Ah, so Labour has been celebrating repeatedly at an estate without the necessary permits

Published: September 13, 2012 at 11:35am

There’s no such thing as a free lunch, as they say.

The Labour Party, its phone company, and its politicians have all thrown their parties at Polidano’s Monte Kristo estate over the last couple of years.

Super One hack Miriam Dalli even held her wedding reception there when she married Karmenu ‘Il-Guy’ Vella’s son. And it was failed Labour MEP candidate and upcoming general election star candidate Marlene Mizzi’s choice of venue, too, when she hosted a wedding reception for her daughter.

Why did they go there, all of them, and repeatedly? Surely not because it’s so fabulously chavtastic. The obvious answer is that Labour politicians and the Labour Party itself are probably getting the place gratis or at some kind of terrific discount, maybe even with the Monte Kristo wine thrown in for free.

Oh course, I might be terribly wrong, but there you go – educated guesses, perception and all that. And nobody being asked any questions, of course, by our ultra-feeble press that is more concerned with scrutinising the Facebook pages of unbalanced MPs.

And now it turns out that Polidano has ‘legality problems’ with his Monte Kristo estate. If all those Labour politicians threw their parties there, maybe even accepting his special offers, how then can they question his permits or the lack of them?

They should have done that before partying hard among the caged reptiles and plaster statues.

A gas plant just 140 metres away from a fireworks factory, for heaven’s sake. And the MEPA has only just noticed? What a country.

On timesofmalta.com, this morning:


Direct enforcement action was taken this morning by Mepa’s enforcement officers at Polidano’s estate in Hal Farrug.

A spokesman for the authority confirmed that the action was taken because of a number of illegalities at the estate but could not say what the action included.

It is understood that the action hit both the Montekristo Estates and Poligas, which is 140 metres away from a fireworks factory.

Labour star candidate Yana Mintoff, in a scandalous agricultural-land-for-development deal lwith Charles Polidano and Kurt Cini, first cousin to Simone.

Labour star candidate Marlene Mizzi – threw her daughter’s wedding reception at the ‘illegal’ Monte Kristo estate

Super One’s ace investigative hack Miriam Dalli held her wedding reception at the ‘illegal’ Monte Kristo estate when she married ace electoral manifesto writer Karmenu Vella’s son.

Labour’s leading dinosaur and failed manifesto writer, Karmenu Vella, won’t be challenging or investigating the legality of the Monte Kristo estate, because his son’s wedding celebration was held there – probably at a nice discount.

Left-click on the image to make it larger. The yellow circle marks Polidano’s gas plant, Poligas, while the red circle marks a fireworks factory (let’s not even think about the risks here). The green circle marks the Monte Kristo estate, a popular venue for Labour Party parties (the temptation to think about the risks here is very strong).

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  1. VICTOR says:

    There is a duplicate of paragraghs in your Opinion piece on today’s Independent e-edition ….KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK ! I love it.

  2. me says:

    And if that is not enough:


    Red circle: External Oxygen storage tanks
    Green circle: Sheet metal workers garage & welders garage
    Yellow circle: Concrete wire mesh welding machine

  3. JA says:

    thanks for pointing this sort of information to the public

  4. ciccio says:

    Some planning expert will now demand the relocation of the fireworks factory, and Polidano should be ok then.

  5. ciccio says:


    “Over the past years, the contractors, brothers Charles and Paul Polidano, who have a track record of environmental abuse, had been illegally dumping hundreds of tons of rubble in the fields behind their headquarters to develop a massive scrap yard and storage depot which encroaches further onto a nearby fireworks factory which belongs to the Ta’ l-Istilla band club of Luqa.”

    Now I am starting to understand Labour’s quest for land reclamation.

  6. Paddy says:

    LADY DAPHNE, you are exceptional.

    [Daphne – That’s just as well, I suppose. We don’t want those Mintoffjani tying themselves up in knots and getting tangled up in their knickers trying to cope with two of me or more, msieken.]

    • H.P. Baxxter says:

      A few of us would like to set up the Fondazzjoni Daphne Taghna. None of us is in jail yet, but we’ve had white Abanderado T-shirts printed, bearing your countenance. Do we get the green light?

  7. xmun says:

    If the proximity of the fireworks factory is not enough, Lufthansa Technic and one of our two runways are just across the road.

  8. canon says:

    Labour politicians do not care about permits. Like independence, permits are for Nationalists only.

  9. Gordon says:

    You forgot the petrol station. Also, maybe spare a thought for the hundreds of Lufthansa employees, who are sandwiched between these time-bombs.

  10. Il-Ħmar says:

    I recall Claudio Grech – now a PN candidate – was CEO of the Polidano Group for quite a while. Iċ-Ċaqnu is in bed with both parties, make no mistake about that.

  11. Anthony says:

    Even Prima Donna (Franco) pre election party was set at Monte Kristo so maybe that’s why he remained silent on this topic.

  12. Brian says:

    Daphne, the Polidano brothers started off with a small construction company. Throughout a quasi 25 year Nationalist administration, the company grew stronger to a point that it could ‘dictate’ and hold at ‘ransom’ the Fenech Adami and Gonzi administrations.

    Just look around our island and see the ‘carnage’ that’s been done by Polidano Brothers. Enough said of them.

    MEPA is now crying ‘foul’ over two storage depots…it’s a wee bit too late now, don’t you think?

  13. J says:

    Is cash-strapped Polidano banking on Labour to save him?

  14. Heyy says:

    What about Gonzi’s son throwing his wedding at Girgenti?

    [Daphne – God, what a ruddy idiot. Girgenti Palace is the prime minister’s official summer residence. So when the prime minister’s son or daughter gets married, the reception – and indeed, even the ceremony if they want a civil rite – can full well be held there. The president’s offspring hold their wedding receptions at the president’s official summer residence, Verdala Castle, as did both Mario de Marco, as I recall, and the current incumbent’s son, Labour star candidate Robert Abela and his betrothed, the Labour Party’s national executive secretary, Lydia Abela. Please stop writing in to prove the point that those who vote Labour do so, in their vast majority, because their thinking skills are poor.]

  15. anthony says:


    Polidano (PN) will get all his permits under a PL MEPA, at a price.

    The Mintoffs (PL) get theirs under a PN MEPA gratis.

    I sometimes wonder why there are still people around who vote PN.

    The only reason must be the appalling and obnoxious record of the PL in government.

    Gorg Borg Olivier’s maxim comes to mind.

    “Immorru wara in-naghga l-mitlufa”.


    It all boils down to balls. If you ask me.

  16. Rjc says:

    Guess who else patronised this joint?

    John Dalli held several receptions there during the 2008 election campaign.

  17. Jellytot says:

    It is the sort of thing that was acceptable in Eastern Europe during the Cold War or in present-day North Korea or Communist China.

    In an EU country, this is INTOLERABLE.

    An inconspicuous awning hanging from the balcony of the residence of an old lady, which awning helps protect her from the harmful effects of UV radiation, or a plant in a pot placed next to a doorway, draw the ire of the enforcement section in the matter of a FEW HOURS or DAYS.

    The less credible MEPA becomes, the more votes get lost by PN.

    Not that Joe Muscat would mind of course. He must be having one heck of a good snigger at how MEPA managed to do his dirty work for him.

  18. anna caruana says:

    I m sorry is the PL in Goverment,

    Should nt the goverment be going after this guy for all these illegalities.

  19. Natalie says:

    Now the police have started criminal action against the Polidano Group.

    So let’s see what will happen in a few months’ time when election time arrives and Labour is in government:

    1) Polidano Group donates large amounts of money to the PL, just to help out you know;

    2) PL of course accepts, because who can refuse such large donations, and anyway, as you’ve said, it’s difficult not to turn a blind eye when you’ve held all your meetings and parties at their place at a discount;

    3) criminal charges against Polidano Group are dropped.

    Which leads us to Franco’s law of party financing. Why did he have to be such a loose cannon and so utterly batty?

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