It has come to this: we are left reading the foreign press for the truth about Mintoff, just as we did when he was prime minister

Published: August 24, 2012 at 1:46am

Dom Mintoff in 1972 (AP)

This article is from the Catholic Herald, yesterday.


A friend to Mao, Gaddafi and the Khmer Rouge, he was no harmless eccentric, and knew when to send in his thugs.

Alexander Lucie-Smith is a Catholic priest and a doctor of moral theology.

Dom Mintoff, the former Prime Minister of Malta, has died at the age of 96. He had been retired from active politics for almost a quarter of a century, so it is not surprising that the reaction outside Malta has been rather muted. The Telegraph has an obituary, as has the Guardian, neither of which are as interesting as they might have been.

Mintoff was a dominant figure in Malta from the 50s to the 80s, Prime Minister from 1955-1958 and from 1971-1984. Throughout this time his main opponent was Dr George Borg Olivier. The Maltese press in those days had a strict understanding that they would not publish anything about the private lives of either man.

Dr Borg Olivier lived a blameless life, but some of his family would have provided ample scope for the tabloid press, if there had been one in Malta at that time. As for Dom Mintoff, his private life was kept private too, though there was lots of gossip, much of it well founded.

His wife was a lady called Moyra, whom everyone liked: she had been born Moyra De Vere Bentinck, which sounds very grand. Some people said she was a distant relation of the Dukes of Portland, others not; still others that her mother had been Dom’s landlady somewhere down the Cowley Road, when he was a Rhodes scholar at Oxford.

In the old days you might see Moyra occasionally in various restaurants. I can remember her being pointed out to me once, and someone saying: “Of course, it is Saturday. This is the day when Dom lets her have the car.”

Moyra was a devoted member of the RSPCA, which was largely run by English ladies in those days. There was a convention that when she was present no one ever referred to her husband, the notoriously anti-British Dom.

But Dom had not always been anti-British. After he had finished at Oxford, he came back to post-War Malta, which had been badly damaged by the Luftwaffe.

The British government had sent out two architects, Messrs Harrison and Hubbard, who were charged with the task of supervising reconstruction. They soon left the island and handed over the building projects to their assistant, Dom. It is largely Harrison and Hubbard’s and Dom’s fault that so much of what could have been saved, was not, and so much that was modern and ugly and ill-suited to Malta was built.

Malta still has some priceless architectural heritage, but much was lost thanks to the vandalism of these three. It is a tragedy that the destroyed buildings – such as the Auberges de France and Auvergne, and Barry’s Opera House – were not rebuilt, as they could easily have been.

Another tragedy is represented by the various government housing schemes built by the pair and Dom: Malta had and still has some lovely domestic architecture, but Dom pioneered the modern and hugely inferior.

If I were to give one reason for my dislike of Dom Mintoff, it would be this: his part in the catastrophic destruction of the Maltese environment, which, even if it had been planned, could not have been more triumphantly successful. Many visitors today find Malta ugly; in fact it is one of the most beautiful and fascinating places on earth, if you know where to look. But Dom made his fortune making swathes of it ugly.

His hatred of Britain was the hatred of a spurned lover, thanks to the failure of his integration project; and his hatred of the Church may have had something to do with that as well, as it was Archbishop Gonzi who effectively torpedoed integration.

Oddly for one who championed integration, he later led the campaign against Malta joining the EU. But he never really had any principles. A scourge of the Maltese private schools, he sent his own daughters to Cheltenham Ladies’ College.

But if he hated Britain, there were other countries and leaders he loved. He fawned over Mao Tse-tung and Colonel Gaddafi; he sent the Khmer Rouge a telegram of congratulations on the “liberation” of Phnom Penh. The former were generous with their aid.

The Nationalist government of Dr Borg Olivier had planted Aleppo pines in Malta, as had the British before them. Dom declared that this was all wrong, and insisted that schoolchildren (I was one of them) plant acacia trees; they only live for 15 years, and my government-issue seed never grew at all.

The Aleppo pines of the Nationalists flourish still, as do the tamarisks planted by the Israelis (whose embassy Dom shut down, and whose aid he scorned), as do the ficus trees planted by the evil colonialist British.

So much of Dom was political posturing; not even horticulture was safe.

But Dom was no harmless eccentric. Neither was he a democrat. He would send his thugs into action when a little muscle could yield results. His thugs burned down The Times of Malta building, a newspaper that not even the Luftwaffe was able to put out of business.

His thugs beat up striking students at the university. His thugs attacked the Archbishop’s Curia (that made the front page of the Catholic Herald); and his thugs attacked the house of the Leader of the Opposition, Dr Eddie Fenech Adami, and assaulted his wife.

But it is all a long time ago, and most people would like to forgive and forget, I am sure. In many ways Dom Mintoff represents a typical post-colonial leader – of that type now only Comrade Robert Mugabe is left.

Dom came from a devout family, his brother was a priest, and I shall pray for his soul. I note that the Archbishop of Malta is conducting his funeral in the co-Cathedral (one of the most lovely churches on earth).

His former enemies have spoken kindly about him, including Dr Fenech Adami. May he rest in peace.

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  1. H.P. Baxxter says:

    Who is this priest? I fucking love him.

    [Daphne – He boarded at St Edward’s back in the day.]

  2. Rob79 says:

    hahahahahaha! hilarious. Where is this taken from? …Catholic Herald….oh! which country? …oh! just one of those western nation who think that turning too left is a bad as eternal hell. Spare us please. Well, some dolt will surely have a field day.

  3. TROY says:

    Imma dan indhil barrani!

  4. Carlos Bonavia says:

    According to Prof. Oliver Friggieri, old Dom was very religious and a very keen Catholic. I don’t know where the good professor got it from, but everything I know about Mintoff points to the opposite of what he stated.

    I was also surprised and shocked with Fenech Adami’s statements about Mintoff.

    I’m rather disgusted actually, and as for the mealy-mouthed rest of the Nationalist pack – well, they need to get their minds round to the fact that they’ll be fighting an election very soon and sopping up to the Labourites is not going to get them either Labour or Nationalist votes.

    • H.P. Baxxter says:

      And now Oliver Friggieri too wades in with the revisionism. What have we done to deserve this?

    • Gina G says:

      Dear Carlos, the truth is that it wasn’t as bad as dear Daphne portrays it, even his political opponents said so.

      [Daphne – Don’t be so frigging ridiculous, Gina. ‘Even his political opponents said it wasn’t so bad’. One of those political opponents had his home ransacked by your Mintoffian heroes. And why should it have been bad at all, even if ‘not so bad’. You people are just plain pathetic.]

      • A true Nationalist says:

        Dear Daphne
        You just hit the nail on the head. Eddie had his home ransacked and yet he never ever uttered a word of hatred. Anzi to the contrary! Not like you who enjoys being a miserable cow and has nothing to do better than instigate hatred and evil. You really do not realise that you are just as bad as the mintoffians or the labourites. Keep making a fool of us nationalists darling. You’re doing a great job!

        [Daphne – ‘us nationalists’. Yes, right. Another cunning plan a la Baldrick.]

      • Matthew V says:

        Saying he did more good than bad is quite a strong statement and not one he’d say just to make someone else happy. I still haven’t completely formed an opinion of Mintoff yet, but from everything I’ve heard it sounds like he was a corrupt violent man, who did some unspeakable things but nonetheless who introduced many social services which positively changed the lives of many.

    • L.Gatt says:

      Oliver Friggieri is losing it I think. Unless he was a recent “born again” one of those “quando non posso più, ritorno al buon Gesù”, Mintoff never lived as a Catholic, he derided believers and swore down all the saints in heaven.

      History tells us this. Also I know this from first hand experience and also from a relative who worked with him for 15 years.

      L-isbah wahda hi din. During his life, Mintoff insulted the Church in every way possible.

      Even during the Mintoff Tour 2012 someone (can’t remeber who) commented that this time the Church bells tolled for Mintoff and not to drown his voice. And yet?

      The Archbishop celebrates mass for him. This is the same Church that did not want to give a religious funeral to Piergiorgio Webly because he chose when to end his life and nearly refused a Church funeral to Lucio Dalla because he was a homosexual. X’ipokrizija !

    • Grace says:

      Did you ever hear Mintoff speak? Did you ever use your mind to analyse what he did? Or do you just listen to all the bullshit people like Daphne and this priest who didn’t even attend a church school say. I wonder why the administration of St Edwards Collage obeyed Mintoff and gave them Acacia seeds to sow. I always considered St Edwards far above Party Politcs. I lived the 60s, 70s and 80s, and I can understand many of Mintoffs moves, I can also understand why people like Daphne hate Mintoff so much. In the 60s people like Daphne had it all so easy, their families and friends got what they wanted including a live in maid who was paid less than a pound a week. As soon as Mintoff came to power he started making laws that made it difficult to treat workers like slaves, and they hated it, that is why they say that Mintoff spoilt their lives, because the working class was at their disposal, and Mintoff gave the working class dignity. Reading Daphne through the years and realising what Mintoff did made me realise that people like Daphne can never remotely like Socialists, I’mj afraid to say the Maltese Catholic Church is closer to Daphne’s point of view than to Christ. That is why in my humble opinion Socialism is more Christian than the Maltese Catholic Church.

  5. AE says:

    It is Eddie Fenech Adami I find hard to forgive in this.

    He would have done better had he said that he did not wish to comment rather than speak ill of the dead.

    A man’s misdeeds do not suddenly become forgivable just because he dies.

    • mc says:

      I was really disappointed with Eddie’s words. Cheated in fact. So he’s saying the struggle we went through was not justified because there was more good than bad!

    • L.Gatt says:

      One has to read what Dr. Eddie Fenech Adami said very carefully. In his position, being diplomatic during the death of an opponent is difficult.

      Did anybody read the episode which Dr. Fenech Adami said he remembered of his relations with Mintoff?

      It was about Mintoff hurling tea cups across the room and banging on his desk to the extent that it felt like there was an earthquake. Hardly the image of a well-balanced and sane human being, is it?

    • Antoniette says:

      I too find it hard to stomach but Dr. Eddie Fenech Adami is a devout Catholic and also very diplomatic.

      We, on the other hand, do not have to be diplomatic at all and can say what we feel, Mintoff ruined our lives, reduced our island to a third world country and nothing can ever change that.

      As a sinful human being I wish he would rot in hell, however I trust God is merciful and will help me forgive even Mintoff.

      • EU says:

        Perhaps Eddie said so because it was thanks to Mintoff that Sant’s government was brought down after 22 months, allowing the re-election of the Nationalist Party and our entry into the European Union in the next in-take. Perhaps.

    • john says:

      Fenech Adami said something similar about Zeppi Barefeet.

  6. Oscar says:

    You can’t imagine the vile comments towards Father Alexander posted under the above. But then what’s new, Daphne – you’ve experienced enough of them this last week. Tal-lejber never disappoint in that department.

    But here’s a refreshing one posted by ”Indri”:

    ”Bull’s Eye. Even though I’ll pray for his soul Dom Mintoff was the person who tried to destroy Malta completely. They talk of him as though he invented the wheel just because he gave women the right to vote, distributed children allowances and introduced pensions. Pensions existed in Germany in the 1600’s and children allowances existed in Britain years back and women voted in other countries much earlier in Malta. It’s like I can thankd the present prime minister for introducing divorce when we were the last country on earth to introduce this civil right. I would be crazy to do that. Mintoff stopped the importation of computers, you had to be a socialist supporter to buy a colour TV, he introduced quotas on the importation of cars and these could not exceed 15hp. He limited the number of students who could continue their studies in the university. He was against progress. He robbed the Maltese form public land to give it to his supporters at ridiculous rents. And in certain cases he robbed land from people to give it to his supporters. He Nationalised all private banks and send people begging. He was still in govenrment when he supported his successor to closed down the church schools. Sincerely speaking I can’t see how half the people in Malta are so proud of Mintoff. If he had to stay in power for a further five or ten years Malta would have been no better than Libya. Even though this peron died and he desrved repect, his policies nearly destroyed our country. I can never forgive the Malta Labour Party for all this damage nad because of this I can never risk of voting them in power. God forbid.”

    [Daphne – Mintoff didn’t give women the right to vote. For a start, the right to vote is inalienable and not in anyone’s gift. Secondly, when women got the vote, Mintoff wasn’t even Labour leader. And it wasn’t the Labour Party’s doing in any case.]

    • Et says:

      dream dream if some one can believe your lies anymore, only dose stupid people that have no brain continue to believe you.

      do worry if you think that Mintoff is in hell your are lucky daphne because one day you will meet him and pass the eternity with him.

    • Mario Farrugia says:

      It’s like I can thankd the present prime minister for introducing divorce

      he didn’t

  7. Len says:

    Can’t wait for tomorrows cortege’ rerun organised, this time, by the government. After watching the cortege’ organised by the Labour Party which was a mess up, I’m eager to watch the one organised by the current administration which I am confident will be well planned.

    Watching Muscat showing off his silver medal and standing near the coffin at Mile End was nauseating.

    However, the funny part was and hope that you did not miss it, when a man in the crowd shouted out “Mela issa ma ghadux traditur?! Ma ghadux traditur issa?! and then there was silence.

    • Libertas says:

      Let’s hear what the Archbishop’s going to say about Mintoff. I presume he will be even worse than Eddie Fenech Adami in his praise of a tyrant.

    • maryanne says:

      and then there was silence.

      And then there was a frantic look on most faces and they quickly continued with the loud music.

  8. Matt B says:

    Imisshom jisthu l-barranin jitkellmu dwar is-Salvatur taghna b’mod tant ingust! X’gharukaza!


  9. says:

    Whatever “Dom” did to you, to your miserable past (istra wara li qrajt l artiklu ta qabel kwazi bdejt nibki ghalik) and to many other people who lack strength by not accepting and be peace with their past, i couldn’t not but tell you that your “journalism” is becoming more and more ridiculous as years go buy, people move on and you are still stuck in the same pit hole of a lifestyle … one thing i can say is, that you might be right that “Dom”‘s daughter might be elected because people will pitty her, but one thing that you should keep in mind on the day that the labour party “wins” the next general election is that , YOU, are causing and will cause US some vote losses which im sure they will be more then the pitty votes for “Dom”‘s daughter…whatever your points are, you are self sabotaging yourself and OUR party, and although i will never probabbly vote otherwise,…I wish…..Li jekk (la jitla) il labour jaqtalek il bajd li minghalik li ghandek … I would pick up another hobby if i were you … im sure you have lots from were to choose from…

    • Libertas says:


      Your comment is a typically Maltese ‘de mortuis nihil nisi bonum’ – nothing bad about the dead.

      When tyrants such as Mintoff die, they deserve a repeat of all the criticism they got in life. Otherwise, we won’t have learned anything from the past.

      Mintoff was a tyrant – pure and simple. Contrast with Boffa who did a lot of good in his three years as Prime Minister and in coalition with Borg-Olivier without any of the tyranny we suffered under Mintoff.

    • Mister says:

      And here you are….. threatening a journalist for speaking her mind and personal beliefs.

      Imbasta ghandkom ice-cream logo…. xorta l-istess bqajtu.

    • etil says:

      You are not Labour and you are voting Nationalist – tell it to the marines. The language you use in you concluding paragraph gives you away.

      • says:

        I don’t care what gives away and what gives not Etil, nor am i ashamed of my political views (wasn’t it clear enough) but obviously I’m not so stupid to build esteem by mixing with the torns of a system . I like not mixing at all . Let’s be realistic , perhaps you can help daphne find better things to do in your free time from 8am till 5pm .

    • Manuel says:

      If this was an attempt from your part to convince us that you are not a Laburist imgiddem, you have failed miserably. Pathetic.

    • Monte bello says:

      I’m not quite sure I understand what you’re trying to say, but how dare you tell people who went through Mintoff’s reign to “get over it”.

      How dare you assume to know what we’ve been through. You got be thing right though, our past was pretty miserable – but that’s thanks to Mintoff.

      Only today I met someone who recalls being arrested under no charge, beaten up, and then sent home – all because he owned a Nationalist flag.

      One of the policemen present was Angelo Farrugia, who will be deputy prime minister and minister of the interior within months. My friend was 17 years old at the time.
      We will NEVER get over the past.

    • Mario Farrugia says:

      tirrabjax man …. ghamel bhal ma kien jaghmek Mintoff …. mur hu dip

  10. Calipha says:

    Let go, Daphne. You are beginning to stagnate in your hatred-and whatever you may say, will not change what great good Mintoff did for Malta. Count your blessings an move on.

    [Daphne – As a woman and, moreover, one who does not support the Labour Party, I am more than able to do two things at once. I can count my blessings and despise Mintoff at the same time. It really isn’t that difficult. One of the blessings that I count is that I wasn’t born into a Labour family.]

  11. S Borg says:

    Excellent read.

    I’m sure you have your blog (and a pc) because of Dom.

  12. Mister says:

    “A scourge of the Maltese private schools, he sent his own daughters to Cheltenham Ladies’ College.”

    Enough Said.

  13. canon says:

    I am still hearing the words ahdar, xewwiexi, traditur refering to Eddie Fenech Adami. But as a Christian Eddie forgave him.

  14. tal-misthija says:

    Hawn min qed joffendi lil dan il-qassis imma dak montebello dak le dak qaddis!!!!

  15. Jozef says:

    ‘his part in the catastrophic destruction of the Maltese environment, which, even if it had been planned, could not have been more triumphantly successful………Dom made his fortune making swathes of it ugly.’

    Unless we’re capable of taking this notion up, truth won’t prevail. Design is an instrument of truth, necessitating beauty to function.

    Can someone name just one of his designs which worked, be they buildings, industries or any other?

    Mintoff can be summed up in one of his more notorious designs; the girna as a bus shelter. Only someone who couldn’t be ruthless with his thinking could allow such unrefined design to take place. It happens when design is considered an extension of one’s ego.

    Each one promptly a toilet.

  16. Natalie says:

    Where are all Mintoff’s victims? Why aren’t they speaking up?

    Where are the people who lived and suffered under Mintoff’s regime? This is the time to tell your stories and experiences. Deliver us from another hellish period as we’ll surely have under Joseph-longing-for-the-80s.

    If you’re truly patriotic and would really like this country to continue move forward, speak up now.

    • mattie says:

      Many are probably dead now.

    • Brainwashed says:

      Sorry but if you think the offspring of Labourite fanatics, born after ’87, will take heed of the stories of us survivors and see the light, please think again.

      I replied to a friend on Facebook who said the fuss is all about there having been a lack of Mars bars!

      I reminded her of the violence and abuse and immediately someone who by her own admission did not live those times posted something like but you still went to school and received allowances!

      Voting Labour is an heirloom, just give up trying to make that lot think. Let Daphne do her job and do yours by voting. Action not words are needed.

      You cannot reason with most brainwashed people. I was raised just as brainwashed. To give you an idea of the Mintoff worship of the time, I have this memory of Mintoff inaugurating a public garden in my neighbourhood and as ridiculous as it sounds to my adult mind I could swear I recall there were giraffes and exotic animals at the opening.

      That is the extent of fervour and personality cult created at the time.

      How can people grow up balanced and straight thinking if on top of physical violence they experience psychological conditioning from early childhood? Guess what is to blame? The propaganda dished out in state schools and imposed on vulnerable minds.

      I’d love to post on this blog under my name but my parents still live in the gutter and are getting on in years and are still fearsome of retribution. Apart from voting PN, their bravest act is attending the occasional PN do and trust me when they do, they come back with mixed feelings of fear and bravery because in their neighbourhood that is the ultimate act of defiance.

  17. a dimech says:

    After all the eulogies, the church will soon have another saint – Dom Mintoff Santo Subito

  18. Interested Bystander says:

    What truly puzzles me is this: If things were so bad, almost criminal, why didn’t the new government prosecute him and his thugs?

  19. Catsrbest says:

    Dear Daphne, am I correct in stating that none of the foreign press called him a statesman? At least the ones that I read never referred to him as such. Can you confirm this?

  20. Grezz says:

    This is one of the better comments on The Catholic Herald, under the above article by Fr Lucie-Smit:

    (By Lorna Mifsud)

    “I must say you have really hit the nail on the head here. I was born in 1977. My childhood has been ruined by Mintoff and, even though I was very young, I remember the fear and, on occasion, terror, which blighted my childhood and which left me scarred till this very day.

    My father lost his job during Mintoff’s regime only because he was a passive Nationalist party supporter. During the dispute with the Church Schools, our mother used to be armed with a screw-driver to take us to school because she used to receive anonymous letters threatening her with our lives should she take my sister (then 4 years old) and me (then 7) to school. One day, a woman knocked at our door imploring my mother to be careful and to change her route (school was within walking distance) since there were people along the way ready to physically attack parents taking their children to school.

    As a young child, I remember very vividly praying to God that my parents return safe and sound from mass meetings because Mintoff – in pure dictatorial style – used to send in his thugs (police force included) to open fire on the masses gathered peacefully to disperse the peaceful crowd. And shots were fired against Nationalist supporters (the party in opposition) on many occasions and many – including relatives of mine – were injured seriously. Tear gas used to be used against the crowds which would be gathered peacefully.

    Mintoff’s henchmen were corrupt and ruthless. Nationalist families would have their land and immovable property expropriated from them just because they were nationalists and roads were built with hundreds of twists and turns in order for the road to pass through the properties of nationalist families rather than labour families.

    I know it is hard to believe but there was not one foreign product on sale here. No. There was a total embargo even on simple things such as Mars (the chocolate bar) or foreign footwear. I remember very clearly empty shops and sheer scarcity of even the most basic needs.

    A television set would cost roundabout 1000 sterling back in 1982, some 400 for the set and some 600 to oil the wheels – and believe me, the 600 went to Mintoff’s henchmen and privileged few. If you were not a Labour supporter, you would not even be eligibe to have a telephone set. I remember years without a telephone set at home just because we were not Laborites.

    The economy was in shambles. The highest unemployment figures to date were recorded at that time when Mintoff was ruling.

    But the worst things of all was the continuous, lingering fear. I lived with it. People were being arrested for no reason whatsoever and their fundamental human rights, so beautifully written in our constitution, were being trampled as though it was nothing. After all, Mintoff himself declared that the constitution was nothing but some scrap paper which had as its natural destination the waste paper basket.

    Mintoff disliked the worker. His admirers say he introduced social welfare. Yes, instead of teaching his people to fish he gave them just one fish in order to exercise control over them. Mintoff, the ever-coward, rather than resign from office when the situation ran out of hand, he put a puppet in his stead, a certain Karmenu Mifsud Bonnici,but he continued to direct the show from behind the scenes.

    People died in the hands of the people. A financial controller who seems to have found out dirty secrets about one of Mintoff’s henchmen, was found chopped up in a well in a rural area and another, a certain Raymond Caruana, was killed under a volley of fire from an automatic weapon whilst having a drink at a nationalist party club a few days before Christmas 1986. Yes, and let us talk about Christmas, shall we? Mintoff used to hate christmas and hence, he used to render our lives hell. He would, for starters, ensure that most households had no electricity and he would always wait for those days to make our life even more hellish.

    Oh, the list goes on and on. I am upset these days because it feels like we’re living in a sort of altered reality. People cry in the street because Mintoff gave them their fish. We, however, the people who suffered, the people who cried for nights on end because their loved ones failed to turn up after being arrested just because they were Mintoff’s opponents, we stay silent. Now, the situation is different. Now we’re a free people. But some of Mintoff’s henchmen are still alive and kicking and are the government-in-waiting. And just as we have suffered retribution in those not-so-distant years, we’re afraid to speak out now, to tell the truth as it is, to say Mintoff was a tyrant, lest we be punished should the Labour Party be re-elected to power in the coming elections.

    Hence, we soldier on, unwilling to forgive or forget. Not to wreak havoc, not to exact revenge but because we know very well that if we forget our past we will be condemned to repeat it.

    Make no mistake. Life under Mintoff was hell.
    Thank you very much for this article. It is the only breath of reality I have read in a long, long time.”

  21. Manuel says:

    “It has come to this: we are left reading the foreign press for the truth about Mintoff, just as we did when he was prime minister” and The Times of Malta is leading in this presentation of a distorted picture of the old dictator.

  22. Ghoxrin Punt says:

    I think my nom de plume says it.

    And no I will not forgive Mintoff for what he did to me and to all my generation. Respect for the dead is one of theist hypocrical notions ever invented by society. If the respect was not deserved when one was alive then it certainly is not deserved in death.

    And to all those people who talk about Mintoff having introduced pensions and children’s allowance and similar benefits, do you really think that a Nationalist Party as forward looking as ours would not have introduced it? He just happened to be in government in the years following our indepence, which incedentally was a Nationalist doing.

    If he had his way we would be in the same situation as the rest of the Middle East. So no, I don’t mourne his death, I do not respect him and I am happy he is dead. My one quibble would be that he took so long to die.

  23. Nev Gale says:

    You are exposed Daphne, you and Fr.Alexander Lucie-Smith are in a very unholy alliance and you are the one who is signing as : C on the Catholic Herald site to defend him and demonising Dom Mintoff.


  24. Mike says:

    Dear Father, don’t you think it is better for you to investigate the mess your country does? Does false flag ring a bell? Why don’t you ask your government who really caused the 7/7 bombings? Dr. Borg Olivier lived a blameless life, who do you think you’re kidding. I hope you’re not one of those who defiled lots of young boys.

  25. Chris says:

    ‘Priest’ I know you are reading this Blog, your facebook page is not open so I thought I might want to use this evil’s cow witche’s Blog to pass you this message across. I hope that since you believe in heaven and hell, you will taste hell first hand. Monsters like you make more people believe that the catholic church is a farce and most of you priests are only good to spit venim & practicing paedophilia. Shame on you…Now see also this message and not only the first one ass hole!!

  26. says:

    To Mr monte bello not getting over his past. I see that a wise person usually stops hating his enemy but remembers the bastard’s name.

    U din kollha furja ghax “il ftira shuna tajba”, live a free life mate and some things are better to brush off your shoulder firstly for your own good secondly? . . . I don’t see that I’m threatening anyone with my opinions . I’m just being realistic and see that such journalism will backfire on the system instead of doing any good in the coming “months” . Not wise at all . . .

    [Daphne – Shame that we didn’t have ‘such journalism’ back when he was prime minister.]

  27. says:

    @manuel – lol @ labourist imgiddem . I won’t even comment but say that glad I never was and never will be . Your opinion is stupid and won’t effect me or what I think

  28. says:

    Maybe you’re right there daphne . But times changes and people adapt . although I believe you don’t care what other people think, and about freedom of speech ecc ecc such language backfires considering the political heat our small island is in and the religious obsessions that unfortunately are still present .

  29. Cikku says:


    [Daphne – Nice. X’nies hamalli, stupidi, injoranti u tal-biza.]

    • Cikku says:

      Re: Hamalli, stupidi,injoranti u tal-Biza. Din hija id-deskrizzjonni ezzatta tieghek.

      Re: Nice, mhux inti zgur, jaqq!!!

  30. Cikku says:

    Ma dak il-liba Isqof Mikiel Gonzi mhux zgur ha jiltaqa, ghax dan jinharaq ghadu.

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