At times I switched over to TVM (not for long because I cant bear hearing Charles Abela Mizzi) and also Super One.

    Oh, the irony. One of the commentators on Super One was a Catholic priest, very well dressed (complete with cuff-links) and with one of the latest portable computers in front of him. If Mintoff had it his way he wouldn’t be enjoying all the trappings.

    • ciccio says:

      So far, Charles Abela Mizzi has been the only Maltese person from both sides of the political divide who could spend three hours praising Dom Mintoff.

  5. mlpvspn says:

    dear adrian the archbishop really was short in his homily but he said one important thing Mintoff practiced what Jesus Christ said feed the hungry and also said that Mintoff loved his country there is no need to the archbishop to make a long homily with one sentence he showed what Mr Dom Mintoff was and worked for is sewwa hadd ma jmerih

    • Adrian says:

      Mintoff may have fed the hungry, but at the same time he got stuffed with millions of liri.

      The archbishop mentioned only something positive about him. There was no need to mention the negatives … otherwise the homily would have lasted the whole day.

  6. allo allo says:

    What a world of hypocrites. He gets sent off with papal blessings. Will he get a discount in hell with those?

    • Raphael borg says:

      Shame On You Daphne Caruana Galizia.

      • M. says:

        For what? For saying it as it really is? Pity you are too blinded by love for Dom Mintoff to see reason. The bastard is dead and buried. Sadly, those of us who lived through his times will be unable to forget him.

  7. L.Gatt says:

    Joseph and Michelle marru passeggata “hand in hand” around Valletta.

    Yana Mintoff Bland was totally fake.

    The commentator’s “kemm tfal bkew illum it-telfa ta’ Mintoff” really makes sense given that during Mintoff’s days their parents had probably just been conceived. Ah u kulhadd jigbed ir-ritratti.

  8. ciccio says:

    Silvio Parnis must be very angry. He was compelled to postpone the start of his electoral campaign so that Yana Mintoff can start hers.

  9. Justin Paul Grima says:

    Remember that there’s always good in every bad & bad in every good.

    Now please Daphne, comment on this one after you read it & make sure it’s posted since you’re an advocate of freedom of speech.

    If Mintoff is going to hell, I’m sure he’ll be the first to fuck you up when your time is up. I don’t condemn any kind of violence on any living species , but, to me, you’re already dead.

    So long bitch.

    [Daphne – ‘I don’t condemn any kind of violence’. I take it you meant to say condone, and this was a Freudian slip.]

  10. Stephen Micallef says:

    For some reason this song seems to come to mind !!!!

    I used to rule the world,Seas would rise when I gave the word, Now in the morning I sleep alone,Sweep the streets I used to own

    I used to roll the dice, Feel the fear in my enemy’s eyes, Listen as the crowd would sing, “Now the old king is dead! Long live the king!”

    One minute I held the key, Next the walls were closed on me And I discovered that my castles stand,Upon pillars of salt and pillars of sand

    I hear Jerusalem bells a ringing, Roman Cavalry choirs are singing, Be my mirror, my sword and shield, My missionaries in a foreign field

    For some reason I can’t explain,Once you go there was never, Never an honest word And that was when I ruled the world

    It was the wicked and wild wind, Blew down the doors to let me in, Shattered windows and the sound of drums, People couldn’t believe what I’d become

    Revolutionaries wait, For my head on a silver plate, Just a puppet on a lonely string, Oh who would ever want to be king?

  11. Ruth says:

    maaaaaaaaaa kemm intom kollha patetici.. kollha hamalli ha nghidlilkom m’hemmx x’taghzel, nazzjonalisti jew laburisti.. Repent hi .. we don’t know how long we have left ..

  12. :) says:

    mara hadra daqsek qat trid terga tara fuq wicc din l art. ma nafx xint tiprova turi b dawn l afarijit li tejd. in nies joboduk u kulhad jofendik. dak li xtaqt , prosit irnexilek. int psikjatra 24/7 andek bzon u ma ticaqlaqx min hdeja.

    ara jigrilekx xi haga u tigi tejd li il laburisti amluwilek. haqqek dak kolu li qat fuq mintoff jigri lilek u lil ibnek li jqazez universita shiha!! so rot in hell back to you miss galizia ta ras.

  13. alex says:

    daphne,are your parents still alive?if so let us know when they pass away .we might have a drink or two.

    [Daphne – Why? Did they run Malta for 16 years? Bloody idiot. Mintoff isn’t “Yana’s father”. He was the prime minister. But why expect clear thought from somebody who votes Labour?]

  14. Gemma says:

    It’s really sad you and a few others are so resentful towards Mintoff. Next time I’m at Borg in-Nadur, I shall pray to is-Sinjura to help you find back the serenity you’ve lost and grow the strength to forgive Mintoff for whatever harm he may have involuntary caused you.

    With the help of is-Sinjura ta’ Borg in-Nadur and Jesus Christ, I’m sure that when you and il-Perit meet again in Heaven, you’ll become best of friends for eternity, just like Lorry Sant and Renè Buttigieg.

  15. socjalist says:

    Ma nafx kif baqa’ nies bhalek, pajjiz kollu kemm hu kelma wahda..kemm ghamel gid Mintoff ghir ghal ftit nies bhalek li hlief jitghajru jizirghu il-hdura ma jafux. Li ma kienx ghal perit int lanqas biss titkellem fuq politika ghax kien hu li ta il-vot lin-nisa!!!! U kieku ibnek ma kienx ikollu cans imur l-universita’ u jitkellem hazin quddiem il-camera meta beda joffendi lil tal-One. Li ma kienx ghal Mintoff int nahseb li biex taqla’ x’tiekol kien ikollok tmur titlajja fejn ikun hemm il-bahrin inglizi allavolja ma tantx nahseb li kien ha jkollok hafna xoghol!!!!!!!

    [Daphne – Iva, ras, ibni mar l-universita bis-sahha ta’ Mintoff. Skuzani ftit, ghax hawnhekk se nuza ftit lingwagg li thobbu intom: tridx tmur tiehdu f’gh*xx kemm ghandek, kemm ma tifhem u taf xejn. Xi stupidagni ta’ nies. Ma niflahx ghalikom izjed. Hemm ghalfejn tavzaw lil kullhadd ghaliex bqajtu fl-underclass ghal generazzjoni fuq generazzjoni, anke issa, b’dawn l-opportunitajiet kollha? GHALIEX GHANDKOM IQ BAXX U MA TISTGHUX TAQILGHU RUHKOM MINN MAL-ART. Face it, dawk li kienu fl-underclass jew il-working class u kellhom ftit brains irnexxilhom jaghmlu xi haga minn hajjithom u anke lahqu sew. Imma nies bhalek huma il-laghqx. M’ghandhomx f**king chance in hell. Hemmhekk se tibqghu, ikun min ikun fil-gvern, ghax m’intkomx kapaci ghal xejn.]

    • jeanette says:

      int kapaci imma biex tikteb il famous blogs ta ziblata li andek… nixtieq inkun naf andekx grazzja ma xi hadd int.J’Alla d-deni kollu li ilek tixtieq fuq in nies jigi fuqek u fuq familtek ha tkun taf xigifiri :)

  16. Emanuel Galdes says:

    Kulhadd joffendi lil kulhadd. F’ghajnejn Alla dan kollu hazin. Jew lanqas minn Alla ma jimpurtakom? Tafu jew ma tafux li fuq il-mejtin ma tista tghid xejn ghax ma jistghawx iwiegbu in prima persona u l-verdett qed f’idejn Alla u hadd izjed u ara min biss jghaddilu minn mohhu jiggudika lil xi hadd mejjet jew haj.

    Tafu jew ma tafux li min ma’ jahmilkomx u addirittura jobghodkom ghandkom dmir, dover tahfrulu u titolbu ghalih.

    Bhal kull kap iehor u bhal kull bniedem iehor Mintoff kien ghax kien bniedem imma ghax mahluq minn Alla kien jixbah lil Sidu bhal kull bniedem iehor. Ghamel li seta’ kif seta’ milli seta’ u hadd ma kien mieghu ghax il-mantar tat-tmexxija jizolak u l-Malti rewwixta lest li jqajjem ghal prattikament kwalunkwe bidla u Mintoff sab hafna ma wiccu minn min din il-griza ma kellu l-ebda interess jirrigenera ghax hu kien qed tajjeb. Mintoff gab hafna bidliet li illum mehuda for granted.

    Peress li kellu l-poter kellu ghodda li meta ghamel uzu tajjeb minnha holoq bidla, progress u gid specjalment lis-setturi l-iktar fil-bzonn. Meta din l-ghodda uzaha hazin ghamel hsara kbira wkoll.

    Izda hazin jaghmel min jiggudikah ghax hadd m’hu kapaci. Hadd ma jaf ezatt xi jkollu f’qalbu bniedem. Alla biss jaf.

    Jien dejjem nahseb li fil-fatt lanqas lil Guda ma nistghu niggudikaw. Jista’ jkun li talab mahfra ‘l Alla ma’ l-ahhar nifs tieghu pero hawnhekk qed naqra hafna gudizzji fuq hajjin u mejtin qisu kulhadd divin.

    Tghalmu ahfru ghax kieku Alla kellu jkejjilna bl-istess mod kif inkejjlu ‘il haddiehor lanqas biss wiehed minna ma jkollu l-grazzja jkun hdejn il-Missier Etern, ahseb u ara.

    Vera lingwagg baxx, bla modrija ta’ xejn u qisu bniedem iehor m’hu xejn hlief biex tiddisprezzah u tkissru imbasta minghalik irbaht argument.

    Ghaliha malli bniedem biex jibda jaghmel argument jitlaq mall-ewwel ikisser bniedem iehor u joffendi s-sentiment ta’ xi hadd diga tilef kollox.

    Kristu sa l-ahhar nifs ta’ hajtu qatt ma waqa’ fil-bassezzi ta’ l-ghedewwa tieghu. Kemm kien superjuri Kristu ghal kulhadd. U dak Alla.

    Issa kull min qed joffendi lil xi hadd imur jipprova jiggustifika ruhu m’Alla halli minghalih Alla jtih il-prosit.

    Ahsbu u idhlu fikom infuskom u min joffendikom ghaddruh ghax l-ikbar tentazzjoni tax-xitan hija l-offiza specjalment personali u haw fuq tghidx kemm il-bicca l-kbira tal-kitba paxxejtuh biha.

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