The Fat Controller thinks he deserves a medal

Published: August 28, 2012 at 10:51am

Oh look! It’s a fat fuck!

You have to be sure to read the piece in The Times today about how that fat fuck from Mintoff’s cabinet is “standing by his words” and won’t apologise – you know, as though he’s Mahatma Gandhi or a member of Pussy Riot.

I’ll just remind you what those words are:

“Fuck you Father” – l-aqwa l-honorific, eh – “and if you don’t know the ropes I am sure there are enough pedophile priests to show you how.”

Quite frankly, at this stage it must be Joe Grima who needs to be shown the ropes. It must be years since he had any, given that Lynne Zahra probably needs a mining helmet and torch to find the apparatus among all those pillows of drooping flab.

“Nah, won’t bother. Maybe next time.”

Joe Grima won’t apologise because, he says, most people agree with what he said. Right you are, Joe. And who are these people? Ah yes, the fox il liba omok brigade.

Splendid. Il-lupu ma jbiddilx sufu. Not that anyone in his right mind would describe you as a wolf. You’re just not – ehhmmmmm – foxy enough.

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  1. Miss O'Brien says:

    What a disgusting ‘person’. A fitting representative of the MLP.

  2. Vee says:

    Why does Joe Grima live in Sliema? Wouldn’t he better off living amongst his foxx il liba ommok brigade?

    • IMHO says:

      Don’t be too sure he doesn’t live among them.

      • Vee says:

        Ghandek ragun ghax kull min jaghmel lira jerhilghu lejn tas-Sliema biex jixtru/jibnu l-fletsijiet .Saqsi lil ex segretarju ta lorry sant u t-tifel ta Reno Calleja. Ara veru jahsbu li ser isiru nies hekk? Nassigurak li l-vera Slimiz jaff minnhu Slimiz veru u sahhanistra l-kulur politiku tieghu.

      • IMHO says:

        Ta’ Reno Calleja mhux il Mellieha joqghod?

    • Sliemiza says:

      I was born and bred in the Sliema that was. It is now becoming the modern slum … so perhaps it’s appropriate for certain people to choose to live here.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Tantx tghajjar bid difetti imbilli ohxon xi tridu taghmel ara int wicc ta sahhara u hadt ma jahmlek ghadek ma ndunajtx li qed idahhaq in-nies bik tibqa sejra hekk se jkollok temmigra…

    • Anonymous Coward says:

      People like you, my friend, are why I despair come election-time in Malta.

    • david calleja says:

      Ma jiehux ghalih ghax mhux l-ewwel darba ghajruh il-“grande bulldowzer”

    • maltawarrior says:

      @ Anonymous

      Se nwieġbek bil-Malti forsi tifhem. Illum f’pajjiżna jeżisti d-dritt tal-espressjoni – dritt li l-maħbub Perit tiegħek ċaħħad lil ġenerazzjonijiet sħaħ ta’ Maltin. Jekk taħseb li dak li jgħid ħaddieħor ma jogħġbokx, dawwar wiċċek u taqrahx.

      U jekk jogħġbok, jekk tagħżel li tikteb bil-Malti, qis li taf tiktbu. Riżultat ieħor tal-politika mnejka ta’ sieħbek kien li llum ninsabu f’sitwazzjoni li hawn ċorma li la jafu jiktbu bil-Malti u wisq anqas bl-Ingliż!

      • Chris Scerri says:

        Mela la jezisti id-dritt ta’ l-espressjoni, jien irrid nesprimi l-espressjoni tieghi ukoll….Foxx dik il-qahba ommok…hu hekk trid? issa dik hi l-espressjoni tieghi ja liba kollok. U jekk jidirlek xi haga uri wiccek mhux tinheba wara monitor jien ma ghandix x’nahbi u nuza ismi jekk trid tuza id-dritt ta l-espressjoni kun reponsabli u uri min int anonymous

      • Chris Scerri says:

        gej bil-malta warrior fik warrior ukoll!! haha purcinell

      • Anonymous Coward says:

        @ Chris Scerri

        Verament m’għandekx biex tiftaħar. Imma kif jingħad: Ma naqbilx ma dak li int għidt imma niddefendi sal-mewt id-dritt tiegħek li tgħidu.

      • maltawarrior says:

        @ Chris Scerri

        WOW! intelligence oozing out from every pore…


      • Chris Scerri says:

        @ Maltawarrior ghandi dritt ta’ l-espressjoni, mhux hekk qeghdt, mela ha nerga nesprimi ruhi foxx il-liba ommok, u tkunx coward, biex ikollok dritt ta’ l-espressjoni libera jrid ikollok isem ukoll. Maltawarrior ma ghandux dritt ghal espressjoni ghax ghalija mhux bniedem!!

      • HP Sauce says:

        wow. how mature.

    • Pizz says:

      Illa m’ghetilix ‘zopp fox kemm andek’ :O dan ‘rekort’!

    • Żeża ta' Bubaqra says:

      “imbilli ohxon xi tridu taghmel”

      Jibda jieħu ħsieb saħħtu b’dieta u ftit eżerċizzju? Il-ħxuna mhix xi ħaġa li titwieled biha, hi xi ħaġa li trabbi jekk ma tieħux ħsieb saħħtek kif suppost.

      • Lilla says:

        Hallieh ha jibqa t-tank hara li hu, mela jibda jiehu hsieb sahhtu?

        Tank hara hu, u hara johrog minn halqu. Tixraqlu l-hxuna ha nghidlek.

  4. lola says:

    In my opinion both are wrong.The priest should know better.The words used in the answer were much worse.God graciously deliver us.

    [Daphne – “The priest” – he has a name, lola – should know better than to do what? Know better than to criticise Mintoff, and mildly at that? Kemm intom progressivi u liberali, God bless: daqs ic-Cinizi.]

  5. eman says:

    Nesa meta qal li dahal il-computer bil kuntrabandu taht il-Kbir Mintoff tieghu baxxu raskhom meta issemmuh

  6. Jozef says:

    Fr. Lucie-Smith dared to analyse the dynamics of Mintoff’s ultimate failure, his utter lack of taste and the establishment of vulgarity, veniality and sugary melanchonia to criteria for national identity. Favoured by those who can’t get to terms with form.

    People like Joe Grima are scared shitless this article could lead to the next step which would have them lose their sickly sweet privileges, not to mention tangible assets forcefully removed from their rightful owners.

    When I say rightful owners, it’s not just in the legal sense, but a moral advantage which he and others can’t ever have.

    When Grima declares he has a ‘majority’ of comments, all he’s doing is to affirm his right to rehabilitate the violence he personally perpetrated. It’s as if saying Mintoff did right should cater for their excesses, violence and frenzied greed

    I see the orphans do think they have been shameful in their actions, trust them to use Mintoff to agglomerate the cause.

  7. eman says:

    Shaka: Never leave an enemy behind or it will rise again to fly at your throat.
    This is happening in Malta blessed by reconciliation

  8. *1981* says:

    are we going back to the 80s?

    • IMHO says:

      Honey, some people never left that time.

      • MMuscat says:

        Actually they are hibernating waiting for the Rebbieha Gdida taht gvern Laburista. What you can see on all the famous comment boards and a couple of pages is just the beginning of their revival.

        These “sleepers” were never rooted out and in my opinion, this was Eddie Fenech Adami’s major mistake. He had to unite Malta through correction not through forgiveness, but forgive and focus on the future is his philosophy and he is never going to change in that aspect. My fear is this is where eman (previous comment) will be right.

      • IMHO says:

        They aren’t hibernating at all. They’re all over the internet like a rash and are out there littering the streets.

  9. SM says:

    I am amazed how this low life was never investigated for arson and insurance fraud. Every business he was ever involved in ended up in smoke, literally.

    • Jozef says:

      Or how Jose’ Herrera won his plea to keep his radio licence, kick off a war for digital frequencies with Super One and selling it on to Sandro Chetcuti.

      Oligarkija anyone?

  10. john says:

    A civilised opinion piece in a reputable paper is answered with obscenities by this Labour stalwart figurehead.

    This standard-bearer of Labour discussion programmes has demonstrated yet again that civliised discussion does not come easy to him and his Labour bedfellows. Obscenities and violence are their stock in trade.

    And he’s proud of it. And unrepentant.

    Prepare yourselves for more of the same.

  11. Paul Borg says:

    These kind of reactions are an eye-opener to all those that think that Labour deserve a chance at the next election. People, wake up….they are still the same bunch of sly, empty, vulgar peasants and it seems to be getting worse.

  12. Stanley J A Clews says:

    All I will say to Joe is “remember Rev Bro Hilary fsc” who is resting in peace

  13. Mister says:

    So Fr. Lucie-Smith was offensive? Since when is saying the truth… offensive?

    Joe Grima, you had managed to fool many of us… turning all mellow on your radio station then on Net TV acting like a saint. I now know your history and the present uncovers you as a fraud.

    Joe Grima, you are just another dinosaur in Joseph Muscat’s closet.

    Labour hasnt changed. Far from it!

    • Censa says:

      Well truth hurts. If Grima wanted to reply to this article, all he had to do was list counter arguments based on facts, and not hurl a list on obscenities on his Facebook wall (which also gives the impression he is a coward).

      Saying obscenities is not forming an opinion.

      If he couldn’t come up with a single argument then saying obscenities was his only way of dealing with his frustration (there are slightly better ways of dealing with such situations when you’re a grown up, like accepting facts for what they are, make amends if required and moving on).

  14. Miss O'Brien says:

    Inspector Gadget’s car on Maltapark

  15. Charmaine says:

    He forgot when Super 1 did not accept him and he lived off the charity of NET TV.

  16. romualdo azzopardi says:

    out of all people, Daphne, I thought you’d relate pretty nicely to the ‘nature’ and the ‘tone’ (not so much the content) of Grima’s comment.

    [Daphne – How so?]

    • romualdo azzopardi says:

      Well, Grima’s words, according to you (and according to others) called for an apology because they were deeply offensive.

      I found your article after *he who shall not be named* passed away, also, deeply offensive – not so much politically – but on a human-being level.

      Secondly, you said that Grima’s argument that he shouldn’t apologise because (in his own words) many agreed with him, is, to put it mildly, a weak and/or flawed argument (taking into consideration the number and/or ‘quality’ of the people who stood by his comment).

      Well, ippermettili an analogy here.

      With reference to the same article about the death of *he-who-shall-not-be-named*, i believe that your situation was even worse:

      I wont comment on the heroism or atrocity of the article per se’, that is not my point. But, not only did you have very few who seconded your opinion, but contrary to Grima’s comment, your article fuelled thousands of angry readers, and even facebook groups calling for your public humiliation.

      Clearly, the consequences of Grima’s comment and those of your article are not comparable, in that the consequences for your article were, in my humble opinion, of a greater gravity.

      And yet you disagree with him withholding an apology?

      How so?

      [Daphne – I’m not a big one for demanding apologies, Mr Azzopardi. I think it is a pointless southern Mediterranean exercise in rebalancing honour. It is not feelings of regret that people want, but a climb-down, which is different. Elsewhere, in the truly civilised world, people don’t demand apologies. They offer them. If Joe Grima cannot see how bloody stupid he was, then I agree, why apologise? My point was that when people tactical a subject with proper arguments, you should reply with proper arguments. Grima knows this, which is why he claimed to be replying in the same vein. Except that it wasn’t the same vein at all, not by any stretch of the imagination. The fat man was simply playing to his audience of savages who can’t read what Lucie-Smith wrote, still less understand it. Of course, I don’t blame you for your lack of comprehension. The ill-bred are most unfortunately ill-equipped to deal with life in the civilised sphere, which favours their betters (and not because of ‘privilege’, because anybody can learn these things, really). However, Grima had a proper education and this manifests itself when he thinks it appropriate and necessary. In other words, he knows the code. But that code is forever in conflict with his vulgar and savage roots. His brother Godfrey is exactly the same, a conflict of unnaturally-held manners on the one hand and savage, aggressive vulgarity on the other. They are both extremely unpleasant when the mood takes them.]

      • Romualdo Azzopardi says:

        Whilst I see your point, perhaps you failed to understand mine.

        What I meant is ‘how come you don’t believe you yourself should apologise?’ Is it also because you believe that an apology is a ‘stupid Mediterranean exercise’?

        [Daphne – Apologise for what – expressing an opinion that I am glad Mintoff is dead? Apologise to whom, exactly – in general, like at a Chinese public humiliation of enemies of the state? You’re extremely odd if you can’t see the difference between a direct personal insult from one man to another man writing about yet another man, and this person saying what she thinks about the death of a former prime minister. If you write something about a third party and I don’t like it and write publicly: “Fuck you Romualdo and find a priest to show you how if you’re not a paedophile already’, then that is a direct insult to somebody who has caused me no harm, and so I might wake up, regret it and apologise. If Alexander Lucie Smith had written ‘Joe Grima is a fat fuck and as a minister was totally corrupt’, then Grima might be entitled to respond in kind (though it would be extremely ill-advised). But Lucie-Smith didn’t even mention him, let alone insult him. But in any case, I just can’t understand how and why you are unable to see that his reaction was completely inappropriate, vulgar, ill-mannered and ill-judged. He has the linguistic skills, unlike his Facebook friends, to argue a point. So he should argue it.]

        Also, you completely ignored my comment about the consequences of your own article. (which ironically was basically my entire comment).

        One last thing, please do not insult my intelligence by using a collective “you” when speaking generally. If you meant it ‘per modo di parlare’, not a problem, we all do that.

        (Quote: “Of course, I don’t blame you for your lack of comprehension.”)

        But if that was not speaking generally, I take it that you resorted to a personal attack on an unknown person and the interactivity will stop here on account of it being entirely pointless.

        [Daphne – This is an object lesson in civil behaviour, Mr Azzopardi. I could always follow your hero’s behaviour and tell you to fuck off and find a paedophile to teach you how to do it, but I don’t, though I am sorely tempted to do so.]

      • Jozef says:


        I made it a point to watch his coffin on TV to register that he’s dead. It brought a smile to my face.

        It could be wrong, but the reaction wasn’t one of regret, just relief.

        What do you make of that?

      • pg says:

        If the fat man had a good standard of education , doesn’t that suppost man of the cloth Lucie smith who is Maltese have the same education. And as a priest who suppose to preach tollereance , why did he wrote that article redarding of a public figure like il perit Mintoff , who just Died. Is this the new teaching of Christianity?

        [Daphne – He’s English, pg. He grew up taking freedom of expression for granted. Lucky him. As for me, I find I’m living in a country where most people just don’t get it, so really, no wonder bad things happen here.]

    • James Tyrell/Beowulf says:

      Romualdo is right. This is no different to the crap that comes from your mouth on a daily basis, except that on this occasion it’s coming from a Labour mouth. It just proves what a hypocrite you are.

      • IMHO says:

        You really are a weirdo, Tyrell. Aside from spite, what is it you have in common with Mintoffjani that makes you feel you have to defend the undefendable?

  17. Bob says:

    Xi jghid Cyrus Engerer fuqek issa?

    • WhoamI? says:

      Cyrus Engerer qatt ma esperjenza orga dizorganizzata daqs il-Labour. He’s loving it.

      I bet he’s also a bit embarrassed by his decision to shift to Labour, but it’s too late for him now.

      It’s either Labout or he’s out of the scene for good. Funny how he managed to burn his candle from both sides at such a young age.

      • Why me? says:

        That’s the sort of thing that happens to you when you’re completely ignorant about the past.

    • WhoamI? says:

      That’s the sort of thing that happens to you when you allow testosterone levels to take over and start thinking with the other head.

  18. Anthony says:

    Countering opinions by being obscene and vulgar says a lot about the man.

    It says what we in Malta have known for decades.

    Fortunately he wrote his remarks in English.

    Now many more people can make up their mind about what sort of ‘person’ he is.

  19. Nick Debono says:

    Daphne. you’re a fucking legend! ahahahahaahahahahah

  20. Joe Grima jghajjar lil haddiehor pedofelu, meta dak li kien jawdura hu, ghajjar lil Boffa b’incest. Kieku l-gemel jara hotoptu, jaqa w mut zoptu.

  21. Ganna says:

    Il medalja ghandu fejn jaghmilha, ghax Alla bierek ghandu gisem akbar min ta’ors. Ghandu jitlob skuza lill father Lucie-smith, ghaliex dak li qal huwa kollu minnu.

    Joe Grima , ili nafu, ma jafx jiehdu kritika kontra tieghu jew il partit tieghu.. Meta Mintoff ried ibiddel il “constitution ” Grima Kien qallu “not on my dead body”. Pero ta Mintoff ghaddiet.

    Apartment li ghandu tas-sliema, tghid Kif xtrah mil flus ta insurance ta meta inharaq lis-studio? Niftakru jghid li kien halewh jghatti sormu b’idejh, jigiefieri fixxa.

  22. Xejn sew says:

    Why are people so shocked at Joe Grima’s progressive and moderate reaction to that priest’s hateful invective about our Salvatur cum Father?

    • Jozef says:

      Yes I did notice a couple of comments hinting that being a priest carries a special duty towards Mintoff’s sanctity.

  23. bettina says:

    Why don’t you demand an apology to all the mothers and fathers, sisters, brothers etc that you offended because their son or sibling or whatever stood up against some issue in the PN?

    Obviously you are too grand for that. Such a high class whore and looks like a horse (I don’t want to insult horses but….) by the way – probably that’s why she chose Bidnija as place of residence.

    • Kanadiza Maltija says:

      *sigh* sahhara tal-bidnija, giraffa, issa ziemel? May I say that both giraffes and horses are very elegant creatures. At least you called her a “high class whore” lol… Ur all a bunch of jealous f**cks… cos this “witch” has such a spell on you imbeciles. LMFAO

  24. fm says:

    Joe Grima is nothing more than a Mintoffjan mimli ghira u hdura as clearly reflected in his programme Inkontri on Jason TV, and unfortunately Joe Muscat has again surrounded himself by these people.

    We definitely cannot afford to allow these people to take us back from where we started in 1987, especially in such a difficult economic scenario.

    The past few days have definitely served as a wake up call to many. It was unbelievable to see people who were ministers in Mintoff’s cabinet steal the show. Yhey are dying to return to power as cabinet ministers.

    Whilst Gonzi’s cabinet is made up of new faces who have worked hard and managed to acheive results, with a Labour cabinet we would go back to the 80s and could end up with Edward Scicluna as finance minister (read his article Mintoffianomics in the times of last saturday), Evarist Bartolo as education minister, Marie Louis Coleiro as heatlh minister, Karmenu Vella as tourism minister or finance minister, Anglu Farrugia taking good care of our police force as he did in the 80s, Alex Sceberras Trigona and Joe Grima laying down the law on PBS.

    God forbid

  25. Stanley J A Clews says:


    Joe Grima knows what I mean when I refer to Rev Bro Hilary and it has nothing to do with Malta Year Book

    [Daphne – Yes, I remember that your brother had written an open letter to Joe Grima when he was a minister behaving particularly badly. I think it was around the time of the government’s crusade against church-run schools. If I remember that letter well, Brother Hilary had expressed his feelings of sadness and dismay at how Joe, who had shown such potential at school – he taught him – had turned out so disappointingly badly and let himself down.]

  26. Lomax says:

    “the fox il liba omok brigade”

    You really cracked me up with this one. I’m laughing my head off.

  27. Aunt Hetty says:

    Joe Grima, the REAL face of Joe Muscat’s MODERATE AND PROGRESSIVE LABOUR PARTY.

  28. ciccio says:

    Is Joseph Grima trying to establish himself as the new spiritual leader of the Malta Labour Party, now that Mintoff is rotting in hell?

  29. joseph says:

    nahseb li kellu ragun biex ibiegh meta ofenda lil dak il fucker (ghax jien fr lil mintoff biss nejt) dak missier ta veru! allura skont int min jaqlalek ,ma taqlalux ghax dan it fucker qabbad jajjar lil wisq mahbub missier malta hielsa ( u dan ikonfermat min min ra il granet ta luttu f giehu, li kienu onorabli ghal persuna bhal duminku mintoff avolja kien awn min ftahar avolja ma kellux biex li se jixrob meta jigi niqes! imma bhala effet x’hadet min qalet hekk!?ejduli?

  30. CASSAR says:

    Thanks Daphne…. you are doing such a great job of drawing attention to the labour party that they might award you with honorary member status! You make a fuss, then people go and do their homework and find out we’re actually the good guys! Though your methods are controversial to say the least, you do a great job of showing what asses the nationalists are and an even better one of raising curiosity about the labour Party! thanks babe xxx

  31. pals says:

    Dal-fatty meta kellu il-power kien jistma lin-nies bhal klieb esperjenzajtu. U imbaghad mar man-NET, il-purcinell ipokrita. Issa il-laghqi rega mar mal-Labour, ara x’ iz-zikk mar jaghmel hemm.

    Ma nafx jien kif Muscat acettah, ghax zgur mhuwiex New Labour. Joseph Muscat PLEASE nehhi l-imbarazz minn hemm!

  32. grima says:

    Fr Lucie Smith was not offensive at all. He just said the plain truth. Joe Grima’s answer was no surprise to me, you cannot expect any better from this pathetic lot.Just typical crass ignorance and to say he was once a minister!! Beyond belief!!

  33. Aesop says:


    The ”priest ”simply highlighted what is true and PUBLIC KNOWLDGE.

    Ghamel seba snin mat NET tv, is-sur Grima.

    Troglodita kien , u troglodita baqa.

    U miskin , dak mhux OHXON …dak MIBRUM u GHANDU L GHADAM KBIR , hi.

  34. liba kollo says:

    mela fuck you father ma jista jghida joe grima u imbaghad qahba tifla ta qahba li qalbita il missiera ghax pufta tista tghajjar li trid.

  35. darryn says:

    I have one simple para I’d like to share: I was actually thinking of voting Labour for a moment. What the fuck was I thinking?

    • Kanadiza Maltija says:

      Damn straight… I had that same thought in 1996… never again… one of the worst mistakes ever and I knew better but these Labourites are like leeches, they suck u up and spit u out and you`ll never know what the hell possessed you to do so.

  36. Frank says:

    Two wrongs will not make one right. I think what the priest said was true, if not all, most of it, but it was not the right time. Mintoff did some good as well. BUT what really shocked me was Joe Grima’s comments. I DON’T EXPECT AN EX-MINISTER???…. TO STOOP SO LOW like the thugs that used to applaud him. But then, they were Mintoffjans. And I’m sure this will haunt the PL in the next election, people will remember them for what they were…. and still are?

  37. Lorna saliba says:

    This is the fat fuck who enjoys disabled parking because he can’t walk more than four steps before his legs give way. The same fat fuck who ransacked public property in Pembroke during his years of tourism minister which his sons converted into a prominent night club called Raffles.

    Ara veru zibel. First he betrays the labour party and goes on the PN media to vent his frustration during Alfred sant now he holds Inkontri where he invites prominent guests and does not allow the panel to talk, making all the debate himself.

  38. James says:

    How dare name someone, without not name your self. you are just a heart less bitch … jekk trid tghajjar ghajjar lilek in nifsek u l ibnek … vera hadra

  39. Paul Carabott says:

    I was 29 when I left Malta in 1980, so I only remember 3 PM’s.. Dr. George Borgolivier ; Dom Mintoff and I can’t remember if Dr. Fenech Adami was in that time, 2 of them have passed away and may they rest in peace and one is still with us and may God keep him safe. I’m sure that they all tried their best to bring our nation forward and prosper to the best of their ability!!!!
    To those people bitching and accusing Dom Mintoff after his passing when their is no way he can defend himself, I bet if you put them all together they won’t make 1 millionth of the courage, the will, the love for his country, the passion and the determination to see his country free from any foreign domination and oppretion.
    So let the man rest in peace…..SHUT THE FUCK UP….and do something good for your country like he did.
    And another thing……don’t bother answering back because I don’t have time for people or shall I say low rats like you.

  40. Stanley J A Clews says:

    You are quite correct re Brother Hilary. My brother took particular interest in Joe Grima”s education and thank God is not alive today to see the disgrace Joe has become to Malta.

  41. Mark says:

    Daphne ,kieku tnaqas naqra mil Paroli fil VOJT ma tahsibx li tkun ahjar ,int lilli qed iggibni zibel kull darba li tghid xi haga ,GHAX ahna bhala PARTIT tal PN ma nitkelmux b`din il lingwa moqzieza ,possibli hadd mid diregenti tal Partit PN ma waqfek hadd ,ghax ha nghidlek illum qed nigi f`dubju lil min se nivvota jien, anzi se nibghat e mail lil persuna koncernata sabiex dan id diskors jinqata darba ghal dejjem ,Prosit x`riklam ghal PN qed taghmel

    [Daphne – Ma nahdimx ghall-PN, Mark. U dan il-blog muhiex reklam. Huwa opinjoni.]

  42. Carmel Scicluna says:

    Paedophiles do not fuck anybody. They are very decent people indeed and some of them are great fathers. It’s the child-molester in their community like the rapist in the heterosexual community who is the real trouble.

    Whoever spoke to a paedopile raises his hand, please.

  43. Fr smith says:

    He really is a fat fuck – not that I think he’s getting any.

  44. The Saint says:

    Beware, beware gentlemen, this out burst from fatty Grima should put on a red light for you and should serve as a foretaste & warning to the sane and intelligent maltese electorate of the imminent danger and type of milieu to which they will be exposed and subjected once the PL is in government.

  45. Paul Carabott says:

    I was 29 when I left Malta in 1980, so I only remember 3 PM’s.. Dr. George Borgolivier ; Dom Mintoff and I can’t remember if Dr. Fenech Adami was in that time, 2 of them have passed away and may they rest in peace and one is still with us and may God keep him safe. I’m sure that they all tried their best to bring our nation forward and prosper to the best of their ability!!!!
    To those people bitching and accusing Dom Mintoff after his passing when their is no way he can defend himself, I bet if you put them all together they won’t make 1 millionth of the courage, the will, the love for his country, the passion and the determination to see his country free from any foreign domination and oppretion.
    So let the man rest in peace…..SHUT THE FUCK UP….and do something good for your country like he did.
    And another thing……don’t bother answering back because I don’t have time for people or shall I say low rats like you.
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  46. Skont Joe Grima, mil-lum min ma jaqbilx mal-Labour ghandu jaghmel apologija.

    Tista tinsulenta imma taghti l-opinjoni li ma taqbilx mal Mintoffnani- dik LE.


  47. Unknown says:

    if you think he should apologise, why won’t you apologise too daphne?

    [Daphne – For what, sweetheart?]

  48. Rachel Bartolo says:

    Issa li Joe Grima irrezenja mill-programm tieghu Inkontri, xorta ghadhom ma jistghux jifhmu d-differenza bejnu u bejn DCG (fuq fb)!! “U la Joe talab skuza u rrezenja DCG ghandha taghmel l-istess!”

    Bis-serjeta’? U minn fejn ezatt jew minn liema pozizzjoni ghandha tirrezenja DCG?

    Ejja nhallu il-kwistjoni tal-piz u problemi ta dieta apparti, id-differenza hija li, ghalkemm DCG ghandha twemmin politiku blu, l-opinjoni taghha (bil-lingwagg kollu baxx u offensiv li tghidu li tuza) tesprimiha fuq blog personali taghha (fuq l-ebda mezzi ta xandir tal-partit) u m’ghandhiex responsabiltajiet lejn il-partit. Min-naha l-ohra Joe Grima mhux biss ghandu twemmin politiku ahmar, imma kien ministru, u ghadu juza l mezzi tax-xandir tal-istess partit – allura ghandu certu responsabilta’ lejn dak li jghid u jaghmel ghax ha jirrifletti il pozizzjoni tal-partit li jirrapprezenta.

    (hsibt li nikteb dan il-kumment bil-Malti sabiex jifhmuh)

    • Paul Bajada says:

      We thought writing in Maltese was a typical Nationalist low self esteem characteristic. Now it is no longer a thought… it is a belief! For me, a fact!

  49. Makjavel says:

    L’ex onorabli telaq mil post onorabli li kellu fuq il kaxxa tat tpacpic ta Gozef.

  50. Jes says:

    This is becoming absurd! Certain expressions expressed on your blog by persons, including at times by your good self, when resorting to include vulgar language in your blog and allowing it, are loosing the sense of right or wrong! It is already bad enough when such expressions are uttered and articulated, but allowing to be written is, in my humble opinion, diabolical, bad, offensive, unrighteous, immoral, and irresponsible from you and all who spell it out. I also think the responsibility lies squarely with the authorities who remain passive to such realities. I don’t think that the rules of freedom of expression meant to include such vulgar expressions that distort sense of respect when there is diversity in opinion. I could have chosen to ignore your articles and comments but thought of sharing my views. I am no Saint or scrupulous, But I hate to see (what I believe) further deterioration in our society, including the instigation of hatred.

  51. Self Sideshow says:

    Id-doni kollha ghandu Joe Grima:

    (1) Ohxon
    (2) Ikrah
    (3) Injurant
    (4) Pinnur
    (5) Pastaz
    (6) Arroganti

  52. Self Sideshow says:

    (7) u illicitu!

  53. Self Sideshow says:

    (8) U Mintuffjan (meta jrid!)

  54. elephant says:

    By leaving “inkontri” Joe Grima will be like the woodworm working inside the woodworks to bring ruin and decay.

  55. Paul Carabott says:

    I was 29 when I left Malta in 1980, so I only remember 3 PM’s.. Dr. George Borgolivier ; Dom Mintoff and I can’t remember if Dr. Fenech Adami was in that time, 2 of them have passed away and may they rest in peace and one is still with us and may God keep him safe. I’m sure that they all tried their best to bring our nation forward and prosper to the best of their ability!!!!
    To those people bitching and accusing Dom Mintoff after his passing when their is no way he can defend himself, I bet if you put them all together they won’t make 1 millionth of the courage, the will, the love for his country, the passion and the determination to see his country free from any foreign domination and oppretion.
    So let the man rest in peace…..SHUT THE FUCK UP….and do something good for your country like he did.
    And another thing……don’t bother answering back because I don’t have time for people or shall I say low rats like you.

    [Daphne – Ooooh, find a girl to tie up and beat, why don’t you. They’re all over the place now, fantasising about handcuffs, apparently. But you’ll need a helicopter and a few billion in the bank. It’s nice to know we’re exporting ageing Maltese chauvinists.]

  56. Rachel Bartolo says:

    Dear Daphne,
    You’ve been away for too long!! Awaiting your posts!!

  57. Ganna says:

    Daphne welcome back, hope you enjoyed your holiday.

  58. Zejtunija Too says:

    On August 30th the Times featured an opinion piece by Joe Grima entitled ‘Closure For Everyone’. Joe Grima represents everything that is hideous about Labour of the ’80s and has reminded us that unfortunately that spirit is still alive and kicking.

    Besides his thuggish behavior in his attack on Fr Lucie-Smith, the sheer utter audacity of the man is something else. First of all – the title of his article. He does not speak for all of us. He has no right to. At best this article should have been called ‘ Closure for Labour’. For the other half of the country who do not share the same adulation for Mintoff that Grima so evidently has, there still is no closure. Until such time that people like Grima run roughshod over the pain that was caused to so many people, there cannot be closure. Perhaps to Grima the only people that count are Mintoffjani. Is that his ‘everyone’. This is not too different from Joseph Muscat talking about Mintoff being the father of the nation. He most certainly is not. There never has been a more divisive figure in Maltese politics. Remember “min mhux maghna kontra taghna”or “biex thobb il-familja trid tkun socjalist”. A father to the Mintoffjani perhaps – but most certainly not to all the Maltese people. For every man who adores him, I can show at least one other that abhors him. Mintoff sowed this division. He nurtured it. It is how he controlled the country. He followed the British maxim ‘ Divide and rule’ – and rule with an iron fist he did. Except for those on who he relied to instill fear in the rest of us. Those could do whatever they pleased.

    Grima then goes on to boast that he sent Fr Lucie Smith packing. He did no such thing. He swore and insulted him. Hardly something to be proud of. That there were a few people who applauded him simply means that there are others in this forsaken country who are intolerant of others who have a different opinion to their own. Is it so difficult to disagree with someone agreeably, with well reasoned argument – or is the subject matter so void of reason that one can only resort to expletives? One would have thought that with the exposure Mr Grima has had to discussion he should have been able to be imaginative enough to come up with some argument (as indeed he has in his article on the Times) rather than to stoop as low as he did on his facebook page. That Grima persists to refuse to profer an apology even with the benefit of hindsight, shows that his arrogance matches his girth.

    But imagination is something Grima is not lacking. He says of Mintoff “Faithful to his record as a catalyst for peace”. What planet is he living on? Mintoff loved confrontation. If there was no fight, there was no success as far as he was concerned. The fight is what made the battle worthwhile.

    There are so many statements made in this article that I could criticise that I could go on and on. His assertion that there was no previous intent on the part of Muscat when he kissed the coffin – how does he know ? is he in Muscat’s head? The misplaced pleasure he felt in hearing Mintoff’s name being shouted in the Cathedral – just like the spiteful schoolyard bully stating ‘hekk hu go fik’ – and so on and on……..but I do have other things to do. I think my point is made. Shame on you Mr Grima. You should have long gone and hung your head in shame but it is clear that you and your ilk have no understanding of the basic tenets of human decency.

    It is the attempts of the likes of Grima to rewrite history that is irking so many. There are many who like myself disliked Mintoff’s methods immensely but would have kept silent at his death out of respect for those who adored the man. But the latter could not simply bury the man in a dignified manner. They have felt the need to ram this occasion down our throat and their insistence that their grief is all of ours is too much to bear. I usually do not like to speak ill of the dead, so in a situation like this I would normally prefer to say nothing. The likes of Grima and his leader Joseph Muscat, make that impossible.

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