If Frankie Tabone is irrelevant, then Jeffrey Panzavecchia is the toenail of irrelevance

Published: December 15, 2012 at 7:13pm

Damn! I should have worn those heels Carmen gave me for Christmas.

I suspect that the Labour Party and its fellow-travellers are trying to fend off the inevitable withdrawal symptoms. For the last three years or so, they have filled acres of newsprint, their patch of cyberspace and their airwaves with the enraged outbursts, spiteful remarks and nasty bad temper of Frankie Tabone and Jeffrey Panzavecchia.

It’s a tough habit to break, especially if you have nothing else to replace it with.

Now inews, the General Workers Union’s news portal (no, it isn’t overfed and wobbly) has seen fit to ask Jeff Panzavecchia what he thinks about yesterday’s Xarabank no-show.

JPO jemmen li Busuttil kellu jiddibatti

Excuse me for asking, but who gives a flying f**k what he thinks? Without a seat in parliament, that man is nobody but a dentist who botoxes desperate ladies for extra cash.

Of course he thinks that Simon Busuttil should have spent two hours on Xarabank with Frankie Tabone. He has no principles and the parameters of correct procedure are lost on him.

Ah, wait a minute: there is something which makes both Jeff and Frankie still relevant for just a bit longer. Yes, this is a good question for the press: how do they plan to vote on the motion for the impeachment of Judge Farrugia Sacco?

In Jeff Panzavecchia’s case, I can tell you the answer already: he’ll vote against it. He and sozzled Lino are good friends, the link being Magistrate Herrera.

As for Frankie Tabone, there’s no saying what that nutcase will do. I’ll hazard a guess that he’ll vote against it too.

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  1. Tinnat says:

    With regards to your last line, he implied as much in a blog comment which he subsequently withdrew.

    • Antoine Vella says:

      Frankie has learnt a new word: impeachment, and he’s using it in practically every blog post. He has also enriched the English language with a new verb: benedicting.

    • P Shaw says:

      Kif jista jivvota kontra mhallef li tant bata bhalu?

      Ir-riforma fil-gustizza li jhewden bihom jaslu biss sat-tibdil tal-ministru u xejn iktar.

  2. Jozef says:

    Isn’t that what Simon intends to do?

    Tonight, on PBS, Peppi Azzopardi presents, a bashful deputy leader of a party with undiscloseable policies taking on the unthinkable……Simon Busuttil.

    Such horror, oh the humanity. They’ll call the UN next.

  3. N.L. says:

    check your mail-box please.

    [Daphne – Nothing from you. [email protected]]

  4. Julian says:

    “Joe, hu pacenzja … Tistennix risposta mil-Partit Laburista”. QED

  5. mandango70 says:

    And how does your opinion about anything interest us more than that of JPO?

    [Daphne – Newspapers have been paying me for my opinion since I was 25, Mandango, so clearly they’re onto something. I don’t get paid for my opinion on this website, but it isn’t ignored, so there you are.]

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