“Here they are, idolising a man who wreaked havoc on our country”

Published: August 24, 2012 at 12:23am

Hero of that other Malta: here he is with North Korean despot Kim Il Sung.

This excellent comment is from timesofmalta.com’s comments-board.

Lesley Darmanin
Today (Thursday), 17:12

All this show in the streets goes to prove that despite all that Malta went through in the 70s and 80s under the despotic rule of Labour, we have learnt nothing.

No wonder the PN only managed to scrape through the 1987 elections, despite those atrocious years of KMB. Labour will always be Labour.

And here they are idolising a man who wreaked havoc on our country, destroyed thousands of lives and made an international mockery of Malta.

These Labour supporters have not changed. They are still there, clamouring for this man who bought their votes through handouts and favours.

If they had their way, they would like to have it all back again, just like it was under those degenerate Labour administrations.

It is sad, very sad to see such scenes. And what is more, a very sad future lies ahead for Malta come the next election.

It leaves you with such an empty feeling that such a large portion of the Maltese population continues to support, even glorify, the very person who trampled on our rights, on our livelihood, on our very dignity.

How very very sad, and worrying.

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  1. Lisa says:

    i think you should check exactly the history books, although he supported thugs etc he fought for the Maltese rights to be listened, recognized internationally and gave us the sought after freedom with continuation from gorg borg olivier, he created the social services, gave us rights especially women and build a nation out of ruble. so we must be grateful for things we achieved and condemn the supported violence during his era ….

    • Wormfood says:

      No, he didn’t build a country from the rubble.

      He reduced Malta to a Third World Communist shithole which was frankly hardly an improvement in spite of what his unwashed supporters think.

      He didn’t fight for your rights, he fought for himself.

      You, the glorious public, and our country were mere extensions of his ego.

      Your only purpose was to live in servility and adulate him for pissing all over you as he tossed a few breadcrumbs for you to peck at enthusiastically and fervently declare that he had generously given you a five-star meal.

      You deserve to live under him. The rest of us do not.

      • Heyy says:

        FOXX IN-NAZZJONALISTI. Jekk ‘you didn’t deserve to live here ‘ mela ghax ma hrabtx lejn il-Burundi ha nehilsu minnek u mill-muqrana nazzjonalisti. Waste of space

      • Wormfood says:

        Li kieku ma’ kontx injorant, inkallat, faċċol Mintoffjan kont tgħidli bqajt hawn tgawdi mill- benefiċċji ta’ l-EU meta int ivvotajt kontriha.

      • Wormfood says:

        Li kieku ma’ kontx injorant, inkallat, faċċjol Mintoffjan kont tgħidli għala bqajt hawn tgawdi mill- benefiċċji ta’ l-EU meta int ivvotajt kontriha.

      • chri says:

        Heyy, I just met you, and you are crazy… here’s my nnlnn. So fuck off baby…

      • Heyy says:

        Dawk beneficcji! Nhallsu ghad dejn ta Grecja u Spanja!! II xi pjacir !!

    • Antoine Vella says:

      Lisa, he did not “fight” (haggle would be a better word) for Maltese rights but for his own. It was not Malta he cared about but himself.

      As for your other fairy-tales, I suggest you inform yourself better,

    • Steve says:

      Lisa I have no idea what history books you read or more importantly who wrote them but he didnt start any revolution he just followed the path set by the rest of Europe. And this as a faint hearted last attempt to save something he had already partially destroyed which is our image. He set us back decades and only in recent history have we started to close the gap between us and the rest of Europe. On a much larger scale Mintoff could be compared to Adolf. A man who had his own set of morals and values to which the rest of humanity (in our case us Maltese) had to obide by or else be submitted to punishment. Here are a few quotes of his that i feel really point out certain ethics they both shared.

      Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it.

      Demoralize the enemy from within by surprise, terror, sabotage, assassination. This is the war of the future.

      By the skillful and sustained use of propaganda, one can make a people see even heaven as hell or an extremely wretched life as paradise.

      The very first essential for success is a perpetually constant and regular employment of violence.

      As a last note I would just like to point that no one in his right mind would dare try and quantify any good that came out of Hitler’s reign (Esp the Germans). Yet here in Malta many have tried putting the good and the bad done by Mintoff on a weighing scale and have actually felt it tilts more towards the good side. My answer to these “people” is that FREEDOM cant be quantified nor can it be priced yet it has unquantifiablevalue and is priceless.

      Thank you.

    • Lilla says:

      And what history book would that be exactly.
      You don’t need a history book if you’ve lived it.

      “although he supported thugs etc he fought for the Maltese rights to be listened” – blatent contradiction, you had no rights under Mintoff if you didn’t agree with him and his thugs.

      “recognized internationally” – yes, definitely but for the wrong reasons.
      “He will be remembered mainly as the leader of a very small country who too often felt obliged to assert himself by rude and quarrelsome behaviour. This made him many enemies.” -The Financial Times

      “gave us the sought after freedom with continuation from gorg borg olivier” – if we already had it, he didn’t give it to us, did he?

      “he created the social services” – No he did not, Boffa did. I suggest you read something other than the rubbish you’ve been swallowing all your life.

      “gave us rights especially women ” – Mintoff was a misogynist, a woman hater. I would tell you to ask his wife, who had to go out selling oranges from their garden because he wouldn’t give her any money, but she’s dead.

      Yes, “we must be grateful for things we achieved ” WE must be grateful for the things achieved DESPITE Mintoff, not because of him.

    • La Redoute says:

      Mintoff DENIED Maltese people their rights and his successors did their damnedest to perpetuate Malta’s pariah status.

      What planet do you live on?

  2. Heyy says:

    “It is sad, very sad to see such” ignorant people like miss Darmanin and Miss Sahhara tal-Bidnija who appreciate absolutely NONE of the welfare state benefits that the Great Father of Malta Mintoff imposed to them and their families. Or is it that you come from rich families that were taxed by Mintoff in order to pay for pensions and Children’s Allowance, and because of that couldn’t find a maid or a servant? How utterly selfish of you all who do not care about the poor! What is “very, very sad, and worrying” is that there are still sick-minded people who adore people who steal 500EUR each week from consumers’ own taxes, and on private jets, or for a Valentine’s Day Trip to Paris with Dinner at an expensive restaurant!!! If you have the guts, respond Sahhara!

    [Daphne – I certainly will. How about this? Fuck off and die. That way you’ll be with your beloved in eternity.]

    • Heyy says:

      You are a sad sad person

    • Heyy says:

      Ja Mara Muqrana

      • NotTakingSides says:

        Hlief titkellem hazin u tghajjar lin-nies m’ghamiltx fil-kummenti tieghek!!! Hemm bzonn dal-paroli fil-vojt kollu?? Ghid li ghandek tghidilhom kif suppost u daqshekk…. (ghax int qed tidher injorant/a!!)

      • etil says:

        Heyy – it seems that what Mintoff did not give you is the ability to reply to Daphne in a polite and intelligent manner. However judging by your vulgar comments you are incapable of replying in such a way. Your attitude says it all my friend. Despite of all that Mintoff has ‘given’ you, you are still full of hatred and lanzit at whoever does not agree with your political sentiments.

  3. Edward Caruana Galizia says:

    I don’t think you get it Lisa.

    Sure, change was needed, I’ll give you that much. All over Europe the same changes needed to be made.

    But the changes in Malta were not nurtured. Mintoff bulldozed the entire social fabric of the country and when he didn’t get his way he resorted to violence.

    I don’t understand people’s “middle of the road” attitude to his violence. Honestly, I don’t.

    So he legalized sodomy therefore I should turn a blind eye to the deaths he caused? No thank you. I would rather he legalized nothing and acted like a decent human being, so that those who suffered could get their lives back.

  4. Manuel ta' Fawlty Towers says:

    Emmanuel Mallia’s words:

    Ghandi memorji sbieh tal-Perit Mintoff meta kien jibghat ghalija diversi drabi sabiex immur inkellmu sew id-dar tieghu Hal-tTarxien u anke L-Gharix, kif wkoll bhala mistieden ghall-ikliet tradizzjonali li kien ihobb jaghmel ta spiss. F’dawn l-istanzi spissi gieli anke morna nimxu flimkien fiz-zona preferuta tieghu go Delimara. Skambjajna hafna kliem f’diskursati varji u interessanti fuq hafna suggetti fosthom, legali, politici u storici. Anke meta kont nghidlu illi ma kontx naqbel mieghu fuq certa affarijiet, hu kien itini hafna mir-ragjonament tieghu ghala certa avvenimenti graw b’dak il-mod. Nghozz dawn il-memorji. Malta tilfet statista kbir. Politiku li bhal nies umani ohra ma kienx perfett, izda li kellu ghal qalbu il-gid ta’ pajjizu u tal-Maltin u Ghawdxin. Strieh fis-sliem Perit.

  5. Oscar says:

    This was posted just now on Facebook by a Cecil Herbie Jones.

    Well lets not deviate from the subject matter of this tread which is Mintoff the liberator. I’m just disappointed he died now and not 50 years ago. We would’ve been spared his enormous egocentricity and not fallen to shame with the white people we so envy. Yes he did some good but then so did Hitler, Mussolini, Gaddafi, and Saddam Hussein. Do you remember how Malta turned green (in paint alone) when Gaddafi became our brother? Maltese musicians even RECORDED lullabies from his GREEN BOOK. Some liberation that was.

  6. Lilla says:

    All these Labour supporters chanting in the streets are more delusional and brainwashed than I ever imagined.

    They don’t even realise that the ‘orphaned’ Joseph Muscat is ecstatic in the knowledge that Mintoff’s death has not come at a better time, and he will ride the wave to win the next election.

    They actually believe that their beloved party is sorry for Mintoff’s death. They can never conceive that the MLP is using it for their own ends because they are incapable of thinking for themselves in their fervour.

    [Daphne – I think that today’s hamallagni actually did the Labour Party far more harm than good. There was a moment back there when some people were stupidly beginning to get carried away on a wave of misplaced sentiment, but the sight of Mary Spiteri weeping on the coffin, the coffin outside Super One, all those howling scenes and songs from Gensna, really focussed minds.]

    • Heyy says:

      Dak wiccek ikrah hamallagni zgur Daphne, u l-affarijiet li tikteb li jghighlu n-nies jahraw u jobghoduk. Il-cortege tall-lejla kien misthoqqa ghall-Perit ta’Malta hielsa. U din il-kurnuta ta Lilla kemm ghandek isenek hazin u giddieb bhax-cadia taghkom Gonzi!

      • Lilla says:

        U int fejn tafni lili?

        Iva, gideb.
        Qatt ma flahtu ghal verita.

        Tghajjru n-nies bl-iktar mod baxx tafu biss.
        Jekk m’ghandekx xi haga intelligenti x’tghid, ghalaq halqek.

      • Arcieperku says:

        Heyy, kemm thobb tikwota l-kliem kurnut/a u muqran/a. Jaqaw! ghaddej/t minn xi esperjenza simili ?

      • Grezz says:

        Heyy, nahseb li m’ghandekx mera’ d-dar, hux?

      • Heyy says:

        Le, imma lil nies dizgustanti bhall-dawn ma nistax ghalihom

      • Emilia says:

        ‘Heyy’….we get the point. Your range and understanding of Maltese is limited to insults. I am sorry for you. I understand that this is the way you express yourself because you do not have any more words in your vocabulary.

        There is an expression which says ‘opinions are like assholes, everybody has one’.

        Judging by your comments I do not think you have the intellectual capacity to quite understand what I am writing because it is written in the Ingerlent. Perhaps Google Translate might help.

    • Clifford says:

      Il-Labour jidher minn barra li nbidel, imma l-gewwieni tieghu ghadu li kien tletin sena ilu.

      Nittama li dawk li kien se jippruvawhom fit-tmexxija ghall-ewwel darba jifthu ghajnejhom u jindunaw fejn se mmorru jekk jitla l-lejber. Marmalja, injuranza u hdura.

      • Clifford says:

        u swat, u ingustizzji, u favuri, u korruzzjoni, u transfers u theddid…. ma niqafx insemmi x’gej ghal Malta dalwaqt. Dan kollu minhabba tliet deputati ‘nazzjonalisti’ li riedu posizzjoni u ma haduhiex.

    • etil says:

      Shades of of Khomeni’s funeral – wailing and shrieking and nearly upsetting his coffin.

    • TinaB says:

      I agree with Daphne, here.

      Even my better half, who is non-Maltese, was in total shock when he watched that farce on TV.

      He told me that he has never seen anything like it before.

      Let’s face it, in civilised countries something like this just doesn’t happen.

      For the first time in so many years that we’re together I must admit that I felt embarrassed.

  7. Rob79 says:

    Which is worse, wreaking havoc or kissing arse? tough one. Definitely, doing both is the worst..

    • Grezz says:

      In answer to your question:

      Wreaking havoc, having a funeral funded out of our taxes, and giving all and sundry a one-fingered salute on your last public display, like the ruddy bastard Mintoff did. (Zoom in onto his be-rosaried fingers in a photo of him lying in his coffin, to see what I mean.)

  8. joe zerafa says:

    So much is being said about Mintoff creating social services etc.

    Any other leader at the time would have done that. It was being done all over Europe.

    The so-called “good” that Mintoff brought about pales into insignificance when compared with the damage he brought about.

    Sadly, even in his death he is creating damage.

    His supporters have come out of the woodwork, and will no doubt inspire Josef Muscat and Mintoff’s cabinet friends to go down a similar road.

    Good luck Malta for the future…you’re gonna need it if Josef gets voted in.

    Those that were kissing and banging on Mintoff’s hearse today will dominate once again if Josef get’s voted in.I wonder if they will inspire confidence and attract foreign investment. My guess is they’ll scare it all away.

    • Heyy says:

      If so then, why didnt Borg Olivier do that instead of stay at the Ritz Hotel in London, at the expense of the tax payer, you ignorant asshole

      • Didi says:

        Heyy, this and your comments above enlighten me. It is because of you and people like you why I’ll never vote ‘lejber’.

      • etil says:

        I am sure your present leader does not stay at some ‘bed and breakfast’. The cortege was also in part being paid for by the Maltese taxpayer and I can assure you that half of Malta could not give a hoot about it all.

      • IMHO says:

        Indeed. And why didn’t that dried up stinking bastard really champion the disadvantaged by enabling them to think for themselves? You certainly wouldn’t be singing his tune today, which is why he didn’t and why you remain mired in ignorance.

  9. Ruth says:

    Mintoff was not all good , was not all bad. He modernised Malta, and the people loved him and still love him. The nationalists hate him because he was a great figure. I have to say it, Eddie Fenech Adami is another big figure, His comments on Mintoff are the mark of a true leader and that is admirable. As I see it, even in death Mintoff has given a boost to the Labour Party so watch it!

    [Daphne – Modernised Malta? Well, if you think Albania is modern…]

  10. P Shaw says:

    Malta is a perfect example of the Stockholm Syndrome. It usually applies to individuals, but in Malta’s case it applies to a collective mindset.

    Stockholm Syndrome – (i) to develop or have compassion or sympathy for one’s abductor, and (ii) to grow attached to or grow to like a person, place, or thing one was forced to put up with.

  11. MIKEM says:

    For the so called elite of this Country, Dom Mintoff was a thorn in their ars because he elevated the poor to a decent living, educated them for free, gave them pensions, etc.. etc.. and most of all they could go to the University and mingle with them.. And that is what HURT THEM MOST…..!!!

  12. Xejn sew says:

    For those who care to look and think, this Mintoff collective public hysteria event lifted the carpet just enough to give us a glimpse of what lies beneath the spanking new moviment progressiv u moderat.

    All I could see was Labour of the 70s and 80s, including the old protagonists of those terrible times, the unbridled adulation of is-Salvatur (never mind the ‘traditur’ interval) and the brooking of absolutely no view that is less than laudatory on Mintoff’s legacy.

    Hell, they even took out their vintage posters and santi tal-Perit. Deja ju pleasures yet to come.

  13. Steve says:

    Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.
    Martin Luther King, Jr.

    Mr. Heyy you seem to have plenty of both .

    KInd regards

  14. Mrak Borg says:

    Mela li trid tippublika meta nnigzek ma tipublikax.
    Ara vera mara bla sinsla trid minghalik tmaqdar tghajjar u taqa flaktar kliem baxx u oxxen qatt mint ser tametti li int laqa mhux ta bxejn ikollok il pulizija 24 siegha imhallsa minn flus il poplu ghax laqa int trid tinghogob.
    Int u l Arcisqof ta dak iz zmien Mikiel Gonzi it tnejn pezza wahda wiehed idoqq il qniepen biex jilaq lil Inglizi u int tinbah bhal kelba shuna biex tilaq lin neputi tieghu

  15. samantha says:

    Jien naqbel li f certu zmien sar gid minn mintoff.

    Li niskanta hu, fejn kienu dawn in nis kolla u il mexxejja tahom fi zmin meta ajhru l mintoff traditur fi pjazza go bormla ???

    Nixtiq nara ritratt tahom jew filmat .

  16. Monte bello says:

    If one more person claims that it’s thanks to Mintoff that women have their vote, and it’s thanks to him that we’ve got pensions, I swear I’ll scream.


    It’s like thanking Eddie that we have mobile phones now and thanking Gonzi for the IPad.

    [Daphne – Mintoff wasn’t Labour leader in 1947, and in any case, it wasn’t Labour that introduced the vote for women. Their reasoning is pretty freaky really: what are they saying, that if it hadn’t been for Mintoff in 1947, we Maltese women would still be waiting to be given the vote in 2012? Bloody idiots. But there are so many of them and they’re going to choose the government. We going to be saddled with the choices of these morons.]

  17. GCHARLES says:

    They left Mintoff in his coffin outside Super One and never took him in. It would have been his first visit.

  18. PG says:

    Imma dawn il-Laburisti jaqaw baxx biss jafu fil-kummenti taghom. Tal-mishija.

  19. fm says:

    Twahhaxt nara it tv din il gimgha, tahsbek ergajt qed tghix fit 80, fi zmenijiet komunista, jitkellmu nies bla sens bhal Karmenu Vella, Joe Grima, Marie Louise Coleiro & co. jew tara it-tfal indottrinatu iqimu lil Mintoff fil-play Gensna.

    U hekk zgur ha jigri jekk alla jilliberana jitla il labour fl-elezzjoni li gejja.

    Regghu qamu dawn in-nies f’ episodju ta’ mewt ahseb wara jekk jitla il-Labour wara ma nafx kemm il sena, ghatx kbir ghandhom.

    Appell lil dawk li fil-passat ivvutaw PN u issa qed jahsbuha jivvutawx: terghux thallu li pajjiz imur 30 sena lura. Tiehdu xejn for granted ghax hekk ha jigri.

    Imma zgur li ministri mhux Manwel Mallia u Deborah Schembri ha jilhqu imma dawn li semmejt hawn fuq. ghax fuq kollox l-intelligenza ta l-elettorat Laburista lil dawn in nies ha taghti l-aktar voti.

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